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I have been awarded twice but the projects are not started.

asked by Azlan Shah 31 January, 2016

I have been awarded the project twice by the clients and thus has charge me 2 times now before even the projects started. Right now my clients did not respond to my messages whatsoever thus the projects have been stalled while my money has been charged by


2 Answers

Nitin Prakash
Nitin Prakash
answered 1 month ago
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Hello there,
You may report dispute the project since employer does not want to pay. Freelancer team will provide ample time to both Employer and Developer to present their arguments and then they will handle the dispute.

Before filling any dispute please make sure every single information related to project must have been discussed via Freelancer chat.

answered 3 weeks ago
Hire Me

Never accept any project without talking with the Employer on messages.
Some fake projects are posted here some times so you have to be aware of that too.
And for security reason you can ask the employer to create milestone before you accept the project .
Once you accept the project freelancer will charge the project fees.