5 Tips To Keep Customers On Your eCommerce Store

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It can be tricky trying to keep visitors on your website. If you’re noticing that people seem to pass through your site, but you aren’t getting any conversions, it’s time to make some changes. It’s important to narrow down your goals when it comes to visitors. For instance, are you a business striving to make more sales? Are you a blogger working on building your readership? Are you trying to generate awareness about a cause and aiming to generate support and interactions?

Whatever your goal is, recognizing your goals is the first step to keeping visitors engaged and active on your site. At POWr, we understand it can be difficult to create a site that effectively gets you the conversions and results you want. We are passionate about providing easy-to-implement plugin solutions that will make your life easier and your customer’s experience better.

Turning your product page into a conversion machine should be your top priority if you want to grow your online store. Our goal is to help you achieve success! Here are 5 tips to help you keep customers on your website:

1. Make sure site navigation is user-friendly


I’m lost. Which way is due north on a website?

How intuitive is your site? Is it easy for users to find your products or content without feeling lost or confused? A good way of deciphering this is walking through your site as a visitor or potential customer. Take notes on what is working well and what needs adjusting. Another great option is to go through the sites of successful competitors and take note of what they’ve implemented that you haven’t. Perhaps they’ve taken a more minimalist approach to design?

A great tool for clearing confusion and offering clarity is an FAQ. FAQs allow you to make answers to commonly asked questions readily available to your visitors. You can include product, brand, and support information to ensure any possible information they might need or want is accessible at the click of a mouse.

Take it a step further by using hyperlinks to navigate visitors to relevant pages, content, products, etc. FAQs also offer you a great opportunity to highlight return and shipping policies as well as share insight into your products or site’s purpose. Are all of your products fairtrade and sustainable? Highlight that! If you want to keep visitors on your website, you need to make sure you optimize their user experience.

2. Create a sense of urgency to keep visitors on your website 


Only 5 more minutes to get 50% off my purchase

Are you noticing carts being abandoned? Are visitors stopping at your site’s door but not staying to shop around? Perhaps they’re browsing your products or content but no actions are being taken. Creating a sense of urgency is a great way of combating this. In fact, behavior psychologists found that a sense of urgency propels people to act immediately and halts purposeful contemplation. Giving deadlines for sales or site event participation encourages visitors to take action now.

Countdown timers are excellent tools for feeding a sense of urgency and giving customers that little push needed to make a purchase or take action on your site. Yes, there’s a sale or event, but they have to act within the next 30 minutes, or they’ll miss out. You can even display the number of people participating, the number of items sold or donations made, etc. Take advantage of these options, and use them to your advantage to get customers excited.

3. Actively collect feedback from visitors to your website


Survey results: I suggest adding more pictures of cats.

Another great way to keep visitors on your website is to make a point of actively gathering feedback. This will help you better understand where your site can improve and what you’re excelling at. You may be amazed at how quickly implementing the feedback you receive starts to improve conversions and engagement on your site.

To achieve this, surveys are excellent tools. You can create exit surveys that appear just as someone is about to leave your site or purchase surveys asking how their shopping experience was. If you have a blog site, create a survey that appears when someone’s reached the end of an article to get their thoughts on the content shared.

Feedback is invaluable and can be a vital resource for making game-changing progress with your website. Did you know that 70% of customers will stop doing business with companies they feel don’t value them? By proactively acting on feedback from visitors, you’re letting them know they’re important to you.

4. Offer incentives to keep visitors on your website


Cupcake for your thoughts?

Who doesn’t love a good incentive? Consider how powerful incentives are. I may not typically participate in surveys, but if I’m offered a 20% discount for my participation, I’m much more likely to. Think about what your site is offering and what would effectively incentivize visitors to engage, make a purchase, or take action.

For instance, if I was a video game review blogger, my incentive to grow my subscriber base might be, ‘I’m randomly selecting five winners to give their very own copy of Vampire Bunny Revenge IV from those who comment below before 12:00 AM, 3.4.18. Can’t wait to hear what you have to say about the post, and looking forward to selecting five lucky people. Remember, the clock is ticking!’

Popups are excellent for sharing incentives with visitors. The moment they enter your site, you can offer them a discount on their first purchase. To avoid abandoned carts, create a popup that offers visitors a discount on their cart items. For instance, ‘Oops! It looks like you forgot something in your cart. We don’t want you to miss out on these awesome items, so here’s 10% off your purchase.’

Give yourself time to test out different popup incentives and see what gets you the best results. Incentivizing visitors is a certain way to keep visitors on your website.

5. Make your site a visual experience


Why didn’t I wear gloves?

If you want to keep visitors on your website you need to appeal to their creativity and imagination. Photos are one of the most effective ways of communicating without words. They can effectively convey quality, story, depth, emotions, insight, and branding. Utilize that power and make your site a visual paradise visitors love exploring. It’s worth investing in quality images that will best showcase what you have to offer. 

Image gallery and image slider plugins are great for showcasing your images in eye-catching ways. You can customize them so they blend beautifully with your site’s aesthetic and highlight it in the best way. Use them to tell a visual story, or communicate the overall theme of your site. Enjoy testing out different photo combinations and display options to find what works best.

Always remember to keep your website’s visitors at the focal point of your planning. Any update, tweak, or development should be constructed and approached with them in mind. By prioritizing your visitors’ experience, you’ll be more likely to keep them on your site, achieve greater conversions, and curate an experience they won’t soon forget. And ultimately keep visitors on your website for longer, resulting in more sales.


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Posted 9 June, 2018


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