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    There are 260 users in [url removed, login to view] Write a script in perl or bash that will parse the text from users.txt. the script will find all the Login's that are defined in the variables and perform the following steps: 1. output the username to another text file ([url removed, login to view]) 2. replace the value of the password to a random 8 character alphanume...

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    Native Android Application (targeting OS ...PHP/JSON script, retrieve the POST string array Parse the array into unique values Display array to the user on the web (JSON echo statement when navigating directly to the URL) Display the JSON response (the array itself) in a TextView in the Native app *Will need all source files along with .apk file

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    ...then a sub folder with date time in differen format. See below The json file will be named [url removed, login to view] (epoch) The full results file path for one URL run is /results/1111/2018-01-22/[url removed, login to view] Also for img ads found, the script must parse the results json file or when searching, and get the img src attribute URL. Download the image

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    ...readable format. I created an excel (csv) template for entering data from the receipts into. There should be one csv file per each receipt (jpg). I am open to discussing the output format (JSON, CSV, etc) as long as it is easy to parse and it contains at least all the information from the template I provide. If bidder thinks can implement an automatic

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    There is a website, we will call it website-A, that has a tool that I want to parse just the section of the tool of website-A, and have it load in an iFrame on a second website, we will call it website-B. When visitors to website-B, run the tool it will be running on website-A, but the visitor will think it is on my website, and it should look like

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    I want to scan [url removed, login to view] an its subpages and put the content into a google doc csv file

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    ...Middleware webserver (Ubuntu) : Setup to Generate Script to Auto Generate json file from csv/txt file (received every hour thru ftp) b. Create product page (attached) to parse the json file from middleware server ( attribute/images shown in attached colored boxes). Only parse data shown in colored (blue/green/orange/large red) box in [url removed, login to vi...

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    I would like to have created, a sub in MS Access to parse an excel report into a access temp table. Please read the "ReadMe" file for more detailed descriptions.

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    ...drivers can search passengers looking for a ride going the same way, passengers can search drivers going their way. Our most iconic feature would be our Facebook Rideshares - we parse through multiple Facebook rideshare groups and display all the relevant information in the app. Feel free to download our app at [url removed, login to view]

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    Preciso logar em um site, e capturar os dados via tela.

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    Parse out File as discussed

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    I need to implement a simple library to parse a file.I will provide the file to be parsed and the complete details later.

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    Hi, Need a web developer to scrape a website content of roughly 300-400 pages in a loop to parse and store data in a xml file. Website details will be posted later

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    Write a script/program to parse the output of the command 'cat [url removed, login to view]' (see linked file) The program should: Create a new file for every server. The file should be named with the server id which is the second field in the "INSTANCE" line. The first line of the file should be the state of the server, identified as the...

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    ...Java API that can parse and encode the contents of a text file or URL (small or very large…). The API should uphold the principles of loose-coupling and high cohesion throughout its design by correctly applying abstraction, encapsulation, composition, inheritance and polymorphism. The output of the programme should be a text file containing each

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    You need to crawl datas from different web portals and save in a .csv file

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    Write a python webdriver crawler (chrome) which loads a json file like below { "find":[ { "url": "[url removed, login to view]", "profile_dir": "" }, { "url": "[url removed, login to view]", "profile_dir": "" } ] } Then loop over each URL, p...

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    looking for someone who can write a code to parse below code(using pyparsing) immediately : module module-name(input a, input b, input c, output r); wire mid1; mid1=a&(~b) wire mid2=b|c; wire mid3=a|c,mid4=b&c; wire mid5,mid6; mid5=a|(~c); mid6=a&b; r=mid5|mid6 endmodule *we have 4 ways to

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    ...median, average, standard deviation, z-score for the "open" and "volumeto" datas ONLY.. FOR 1 YEAR EACH and 1 DAY EACH. 1st jan 2014 -> 31st december 2014 and so on... The new file generated by python script will have a JSON DATA OBJECT like this: [{ "timefrom": 1396944000, "timeto": 1396964000, "openmean": 472.23, "op...

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    We need a function in a php project to spider some facebook links and parse some datas phone, websites... etc. Also from other pages

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