How do I hire a Freelancer directly for my project?

Hire a Freelancer in 3 easy steps:

  • Find a Freelancer searching our database or by browsing Freelancer.com.
  • Click a username to visit their Profile page.
  • Click 'Hire Me' and complete a short form to offer them your project.

You can also hire Freelancers who have previously worked for you. Just go to your Contact list, select the Freelancer you want and click 'Hire Me' to fill out the form.

How do I post a project?

Please go to this page to post a project. You may also read our Tips for Posting Projects article.

How do I prepay my project?

You can prepay your project using the Prepaid project feature located at the top of your project view page when considering bids.

Consider the amount you are willing to deposit and click the Prepay Now button.

Note: The minimum you can deposit is 50% of your minimum project budget.

You can select to refund prepaid funds at anytime before award of your project.

If your project expires or is deleted before awarding a freelancer, prepaid funds will be automatically refunded.

How does Freelancer work for Employers?

Freelancer provides a convenient, safe environment for service buyers and skilled workers around the world to conduct business. Use the guidelines on this page to see just how simple outsourcing your projects can be.

What are Sealed Bids?

You can hide all bids for a one time fee of ₱400.00 PHP. Sealed Bidding may lead to lower bids for your project!

These types of project appear with the   graphic appearing next to the title of the project.

What fees will I pay?

Please see our detailed list of Fees & Charges

What is a Featured Project?

Featured Projects incur a one time fee of ₱1,140.00 PHP. Featured Projects attract more, higher quality bids. They appear prominently on the home page.

These types of project appear with the   graphic appearing next to the title of the project.

What is a Full-Time Project?

This type of project is for hiring a full time or commission-based position (e.g. Sales) and you will save money if you have ongoing work. Fees are only charged on payments if the project value exceeds ₱200000 PHP.

 Full Time projects cost ₱8,500.00 PHP, payable by the Employer and are displayed in the job listings with a   label.


What is a Prepaid Project?

Prepaid projects give additional confidence to freelancers when considering your project. By paying an upfront deposit, your project will receive higher engagement from freelancers, provide you with more bids and receive a faster response to start work.

On award of your project, the deposited funds will be allocated securely as a Milestone payment for you to later release as payment to your selected freelancer once you are happy with the work they provide.

Prepaid projects are highlighted with a Prepaid ribbon in project listings.

What is a Private Project?

Private hides project details from search engines and users that are not logged in for ₱800.00 PHP. This feature is recommended for projects where confidentiality is a must.

These types of project appear with the   graphic appearing next to the title of the project.

What is a Recruiter Project?

A Freelancer.com Recruiter will work together with you to find the best freelancer for Your Recruiter Project, reaching out to our network of Preferred Freelancers to select the most suitable freelancer. The Recruiter will talk you through the process of awarding the project, how payments work on the site and make sure you have the best start to Your project with a highly skilled freelancer! Conditions apply.

These types of project appear with the   graphic appearing next to the title of the project.

What is an NDA Project?

For Employers who value privacy of their project details, an NDA Project is a great way to list your project and discuss project requirements with Freelancers.

Freelancers must agree to a Non-Disclosure agreement (NDA) before placing a bid on your project. Freelancer provides a default NDA though we recommend you should always get legal advice on important documents like this. Otherwise, you may upload your own NDA which Freelancers will sign and agree to instead.

Once the Freelancer has digitally signed and agreed to the NDA, they agree to keep details discussed through private messages and files confidential.

The NDA project option can be applied even after posting the project.

Note: NDA projects will still display your project's description and project clarification board comments publicly.

What is an Urgent Project?

Urgent projects skip the admin queue and are listed immediately, receiving a faster response from Freelancers to help get your project started within 24 hours!

You can mark your project as Urgent for ₱400.00 PHP. Your project will be listed for bidding for 24 hours and will also be displayed in the Ending Soon table

Why is my project invalid?

We do not allow projects with content that may harm the business operation or reputation of Freelancer.com or cause a possible loss of services of its suppliers. The following projects violate our Terms and Conditions, and the fees are non-refundable:

  • Advertising services
  • Buying/Selling of Accounts
  • Captcha Projects
  • Cheating on school homework or exams
  • Cloning of websites
  • Craigslist Projects
  • eBay account creation
  • eBay Scam Projects
  • Email account creations - includes social network accounts, etc.
  • Generation of fake reviews
  • Hacking
  • Money transfer and exchange
  • PVA related projects
  • Selling of end products
  • Selling of stolen scripts

Please read more about our Terms and Conditions.

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