Contest - Deadlines

Why is my contest locked?

Your contest will be locked if you do not select a winning design within 14 days after your contest closes.  

You can either request a prize refund (for Regular contests which are eligible for the Money Back Guarantee) or pay the Unlock fee of $US5 to access your contest and have another 14 days to choose a winner.

Note: Guaranteed contests cannot be refunded as you have guaranteed the designers that a winner will be chosen.

Why is my contest closed?

A contest closes after its deadline or the number of days you specified it to be run.

You can check the remaining days that your contest is going to be open by going to your contest page and looking at the top of your contest prize.

Once your contest closes, no more designs can be submitted. Furthermore, you will have 14 days after that to review the submitted entries and select a winner before your contest gets locked.

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