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    Freelancer in longjingshi, China
    40 Reviews

    I will exercise all my abilities to succeed your great ideas. Also, I will help you achieve higher goals by improving your company's business with the right IT. Ꚛ 12 Years of Development Experience ∆ Skill ✓ VR Game and App ✓ AR Game and App ✓ Facial landmark Detection & Tracking ∆ Device ✓...

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  • Fordelse's Profile Picture
    Freelancer in Jakarta, Indonesia
    41 Reviews

    Hi there, thank for visiting my profile. I've been working in creative industry including Graphic Design to 3D Motion Graphics for more than 6 years. I'm looking forward to work with you.

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  • webroyals's Profile Picture
    Freelancer in Kolkata, India
    166 Reviews

    Webroyals is a multi – skilled Web Development service provider with a highly organized system and strong global presence. Located in Kolkata , India we offers a wide range of IT services ranging from Website Designing, Web Development, ERP, E-Commerce webshop , Mobile Apps to SEO and Graphic Designing. With years of...

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  • zhangbaksan's Profile Picture
    Freelancer in TuMen, China
    113 Reviews

    We are a team of excellent programmers, engineers and designers. We have developed many apps and games, and grow up rapidly. Our team include many experts with following skills. - iPhone, Android, Mobile Phone native apps and hybrid apps - Mobile game development - Web Developing, Mobile Web Developing -...

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  • andycuz's Profile Picture
    Freelancer in ayas, Italy
    16 Reviews

    We're a team specialized in compositing and animation, with more than 7 years of experience with customers like Alfa Romeo and Juventus F.C. We can easily handle both 2d & 3d animation and any compositing . What distinguishes us over other freelancers is the sense of taste and many years of experience in real studios.

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    Freelancer in LAHORE, Pakistan
    153 Reviews

    Why We are different from others! ✔ Free support after project delivery. ✔ Customer support 24/7. ✔ More than 5 years of freelancing experience. ✔ More than 200 happy clients. ✔ Life time backup of project files, means if you want your project after 1 year of delivery you can ask Free of cost. Uneek...

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Finding 360-degree video Experts on Freelancer

What’s so great about three sixty video? Three sixty video takes advantage of recent advances in virtual reality technology. Companies like Oculus, Microsoft and Google have seen the benefits of providing users with a three dimensional media experience and the technology only seems to be improving.

The premise of virtual reality technology is that the user will feel as though he or she is in an entirely different place entirely. Instead of watching video in the traditional two dimensional format, the user will be able to “look around” inside the video. This provides an enhanced experience to the user, allowing him or her to feel  as though he or she is actually a part of the scene!

The possibilities for this technology are mind blowing. Imagine a student learning about a foreign country. What an experience it would be to put on a virtual reality helmet and feel as though he or she were actually in that country! What a difference from traditional textbook learning… or even online learning for that matter!

Of course this example only scratches the surface of what virtual reality and three sixty video can accomplish. You’ll have to decide how three sixty video can benefit your business. That assumes however, that you have an employee with experience shooting three sixty video on your team.

That’s where Freelancer.com comes in. On Freelancer, you’ll find three sixty video experts  for hire that can produce stunning visuals to meet your organization’s needs. Not sure how to get started? Not a problem! Find a three sixty video expert for hire quickly and easily using several of the tools available to employers on Freelancer.com.

Many employers take advantage of public projects. On Freelancer.com, public projects are free and easy to post. Public projects are also a great way to get the word out to the Freelancer community about your project. Be sure to write a detailed description of your needs and expectations and then sit back and wait for the offers to pour in!

Be prepared to review the project proposals from each of our professional freelance 3d videographers. Our freelancers are very passionate about providing you excellent service at a competitive rate.

Are you looking for a freelancer from a certain area or with a unique skillset? Not a problem! Use the Freelancer Directory to find the perfect freelancer. Browse using a wide variety of criteria, view his or her public profile and make them an offer directly!

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