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    ...interface allows users to track their energy consumption and identify areas for reduction. - Renewable Energy Resources Information: A section dedicated to educating users about the benefits of sustainable energy sources and their availability. - Education and Awareness: Engaging content to inform and inspire users to make environmentally friendly choices. - Community Sharing: Features that enable users to connect with like-minded individuals, share tips and accomplishments, and work collectively toward a greener future. - Energy Saving Tips & Solutions: A repository of practical tips and solutions to help users reduce their carbon footprint. The target audience for this app is global, and includes people from different backgrounds who are interested in making...

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    ...school management processes will be given priority. Key Tasks: -Customize the lesson plan module - Revamp Examinations module - Fully functional accounting system, - Enhance academic syllabus, lesson plans and assessment - Upgrade Examinations, School fees, Accounting, Academics, and Transport modules Examinations: - Develop functionalities for more efficient result management and grading - Enable advanced examination analysis and report generation - Incorporate additional examination analysis features School Fees: - Implement efficient fee collection and payment tracking systems - Customize fee structure management - Automated fee reminders and notifications - Design invoicing, payment tracking, and elaborate reporting mechanisms Ideal Skills: - Knowledge in Exprerienci...

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    I'm seeking a development team to craft a mobile application for Talent Spotlight, a social media platform. This will be a robust app designed for iOS and Android. Key Features: - User Profiles: Users should be able to create profiles showcasing their talents. - Messaging System: There should be a functional messaging system to enable communication between users. - Content Sharing: Users should be able to share their talents with others. - Talent Spotlight: This feature is core to the app and is geared towards helping users find talents. The main purpose of the Talent Spotlight feature is for users to discover new and exciting talents. In essence, this app is designed to help people connect with different talents and abilities. The ideal candidate for this project would have ...

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    ...philosophy, we launched “Leadify” to help budding leaders and managers take charge of their lives by shaping their personalities. Leadify is a boutique academy for spoken English, personality development, and self-improvement. The objective is to help every student or working professional become a better version of themselves by focusing on their communication and personality. The sole mission is to enable people to lead their lives and not just drag them. In doing so, they must focus on their communication and the overall persona. Leadify helps its students achieve the same by offering various courses in the same field. We are looking for someone who can understand the brand well and help us develop its visual identity. We need a logo that captures the essence of...

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    I need a fully functional and comprehensive jobs portal website with a similar interface and functionality as naukri.com. The intended website should provide an avenue for candidates to apply for both full-time positions and part-time positions. Key Features: - Advanced search filters to enable users to find jobs fitting their specifications. - Resume builder to assist candidates in creating professional resumes. - Job alerts to ensure users receive notifications on newly posted jobs matching their interests. Application Process: The website should support multiple methods of job applications including: - Uploading their resumes directly on the portal, - Filling out an online application form, - Linking to an external application. Ideal Skills and Experience: The potential freel...

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    I'm in search of a talented full-stack web developer who can help me reach my goal of setting up an e-commerce website targeting a specific industry or niche. Key Responsibilities: - Develop both the front and back-end of the website to ensure a seamless user experience - Implement e-commerce functionality to enable the online sale of products or services - Optimize the website for search engines and ensure it's responsive across all devices Ideal Skills: - Strong experience in full-stack web development - Proficiency in e-commerce website development - In-depth knowledge of SEO best practices - Previous work on websites targeting a specific industry or niche is a plus If you have a proven track record of creating successful e-commerce platforms and can bring a creative...

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    ...backend management. **Responsibilities:** 1. **Multi-Lingual Homepage:** - Develop a dynamic homepage that automatically adjusts its language and content based on the user’s location. - Ensure that the homepage layout is intuitive and user-friendly, providing easy navigation to various sections of the platform. 2. **Chat Functionality:** - Implement a real-time chat system to enable users to communicate directly within the platform. - Ensure chat features are secure and user data is protected. 3. **Back-End Development:** - Design and develop a robust back-end infrastructure to support website functionality including user accounts, listings management, and chat services. - Integrate APIs for various functionalities and ensure scalable ser...

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    I am looking for a skilled developer to create a web-based bank application. The primary functionality of the application will be to enable online transactions. Key Requirements: - Development of a web-based application with a focus on online transactions. - Implementing standard encryption for the security of online transactions. - Creation of Account management and Customer support chat features. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proficiency in web application development. - Experience in implementing online transaction systems. - Strong understanding of encryption techniques. - Previous work in the fintech sector would be highly beneficial.

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    ...companies' data For the front-end development, you should be proficient in Bootstrap for responsive web design, and competent in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript programming languages. A minimalistic yet user-friendly design is desired for the best user experience. Concerning the back-end development, it is necessary to have strong skills in database integration with SQL Server. This blend of skills will enable you to efficiently create functionality relevant to my logistics project. Please provide proof of these skills in your bid....

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    ...create an application that functions on both iOS and Android platforms. The application will serve as a marketplace for domain auctions and sales. Key features I require are: * User Authentication: Users should be able to register and manage their accounts. * In-App Purchases: The app needs this functionality to allow users to participate in auctions and make purchases. * Live Chat Support: To enable users to promptly resolve any issues. * Domain Ownership Verification: Users should be able to paste a unique link in a TXT Record for verification. * Auction, Sales & Offers: The app should facilitate auctions, direct sales, and special offers. * Premium Subscriptions: Provide options for users wanting to feature their domains on the app's landing page. * Social Media Pub...

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    I'm look...address, phone, email, state ) -Admin manually help vendor create cash voucher - company name - address -State - Expired date voucher - Voucher amount or % Discount - Phone - Point deduct when redeem - Vendor joining until when - Admin dashboard will display who vendor will expired joining, or coming soon. Must have report -Admin can Disable/Enable vendor joining if no make payment. -Admin can do checking whether the OCR scan data is correct or not. If wrong can "EDIT" I'm in a bit of a hurry and would appreciate getting this done within a month. Ideal Skills: - Proficiency in web development - Experience with database management - Ability to implement user-friendly features - Strong project manag...

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    I'm looking to create a professional job portal, specifically tailored to the healthcare industry in Canada. The main aim of this website is to attract job seekers to the healthcare field. Key Features: - Job Listings: The portal should have a robust job listing section which provides comprehensive information about job vacancies in the healthcare sector. This feature should enable job seekers to easily find and apply for relevant positions. - Resume Upload Capability: The website should allow job seekers to create profiles and upload their resumes. This feature is crucial as it makes it easier for potential employers to find suitable candidates and for job seekers to apply for jobs quickly and efficiently. Skills and Experience: - Prior experience in developing job portals...

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    I'm looking for an experienced freelance web developer to create an engaging Wix website for my NGO. Our aim is to reach children, women, and the elderly. Therefore, the website should be user-friendly and accessible on all devices. Key features of the website include: - A donation portal: This feature is essential to enable our supporters to make financial contributions easily. - A news and updates section: Here, we'll constantly share updates on our activities, projects, and success stories. - A volunteer registration area: An easy-to-use interface for those who wish to join us in our effort. This project needs a professional with a background in creating Wix websites for non-profits, ideally ones targeting a wide demographic. An understanding of how to create intuitiv...

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    As a business operating in the education sector, I'm looking for a highly competent lead generation specialis...Strong understanding of lead generation strategies • Solid background in web development (for optimizing web-based initiatives) • Experience in the education sector is a big plus • Proven ability to reach both B2B and B2C audiences Objective: • Increase our brand presence • Drive business growth by generating high quality leads • Create opportunities to strengthen partnerships (in the B2B domain) • Enable us to reach and convert potential customers (in the B2C domain) This work demands meticulous planning and a methodical approach. I value commitment, a strong work ethic, and results orientation. If you feel you are well suited to...

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    ..."". The website should feature a chatbot powered by AI technology that can engage users in natural conversations, answer queries, provide information, and offer personalized recommendations. ? **Key Features:** - **AI-Powered Chatbot:** Implement a chatbot with natural language processing capabilities to understand user inputs and respond intelligently. - **Personalization:** Enable the chatbot to provide personalized recommendations based on user interactions and preferences. - **Multi-Platform Compatibility:** Ensure the website is responsive and works seamlessly across various devices and browsers. - **User-Friendly Interface:** Design an intuitive and visually appealing interface for a smooth user experience. - **Integration:** Integrate APIs and plugins to enhance...

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    ...mammoth mission. As the country has a massive shortage of suitable care facilities, it should not be a Mission to deliver a project. When we move onto a website, I would also like to reference Q Branch, because we have an Research & Development team that 'head up a team of software coders' to develop state-or-the-art assistive and adaptive technologies all liked to the building management system to enable the delivery of care to be safer and better, whilst reducing the overall cost. So I want a disruptive logo and strapline that make care care exciting, futuristic and aspirational. I want it to be established, yet futuristic and high tech. Color: I prefer a neutral palette. Specifically, the use of black, white, and various shades of gray, unless there is good...

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    ...This project requires a person with: - Proven experience in bot creation and automation. - Solid understanding of Telegram API and its integration. - Experience with captcha handling via third-party solutions is a bonus. - Excellent problem-solving skills and creativity. Your task will be to: - Develop a bot capable of receiving emails. - Implement a third-party service for captcha validation. - Enable picks redirection to an existing Telegram channel. This bot serves as an automation tool, making my investment in the betting world more efficient and streamlined. If you have the necessary skills and are excited to tackle this challenge, I'd be pleased to collaborate....

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    I am in need of an experienced WordPress developer to create a clean and minimalist website for our NGO, focusing on aiding orphan children and managing old age homes. Key functionalities include: * Donation Functionality: A secure and user-friendly way for site visitors to make online donations. * Event Listing and Registration: A dynamic platform to register upcoming events and enable users to sign up. * Blog or News Section: A space for posting regular updates, news, and engaging content relevant to our cause. * Help we Need/Help we Provide: A list of ways people can help us and list of ways we help the society. Please note, I don't have specific guidelines for the site's color scheme and branding. So, creativity and the ability to choose appropriate themes will be b...

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    ...software developer to build a GPS tracking system. This system will be tailored to our current devices. Key Features: - Real-time location tracking: This feature is essential for monitoring the movement of our devices. - Geofencing: The system should be able to create virtual boundaries and send alerts when our devices enter or leave these areas. - Historical route playback: This feature will enable us to review past routes taken by our devices. Device Compatibility: - While the specific types of devices are not specified, the system should be designed to be compatible with various devices. Ideal Skills: - Extensive experience in software development - Proficient in GPS tracking systems - Knowledgeable in creating systems for various platforms - Strong attention to detail and...

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    I'm in need of a Kotlin-based Android developer to assist in creating an education app. The app will target students from K-12 and college levels. It should be designed with a simple and clean interface. Key Features: - Quiz Functionality: The app should be able to host and administer quizzes. - Progress Tracking: It should enable students to track their progress and performance. - Multimedia Content: The app should support various forms of multimedia content. Ideal Skills: - Proficiency in Kotlin for Android development. - Prior experience in developing education or quiz-based apps. - Understanding of user interface design for simple and clean layouts.

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    ...experienced PHP developer with exceptional MySQL knowledge for a unique project. The task requires setting up cron jobs for data fetching, which should run routinely in the background. This data pertains to 'user information', 'ranking system,' . Ideal Skills: - Expertise in PHP & MySQL - Experience in server-side crontabs jobs - Ability to setup a rewards system -json Additionally, the system should enable rewarding bonus points for successful data fetching. The number of bonus points to be awarded will be communicated later. However, you must have experience in developing such points-based rewards systems. Your creative ideas to implement this feature are welcome as well. In summary, I seek someone who can make these processes efficient and seamless....

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    ...integrated communication tools, such as instant chat and internal messaging, to facilitate communication between attorneys and clients without resorting to external means. Case Management: Each legal case is organized and managed through the platform, allowing attorneys to track progress, deadlines, and relevant activities. Video Conferencing: The platform supports integrated video conferencing to enable virtual meetings between attorneys and clients, offering a convenient alternative to in-person meetings. Notifications and Reminders: Users receive automatic notifications and reminders for appointments, deadlines, and other important activities related to their legal cases. At the time of accepting the offer, the developer will need to sign an NDA. The offer must be all-inclus...

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    I need an expert to integrate fsspec into my existing Python script, specifically for file reading, writing and cloud storage integration. Key tasks: - Enable my script to perform file reading and writing operations seamlessly. - Establish a working connection between fsspec and Amazon S3 cloud storage solution. Ideal Skills: - Advanced Python coding skills. - Proven experience with cloud storage integration, particularly Amazon S3. - Familiarity with fsspec library in Python. Note: This task may be subject to a thorough identification process before granting access to the necessary resources. Qualified candidates should be prepared to go through this protocol.

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    I am looking for an experienced professional to set up a comprehensive business project on Go High Level software, tailored towards B2B enterprises. The key objectives of this project are to enhance lead generation and streamline sales funnel automation for the purpose of increasing sales. Key Responsibilities: - Configure lead generation tools: Efficient setup of tools and features that enable the project to effectively capture, manage, and engage potential leads. - Establish Sales Funnel Automation: Design and build automated processes that guide leads through the sales funnel seamlessly, from initial contact to conversion. - Tailor CRM for B2B: Customize the CRM to ensure it aligns with the specific needs and characteristics of B2B and B2C interactions. Ideal candidates should...

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    I am seeking a proficient developer to create a crypto slots game DApp that connects to MetaMask. The game will be based on the Ethereum blockchain and will require a moderate level of customization for its theme and design. Key responsibilities will include: - Developing a seamless integration with MetaMask to enable players to connect their wallet and play - Implementing the game on the Ethereum blockchain - Customizing the game with unique icons and basic animations Ideal candidates for this project should have: - Proven experience in developing DApps - Strong knowledge of Ethereum - Prior experience in creating crypto games - Proficiency in customizing user interfaces and basic animations Please provide a portfolio showcasing your relevant work, and any experienc...

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    I'm in need of an experienced Adobe InDesign professional, who possesses the skills required for designing attractive and effective layouts as well as creating interactive PDFs. The purpose of these designs is to enable the creation of marketing materials, brochures and newsletters. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Extensive knowledge of Adobe InDesign for both layout designs and interactive PDF creation - Experience in designing marketing materials, brochures and newsletters - Well-versed in combining text and visuals effectively - Ability to deliver the project within 15-20 days Should your skillset match the above, feel confident to bid. Looking forward to creating impactful materials together. We also need the GPS coordinates of each location beside the monument and the a...

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    ...services, to be displayed on this section. 's Dashboard 7.1)TAG multiselect option: At Freelancer description, To fill TAG section we need multiselect option as an input instead of text input. 7.2) FAQ Display: On Freelancer's service page, FAQs section is there in backend for input but their is a display problem for FAQs section. 8. Email Setup In general all mails notification are enable but sometimes there are cases when it doesn't work, you can check from WP Mail SMTP, unsuccessful mails. But it's not any specific type of mail that make problem. It's mostly random. 's Profile card: Freelancer's profile card in home page and in Freelancer page show title and category in its details, we need only title to be shown. 10. Login id icon: When...

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    ...YouTube videos and other video sources), and scheduling options. Database Integration: Integrate a database to store channel information, including logos, video links, and scheduling details. 3. Scheduling System User Interface: Develop an intuitive scheduling interface where Jeremiah F can set specific times and days for content playback. Random Playback Option: Implement a feature to enable random playback if Jeremiah F wishes to bypass the schedule for certain channels. Backend Logic: Create backend logic to manage scheduled playback, ensuring that content is displayed according to the configured schedule. 4. Streaming Setup Server Configuration: Configure Jeremiah F's server to host the streaming URLs for the TV channels. Streaming Protocol: Determine the...

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    I'm seeking an experienced Moodle developer who can customise the registration form for my site and integrate it with Google and Microsoft for single sign-on (SSO). Key tasks include: - Redesigning the registration form layout - Creating a system to enable potential users to sign in using their Google or Microsoft accounts The ideal candidate for this project possesses strong experience in PHP, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, as well as extensive knowledge of Moodle, and significant experience with Google and Microsoft API. A keen eye for design and usability is also appreciated. Your bid should include examples of similar Moodle customisation projects you've handled, and information on how you plan to tackle this assignment. Looking forward to collaboration with a skilled expe...

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    ...firmware C specialist in IoT to offer expertise on a project featuring a wearable device by enhancing/debugging our current code base. Key Requirements: - Implement and enhance the device's capability for LTE, Wifi, Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) and Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS). These components are vital for the functionality of this advanced wearable device for pets. Deliverables: --Enable the device to continue to be used if in range of Wi-Fi/BLE and not LTE -To transition workflow away from one cloud broker to another -Refactor GNSS calls on the device -Retrieve RSSI/RSRP information from cell modem of the device Ideal Skills: - Proficiency in IoT applications, particularly regarding network and satellite technologies. - Proficiency in working with ce...

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    ...frontend interface that will allow users to view contract details and their token balance. I am okay with using a template for contract and frontend. Need it in 1 day Key Requirements: - Develop an ERC20 smart contract with a vesting feature - Implement a frontend interface - Display contract details including total balance, contract address, contract creator, and creation date, transactions - Enable users to sign in to view these details Ideal Skills: - Solid understanding of smart contract development on the Ethereum network - Proficiency in Solidity programming language - Experience in developing frontend interfaces - Understanding of token vesting mechanisms This project will require someone with a good understanding of blockchain technology and smart contract developmen...

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    I'm looking to establish a Cloudflare tunnel to secure traffic and enable safe connection between my on-premise SQL server and Cloudflare CDN. The main emphasis is to foster a secure pathway for my SaaS application to interact with the SQL Server. The core tasks involved include: - Configuration of Cloudflare tunnel to connect saas app to sql server A background in network security, CDN configuration, and Cloudflare Tunnel would be ideal. Proficiency in SQL Server database administration, as well as a working knowledge of CMS SaaS applications, is a key asset for this project.

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    ...recommended products? 5. What areas are going to be covered within the advice document, and why? 6. What areas are not going to be covered in the advice document and why? 7. What are the fees being charged? !This is not an exhaustive list, but it is to give you an idea. 3. I then need the AI to present all the information in a "Paraplanner Request" form that I can then pass on to my staff, to enable them to complete the advice document, knowing they have all the required information they need. The above is stage 1 - Reviewing the Work Requests that are sent to us. The second stage I hope is simpler, but I am not sure. I need the AI to review the advice document, check it against Australian Financial Planning rules and regulations; check the advice document f...

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    ...looking for a web developer proficient in creating interactive and user-friendly websites. My vision includes a space where students can upload, share, and view revision notes in various formats, such as photos and videos. Key features my site requires: - Automatic fact-checking: Implement an AI-based tool ensuring the credibility and correctness of the content uploaded. - Sorting by category: Enable categorization of content for simple navigation and easy access to relevant materials. - Student discount & Pro Accounts: Integrate a section highlighting student discounts and enhanced features for Pro account users. - Parent login: Develop a separate login portal for parents to track their ward's progress. - Dashboard: Design a personal dashboard for each user, summarizin...

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    As the owner of a WordPress site, I am looking for an experienced freelancer proficient in using the WPML plugin to enable multilingual functionality in combination with bricksbuilder. Key Details: - Setup WPML properly - Make custom post types and custom fields ready for translation - use custom url-slugs like /projekte (german) and /projects (english) for archives - make templates in bricksbuilder ready for translation; templates for archives, templates for CPT, header, footer I AM NOT SEARCHING for a translator. Your task would be to ensure that the WPML plugin is optimally set up, to enable a seamless transition between languages.

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    For my project, I'm seeking a highly skilled developer who is experienced with plugin customization and integrating APIs. Main Goal: - To customize the Twilio addon for Gravity form, and enable it to use the WhatsApp Gateway API instead of the current Twilio integration for WhatsApp services. Required Task Details: - Revise the Twilio plugin code to utilize the WhatsApp Gateway API. - Ensure the custom WhatsApp service successfully sends template messages. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Advanced knowledge of plugin code customization. - Proven experience in working with Gravity Form and Twilio add-ons. - Excellent understanding of WhatsApp Gateway API. - Capability to effectively integrate the custom API into the existing system. This project demands technical precision ...

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    ...existing website with new page designs - we've already established brand colors and logo. The project mainly involves creating an EAD (Educational Distance Learning) system from scratch. Key Functionalities: - User Authentication: Secure login and account management for students and teachers - Payment Gateway Integration: Facilitate transactions for course fees - Content Management System (CMS): Enable easy updates and maintenance of course content - EAD System: Design and implement a user-friendly EAD platform, allowing for course creation, assignment submissions, quizzes, and more Ideal Skills: - Proficiency in web design and development - Prior experience with E-commerce and Educational platform development - Strong understanding of user authentication, payment process...

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    ...developer capable of building a sophisticated blogging website. Here are my requirements: - Website Type: I need a blogging website designed that will act as a platform to share exciting, engaging content. - Functionalities: I am looking for a site that supports user profile creation, allowing users to post blogs and comments. Equally important, this site should incorporate social sharing buttons to enable effortless sharing of blog posts across different social media platforms. - Design: It's vital for me that the site design is modern to captivate and encapsulate users. A sleek, user-friendly interface that complements the content is desired. Ideal candidates should have extensive Laravel experience, specifically in constructing blogging websites with similar features. ...

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    I am in need of an experienced Angular Developer to assist me with API integration for a project. The successful candidate will be responsible for connecting the following APIs: - Login API: This API will be responsible for handling user authentication. - Listing API: This API will enable data retrieval and display on the user interface. Ideal candidates should have experience with RESTful APIs, as well as expertise in Angular development. Proficiency in handling Payment Gateways, Social Media Platforms, and Third-party Services is a plus. Your application should include your past work in similar projects, experience in Angular development, and any detailed proposals you may have. Looking forward to working with you.

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    I am seeking a seasoned programmer with strong skills in both Python and JavaScript. The goal is to build software from scratch, focusing on three key functionalities: - User Activity Tracking: Track and monitor user interactions within the software. - Data Storage and Retrieval: Implement a highly efficient storage system to handle large data streams and enable quick data retrieval. - File Tracking and Versioning: Establish a robust system to track file changes, versions, and updates. The ideal freelancer should possess a strong experience in Python and JavaScript, and understand the principles of software tracking and versioning. Expertise in creating database systems for storing and retrieving data promptly is also needed. If this project aligns with your skills and experience,...

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    ...details of the order concerned by inquiry of the customer. The support agent will have all the information centralized and do not need to search on shopify and copy paste details from the email. Responsibilities: Develop a Shopify app that integrates with the Chrome extension. Implement API CALL capabilities to analyze customer information and provide relevant information from Shopify. Enable support agents to access order status, tracking numbers, and customer details directly within the Exntesion. . Develop a Chrome extension to gather data from Shopify and adapt to the customer support environment. Ensure seamless integration and compatibility between the Shopify app and the Chrome extension. Requirements: Proficiency in Shopify app development and integration. Stro...

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    ...experience in Ethereum testnet specifically sepolia, to assist me in developing smart contracts. The key points of the project include: -**Fully Functional Frontened working with smart contract functions - **Smart Contracts Development**: Your primary role will be to develop smart contracts on the Ethereum testnet for a project funding platform - **Token Creation & Transfer**: The smart contract should enable users to create and transfer tokens on the basis if project details and target amount. - **Marketplace Creation**: The smart contract should also facilitate the creation of a marketplace for the tokens . The ideal candidate for this project should have: - Proven experience in blockchain technology, specifically in Ethereum testnet (Sepolia) - A solid understanding of sm...

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    I'm looking for an experienced developer to seamlessly integrate Cashfree payment gateway into my existing PHP membership subscription website. The project involves the following: - **Payment Gateway Integration**: The main goal is to enable effortless and secure transactions through the Cashfree payment gateway for subscription renewals. - **User Data Processing**: The gateway should process the necessary user data (primarily payment information) for a smooth transaction experience. - **PHP Expertise**: A strong understanding and practical experience with PHP is essential for the successful implementation of the gateway. The ideal freelancer should have a proven track record of integrating payment gateways into websites and possess the necessary technical expertise in PHP. A...

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    As the client, I’m seeking a proficient coder to build a website focused on user registration and team invitations. Core functionalities include a systematic way for users to, upload scans, and view data. Here's what I specifically need: **User Registration and Team Invitations** - Enable users to register and invite team members to join the platform. - A secure and user-friendly interface for easy navigation. **Signature Validation** - A comprehensive feature that allows users to see their validation data. **User Dashboard** - A personalized dashboard for each user to view their validation history. Skills and Experience Required: - Proficient in coding and web development. - Understands user interface and experience. - Experience in creating custom user dashboards. ...

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    ...SharePoint web for optimal document management and organization. The primary objective of this project is to provide a centralized platform for efficient storage, retrieval, and sharing of various file types. Key Responsibilities: - Develop an intuitive and user-friendly interface for seamless document management - Implement a robust categorization system to ensure documents are easily searchable - Enable version control to track changes and ensure the most current files are accessible - Integrate permission settings to control access levels and protect sensitive information - Support different file types including Word documents, Excel spreadsheets, PowerPoint presentations, and Pdfs Ideal candidates for this project should possess: - In-depth knowledge and experience in Share...

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    I am developing a secret key encryption system on Ubuntu. The primary goal is to safeguard sensitive data and enable secure communication. The encryption mechanism should provide a standard level of protection, not too basic yet not overly complex. The system will undergo frequency analysis against monoalphabetic substitution cipher, which requires a certain level of encryption strength to be effective. Key Requirements: - Implementation of a secret key encryption system on Ubuntu - Encryption strength must be set at medium level - Must be able to prevent unauthorized access through frequency analysis against monoalphabetic substitution cipher. -encryption using different cipher and modes -encryption mode - ecb vs cbc -padding, initial vector and error propagation -programming us...

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    I am looking for a freelancer or a company that has already develop a real time food ordering platform to buy it readymade with minimal customizations. The UI needs to be very similar to Zomato , this is a prerequisite . DO NOT BID if you did not previously done a project very similar to ZOMATO Key Features: - Real-time tracking: The app should enable users to track their orders in real time and estimate delivery time. - Multiple payment options: Should include various secure payment methods such as credit/debit card, PayPal, Apple Pay, etc. - Food customization: Users must have an option to customize their orders according to their preferences. Skills and Experience: - The ideal candidate should have previous experience in mobile app development, specifically food delivery apps....

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    As a passionate advocate for early brain development, I require a skilled freelancer to help me get my message across. This project involves creating various forms of content, including: - Blog posts - Social media graphics - Infographics - Animated videos - Interactive...at creating compelling social media graphics - Experienced in infographic and animated video design - Able to develop interactive quizzes that are both informative and engaging - Understanding and knowledge of early brain development and its relevance to the neurodivity movement and childhood well-being - Experience in creating content for the specified target audiences Your expertise will enable us to advocate for early brain development and positively impact the understanding and practices of parents and ...

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    I'm looking for a skilled architect who can help me design and plan the addition of a porch to my mini home. This porch is intended to serve as storage and entryway, so it's crucial that it is not only aesthetically pleasing but also functional. Key Features: - Enclosed Space: I'm looking for a porch that can be used year-round, so an enclosed space is crucial. This will enable me to use the porch even in unfavorable weather conditions. - Lighting and Electrical Outlets: These are essential for creating a comfortable living space. The porch should have sufficient lighting for various activities and the presence of electrical outlets will allow me to use electronic devices and appliances outdoors. Ideal Skills: - Experience in residential architectural design, especi...

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    I'm looking for a Unity developer proficient in XR Interaction Toolkit and experienced in creating AR applications. My project involves refining an existing XR Interaction Toolkit AR application to incorporate a feature for recording and providing the ability for users to revert actions. Key requirements include: - Enhancing the existing AR application to enable the recording of user interactions, predominantly focused on object manipulation (grab, move, scale, rotate). - Implementing a feature that allows users to undo or revert their actions within the AR environment. The ideal candidate should have: - Proven experience in developing Unity-based XR applications. - In-depth knowledge of XR Interaction Toolkit and Unity's AR functionalities. - Strong understanding of us...

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