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Hiring a Sphinx Expert on Freelancer

Sphinx is a open source full text search engine created to provide full text search functionality to client applications. Released in 2001, the search engine is a stand alone serve and is used to communicate with other database management systems (DBMS) by using native protocols including MySQL, PostgreSQl and MariaDB.
The company offers a wide range of Sphinx-related services and is proud to have created a search server that blends together the benefits of high performance, reliability and ease of use into one handy search engine platform.
Sphinx is written in C++ and works on Linux, Windows, MacOS, Solaris, FreeBSD and other systems.
The search engine allows three lines of code and search queries are express in SQL for ease of use.
Attributes that can be used to perform additional filtering and sorting during Sphinx searches come in a range of types and include:
Unsigned integers
UNIX timestamps
Floating point values
String ordinals
Multi-value attributes
Sphix’s opensource search engine functionality has been used in a range of websites including Craigslist.org, Tradebit.com vBulletin.com and Boardreader.com. Craigslist.org in particular uses the search engine to serve a staggering 300+ search queries per day.
Features of the Sphinx search engine include:
Batch and incremental full text indexing
Support for non-text attributes
XML documents indexing support
Integration via access APIs
SQL-like syntax support via MySQL
Full text searching syntax
Database result set processing
Improved relevance ranking
Text processing support
Easy application integration
If you’re looking for a Sphinx programming expert to set up the platform for your business, Freelancer.com has a wide range of expert Sphinx programmers ready to work on your project.
Sphinx programmers on Freelancer.com has the experience and talent you need for your project and offer affordable hourly and project rates as well as a safe and secure milestone payment system which allows you to only pay for work when you are 100% happy with the work done.
Log onto Freelancer.com today and view the extensive range of Sphinx developers available to embed the search engine into your website and get your online search engine set up by a professional from around the world today.

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