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    I need a Flash Fund app designed specifically for the Android platform. Which can send fake funds to any bank account and finally disappears over a particular period of time

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    I'm in need of a skilled programmer who can develop a software system that will replace an existing flash dongle licensing system. The primary goal of this software will be to manage and verify the licensing of our software. Essential Features: - Compatibility: The software must be Windows-compatible. - Licensing System: The software should implement a hardware-based activation system to ensure the protection of our software. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proficient in software development for Windows environments. - Experience in developing hardware-based activation systems. - Knowledge of software licensing systems. - Strong understanding of encryption and security protocols. - Ability to create a user-friendly interface for license management. I'm looking for s...

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    I'm in need of a game developer proficient in Adobe Flash, specifically for creating an Android puzzle game. Your tops skills should include game app development, integration of ANEs into the game application, as well as implementing In App Purchases and Rewarded Video Ads. The game should include: - 10-20 unique levels. - Feature of earning and collecting coins and points. - Successfully incorporating In App Purchases. - Including Rewarded Video Ads. Your previous experience in designing and developing Android puzzle games will be a plus. I am looking for individuals who can create engaging, challenging yet achievable game levels and can ensure smooth functionality of the integrated features.

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    I'm looking for a talented developer to identify and fix a persistent issue in my web browser game developed using PHP, HTML5, JS, Flash and MySQL. I am encountering a problem in my game that causes the creatures not to load to the hunting screen and the fight sequence to not start. The error message that may indicate the problem is in the proxy error log, but it could be something different. In fact, these files are already working files, but I need someone who is an expert on the necessary adjustments. This issue occurs every time I try to start the fight and there is a warning that the connection to the fight server has been lost. 2024/04/13 09:08:09 [error] 13606#0: *56 openat() "/var/www/vhosts/" failed (2: No such file or dir...

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    ...(similar to Reddit) on product page. h. Create a form with selection boxes which include Gender selection - I'll give you the options i. Show page with latest members that joined - Show Heading: Welcome to our newest members j. Direct all new members regardless of level to view membership video for orientation 4. Setup paid consultation which one can book time - 15 minutes, 30 minutes, 1hour a. flash alert on client and host's screen when 10, 5 and 1 minute of remaining session 5. Detect timezone based on visitor's ip. 6. Setup discussion group (like Reddit) with Moderators for each discussion group a. In order to join a discussion group, one MUST choose ONE option of interest b. Another selection category to show on Member Registration - Christian, Muslim, Oth...

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    Ethereum MEV Bot Developer 4 days left

    ...developer with a strong background in creating Maximum Extractable Value (MEV) bots. The ideal candidate will have hands-on experience in developing efficient and fast MEV bots to capitalize on blockchain opportunities, including strategies such as frontrunning, arbitrage, sandwiching, and flash loans. Responsibilities: -Design and develop a high-performance MEV bot capable of executing complex trading strategies on blockchain networks. -Implement algorithms and logic for frontrunning, arbitrage, sandwiching, and flash loans to maximize profitability. -Integrate risk management mechanisms to evaluate and mitigate potential downsides of transactions. -Optimize bot performance for speed, reliability, and scalability to handle high transaction volumes. -Collaborate with the...

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    We are a Saudi company looking for FLASH USDT in quantities exceeding 30 million per week We need people to sell FLASH USDT honestly the conditions / 1_ Before the agreement, he must send a test to test the quality of the flash he owns, and then we complete the agreement. 2_ Payment USDT To connect on Telegram @abdullahabdo3

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    We're looking for a programmer with experience of the STM8 MCU. We've already created a program that works well, but flash memory is limited to 8KB and we don't have enough space to store our entire program. The current size of the compiled code is 10 KB. We're looking for a programmer capable of compacting our specific code and libraries used. Our current software includes the following libraries: - WS2812 addressable RGB LEDs - I2C - PWM

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    I'm looking for a developer who can create stable FLASH coins on Ethereum for my exchange platform. The stable coins should have the following key features: - Low transaction fees - High transaction speed - Programmable smart contracts - Show Ledger wallet balance - Able to transfer to 2 different wallets The desired stability mechanism for these coins should be collateralized. Ideal skills and experience for this job include: - Strong understanding of blockchain technology, particularly Ethereum - Experience in developing stable coins - Ability to implement low transaction fees and high transaction speeds - Proficiency in creating programmable smart contracts - Familiarity with the FLASH concept of collateralized stability mechanisms Please only apply if you ha...

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    ...Arbitrage Bot with Flash Loan Integration and Desktop User Interface **Project Description:** I'm seeking a skilled blockchain developer with strong Python expertise to build a cutting-edge cryptocurrency arbitrage bot. This bot will leverage flash loans for automated profitable trades on major decentralized exchanges. **Core Functionality:** * **Real-time Monitoring:** The code must continuously monitor cryptocurrency prices across all major decentralized exchanges (DEXs). * **Arbitrage Detection:** The bot will use Python for data analysis to identify profitable arbitrage opportunities where a significant price difference (exceeding 0.09% + gas fees) exists for the same cryptocurrency across different DEXs. * **Flash Loan Integration:** The bot will in...

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    ...history is indispensable for analytics purposes and customer service. - Monitoring and tracking of customer log in and sales generated from patent affiliate site like Amazon, SEMrush, Hostinger , Flipkart , Ajio, Myntra, etc - Easy application for the affiliate program should be facilitated to introduce the potential of a wider clientele and to boost sales. - Display of promotional offers, enabling Flash Sales, incorporation of coupon system adds uniqueness to the website and fosters customer loyalty. - Fun features such as quizzes and prizes can significantly enhance user engagement and fun quotient of the site. Ideal Freelancer Skills: - Proven experience in e-commerce and affiliate marketing website development - Proficiency in creating user-friendly, detailed and dynamic we...

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    ...attatched my previous Japanese presentation to let you know how I would like it to look(exactly similar template just change pictures to all One Piece related) -10 slides// -15% needs to be written in Japanese *hirigana* (as stated in the instructions attatched below) *my Professor/Sensei said it was okay to just do one section in Japanese *hirigana* -speaker notes/ a sсrіpt, i will be reading off flash cards so i need a full sсrіpt with also 15% Japanese *for the speaker notes, I am okay with writing it out in Romaji please bold the Japanese both in the speaker notes and in the powerpoint(as it says in instructions attatched) ***Romaji is the term for writing out Japanese in English using Roman letters.*** • I need the PowerPoint assignment completed by April 13, 2024. ...

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    ...The token should be capable of creating new tokens to be added to the total supply. Burnable: It should allow tokens to be "burned", effectively removing them from the total supply. Pausable: The contract should enable transactions to be paused, a crucial feature for emergency or maintenance purposes. Permit: Implementing EIP-2612 permit function for allowing spending of tokens via signatures. Flash Minting: Ability to mint tokens temporarily within a transaction without permanent impact on the total supply. Access Control: The token must incorporate role-based access control mechanisms to grant different levels of permissions (e.g., admin, minter roles). Upgradeability: The smart contract should be upgradeable using the UUPS (Universal Upgradeable Proxy Standard) pat...

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    ...The token should be capable of creating new tokens to be added to the total supply. Burnable: It should allow tokens to be "burned", effectively removing them from the total supply. Pausable: The contract should enable transactions to be paused, a crucial feature for emergency or maintenance purposes. Permit: Implementing EIP-2612 permit function for allowing spending of tokens via signatures. Flash Minting: Ability to mint tokens temporarily within a transaction without permanent impact on the total supply. Access Control: The token must incorporate role-based access control mechanisms to grant different levels of permissions (e.g., admin, minter roles). Upgradeability: The smart contract should be upgradeable using the UUPS (Universal Upgradeable Proxy Standard) pat...

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    I'm searching for a skilled React Native developer to revamp the user interface of the invoice feature in my app, specifically the screen layout, to rectify the issue of inadequate information display. This upgrade involves making it more intuitive and user-frie...feature in my app, specifically the screen layout, to rectify the issue of inadequate information display. This upgrade involves making it more intuitive and user-friendly, improving how order information is displayed and accessed. The ideal candidate should possess strong experience in UI/UX design, React Native coding, and a proven track record of improving app functionality and aesthetics. flash list instead of flat list UI improvements customization option for status changes to add product modal bug fixes pdf...

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    This project involves developing a sleek, innovative DeFi app that highlights exceptional functionalities such as Flash Loans, arbitrage, smart contracts, and security features. All these will be presented in a profit-focused, modern, and user-friendly interface. Besides, the app should offer: - MetaMask Integration for a secure OAuth login. - Real-time DEX arbitration on leading platforms (Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, Solana (SOL), Avalanche (AVAX), Polygon (MATIC)). - A dynamic Flash Loan display, showing the profit display and transaction history. - Security audits to guarantee user safety as they engage in complex DeFi trading activities. For this task, familiarity with DeFi, Blockchain, and Cryptocurrency is paramount. A background in UI/UX design will also be benefi...

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    ...for this apk. When I flash the phone via fastboot, the apk will already appear installed and only this apk has root permission, the phone will not be rooted, just the apk. For this project, the professional must be an expert in Android and especially in Android root. The tool that the specialist will develop can be any platform, as the objective is for the specialist to develop a tool and when I run this tool then he should ask me to inform the file that I want, and he should also ask me for the specific apk which I want to be integrated into the file, where this apk must be integrated with root permission because the apk can only work with root permission. The tool will then include this apk and generate a new which I will use to flash the android device ...

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    I currently have Flash content on my website that needs to be replaced with either mp4 or animated gif. The primary purpose of this content is to showcase my project on the website. The project needs to be completed within 2 weeks. Key Requirements: - Convert existing Flash content to HTML5 - Create mp4 or animated gif alternative - Implement the new content onto the website Ideal Skills: - Proficiency in HTML5, mp4 and animated gif creation - Experience in replacing Flash content - Ability to meet tight deadlines and deliver high-quality work

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    Seeking a creative and skilled video editor to fast track an exhilarating th...purposes. Ideal Skills & Experience: - Expert in video editing software - Adept at creating enticing and engaging visual content Roles and Responsibilities: - Create a captivating thunderstorm video intended for entertainment I want numerous clouds with a lightening storm effect. Clouds: Multiple Clouds. Gray. Clouds: NO MOVEMENT. I want a static video. Lightening: I want lightening as in flash lightening. NOT lightening strikes. Video: I want a 30 second clip. Video: I want this loopable. So if i want a 10 minute video, there are no noticeable transitions between the 30 second video you provide. I want it to look continuous. This is a nighttime scene. So make sure the video reflects nigh...

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    As an individual seeking assistance with an exciting electronics project, I am looking for a highly skilled freelancer with experience in working with the FRDM-KE06Z development board. As I am in need of this project's completion in just 7 days, a proven capacity for working with efficiency and precision is a must. Both the software ready to flash to the board and a document explaining the software created and the electrical connections to be made must be delivered. When the job is awarded the details will be communicated to you. Nesesito hacer un proyecto de electronica con una placa de desarrollo FRDM-KE06Z, la entrega debe ser en un plazo maximo de 7 dias y se debe entregar tanto el software listo para flashear a la placa como un documento explicando el software realizado ...

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    21 bids can perform flash of the USDT, as well as the flashed USDT should be transferable from/to unlimited wallets with blockchain confirmations is appreciated. since it is flash btc it must be visible in BTC wallet address for 365 days. There will be no transaction fee while sending from "flash s/w" to "btc wallet" as it will be no confirmations. There will be no limitation for daily transfer for usdt It can’t be tracked as fake transaction. should take normal time to send btc one wallet to another wallet in normal internet connection. These usdt will disappear after 365 days. (negotiable) There should be some option to select diff timing starting from 10 days upto 365 days based on user input There should be an option to select wh...

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    I'm looking for an experienced developer who can design a trading bot for Solana via the Solana Mainnet RPC node. - Flash Loan Detection: The bot should have the capability to detect and execute flash loans proficiently. The bot need to track solana swaps to meme coins before they are approved and on a block Ideal skills for this role entail a comprehensive understanding of Solana, as well as experience in designing trading Bots. Extensive knowledge in flash loans, arbitrage trading, and liquidity mining will be highly favorable. Basic knowledge of RPC nodes is also necessary for the successful completion of the task. This project is ideal for meticulous professionals with a knack for detail and design.

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    35 bids The Opportunity We are seeking a highly skilled and motivated Smart Contract Developer to join our team on a project basis, with the potential for long-term collaboration. The successful candidate will be responsible for developing a robust arbitrage smart contract utilizing flash loans. This role offers a unique opportunity to not only contribute your technical expertise but also share in the profits generated by your work. Responsibilities - Design, develop, and deploy an arbitrage smart contract using flash loans across various blockchain platforms. - Conduct thorough testing and debugging to ensure security, efficiency, and scalability. - Collaborate with the team to analyze market opportunities and integrate the smart contract with current and emerging De...

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    ...LAURENT WOLF" like if somebody is talking through a telephone-wire... simply after each song... not like a computer-robot voice.. but at least .. stupidly .. like a computer voice... - that at least itś always told after each song... what it was..... - anyhow.... it also should somehow try to be even hosting your whole show like that it will be playing TRAFFIC information... like "city-traffic... FLASH NEWS: the local garage-situation is like that: ALL PARKING PLACE POSSIBILITIES INSIDE THE CITY CENTRE ARE FULLY OCCUPIED ... or TOTALLY FREE..." ... etc etc... - I will just later define somehow... some basic templates... which you will later be able in a bigger project... to even develop with us...... like somehow somebody who will always be with us trying to enhanc...

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    I am seeking a competent Adobe Animate artist and coder with experience in creating interactive prototypes. The project will simulate a desktop environment where the user will follow a linear path or steps in order such performing a web search, scrolling through results and clicking on a predetermined link to bring up a search page. All graphic elements will be provi...In essence, they should be well optimized to function seamlessly on both Windows and Mac operating systems. Ideal Skills: - Proficiency in Adobe Animate - Strong coding expertise - Familiarity in working with Vector graphics - Experience in creating interactive prototypes - Knowledge and experience in Windows and Mac environments. Delivery will be the Animate Project file so that we can output flash and air projec...

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    I'm seeking a skilled PCB designer to create a prototype less than 4 square inches in size. The design involves SDRAM connected with STM32H750 MCU alongside an external Quad SPI Flash and a 50 pin TFT interface. Key Aspects: - Using Altium Designer, the selected software for the design - Ensuring prototype is suitable for future development Ideal Skillset: - Proficient in Altium Designer - Understanding of SDRAM, STM32H750 MCU, Quad SPI Flash, and TFT interfaces - Experience in compact PCB design - Strong understanding of prototyping methodologies for electronics Your proposal should include a plan of how you'd approach this task, relevant past experience, and a timeline for completion. Thank you!

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    We at Carelabs, a UAE-based electrical consumer service provider, are seeking an accomplished technical content writer to generate concise, engaging content on the topic “arc flash study and analysis”. Key Responsibilities: - Understand and effectively communicate basic concepts and definitions related to arc flash study and analysis. - Highlight the benefits and importance of arc flash studies within the electrical industry. - Clearly outline and detail safety precautions and guidelines related to arc flash incidents. Ideal Skill Set: - Proficient in technical writing with a focus on electrical safety - Capable of conveying complex information to a targeted audience - mainly electrical engineers and safety professionals. - Proven ability to writ...

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    ...but if you press the center button again a "0" will appear, which again if you press the button again becomes a "1" and so on. Additionally, I want it to blink every 500 milliseconds when you are selecting a number or character, that is, it should be on for 500 milliseconds, off for 500 milliseconds, and so on until you select it definitively. Only the number or character you are selecting should flash, not all of the text. Finally, the right button will do the following: if you press it for less than a second, it will delete only the last character you entered except ">/", but if you press it for a second or more, it will delete all numbers or characters except the ">/". If you write another number or character and there is no more s...

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    I am using sonic panel for our radio control panel. I would like the links for a flash player, stats and others that sonic panel provides, and have them be linked to our domain. Example, Instead of to . You will basically be inside our sonic panel to make these changes. You then can upload the scripts to our domain. You will also have to give us detailed instructions on how to-do that in the future on another control panel. More details: Which streaming platform are you currently using for your website? Shoutcast Do you want the whole domain of your website to be linked, or just a specific section? Whole domain What kind of content do you typically stream through your Shoutcast player? Audio content only

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    NEED THIS BUILDING IMMEDIATELY FOR URGENT TASK I'm currently in need of a professional freelancer to create a flash banner, which primarily focuses on promoting a single product to be embedded in the footer of an email. Your task will include: - Designing the flash banner with an emphasis on our product - Ensuring compatibility with Outlook email client You should have a proven track record of creating dynamic, visual flash banners specifically designed for emails. Your experience with product promotion and understanding of how to captivate the attension of recipients of the email will be critical. Familiarity with Outlook and its functionality is essential for this task.

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    **Animator Opportunity for Our Upcoming YouTube Channel** We're excited to invite talented animators to showcase their previous work, which is instrumental for our selection process. Find the inspiration and essence of our project from the document linked here: [Animation Project Details]() **What We're Looking For:** 1. Mastery in 2D animation tools. 2. Exceptional storytelling paired with visual articulation. 3. A collaborative spirit with unwavering dedication to deadlines. 4. A creative mind backed by keen attention to detail. 5. Timely communication and prompt responses. Successful candidates will be entrusted with scripts and voiceovers for episodes released bi-weekly. Kindly factor this frequency when proposing your best rate per animation minute.

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    I am seeking a proficient freelancer to help modify the content within a SWF file. This will primarily involve manipulating and editing existing visual and audio elements. Scope of Work: • Decompile the SWF file • Modify the content, altering existing visual elements and audio files Skills and Experience: • Strong understanding and experience with SWF files • Proficiency in Adobe Animate/Flash or similar applications • Good audio and visual editing skills • Mastery of ActionScript is a plus, but not required Your bid should reflect an understanding for decompiling SWF files and modifying visual and audio content within. Highlight any past experience regarding this matter. Looking forward to your proposals.

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    I require an expert to amplify the encryption level for the flash memory of an ESP8266 chip, used primarily for device control in my project. The primary goal is to achieve a highly secure system to prevent potential device cloning. Required Skills/Experience: - Strong experience in ESP8266 programming - Familiarity with encryption algorithms Job Duties: - Implement a high-level encryption system for ESP8266 flash memory - Confirm encryption's efficacy against cloning attempts - Provide instructions for maintenance and future modifications Please note, due to the proprietary nature of this project, you may be required to sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) before detailed discussions commence. I appreciate your understanding. I also value quality and attention ...

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    I am looking for a skilled developer to build a cross-platform software application that allows users to edit text on images and share them. The software should be compatible with Windows, Mac, Linux, and Android. Key features: - Text Editing: Ability to edit text on images. - Image Sharing: Easy sharing of edited images. - Messaging: The platform should include instant messaging, group messaging, encryption, and real-time messaging abilities. Ideal candidate experiences and skills: - Proficiency in cross-platform software development. - Excellent understanding of encryption techniques. - Previous experience with building messaging services. - Experience with image editing tool development. Task Description: We are seeking a freelancer to develop a software base with applications for...

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    I'm seeking a creative writer with a passion for fantasy and romance to bring to life a series of enchanting tales. Each story should captivate the heart and ignite the imagination within a concise format, ideal for quick, engaging reads. Here’s what I’m looking for: **Key Requirements:** - Experience in writing fantasy romance. - Ability to craft vivid, compelling stories in less than 10 pages. - Creativity to weave magic and love into bite-sized narratives. **Ideal Skills:** - Strong grasp of character development and world-building within a limited space. - Exceptional writing skills with an emphasis on engaging, emotive storytelling. - Proficiency in English grammar and punctuation. **Project Details:** - The project entails writing multiple short stories, each not ...

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    I require a testing device for non-contact tachometers and stroboscopes. Key Features Required: - The main function of this device should be to measure the flash rate of a strobe light and pulse an LED at an adjustable rate. Skills and Experience: - Experience in developing testing devices

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    I'm in need of an experienced game developer to build a flash war game similar to "strick force 2" that will run smoothly on a website platform. It should be engaging, with easy-to-navigate controls for an immersive user experience. Key Features: Leaderboards- A feature that allows players to compare their score, wins, ranking, and fastest completion time. This requires the ability to accurately track and display these data. Ideal Skills: - Strong background in game development particularly flash games - Proven experience in leaderboard system - Expertise in managing game data and analytics - Familiarity with website integration for games - Excellent user interface design skills Please bid with relevant game development portfolios. You'll be judge...

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    I would like an After Effect video with the following words: First: To all of our customers in: Second: Albania Algeria Andorra Argentina Armenia Australia Austria Azerbaijan Bahrain Barbados Belarus Belgium Bosnia and Herzegovina Brazil Bulgaria Cameroon Canada Canary Islands Chile China Colombia Croatia Cyprus Czech Republic Denmark Ecuador Egypt Estonia Fi...Arabia Serbia Singapore Singapore Ebaco Slovakia Slovenia South Africa South Korea South Ossetia Spain Suriname Sweden Switzerland Taiwan Thailand Trinidad and Tobago Tunisia Turkey Ukraine United Arab Emirates United Kingdom Uruguay USA Uzbekistan Vietnam Third: Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! So these have to be in the short, maximum 40 seconds mp4 or mov file. Let the names of the countries flash only briefly, severa...

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    I'm in need of a professional with expertise in creating basic circuit boards to help with the development of a new product. We will have 15 led lights that can illuminate normally or flash. They will light in different sequences. Ie Light 1 flashes and light 5 lights. Then say light 3 illuminates and light 3 flashes etc. The idea is to have an app made to manage / send the info for the sequences, I need someone to create the circuit board with the lights so that we can connect to a mobile app. Key aspects of the project include: • The creation of a circuit board design that supports integrated circuits • The product is in its developmental stage, requiring your input and creativity Ideal skills and experiences: • Demonstrated experience in designing and...

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    I need a proficient designer to create a flash banner to be included in my email footer. The banner should meet the following specifications: - Size: To match similar size to example video shown - Primary Action: Entice users to visit my website - Color Scheme: Minimalistic Red and black to match my company colors Ideal skills for this project would include strong experience with graphic design and flash banner creation. Knowledge of effective CTAs and a keen eye for visual details would be highly beneficial. Preference will be given to those who can demonstrate experience in creating visually appealing banners that drive traffic to websites. Please provide work samples along with your proposal. Looking forward to collaborating with you on this project.

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    I'm looking for an experienced and professional videographer who can create captivating and beautiful presentation of the halve-z lash extensions to run on my homepage of my website. Show the box, the set, then flash forward to applying it to the lashes, then the completed look. Your responsibility will entail: - Developing content that is easy to understand for beginners. - Focusing on the application technique of lash extensions, while ensuring the video's clarity and quality. - Ensuring the video is intriguing, engaging, and informative. The ideal freelancer for this project should have: - Previous experience in creating tutorial videos. - An understanding of DIY beauty procedures. - Excellent videography skills capable to guarantee clear, high-quality videos.

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    I aim to transform my Cameo CLPFLAT1RGB10IR into a visual metronome that I could control via a BOSS FS-5U footswitch. The goal is to manipulate the flashing speed of the Cameo light with each tap on the footswitch, setting an accurate pace in a white light display. Key Requirements: - Configure the footswitch to control the light's flash speed. - Method to be implemented: wired connection. - Hardware controller is desired but specific device is undefined. - Ensure light flashes in white color. Freelancers with experience in: - Hardware and software interfacing - Device configurations via both wire and code - Creating a user-friendly interface - Not restricted but proficiency in works involving Arduino, Raspberry Pi, and MIDI controller would be useful. Your expertise ...

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    I'm looking for a skilled developer to create a robust and user-friendly USDT flash software. This platform should present real-time transaction updates and allow for instant transfers between wallets. Freelancers interested in this project should lay out a comprehensive project proposal, focusing particularly on: - Detailed technical description of the software - Expected challenges and how to address them - Timeline and milestones - Cost estimate Experience in blockchain technology, smart contracts, and cryptocurrency transactions would be highly beneficial. Proven skills in developing user-friendly interfaces and real-time functionality are essential. I am looking for a developer who can develop portable USDT Flashing Software in main network (windows based, preferably ...

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    We are looking for someone who can code us a basic Windows app in .net/Visual Basic that can generate passwords based on 2 user defined variables and send an email. Project description: - We send clients important password protected PDFs on a flash drive. We need to improve security, while also getting a notification when they open the file. - The client will be sent a flash drive with the app on it, as well as the password protected PDF. - The client will also be sent a card in a separate package with 2 variables on it. These will be a 3 to 5 letter client code, and a passphrase - The client needs to put these 2 variables into the app. Once they put the 2 variables in the app, the app needs to email us the client code and passphrase entered so we know that it has been acces...

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    ...Need to reload the data file (CSV file) if and only if it has changed since last time it was loaded (based on timestamp). * Need to load the file asynchronously while allowing the user to interact with the UI using the existing data. Once loading is done it needs to show a visual clue (maybe a spinning icon while loading) * When the user clicks on a field to copy to clipboard, the field should flash to indicate that the copy was done. * Password needs to be saved using Windows built-in encryption for security The customer lookup is based on an rx number. It can be 7 digits, or it can have a prefix and a suffix like 400<7 digits>00x. User should be able to search for both forms. If searching for 7 digits, the one with the higher "suffix" (00x) should be shown. P...

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    I’m in need of a creative and innovative designer to bring a breath of fresh air to my existing logo and update my name please , which is bold and vibrant in its style. Also, I'd like you to create a flash logo to complement it. However, I didn't specify the exact meaning of "flash logo" in previous queries, so I am open to your interpretation and suggestions. I would also love a logo update. But also a sick amination for my logo thanks . Myblogo had already been created Key points: - Previous experience in vibrant logo redesign and creating a flash version is desired. - A strong sense of creativity and innovation is critical to breathe new life in the existing logo. I'm eagerly looking forward to hear your ideas on this project.

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    I am looking for an improved method to write and then read values to from a struct to store and retrieve from the internal flash the current routine works but is unwieldly to maintain. I aa looking for a method to write then read the Struct directly from Flash without going through each variable in the struct. typedef struct{ uint8_t Acknowledge_Window :8; uint8_t Output_Active_Time :8; uint8_t Ready_wait_Time :8; uint8_t Retry_Count :8; uint8_t Busy_Tail :8; uint8_t Pole_Response_Time :8; uint8_t Pole_Wait_Time :8; uint8_t Radio_Option :8; uint8_t CCDI_Wait_Time :8; uint8_t P25_Ring_Codes :8; uint8_t P25_Dial_Codes :8; uint32_t P25_Dest_ID :32...

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    I am in search of an experienced developer to build a cryptocurrency arbitrage bot focused on decentralized toke...of flashloan functionality is a critical requirement. - The bot should have the capability to handle and manage risks. Ideal Candidate: - Solid understanding and experience of cryptocurrency exchanges and trading. - Should have previous experience in developing similar bots. - Familiarity with Polygon and Ethereum blockchain and decentralized tokens are essential. - Proficiency in integrating flash-loan functionality. - Risk management capability is desirable. Your proposal should indicate your experience in creating similar bots, as well as your knowledge of Polygon and Ethereum. Kindly provide specifics about how you plan to implement flashloan functionality and man...

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    Introduction: • "We are a dynamic team engaged in the cryptocurrency space, looking to leverage arbitrage opportunities across different exchanges and flash loan providers. Our goal is to develop a smart contract and a corresponding bot that can automatically execute these opportunities, ensuring efficiency, security, and compliance with regulatory standards." Objective: • "The objective is to create a robust and secure smart contract for arbitrage that operates across multiple cryptocurrency exchanges and flash loan platforms. The contract will need to be accompanied by an automated bot capable of executing trades to capitalize on price discrepancies in real-time." Roles and Responsibilities: • "The successful candidate will be respo...

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