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Hiring an economist on Freelancer

What is economics?
Economics is the study of markets, individuals, behaviours and patterns. Economists achieve this by mapping the worldly events to models that describe how and why things happen. With these models, economists than forecast and predict what could happen, and then shape policy, business and government recommendations for their clients. Great economists can help nations forge ahead of others, or new businesses grow faster than anyone else in their field.
Economics on Freelancer
On Freelancer, our business and economics trained freelancers can help businesses forecast the future and better understand the forces and incentives affecting their businesses today. If your business or project requires a better understanding of the world, freelancer economists can help you get there better than anyone else.
Economics projects can include:
Analysing the total addressable market for a new product or business idea Writing business plans Forecasting out businesses  Developing insights into world events and current affairs
What are you waiting for?
Hire an economist now, and use economic methods, like demand and supply analysis or incentive mapping, to get ahead in the world.

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