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Graphic Design, Logo Design, Photoshop May 28, 2017 Today20h 25m
Logo for a job search site needed Need a logo for my US website [url removed, login to view] Show your creativity and imagination, make something memorable. Please note that logo is for a US website, not Canadian, as I have been receiving submissions with the Canadian map. 147 Graphic Design, Logo Design May 28, 2017 Today20h 22m ₱4976
Design a Logo Hello good People, I need two logo's First one is for the company named [url removed, login to view] . Please see the link. please do not use the color of the website. We do the re-design. The second one it is for this same webpage but is the safety issue. Please refer to the words "Safety first" If you need any additional question please contact me. A few updates - 1. &q... 97 Graphic Design, Logo Design May 28, 2017 Today18h 48m ₱7364
I need some Graphic Design تصميم صورة للتهنئة بقدوم رمضان ،، اظهار شعار المطعم مع عبارة "مبارك عليكم الشهر + رمضان كريم" وشكرا ملاحظة : يجب أن يكون الشعار له صلة قوية ومرتبط بالتهنئة بحيث أن يكون التصميم مكمل للشعار .... 49 Graphic Design May 28, 2017 Today16h 41m ₱498
Assistant with NETELLER finances transfer i need Hello i'm looking to hire some one who can send me 100$ in NETELLER or SKRILL i'm ready to pay 170$ for this job...Also im ready to pay in advance.... But i need some one with balance in his account because its urgent matter 20 .NET, ASP, Flyer Design, Java, Javascript May 28, 2017 Today15h 59m ₱8459
Design a Flyer Hi I need an ebay store listing template. So i can save it and use it over and over for each new listing i make. It should have a header which i have enclosed my image for, a footer and in the body a place for item description, a place for shipping information and a place for returns information. It must also be MOBILE FRIENDLY! I need this written in normal HTML so i can make any needed adju... 21 eBay, Templates May 28, 2017 Today12h ₱1493
Design a Logo - Agriso Cosmetics We want a Logo to include the name "Agriso Cosmetics". It is a company that deals with trading and distribution of bio - cosmetic products. Preferably to use warm colors, like: beige, pale green (you can also use other colors, it's your choice) 507 Graphic Design, Logo Design May 27, 2017 Today1h 27m ₱1493
One Page Sales Sheet with Infographics needed I am looking for a professionally written one page Sales Sheet with infographics. This sales sheet will have my company logo embossed and the main body showing the following details: [url removed, login to view] Statistics [url removed, login to view] Top 10 Keyword search volume [url removed, login to view] the power of Re-targeting(I will give you the graphics and explanation) [url removed,... 0 Articles, Business Writing, Report Writing, Research Writing, Technical Writing May 28, 2017 Today6d 23h ₱498
Illustrate Something Hello, I have recently hurt my back and have developed a plan for my recovery. I would like this plan illustrated so that I can post it on my bedroom wall to remind me each morning how to focus on my recovery. I would like an 18" by 24" pdf file that I can print at a local printshop. My plan can be found here... [url removed, login to view] Thank you for your consideration and ... 0 Graphic Design, Illustration May 28, 2017 Today6d 23h ₱995
Bitcoin plugin woocommerce / wordpress Dear friends, Bitcoin plugin woocommerce / wordpress plugin We need a plugin or an adaptation of a plugin already ready to start the sale of bitcoins by the wordpress PHP website installed in the Godaddy provider. [url removed, login to view] The system should seek Bitcoin's quotation on an online public price base, some prestige site that provides the API with updating the value... 0 eCommerce, HTML, Shopping Carts, Website Design, WordPress May 28, 2017 Today6d 23h ₱498
Illustrate a concept of pool water balance I need an illustration of pool water balance. There is a way to calculate and predict whether pool water will be corrosive (sometimes called aggressive), scale forming (like the white crust around water faucets or on tea pots) or balanced. I have created an arrow with green for balanced, yellow for caution and red for danger. The arrow is attached. I need another way to show this concept. Maybe a ... 0 Graphic Design, Illustration May 28, 2017 Today2d 22h ₱1244
Design gypsy graphic I need a design for a pendant for each of these stories: - [url removed, login to view] - [url removed, login to view] - [url removed, login to view] Try and make it look very old. Like an ancient coin. The design should fit on the pendant. Make it simple as it will be stamped into the pendant. The pendant will be produced with a coin die. Please see attached shape for pendant. The pend... 1 Graphic Design, Illustrator, Photoshop May 28, 2017 Today6d 22h ₱7762
Pimp my logo We are a new e-commerce buisness based In canada. Our name is Warehouse apparel, because we sell and ship apparels directly from the supplier's ware house. Keep in my that we are a clothing retailer. We already have a logo, made by myself. But we want something more professional. So you can take the model, modify it and pimp it. We want something agressive. And we need the psd file. 32 Graphic Design, Logo Design May 28, 2017 Today6d 20h ₱697
Design some Icons Design format for a small card format 7 cm x 5 cm type "pokemon" card. it is a card for children of 8 years old creating his personage. The design should show a young kid ( around 8 years old) that is strong, has a lot of muscle and is able to lift another person with one finger. The name of this person should be on the card at the top. it is "Musclé". Also his power ... 0 Graphic Design, Icon Design May 28, 2017 Today4d 19h ₱1742
Creative Website Mockup BRIEFING Current website: [url removed, login to view] Goal: A website that is more innovative in look, response and feel than that of competitors. We want visitors to enjoy the experience. Locate information quickly and easily and feel the strength and success behind the brand. The designer: An out of the box designer that has a portfolio of lean, clean designs that focus on user experi... 0 Graphic Design, User Interface / IA, Website Design May 28, 2017 Today9d 17h ₱27815
PHP code to call nested procedure of MSSQL We need solution for getting result from nested procedure calls using PHP . Lets say you have "procedure 1" which has @Param1 , @Param2 as input and it returns some rows . Now you have "procedure 2" , which accepts @Param1, @Param2 & @Param3 . Based on some logic this procedure 2 calls procedure 1 with @Param1 & @Param2 and returns its result . Now issue e face is that ... 0 Microsoft SQL Server, PHP, Software Architecture May 28, 2017 Today9d 14h ₱3831
Cover Art for Series of Music Releases Hey there! I am an electronic music producer that primarily makes dark, heavy house music. I'm starting a project where I will release a series of tracks based on the Rider-Waite Tarot Card Deck. If you're not sure what that is, skim through the wiki here: [url removed, login to view] There are 78 cards and I would like to produce a piece of music for each one. This project will l... 0 Graphic Design, Illustration, Illustrator, Photoshop May 27, 2017 Today9d 10h ₱1493
Father's day at Grappa June 18th 11am to 9pm Fathers day special at Grappa Restaurant Aside from our regular menu we will have a steak special [url removed, login to view] Grappa 2 Boston st Seattle WA 98109 206-466-1027 call to make reservations 0 Flyer Design, Graphic Design May 27, 2017 Today4d 7h ₱746
Fix my Moodle Child Theme [settings.php] I am working on building a Moodle child theme, and I need someone to help me finish it up. If you have built a Moodle child theme in the past, this should be a quick & simple job for you! *** I believe that my ONLY obstacle is in the [url removed, login to view] file. Please help me rewrite it in a way that functions. *** The first person to send me code (or instructions) that results in... 0 Moodle, PHP May 27, 2017 Today2d 5h ₱4976
Caricature & Cartoons, Concept Art, Graphic Design, Illustration, Illustrator May 27, 2017 May 27, 201728d 20h
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