How to Create an Invoice

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Did you know you can pay or get paid on through the invoice system? Whether it’s for accounting or record-keeping purposes, this feature is there for your convenience. The best bit about it is, if you need a hard copy of it, printing’s one click away.

An invoice is a bill issued by the freelancer to the employer for work rendered in connection to a project. The freelancer creates it for the employer to inspect. When the employer approves it, the freelancer gets his earnings -- payment for a job well done! Depending on what they agree on, the invoice may indicate the number of hours worked, price of goods and/or services, date of transaction, details of the users’ companies (if they have companies) and even tax computation. Users can even upload their company logos, making the invoice all the more official. It has everything a real invoice has.

The invoice lends itself favorably to Hourly Projects. Let’s say an employer posts a project for a virtual assistant job and picks a freelancer for the job. The latter works for 5 hours performing diligently all the tasks and, at the end of the work shift, creates an invoice. He indicates on it how long he worked and how much he’s supposed to earn. Impressed with the freelancer's handiwork, the former approves the invoice. The freelancer’s earnings are reflected in his Freelancer account. At the end of the day, he has something to show for. The next day they do it all again.

Anyone who is looking to post Hourly Projects of the extensive, continuous nature, like our example earlier, would do good to utilize the invoice system. The Milestone Payment boasts its own merits, but the invoice is king in this case. Freelancer offers options for better utility, making sure you’re covered on all fronts.

How the Invoice System Works

If you’re the freelancer, go the page of the project in question and click the Invoices tab. On the right, you’ll see the Create Invoice button. Click it.

Alternatively, you can go to the Financial Dashboard and click the Invoices tab next to Milestone Requests. Select the project for which you’ll be creating the invoice.


How to Create An Invoice (Freelancer)

1. To fill in the billing details, click Edit. Here you write information about the sender and recipient.

2. To upload your logo, click the box on the upper right. You may also drag your logo here. The requirements for the picture file are as shown: JPG, PNG, 100KB, 180*60px.

3. Indicate the number of hours you worked. Enter pertinent tax mandates if you need to. The accounting sections are automatically tallied and filled out.

4. Other expenses may be entered. In our example, I indicated the stapler as an expense.

5. To inspect your invoice, click Preview. Make changes if you need to. If you do not wish to approve it right away, you may click Save Draft in the meantime. Now you can go back to the invoice at a later time to edit or submit.

6. When you’re satisfied, click Create Invoice, and you’ll see a confirmation that the invoice is sent to your employer for approval.


How to Pay an Invoice (Employer)

If you’re the employer, you will receive a notification that an invoice has come your way. To open the invoice, click the link on the notification or go to the project or go the Financial Dashboard.


1. Click View to inspect the invoice. Make sure everything is as it should be, adhering to what you and your freelancer had agreed to.
2. If there are any discrepancies, click Request Change and indicate the modifications you want your freelancer to do. He or she will be informed of the request.
3. If all the numbers are spot-on, click Pay. Click Pay Now to finalize, prompting the transmission of funds to your freelancer’s account.

4. You and your freelancer will be notified that the invoice has been paid. The feedback system will then be available for both parties.

Posted 30 April, 2015

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