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    have database with half dozen fields two of which are xtime and xfrom - xtime is datetime field and xfrom is string with phone numbers. I need a query that will get me a listing that includes all records that has the records in descending time order - but has all the phone numbers grouped - so it only uses the time of the first record with that

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    ...created_at (datetime) - updated_at (datetime) Tag - id (uuid - char(36)) - user_id (uuid - char(36)) - name (varchar[200]) - color (char[6]) - budget (decimal[10,2]) - created_at (datetime) - updated_at (datetime) User - id (uuid - char(36)) - email (varchar[500]) - password (varchar[200]) - created_at (datetime) - updated_at

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    ...improvement of a MS-SQL Query - At the moment the query looks like this: declare @InventurDatum AS DATETIME; declare @InventurDatum2 AS DATETIME; SET @InventurDatum = CONVERT(datetime, '01/03/2018 00:00:00', 103); SET @InventurDatum2 = CONVERT(datetime, '28/03/2018 23:59:59', 103); SELECT [url removed, login to view], [u...

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    ...of login) 2. LinkedIn (collect name, email, date/time of login) 3. Instagram (collect name, email, date/time of login) 4. Custom Survey (3 questions) (collect answers, /datetime of login) 5. Returning PIN (will explain to programmer) (collect PIN, date/time of login) Customization of Captive portals should include: 1. Logo 2. Background Image

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    I have an existing DateTime picker however I need a different style. I need someone to show me how to update or use two different styles on same page.

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    ...models and db configuration for Entity Framework using C#. Models Each saved search is stored into this table SavedSearch Id (int) PK Name (string) StartDate (DateTime) EndDate (DateTime) The collection types are stored in this table (Countries, States, etc..) SearchCollectionTypes Id (int) PK Type (string) Description (string) Each selection

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    7 bids uploaded * We need to be able to set a maximum file size limit. * The actual filename of the uploaded documents are to be renamed to the format webapp username-iso-datetime-version [url removed, login to view] So for example; if John uploads a document '[url removed, login to view]' the filename would be renamed to '[url removed, login to view] * The uploads will ...

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    ...13,20€, he can do it but the delivery fee will change to 3,7€ (80cent more in this case)" or 1.2: "change sequence of products: the products in a category are sorted by datetime of publish. i would like to be able to sort them manually" (we will have 50-100 more tasks of this kind in 2018) 2. small SEO changes 2.1: google SEO task: add some

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    ...a cron in PHP that capture from this 3 xml an load data to mysql database: - [url removed, login to view] - [url removed, login to view] - [url removed, login to view] We need that the cron check and mark datetime in records in 3 categorys: - new records

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    need someone to recreate this website timeline here: - datetime filter and timeline [url removed, login to view] on my site stored on localhost My site uses Bootstrap 3.3.7 Preferably wants work done over TeamViewer but can send files.

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    We have datetime field storing into mysql db - column data type is timestamp. mysql server running in UTC timezone.. frontend clients enter the date different time zones but datetime value storing UTC format without timezone value in database. We have different REST API call mysql stored procedure to return date timevalue it returns UTC format instead

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    ...will be stored in the Local DB through the storage provider created in the previous task o Each cached object will be tagged with this information (“StoredAt” Datetime, “LastRetreival” At Datetime, “ValidFor” TimeStamp ) o Retrieving only object value along with state (valid or invalid) by key. o Retrieving Object regardless of state by key ...

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    ...(ie Monday to Friday only) Tests There should be unit tests written for all public methods Models Event (simplified) - Id (Key) - Description (string) - Date (datetime) - IsLive (bool) - IsAnnual (bool) - AnnualTypeId (Foreign Key) - IsProcessed (bool) AnnualType - Id (key) - Value (string) Content AnnualTypes 1. Day (Same

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    American company needs freelancer experts to reshape datetime/weather/login module on [url removed, login to view] We are needing experts who can deal with non-technical clients, we are new in the web/hardware business. Regards

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    I've got a php page which shows data from a mysql database. The database contains datetime, weight, temperature, weight-correction values and so on. For displaying the data, my query collects all data. Therefore are first all weight values with the correction value be calculated. This takes longer as the database increasese because the calculation

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    ...I need first (later more jobs) a php array with this data: //1. For a Facebook page Likes followers homepage categories products (about) People Also Like Posts datetime (last 7 and 30 days) like shares comments has_image has_video views_video Shares Who share this How many follower he have //2. Facebook requests Search

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    ..."attachments" Let ( [ vStartDateType = If ( not IsEmpty ( $startTime ) ; "dateTime" ; "date" ) ; vStartDate = If ( not IsEmpty ( $startTime ) ; $startDate & "T" & $startTime & timeOffsetUTC ; $startDate ) ; vEndDateType = If ( not IsEmpty ( $endTime ) ; "dateTime" ; "date" ) ; vEndDate = If...

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    ...function should look something like that: Public List<TelegramСhannelDetails> GetLatestMessages(string channelUrl, DateTime fromDate) { ... } , where internal params channelUrl: Url of the telegram channel fromDate: DateTime starting from which the messages must be returned Class TelegramСhannelDetails { String name; // name of the telegram

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    ...Replace(eventEndTime," ","T") & ":00"> <cfset eventDate = ""> <cfset allDay = 0> <cfset curlPost['start']['dateTime'] = startTime> <cfset curlPost['start']['timeZone'] = [url removed, login to view]> <cfset curlPost['end']['dateTime�...

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