Information for LimeExchange Users

I have an existing project in LimeExchange, is it available here in
Please contact our Support Helpdesk with the link to your project and they will help you post your project for you. Make sure that the project is publicly viewable.

Our Support Helpdesk is available 24/7 at this link

I have money on my LimeExchange account, why is it not reflecting on my account?
User balances are NOT being imported from LimeExchange to Please contact LimeExchange to ask for a refund:

You may contact them through the link below:

or by email to:

I'm an existing member of and I also have a LimeExchange account. What do I get?
Existing members of will get the "Foundation LimeExchange" badge on their profile and the 150 bonus points but not the free Gold Membership.

I'm from LimeExchange, do I need to set up an account in
No, there is no need to create an account if you are from LimeExchange. LimeExchange users have their account set up plus 2 months free Gold Membership, 150 bonus point and a "Foundation LimeExchange" badge on their profile.

Where can I read about's acquisition of LimeExchange?
Please click here to read the article.

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