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Can I modify a bid I've already submitted?
Yes. You may edit your bid on any active project. Please follow the instructions below:

  • Log in to
  • Click "Projects".
  • Click the "Projects Bid On" button.
  • Click on the project name in the list
  • Locate your bid (it will be the only one with buttons)
  • Click the “Edit Bid” button

    How do I bookmark projects?

    To bookmark a project, click the Bookmark icon to the right of the project listing or on the top right of the project view page. Project bookmarking is available to Basic, Plus, Standard and Premium members. Upgrade Now!

    How do I deliver a project?
    You may deliver a project by any method agreed upon by you and the Service Buyer. Depending on the project type, options may include upload to the Buyer’s hosting account, email, and more. You may, of course, use the Private Message board to deliver individual files as well. We recommend using our Milestone Payment System to ensure payment on delivery of the finished project.

    How do I submit a bid?
    Before placing your first bid, we recommend reading “10 Tips for Writing an Effective Bid”. When you find a project you’d like to bid on, simply click on the “Bid on This Project” button at the top or bottom of the bid listing to access the bid form for the project. Enter your bid amount, the number of days for delivery, and any necessary details, then click the “Place Bid” button. Follow up with a Private Message to provide more information or upload samples.

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    How do I view my bookmarked projects?

    To view your bookmarks, click Bookmarked Projects in the navigation menu under Browse Jobs. View your bookmarked projects now.

    How often are my bids replenished?

    On your bids are returned to you periodically. This means that as you use your bids, you will be returned a bid at a set interval according to your membership plan. For example:

    1. Free members receive 1 bid every 90 hours (8 total bids per month)
    2. Intro members receive 1 bid every 50 hours (15 total bids per month)
    3. Basic members receive 1 bid every 14.5 hours (50 total bids per month)
    4. Plus members receive 1 bid every 7.5 hours (100 total bids per month)
    5. Standard members receive 1 bid every 2.5 hours (300 total bids per month)
    6. Premium members receive 1 bid every 30 minutes (1500 total bids per month)


    Additionally, 1 bid will be returned to you for:

    1. Every project that you are awarded and then accept.
    2. Every project you bid on that expires, or is canceled by the employer.


    You can view your remaining bids and the time left until you get your next bid back in the top right of your Dashboard.


    Is there a fee for bidding?

    No. You can bid for free regardless of your membership level. Instead, you get a specific number of bids each month (your bid limit), which you can use to bid for work on Your bid limit depends on the type of membership you have.

    Get a detailed explanation of bid limits

    What are Highlighted Bids?
    Highlighted Bids is an option for Freelancers to feature their bids, highlight it and make it stand out from all the other bids. It incurs a onetime fee of ₱40.00 PHP.

    When you want to highlight your bid, tick that option in the bid creation page. If you don't have funds in your account, you will get an "Insufficient Funds" error.

    What does it mean when a project is Frozen?
    When a project's status is Frozen it means:

    • The Employer, or bidder(s), must take action for the project to progress
    • No one else can bid on the project

    A project becomes Frozen when the Employer selects one or more bidders, and is waiting for them to accept the project. Once the project is accepted, the project status changes to Closed.

    What is a Prepaid Project?

    Prepaid projects give you additional confidence when considering projects from prospective employers as they have paid an upfront deposit towards the payment of their project.

    If you are the first freelancer to be awarded their project, these funds will be allocated to you as a Milestone payment.
    Prepaid projects are highlighted with a Prepaid ribbon in project listings.

    What is my "bid limit"?

    Your bid limit is the number of bids you can use each month to bid for work on Your exact bid limit depends on your membership type:

    • Free Members get 8 bids per month.
    • Intro Members get 15 bids per month.
    • Basic Members get 50 bids per month.
    • Plus Members get 100 bids per month.
    • Standard Members get 150 bids per month.
    • Premium Members get 1500 bids per month.

    Your bid limit increases by one bid for each review you receive (up to a maximum of 50 bids).


    Additionally, your bids are also replenished periodically, according to your membership.

    Why am I unable to bookmark projects?

    Project bookmarking is available to Intro, Basic, Plus, Standard and Premium members. Upgrade Now!

    Why can't I bid on a project?

    You may be unable to bid on a project for the following reasons:

    1. The project does not match the Skills you listed in your profile.
    2. The project was posted before you added the required Skill to your Profile. You can only bid on projects posted after you updated your Skills.
    3. You have used up your total number of bids

    If none of the reasons above apply, please submit a support ticket through our Online Help Desk


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