Design Studio

Are Design Studios available for all projects?


How do I get my final designs and complete my project?

Once you’ve decided which design(s) you want:

  • Select "Choose Design" for each design you want to assume legal ownership. Pick as many as you want!
  • Click "Finish Project". The next step is to own your design(s).
  • You will be prompted to sign the IP Transfer Agreement. Your designer will then be asked to upload the design files.
  • Download and Review the design files.
  • Accept the files when you’re happy. You now legally own the design(s)!
  • Complete your project by completing payment to your designer, if you haven’t already.

What are the benefits of a Design Studio?

Design Studio enables Employers to:

  • Get better designs by giving designers targeted feedback and comments about specific entries
  • Receive designs faster by reducing turnaround times between leaving comments and getting updated designs
  • Quickly go from selecting design(s) to becoming a legal owner using our easy, built in Contract Management System

What is Design Studio?

It's an integrated project management and collaboration platform to help you and your Designer work more efficiently together. Design Studio allows you to efficiently communicate, review designs and provide detailed feedback, resulting in higher quality designs and faster turnaround time.

Design Studio costs just $9.95 USD (or Free with Basic, Plus, Standard and Premium membership plans) and includes an easy to use Contract Management System for Employers to select their design(s) and transfer legal ownership fast. Learn more

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