Retired Naval Officer Turns to Freelancer for Website Solutions

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Scott Harrigan, a New Brunswick, Canada local, has served in the Royal Canadian Navy for the past 25 years. Service related injuries sidelined Scott for a while. Thus, he focused on entrepreneurship. Scott loved entrepreneurship for two reasons: It challenges him to think creatively on how to make a business succeed and it allows him to build interpersonal relationships.

He started selling self-made dog leashes around his locale. Each leash required 1,000 knots and could only be completed in five to six hours. Most local pet shops agreed to sell the leashes.

When he noticed that the production of leashes wasn’t worth the time and cost, he looked for a manufacturing company that could be more productive and economical. He found one in China. It was a great business move because high-quality leashes were being made at a fraction of the time and the cost. Scott branded the company Mariner Dog Products.

The GloRope Project

Wanting to advance his products, he thought of making leashes with glow-in-the-dark ropes. That was when he discovered an American company named GloRope. A good friendship with the company’s owner, Dave, led Scott to become the exclusive distributor of GloRope in Canada.

As the business was gaining some traction, Scott received a call informing him that his country was in need of his service once again. He left the country and was sent to Afghanistan. “I led a team of 20 men and women. The experience of bringing smiles to the faces of Afghan children through clean water or the refurbishing of a school or mosque was utterly life changing,” said Scott.

After his assignment in Afghanistan, Scott decided to help out in Haiti. That was when the country was struck by a devastating earthquake. Meanwhile, Dave managed the operations of GloRope Canada while Scott was away.

The Prince’s Operation Entrepreneur

While on one if his ventures, he bumped into one of his old shipmates. Here, he learned about the Prince’s Operation Entrepreneur - a program for military entrepreneur funded by Prince Charles Charities. He applied on the program and was accepted after a few weeks.

prince-charles-prince-s-operation-entrepreneurPhoto provided by Scott

Scott had the chance to meet Prince Charles during his visit to the Canadian Forces Base (CFB) in Gagetown. Despite being a few hours away from the venue, Scott attended the event. “I presented him with one of my original Mariner Dog Products leashes as he was a former sailor with the Royal Navy himself. He was extremely impressed with the workmanship and quality of the product. We spoke within an inordinate amount of time, given the line of people waiting to meet him. I was very proud at that moment,” Scott recalled.

The program lasted for around six weeks with an intensive workshop that lectured the participants on all facets of running a business.

Scott as GloRope CEO

Dave and Scott reached an agreement wherein Scott would be the sole owner of GloRope. Dave sold the company because overseeing the whole corporation was becoming a difficult task, especially since it was growing so quickly. The timing was perfect because Scott was also planning to retire from military service. The time off the service would allow him to focus solely on the growth and development of GloRope.

After an exhausting trip back to his hometown, Scott received another invitation from the Prince's Operation Entrepreneur program to attend an event, this time as a spokesperson. At the event, he was able to meet then newly elected Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

Retired Naval Officer Turns to Freelancer for Website Solutions - Image 2Photo from The Office of the Prime Minister

The internationalization of the brand was key to its success. As the new CEO of GloRope, Scott wanted to solidify the company by merging the American and Canadian websites. He researched for companies that could create him the website he envisioned. To his surprise, he found out that the job he wanted to get done was quoted at $25,000 by one company. His budget constrained him from getting the best companies available in web design.

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Fortunately, he was able to find a local company that was willing to do the job at a fraction of the cost. For the same service he was previously quoted, the local company was only charging him $8,000. The low cost for their services led to Scott acting hastily. He immediately signed the contract. Later on, he found out that he was to pay $1,600 monthly for SEO services. The fee was hidden in the fine print of the contract.

After a few months, he confronted the company due to lack of output. He still had no website. His old websites were top of the list in Google and they had a large chunk of traffic on their page; however, customers were being directed to a website that wasn’t up to Scott’s standards. Scott considered the contract he signed null and void.

Retired Naval Officer Turns to Freelancer for Website Solutions - Image 3

Despite the bad experience with the previous company, Scott was determined to make GloRope great. He still wanted to push through with the website. Fortunately, a friend of his suggested, and gave it a shot.

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His Experience

Working with’s Recruiter Team paved the way for GloRope to find the perfect freelancer for the job. Through the efforts of both parties, Adeel of Proximate Solutions was chosen out of roughly 75 other candidates. Scott was thrilled to start the project. It cost him much lesser than what other companies quoted the project for and it was completed in half the time.  

“Adeel was exceptional in creating the website I wanted. I was the weakest link as I often took days to respond to him and decide on what exactly I wanted on the site. He would answer chat inquiries and emails at 4AM (his time) in a matter of minutes. I showed him the existing website and the staging site. I told him what I liked about both. He took my suggestions and combined it with his own expertise. He delivered a product that was well beyond my expectations!” said Scott.

“I am one who’s taking a leap of faith after having sunk my heart and soul into GloRope for the last eight years. I am as terrified as I am excited about what the future holds. Knowing that I have a resource like at my disposal has made that leap much easier to take. Employees as helpful and competent as the Recruiter Team, and freelancers as capable as Adeel fill me with confidence as I embark on this journey,“ Scott mentioned.

Since working with Adeel, the transition from the military service to entrepreneurship has been very smooth for Scott. He need not worry about any issues on website design and function. Instead, he can focus on other aspects of the business. Finally, with a great website and SEO service, GloRope has been able to connect with people all around the world. More and more people are hearing about GloRope and their products. Scott and company are making their way down the pathway of success.


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Posted 30 September, 2016

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