Brochure Examples: Brochure Design Tips For Your Inspiration

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Are you looking to capture the attention of your customers? Perhaps you’re a running business looking to expand your marketing efforts or a student with a business project. Either way, creating an effective marketing strategy can help promote your brand and expand your reach to your target audience.


Not sure where to start? Brochures form a key part of traditional marketing collateral and are effective tools for product placement. These pocket friendly guides provide a visual and unique way to showcase your content - a great way to reach your customers! To help, we’ve pooled together some handy tips and creative brochure examples for your inspiration!

1. Bring your brochure to life with a pop up



This clever Ikea brochure example demonstrates just how easy it is to decorate your home. The design allows customers to visually see what Ikea has to offer and how their products can make a difference in their everyday lives. As a consumer, it can be boring to read business pamphlets or magazine booklets. Instead, visuals and graphics are a great way to add variety and vibrance to your designs and can capture the attention of your audience for longer - a great marketing tool!

2. Get creative with surprises



This Vespa veteran show brochure example is full of surprises. The antique brochure features stickers, leaflets and pull outs to add a dynamic touch to the design. The design offers a creative and original way to connect with customers, personalised and tailored to fit the theme of the event. This tailored marketing strategy is a great way to get your customers attention and engage your audience.

3. Use geometric designs



If you’re looking to add vibrance and life to your marketing campaigns, a geometric brochure design can be a great solution! This creative brochure example is visually effective and functional for all sorts of brochure designs, offering sophistication for your marketing collateral. The fun pop of color against a white backdrop emphasises the message and tone of your business, adding a quirky twist to the design.

4. Make the most of space


This neighborhood farmers market brochure example offers a playful design whilst providing informative content. The brochure makes the most of available space by incorporating bright graphics and content, a great way to effectively use your marketing materials! The vibrant color combinations complement the theme of the brochure well and grabs the reader's attention.

5. Use a tab to hold your brochure together



This Yahoo brochure example offers a clean and sophisticated design that is informative and sleek. The creative use of a tab to hold the brochure together offers a more interactive means for customers to engage with your business. This unique envelope look provides a highly stylised way of presenting your content and marketing material, ideal for showcasing your products.

6. Use a die cut design


This die cut brochure example combined with a wood styled theme offers a stylish design for your marketing efforts. This design works perfectly for trendy businesses looking to make a statement. Your business logo can be used in this die cut design and offers a “window”, an insight into your business and product offerings. The brochure balances a quirky twist with a modern design, perfect for trendy businesses.

7. Design your brochure with embossed paper



Designing your brochure with embossed paper can be a clever way to add creativity to your designs and engage your readers. This brochure example features a pressed logo of a winery and vineyard business, providing an elegant way to visually present their content. Embossing your designs can be a great way to not just aesthetically visualise your brand but to personalise your content.  

8. Create a triangular folding brochure



This triangular folding brochure example designed for TVNZ 7 offers a unique way to communicate to your customers. When completely unfolded, this creative brochure design mirrors the TVNZ “7” logo shape that is animated on the networks TV platform. This brochure style is ideal for larger designs that can be best seen when stretched out and viewed in its entirety rather than flipping through each of the pages.

9. Bind your brochure with a cotton stitch



Considering your materials is an important step towards brochure design and can be a key decision in your branding strategy. For example, using recyclable paper would be ideal for a business that supports environmental sustainability. This unique brochure example gives a personal touch and offers a handmade style to your designs, perfect for tailored messages.   

10. Feature a fold out



This White House Project's brochure example celebrates women's leadership in popular culture and the media with a unique brochure design.  The brochure design features vibrant patterns, shapes and colors, so that the end result mirrors a reflection of their brand. The fold out also offers a quirky way to grab your reader's attention and interact with your brochure.

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