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    I'm seeking an experienced editor who can help refine my upcoming biography for print publication. The ideal candidate should be proficient in both story flow and structure, as well as language and style. Key Responsibilities: - Provide comprehensive editing support to ensure the final manuscript is polished and ready for print. - Focus on improving the story flow and structure of the biography. - Enhance the language and style of the narrative to engage readers and maintain consistency throughout the book. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proven track record in editing biographies, providing flow, structure, and style improvement. - Strong background in comprehensive editing, with a focus on printed book projects. - Excellent grasp of the English language and an ...

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    I'm in need of an experienced WordPress developer to spruce up my site. Here's what I'm looking for: - UI/UX Enhancements: I want to improve the navigation and menu design, enhance the visual appeal, and optimize the user flow. - New Functionality: I'm also keen on adding e-commerce capabilities and creating a custom form for the website. Ideal candidates for this job should have: - Proven experience with WordPress - Strong UI/UX design capabilities - Familiarity with e-commerce integrations - Experience in custom form creation

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    My project is to enhance the user interface (UI) and user experience (UX) of my existing exchange website. The current des...my existing exchange website. The current design is cluttered, inconsistently designed, and hard to navigate. My requirement is strictly limited to a UI/UX redesign; no new functionalities are needed. This project calls for a freelancer with: - Proven track record in UI/UX redesign - Profound expertise in creating clear, simple, and consistent designs - Excellent ability to enhance navigational flow Your task will be to: - De-clutter and streamline the layout - Instill consistency throughout the design - Simplify website navigation for user ease - Maintain the current functionalities If you can transform complex design to something easily navigable, I await...

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    I'm in need of an exceptionally skilled freelancer who can offer assistance with processing academic articles data obtained from online research. Key Responsibilities: - Processing complex data from academic articles sourced online - Ensuring the accuracy, consistency and quality of data - Managing the flow of information to ensure timely completion of the project Ideal Skills: - Exceptional online research abilities - Proficiency in data processing - Experience with academic content - Excellent attention to details If you possess these skills and experience, you could be the perfect fit for this task. I'm looking forward to your thoughtful proposals!

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    I'm in need of an expert who specializes in automating tasks like data entry, email communication, and file transfers via Zapier and Make. This automation process needs to run daily, optimising our work flow and increasing our efficiency. Ideal skills and experiences: * Extensive knowledge and experience in Zapier and Make * Proven track record in process automation * Understanding of data entry, email communication, and file transfer systems * Ability to set up stable, daily running automations. Your task will involve strategizing and implementing the most efficient automation processes for our workflow. Looking forward to a transformational collaboration.

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    I'm in need of someone proficient in Excel to assist with the data transfer and analysis. Key requirements include: - Typing data from PDFs into Excel - Creating charts for data analysis Ideal candidate should be: - Proficient in Excel - Skilled in data analysis techniques - Experienced in chart creation Your responsibility will be to ensure that the data is accurately transcribed and that the charts are created to best represent the information for analysis.

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    Our company is in need of a highly competent finance professional to conduct a detailed weekly analysis of our cash flow statements. We value expertise and a keen understanding of financial trends. Here's what we're looking for: - Weekly financial analysis provided in the form of Powerpoint presentation or via virtual meetings - Analytical focus on cash flow patterns specifically, with an emphasis on identifying areas where overspending may be occurring - A proactive approach, where you take the initiative in suggesting strategies to optimize cash flow Required skills and experience: - Strong background in financial analysis - Proficient in Powerpoint and virtual presentations - Excellent understanding of cash flows - Ability to spot overspending pattern...

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    I need a comprehensive traffic engineering report for a commercial development. - The report should assess the parking requirements - Analyze the traffic impact - Design the access and circulation areas The current location for the build has 10 to 50 parking spaces available. The ideal candidate for this project should have e...report for a commercial development. - The report should assess the parking requirements - Analyze the traffic impact - Design the access and circulation areas The current location for the build has 10 to 50 parking spaces available. The ideal candidate for this project should have experience in traffic engineering and urban planning. A background in designing access areas, analyzing traffic flow and conducting parking assessments will be highly b...

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    I'm looking for a skilled developer who can help me integrate a reporting pie chart API into my existing React JS project. The pie chart is meant to display our monthly sales data, and it should support hover details for more in-depth information. Key requirements: - Display our sales data in a clear and visually appealing pie chart - Update the pie chart on a monthly basis automatically - Enable hover details on the pie segments, allowing users to easily access specific information Ideal skills and experience: - Proficiency in React JS - Experience with data visualization and charting libraries - Ability to connect with external APIs and automate data updates - Strong understanding of UI/UX principles for interactivity

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    Creating an influential PowerPoint Infographic/Quote is my core goal. With a purpose to persuade potential clients, meticulous design is a necessity. Key deliverables: - Inclusion of graphs and charts to present facts, support arguments and reinforce the persuasive purpose. - Engaging and informative infographics to transform complex data into easily digestible portions. Requires exceptional PowerPoint proficiency, strong graphic design skills for graphs and charts, infographics, and strategic communication. The ideal freelancer should offer previous experience in creating persuasive presentations aimed at potential clients. I am providing a 3 page Presentation with various information already provided. We will want to add more data. I need some uniformity of colour. Ma...

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    I need a proficient VBA professional who can help develop an Excel recruitment tracker dashboard. Key components should include: - Display recruitment data in visually engaging formats including bar charts, pie charts and tables. - Incorporate dropdowns using macros form control for flexible data querying. - Capture essential data points such as candidate name, the position applied for and the application status. - Provide tracking capabilities for application status reflecting stages like pending, shortlisted, and interview scheduled. -Should have recruitment metrics like Time to hire, recruitment funnel and other key metrics The ideal candidate should have robust skills in VBA and Excel, particularly in creating dynamic and interactive dashboards. Experience in human r...

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    I am in need of a marketing specialist to assist in boosting the website traffic and improving search engine ranking of my site. The specific target for this marketing campaign will be parents of 16 to 18 year olds. This project will encompass strategies including: - Search Engine Optimization (SEO): Elevate my website's ranking on sea...to Google Ads campaigns (target expenditure GBP 300 per month) and further work according to the results obtained with these. Scope is to have more sales, not more clicks. Fewer clicks with more sales is the target, which can be measured via dedicated webpages we can make for your marketing agency. All development work will be done by our developer (adding html email templates, page content and flow, I need marketer (and relative graphics)...

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    I'm looking to acquire a financial model that evaluates the purchase of an energy plant in India. The model should effectively: - Produce a Return on Investment (ROI) analysis. - Calculate future profitability using the Internal Rate of Return (IRR), Net Present Value (NPV), and Cash flow forecast. The cash flow forecast should cover a 40-year timespan. Freelancers bidding should have - Extensive experience in financial modeling and analysis, - Knowledge about energy sector investments. - Familiarity with Indian tax and energy regulations.

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    Objective: We are seeking an individual or company skilled in neural networks and Keras to develop a predictive model. This model will forecast the occurrence of a phenomenon based on historical data. Requirements: Data Acquisition: Historical data required for training the model will be fetched via an API from our comprehensive database, which is updated multiple times weekly. Data P...Management Interface: Facilitate remote model management, including swapping active models and initiating predictions. Provide tools for login and integration with cloud IAM and cloud functions. Enable model management through cloud storage, with the model name sent as an API parameter. Host an external database for statistical comparison of predictions against actual outcomes and display statistical c...

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    ...simplify the platform design just for the purpose of showcasing a minimal version on the website where some features pop out our animate. We are hoping to strike the right balance between the "re-designed" version and the actual platform so it doesnt confuse our existing clients or new users by seeing two different products. Additionally, we want to breathe life into specific features such as charts and graphs by animating them in SVG format or JSON. These visuals will be utilized extensively across our website and social media portals. Applicants with strong UI design skills and a knack for SVG animation should put through their bids. Two examples of our products: These are

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    I'm seeking an experienced Rust developer capable of working with AWS Lambda to assist with an API integration. We currently have REST API build on top of AWS Lambda written in Javascript (Nodejs). Due to performance and compatibility issues we plan to rewrite few functions. Key Responsibiliti...(Nodejs). Due to performance and compatibility issues we plan to rewrite few functions. Key Responsibilities: - Implementing API integration using AWS Lambda - Ensuring data exchange and server-side processes are seamless and efficient Ideal Skills: - Proficient in Rust programming language - Experienced in AWS Lambda and serverless architecture - Strong understanding of API integration and data flow - Familiar with best practices for secure and efficient data processing in a serverl...

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    I urgently need a skilled professional who can assist with creating Finite State Machine (FSM) diagrams and models. In my project, the crucial task will be: - Designing and developing FSM diagrams and models Unfortunately, I skipped the type of FSM diagrams and models needed, but a broad knowledge in Behavioral, Data Flow, and Permission-based Models will be highly appreciated as it will add versatility to the job. Ideally, you need to have: - Solid experience in various FSM diagrams and models - Proficient in using FSM tools - Ability to deliver high-quality work promptly since the project is ASAP Your role will be pivotal for the successful implementation of our project's FSM tool related tasks. Therefore, you should have the ability to perform under tight deadlines and...

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    ...primary goal is to design and build an engaging user interface that is simple to use yet aesthetically appealing. Key Aspects: - Work on a web application project, primarily focusing on real-time updates that keep our users informed up-to-the-minute. - Have a solid command over Angular.js, demonstrating an ability to create high-performance interfaces that could cater to heavy real-time data flow. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Extensive experience in Angular.js - Proven record of designing and developing web applications - Familiarity with real-time update systems - Excellent problem-solving skills and attention to detail - Ability to balance function and aesthetics in UI design. With your application, please provide samples of web applications you've developed using...

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    Size Chart 9 days left

    Hi Ali Raza B., I'll be needing size charts again but only for 2 items this time. The items are very similar to one of the cardigan jackets you did for me last time. I will attach pictures of the two items for your reference, and I've written the sizes on the pictures for you to add them. I've also attached a size chart for a jacket you did for me before - the positioning of the measurements and arrows should be the same as you did before. Please let me know if you have any questions. Thanks! DQ

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    Video Editor 6 days left

    ...OTT platforms 2. You will be giving out innovative ideas for different videos and motion graphics to be put on digital platforms based on recent trends 3. You work effortlessly in a timely manner and can churn out quality videos for binge-watch worthy OTT shows and movies 4. You have the ability to translate your ideas visually for the team 5. You understand the brand tonality and how the videos flow should be and add the required music, texts, and effects as per the brief 6. You continuously discover and implement new editing technologies and industry’s best practices to maximize efficiency 7. You will also be involved in brainstorming sessions with different brand teams for clients 8. You are someone who can think out of the box and at the same time ensure that the messag...

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    I'm seeking an expert...PowerBI solution, primarily for financial planning and analysis (FP&A). Key project requirements: - Robust Integration with our SQL database to pull the necessary data. - Proficiency in creating illustrative Charts and Tables in PowerBI, enhancing data interpretation. - The dashboard should effectively track and analyze the key metrics such as Revenue, Profit Margin, and Sales growth. Ideal freelancers applying for this project should have: - Demonstrable experience in PowerBI and SQL database integration. - Solid background in creating visually engaging dashboards, specifically using Charts and Tables. - A solid understanding of FP&A metrics. - Proven track record in delivering similar projects. Please submit your bid with relevant...

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    ...content engagement metrics. Key Requirements: - Custom User Registration: The plugin should enable custom user registration, allowing users to have personalized experiences on the platform. - External API Integration: The primary purpose of the plugin is to integrate external APIs for content engagement metrics. It will require a developer who is proficient in API integration to ensure smooth data flow and analysis. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proficiency in WordPress Plugin Development: I'm looking for someone with a strong background in WordPress plugin development. Previous experience in developing custom plugins is highly desired. - API Integration Expertise: Given that the plugin's main purpose revolves around external API integration, a strong background in...

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    I am in search of a professional who specializes in financial projection for securing funding. Your primary task would be to develop a cashflow analysis based on loan repayment amount for a product we are selling. Ideal Skills and Experience: -Business Finance -Financial Analysis -Financial Planning A strong background in discounted cash flow analysis will be highly appreciated because it is the specific financial analysis method we are interested in. This task requires precision and timely delivery. Therefore, an experienced freelancer who can work within our timeframe and come up with accurate projections will be selected for this project. Your input will greatly inform our decision-making process as we seek funding for our product.

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    I'm in need of a comprehensive cryptocurrency price prediction analysis, specifically focusing on Bitcoin. The analysis will be ...cryptocurrency price prediction analysis, specifically focusing on Bitcoin. The analysis will be based on historical data spanning the last 5 years. Key deliverables: - The final report should be in word doc format. - The analysis should be detailed, including the employment of charts and graphs. - In python language used as programming language Ideal Skills for this project: - Strong background in data analysis and research. - Experience in cryptocurrency market analysis. - Proficiency in creating detailed reports with charts and graphs. If you're confident in your abilities to deliver an insightful, data-driven prediction analysis,...

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    ...Preservation of the Original User Interface Elements: The Unity version must retain the look and feel of the original Flash game’s UI. Retention of All Functional Animation Effects: All animations from the original game must be replicated in the Unity version without loss of quality or functionality. Maintenance of the Question and Scoring Mechanics: The existing mechanics, including question flow and scoring algorithms, must remain unchanged. User Progress Retention: The game must include a feature to save and retrieve user progress using a username and password. Technical Requirements: Clean, well-documented C# code. The game must be fully compatible with iPhone, adhering to the latest Apple development guidelines. Design Requirements: The Unity game should maint...

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    I have a 46,000 word non-fiction book that needs a meticulous eye for proofreading. In its current form, the book is in PDF. While ensuring grammatical correctness is essential, I'm also hoping for suggestions on improving my content overall. - Proofread and check for grammatical errors or inconsistencies - Provide suggestions to improve content, flow, and clarity - Experience in non-fiction proofreading is preferred - Comfortable with handling and annotating PDF documents A critical and creative eye, alongside solid proofreading skills will be ideal for this project.

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    I'm looking for a skilled content editor with experience in creating content aimed at professionals. The main goal of the content is to drive sales of our products and services. Key Responsibilities: - Editing existing website content to ensure it's engaging and professional - Ensuring the content aligns wi...professional - Ensuring the content aligns with our objective to sell products and services - Suggesting improvements to enhance readability, clarity, and relevance Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proven experience in editing website content - Understanding of sales-oriented content creation - Familiarity with creating content for professionals - A keen eye for detail and a strong sense of narrative flow Your work will play a crucial role in converting website visi...

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    I am in need of a professional with experience in pro forma financial analysis. This task will involve utilizing historical financial data to formulate a comprehensive analysis. - Essential Skills: - In-depth understanding of cash flow analysis, balance sheet, and income statement - Ability to effectively merge and analyze historical data - Expertise in financial forecasting and evaluation Relevant proven experience in pro forma financial analysis is necessary for this project. Ideally, you have worked on creating financial analyses that inform business strategy and planning. Expediency and attention to detail are key to the job. Standard and custom financial metrics will be involved. If you are up for this challenge, I'd love to hear from you.

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    I need an FSM (Finite State Machine) tool diagram to represent a process and system behavior. - The diagram should clearly show the states and transitions in the system. - The purpose of this diagram is to visually represent the flow of a process and analyze the system behavior. - I would like the design to be professional and easy to understand. Please provide information about your experience in designing FSM diagrams or similar system behavior representations.

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    ...Responsibilities: - Conduct thorough testing of the website to identify bugs, broken links, or other issues that could impact user experience. - Analyze website performance across different devices and browsers to ensure compatibility and responsiveness. - Provide detailed reports of findings, including reproduction steps, screenshots, and severity assessments. - Suggest improvements for website design, user flow, and functionality based on industry best practices and user feedback. - Possible video calls with web development and design teams to discuss potential improvements and follow up on the implementation of suggested enhancements. - Stay updated with the latest trends and technologies in website development and quality assurance to bring innovative ideas to the team. Qu...

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    I am seeking an experienced API developer to integrate Zenbooker and ActiveCampaign seamlessly. Primary Tasks: - Develop a strong integration that syncs customer contact data in real-time between the two platforms. - Implement email marketing automation capabilities through this i...the two platforms. - Implement email marketing automation capabilities through this integration. Qualifications: - Proven expertise in API integration specifically with both Zenbooker and ActiveCampaign. - Familiarity with CRM systems and their functionalities. - Reliable and efficient, with a track record of delivering on tight deadlines. The objective is to have a smooth and consistent data flow between the two CRMs, ensuring all customer data is real-time and our marketing automation efforts are ...

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    I am seeking an architect with expertise in high-end commercial design, specifically for a retail space. The project will involve: - Developing a unique and sophisticated design that sets my retail space apart from others. - Ensuring the design maximizes functionality and customer flow to optimize the retail experience. - Using premium materials and design elements to match the quality of the brand. Ideal candidates should have a strong portfolio of previous commercial projects, particularly in retail spaces, with a focus on premium designs. Experience in creating unique and brand-specific designs is a definite plus. A keen eye for detail and a good understanding of commercial architecture trends are also essential.

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    ...it. The primary goal of this project is to create a navigational map out of the image. Key Requirements: - You will need to provide a detailed and accurate representation of the road layout on the Google image. - The overlay should include the traffic flow and a legend for better understanding. - The traffic flow should show the direction of traffic, while the legend should indicate the locations of the traffic signals. Ideal skills for this job: - Proficient in Google Maps or other similar mapping software - Knowledge of traffic flow and road layout design - Attention to detail for an accurate overlay - Previous experience in creating navigational maps from images Please note that the project requires an efficient and precise execution, and the final output ...

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    I'm looking for a skilled developer who can help me integrate a reporting pie chart API into my existing React JS project. The pie chart is meant to display our monthly sales data, and it should support hover details for more in-depth information. Key requirements: - Display our sales data in a clear and visually appealing pie chart - Update the pie chart on a monthly basis automatically - Enable hover details on the pie segments, allowing users to easily access specific information Ideal skills and experience: - Proficiency in React JS - Experience with data visualization and charting libraries - Ability to connect with external APIs and automate data updates - Strong understanding of UI/UX principles for interactivity

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    ...finance company. The main purpose of the website will be to provide a platform for security analysis and charts on financial data. Key Features: - Real-time data updates: I need the platform to display real-time data updates to allow our clients to stay informed. - Interactive charts with zoom and pan functionality: The platform should have interactive charts with the ability to zoom in and out and pan. - Customizable indicators and overlays: Our clients should be able to customize the indicators and overlays on the charts based on their preferences. - Data entry by user: The platform should also allow users to input their own data, which can then be analyzed and displayed on the charts. - API integration - Database (Supabase) Integration I...

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    I'm looking for a skilled editor to embark on an in-depth editing project for a book I've written on Human Resources. This is a substantial piece of work, containing over 500,000 words, and therefore requires a committed individual with an eye for detail. Editing requirements: - Correct grammar and spelling errors. - Improve sentence structure and flow. - Enhance content organization and coherence. The perfect candidate will have extensive experience with editing books, especially in the genre of non-fiction. Kindly, attach samples of editing works you've carried out in the non-fiction genre.

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    We are seeking talented and innovative interior designers to conceptualize and design our grocery store in a way that creates a luxurious and enjoyable experience for our customers. The store should be ergonomically designed to facilitate customer flow while showcasing our high-quality products. We aim for the overall ambiance to reflect luxury and elegance while maintaining a warm and welcoming atmosphere. Tasks to be Completed: Design the layout of the grocery store, including sales areas, checkout counters, storage areas, office space, and a small water fountain. Select materials, colors, and decorative elements to create a luxurious ambiance. Integrate innovative solutions to maximize space utilization and enhance the customer experience. Propose concepts for lighting, furnitur...

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    I require a proficient Power BI expert to create a highly interactive dashboard that visualises my financial data. The dataset provided is based from an Excel spreadsheet with dynamic tables and charts. This ideally should then be converted into a more comprehensive and visually stimulating Power BI dashboard. Key components: - A main focus should be on premium, losses and other financial data. - Ability to analyze data on a quarterly basis. The delegated freelancer would ideally: - Be highly knowledgeable with Power BI and Excel. - Experienced in financial data representation. - Possess a keen eye for visuals and design in relation to data representation. - Able to ensure a smooth transition from Excel to Power BI. Your job is to provide me with a means of effortlessly assessing...

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    I need a skilled Power BI specialist to create an innovative and visually engaging dashboard. This task entails creating tailored visuals across two pages, utilizing data related to customers in the EdTech space. Key requirements include: - Devising visuals using bar charts, line graphs, Sankey diagrams and unique charts. - Visualizing customer demographics, feedback, retention rate, and engagement levels from the provided data. The ideal freelancer should have seasoned Power BI experience and a knack for inventive data visualization. Experience in educational technology and customer data interpretation is preferred.

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    ...verification. - Profile creation and editing. - Secure password management. #### Workout Management - **Features**: - Ability for users to log workouts, specifying exercises, sets, reps, and duration. - A database of exercises with descriptions and target areas. - Custom workout creation and saving. #### Progress and Goals - **Features**: - A dashboard visualizing user progress, including charts and statistics. - Goal setting and tracking functionality. #### Nutrition Tracking (Subscription-based) - **Features**: - Access to a comprehensive database of foods and their nutritional information. - Daily intake logging using dropdown menus for food items. - Secure subscription management with different plans. ### Security Measures - Data encryption for sensiti...

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    ...you have extensive experience not only in Excel but also in creating visually easy-to-understand Gantt charts. - Tasks and Duration: The Gantt chart is for project management purposes. As such, the chart should only display project tasks and durations. No resources allocation or progress status is necessary. Your skill to communicate these with clarity will be key. - Task Breakdown: I prefer a high-level view of main tasks, so there's no need for a detailed view in terms of subtask categories. Your comprehension of creating an effective summarised task view is also vital. In summary, I'm looking for an Excel professional who is well-versed in designing clean, simplistic Gantt charts that convey high-level tasks and durations effectively. If that sounds like ...

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    I have a document in PDF format that I need retyped and enhanced. The final version should retain the original content but present it with improved formatting. Here are specific requirements: -Advanced Typing Skills: The PDF d...accurate typing skills are required. -Formatting Expertise: While the content will remain the same, the formatting needs improvement. The original formatting is not satisfactory and this needs to be rectified in the revised document. -Charts/Graphs Creation: The restructured version should include the use of charts or graphs. Familiarity with data visualization tools is a plus. In conclusion, I am looking for someone with advanced word processing skills, a keen eye for attractive formatting, and a knack for turning textual data into comprehensive ...

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    I'm in need of a proficient SEO professional to boost key website metrics including the Domain Authority (DA 50+), Domain Rating (DR 70+), URL Rating (UR 80+), and Trust Flow (TF 30+). The successful freelancer will employ various white-hat SEO techniques and strategies to achieve measurable improvements in these key metrics. SITE URL: - The primary focus will be on enhancing our Domain Authority, Domain Rating, and URL Rating. - Our current SEO strategy has primarily centered on backlink building. We are now seeking a fresh perspective and additional strategies. - Our website targets a broad audience of general consumers. Ideal Experience: - Demonstrable experience in significantly improving Domain Authority, Domain Rating, and URL Rating. - Expertise in various

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    I'm coordinating a conference focused on knowledge sharing in the area of health and wellness. I'm looking for skilled individuals who can: - Ensure a smooth flow of events - Get professional photos of the organisational team, the participants and the audience for 2 hours on Saturday 13/4 in Central Athens

    $9 - $32
    $9 - $32
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    I am seeking a professional with excellent design and storytelling abilities to cra...portray financial stability in a compelling and easily digestible format - Proficiency in using modern presentation tools - Background in finance or business would be advantageous The final product should communicate effectively to our corporate investors our strong financial standing and potential for a solid return on investment. Your job will be to transform financial data, balance sheets, charts, and analysis into an easy-to-understand and visually compelling presentation. This project will demand a professional who can create a balance between informative and persuasive, ensuring our pitch engages corporate investors whilst validating our financial stability through raw data and logical pre...

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    I need someone to make a calculator (in Google Sheets) and some really nice charts to easily visualize the data as well. Token A = Variable market price from 0 to 10 USD max (or infinite) Token B = Always 1 USD Token A generates Token B automatically by staking it in a web3 contract. --- Calculator: Input 1: Amount of Token A Input 2: Token A Price Input 3. APY Output 1: Amount of Token B Generated Output 2: APY (Annual Percentage Yield) --- Chart 1: Line chart modeling Token B Generation based on Token A Price and APY Chart 2: Line chart modeling APY based on Token A Price Chart 3: Anything else that could be modeled --- +Any other fancy charts you can come up with. The above might not be accurate, but you should be able to figure out what I need. I will let t...

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    We need a talented graphic designer who can bring our box design to life. Details: - Size: The box size is 23*16*4.5 cm, giving you a decent canvas to showcase your skills. - Color Scheme: Mainly black and pink. We're flexible regarding the shades. - Style: We didn't specify a design style, so feel free to let your creativity flow. Just keep it consistent with the color palette. Ideal Skills: - Proficiency in graphic design - Previous experience with package design - Ability to work with specified dimensions - Strong aesthetic sense, attention to detail Your portfolio showcasing similar projects will be a great plus. We're looking forward to seeing your vision for our box-shape billboard!

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    I am seeking a technically adept developer skilled in Java, Typescript, and Kafka for the purpose of integrating multiple technologies. This project is primarily focused on setting up a microservice architecture to efficiently process transactional data. Your responsibilities will include: - Developing robust Kafka producers and consumers to enable efficient data flow - Utilising your Java and Typescript expertise to build functional microservices Strong experience in Java, Typescript, Kafka, and microservice development is vital. An understanding of transactional data processing would be beneficial. Keen attention to detail, problem-solving skills, and a drive for tech integration efficiency are qualities sought for this project.

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    Creating a UI prototype for a mobile app, including clickable screen designs / wireframes and explainer videos. The app will help users track expenses, set financial goals, and make informed financial decisions. I need around 12-15 screens including registration, expense tracking, goal setting, recommendations, and notifications, etc. Elements like buttons, forms, charts, and graphs will need to be created and included. The design requirements for the prototype, including the overall look and feel, color scheme, typography, and branding guidelines will be shared. However your inputs basis your experiece are most welcome! Interactive Elements: The prototype should include clickable screen designs that allow users to navigate between different screens and interact with the app&#...

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    I need a Power BI expert who can take our Excel/CSV data and create visually appealing static charts and graphs. Key Responsibilities: - Utilize Power BI to create visually appealing data visualizations. - Ensure that the visualizations are static, not requiring any sort of interactivity. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proven experience in Power BI, particularly in data visualization. - Proficiency in handling Excel and CSV files. - Ability to transform complex data into clear and insightful graphs and charts.

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