The Beginner's Guide to iOS Design

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In this article I will share some useful resources for iOS application and game design beginners. First things first though -- to understand the main interface, you should read this link --  IOS Human Interface Guidelines. It's a long read, but it's worth your time as it will answer most of your beginner questions in designing for iOS. With it, you will be able to understand Apple design principles. It also expounds on how the following play important roles in the design process:

Deference. The UI helps people understand and interact with the content, but never competes with it. 

Clarity. Text is legible at every size, icons are precise and lucid, adornments are subtle and appropriate, and a sharpened focus on functionality motivates the design.         

Depth. Visual layers and realistic motion impart vitality and heighten

people’s delight and understanding.

[Definitions from:]

Another amazing read is Ben’s Taylor Guide to IOS Design. This article summarizes how human interaction plays a role in becoming an interface guideline when it comes to designing for iOS. 

After you have gone through the reads mentioned above, you may want to grab these cheat sheets for starting and setting up your design station:

Cheat Sheet 1

Cheat Sheet 2

Both of these contain measurements, icons, and the like, to help you with your designing. 

When you are done understanding Apple’s design concept, you are now ready to design your first IOS app, or at least ready to play with designing the interface and to begin here are some resources collected from the web that will help you in the process. 

1. Free IOS7 Basic UI Kit - Teehan+Lax

2. UI kits and Icons (some are free) - PIXEDEN

3. These Photoshop plugins will help you speed up your process but they are not free, though very much worth your money:


Pixel Dropr

Cut and Slice Me

4.  Screen patterns and inspiration to help make your creative brain ready to roll. - PTRNS

5.  A free all-you-need UI Kit for iPhone 5 -  TEETHER UI KIT

I would also recommend and suggest you to watch Apple tutorials, which will help you gain in-depth knowledge on designing for iOS.

These resources should be enough to get you all set and ready for your first design. Always remember that creativity is endless and you'll find that your own imagination will prove to be another valuable resource. 

Posted 11 December, 2014

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