Dispute Resolution Services

What is Freelancer's Dispute Resolution Service?

The Dispute Resolution Service is offered by Freelancer to users who wish to contest the return or release of an existing Milestone(s). This service is offered only for users who have elected to use the Milestone Payment System.

If an issue arises where you wish to negotiate the return or release of a Milestone, you should file a dispute.

In all circumstances, we encourage users to resolve disputes between themselves rather than use this service; however, it is provided as an alternative of last resort should the parties are unable to reach agreement.

How do I file a dispute against a user?

Any Freelancer.com user can file a Dispute against another user, as long as the project has a related Milestone payment.

To lodge a dispute over a payment, mouse over the "Disputes" link at the navigation bar on your Freelancer.com home page and click the "New Disputes" link.

Select the project to dispute and the user; then tick the Milestone Payment you wish to dispute and type down why you want to dispute the Milestone Payment. You are allowed to contest all the Milestones related to a single project in one dispute.

You then need to describe your issue in detail and attach any supporting evidence you may have (from Stages 1 through to 3, you are encouraged to attach any files that could support your claims).

Finally, you should enter the amount you are prepared to pay for the project (if an Employer) or wish to receive for the project (if a Freelancer). The amount could be between 0 and the total amount of Milestone Payments in question.

The other party has a number of days (4 if the other party is a Freelancer, 7 if the other party is an Employer) to respond to the claim made by the complainant. If the party does not respond within the given days, the Dispute closes in your favor.

For more information, please read Section 11.4 of the Terms.

Can I dispute work that does not relate to a project?

No. You can only dispute a Milestone(s) related to a project. Milestone Payment sent through the "Other reason" option also cannot be disputed.

I released the Milestone but the Freelancer did not finish the job! Is there a way to file a dispute against the Freelancer?

No. The Dispute Resolution Service is only for pending Milestone payments related to projects. For all projects with Milestones, Employers are advised to release a Milestone payment only after the requirements of a Milestone have been fully and satisfactorily met. Freelancer.com cannot reclaim a Milestone that has already been released.

Can I submit more evidence after the Dispute has been escalated to arbitration?

No. You are free to submit evidence via the Dispute System from Stage 1 to Stage 3. Once the dispute has proceeded to Stage 4, further evidence will no longer be accepted.

I accidentally clicked on the wrong button/wrote the wrong amount! Could you change it back?

No. All actions made on the dispute system are final, binding, and irreversible. You are advised to be very careful before pressing a button or typing an amount. If you are unsure about what to do on your dispute, feel free to contact the Support Team.

I lost the dispute! Can I file for reconsideration?

No. All dispute verdicts are final, binding, and irreversible.

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