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    579 graphic ends jobs found, pricing in PHP an audience for yourself? Have you self-published and made little or nothing in return so you went back to ghostwriting? I have been there and it is not fun & never ends! I have a dozen fiction outlines that I need a rough draft written for to go with my short opening chapter for each. Not being rich, I cannot pay $$$ for this service. Instead

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    We are looking for a graphic artist who can design our new logo for the eSports sector (Action, Young, ...). We need a 3D image logo, a 3D animated logo (intro, between 5s and 10s) and a loopable animated logo (30s). Content requirements: • Embedding / Including the existing company logo (color, contrast, 3D / 2D can be changed) • The schematic

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    Cloud based ecommerce including some 20 temples, 10 apps, including Product Apps (you may follow Shopify)

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    I need some help with internet marketing. We are in need of someone to take care of all of our social media marketing needs mainly posting ads on Facebook and the other big classified website we are looking for approximately 100 or 200 ads per day for a long long time

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    ...of commercail Air Hockey tables and we are looking for a new graphic package. This is for a 7ft table that will be sold into location like Dave & Busters, Chucky Cheese, ect. The new table will include a 40.5 X 82.5 inch polycarbonate playfield in addsion 17 x 80" sides and 17 X 39 ends. There are many metal trim parts. The design will also be using

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    A simplified questionnaire work flow where a customer can go through a guided walk through that ends up at the checkout with all their services and pricing filled in, so they can pay. When they pay we will capture the information and create a members account and send the appropriate emails. (account, and "hey guys we are getting started XYZ". All of

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    I need some graphic design. I need cover art for a book I've written about an old west cowboy that ends up in a war far in the future.

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    ...publishers and agents to give them an idea of the look and feel of the characters. The illustrations I like best will be selected to win the prize. Of course ... if my book ends up being accepted for publishing by a publisher and the publishing house likes my "sample character illustrations" that I select then further work might well be forthcoming

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    ***Looking for a Joomla expert. The total work time for this task should be no longer than one hour to do the entire work and we are paying $30 for this job so it's equal to a rate of $30 an hour (maximum 1 hour). If you need longer than an hour, then your work is either too slow or you are not experienced enough - we seek a professional*** The task is as follows: (A) Transfer a Joomla and Wo...

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    ...quality – lower resolution files will result in blurry or fuzzy pictures or graphics, please take this into account when resubmitting artwork. If you are unsure of your image or graphic quality please zoom in on your artwork at 300%. This simulates 300 dpi printing resolution. Resubmitting artwork without correcting these issues will be an indication that

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    Have 32 mins 19 secs of audio file that I would like transcribed in English onto a word doc. Also if possible to trim the ends so it starts and finishes naturally in mp3 or mp4 audio. Recorded on a smartphone and file extn has come out as AAC File. 30MB file size cheers #transcribehappy Dermott @BeerCoAU

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    Can pay $15 The story is set in London and is quite violent. You must be a native English speaker. Some other people have read it and liked it but one person said the end was too much and a bit to serendipitous. Anyway, would be good to know your thoughts! It is the first episode of what would be a 4/5 episode series. I've already written episode 2. I am a fairly experienced writer,...

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    We are looking for a talented and creative freelance graphic designer to design a logo for our upcoming cause-race. A cause race is the type of race which you raise awareness for a certain community cause or global issues such as the climate change, women's rights, or breast cancer. Vertical Race overview: We called this particular vertical race

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    Hi all, We need an email banner 600x600px with the message "OUR UPTO 70% OFF SALE ENDS TONIGHT - DON'T MISS OUT" please also include a 'Shop Now' button. We are an online lighting retailer - The Banner/Design needs to be finished on a solid colour at the very bottom so that we can continue the colour down as a background through the rest of the

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    I need a dedicated and creative Graphic Designer to produce 02 special t-shirt graphics for a music fan community. There are five elements for the job: 1. Theme: Heavy Metal/Rock enthusiast 2. Take an existing quote or design to draw inspiration from, and create something original with the same theme or different essence. Designer to provide up

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    We are looking for an email specialist who can help us improve our outbound mail with newsletters to customers. Many of our newsletters that we send end in the spam filter. Apply all technical improvements to prevent this. We use an email blaster program and no (online) third party - we want to keep it under our own management.

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    ...will be a roadway product used to alert wrong way drivers. It is simply a flat piece of white rubber, with small triangular ridges running across. There is a painted colored graphic on one side of the ridges, while the other side of the triangle is [login to view URL] are also tiny glass beads embedded for retroreflectivity. The angles of the ridges should

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    ...functional game system to manage the school game "Assassin", it needs to be in php, mysql, html, css(optional). The system needs an admin panel and front panel for players. The graphic design does not has to be big, just simple so I can edit easily by myself. When a player gets killed it will be put to ”Dead” and will see a message that their out of the

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    Hi! I want a simple but functional game system of the school game "Assassin". The system needs an admin panel and front panel for players. The graphic design does not has to be big, just simple so I can edit easily by myself. When a player gets killed it will be put to ”Dead” and will see a message that their out of the game when they try to log

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    10 bids 2. Make changes to Remote/Temporary Website and test for errors on any changes before uploading changes to current live website. 3. Change main menu bar graphic to Round Ends. Please also add gradient to red colour background on title bar. (see before and after image attached) 4. When a product has already been added to the website we

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    22 bids based on my childhood and parents relationship. This project has a whole outline already prepared and the first 4 chapters completed. The book consist of 6-7 chapters and ends as a prelude the beginning of a trilogy series. I am looking for someone to work with in the US. The story (beginning of 3 part) is a suspenseful, thriller and tragic

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    Hi [login to view URL] replied to my advert for someone to create an interactive graphic showing how the world's population can be fitted into 500 square miles. In whatever format this ends up, it needs to be something that can be posted on social media and shared. Happy to discuss whenever. Best regards Jon

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    ...interface where only one can be plugged in or multiple and it will still work just as effective. (We are looking for a basic yet sophisticated looking UI. I will have all graphic work done on my side if needed, any questions please ask. This user interface must work at all times and you are responsible for any updates that are needed in order to make

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    The side event is on famine . i would like to present a graphic display of a clock attributing a numerical value on the number of deaths, which starts at 0 at the beginning of the meeting and ends at 8 million towards the end of the meeting. The meeting is one hour and half. This is one format, if approved by the conference organizers. Second, possible

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    I have a mate who travels around Australia...around Australia going fishing. To keep his fishing rods safe when he travels he puts them in a 100mm cylinder condue pipe with 2 screw on lids at both ends. He wants me to wrap tube in a printed graphic, so i need a design with fishing lures and logos on it. He has sent me a few pics that he wants on it.

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    I am looking to have some minor tweaks done to a Wordpress website. All changes must be made in the Child Theme so that nothing breaks future theme updates. Project details can be viewed in the attached word document. I would like to move on this quickly so early bidders could have an advantage. These changes are basic so please make reasonable bids. Unreasonable bids will be ignored. Any q...

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    I need somebody to help me with an already published Phonegap app. I want to be able to call on instagram when the user clicks the Instagram icon from the app...the Instagram icon from the app. I already have it for Facebook but my other Phonegap guru is currently busy. I also am looking for a long term partnership to help on odds and ends in my app.

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    I'm looking for a graphic designer who is available asap to design my portfolio. With this portfolio I intend to apply for internships, jobs and masters degrees etc. I am also working as an artist. When I try to make the portfolio myself I fail to communicate the strengths of my artistic work and whats unique to me, it ends up being either messy or

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    My current login page ends in an error. If you have any graphic skills it would help too.

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    i just want a 30 second logo for production company with a man carrying woman running through area and ends on logo

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    ...And list of colors with the color chart graphic - Color List: allspice black burgundy canyon cappuccino cream desert tan gunmetal palm coast purple gray royal blue slate blue tomato warm grey wedgewood willow Price: Their Price: $260.00 Retail: $599.00 Call to Action: "Hurry sale ends after Labor Day." Specifications for

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    We like the attached picture, we used it for our website and on some of our documents. But there is one problem : the laptop is very old. We are looking for a graphic designer able to change the picture with a newer and thinner laptop. The laptop must not be a Mac (we do not Mac support). Otherwise the rest must be identical: a 3/4 mobile phone floating

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    I need the theme / front end for 2 different stores of shopify. I need a low budget solution and that solution should be quick.

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    ===This contest ends on 28-July 8pm CEST=== Summary: I offer 225 EURO for a single image file that I need by 28-July. This image should reflect how humans can be exposed to fine particulate matter in indoor and outdoor environments from indoor and outdoor sources. Image layout: I need a cover art graphic for a scientific journal. Cover art should

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    ...experienced developers and graphic designers for this project. We need the game to be addicting as possible plus challenging. It will be a game with a simple background with objects flying around and the user will need to hit the objects to destroy them. This back end program will be a continous loop, which means the game never ends and the user needs to

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    ...animated infographic about the famous *Indianapolis Motor Speedway*. Your graphic should include: - MUST be in 9:16 vertical orientation for Instagram Stories - Track shape - Track length (2.5 miles) - Number of Laps: 160 - Stages: Stage 1 Ends at lap 50, Stage 2 ends at lap 100 - Banking (angle of slope in turns): 9 degrees - Other relevant

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    This is a really simple project I need done quickly for a pitch due tonight - should not take a long time at all - I just am in a hurry! Thanks

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    ...words arranged in a line so as to go across a windshield. The graphic from the logo can be between the words, perhaps with some graphical elements at the ends to fill out an approximately 2.0”-3” high x 40”-50” wide. The windshield banner will be a single color, computer-cut, so the graphic elements should be distinguishable when cut as an outline on...

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    Graphic needs to include the following details and be a wide banner for facebook cover photo. EOFY SALE! RECEIVE $200 OF EXTRA'S INCLUDING Personal Training, Apparel and 1 month free! Hurry! Sale ends soon! $0 JOIN FEE START TODAY! [login to view URL] (03) 9878 9266 244 Whitehorse Road Nunawading

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    11 entries Color Fun Fest 5k. You can learn about the company here: The banners should be fun and colorful. The size for the graphic is: 11 inches tall by 8.5 inches wide The graphic should contain the following: -include the Logo (attached) -include the following text: CITYNAME | DATE -include the following text: Father's

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    ...Create new web page, it must have the three sections (see upload file) Characteristics of development: 1.- Create in html5 and css, wordpress, php, asp or just the graphic design. 2.- It is not necessary to maintain the colors and structure of the web (you can modify headings, menus,...) 3.- We will not provide the web code. As much, we

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    I would like a t-shirt with the following passage from the Bible: She is strong Proverbs 31:25 Th...bad. It could work with this, but a designer did not design the attached. Use your design, artistic and graphic talents to make something special. P.S. I will award a winner, but quite often I purchase more entries after the contest ends.

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    I would like a t-shirt with the following Psalm from the Bible: She is strong Psalm 31:25 The Psa...bad. It could work with this, but a designer did not design the attached. Use your design, artistic and graphic talents to make something special. P.S. I will award a winner, but quite often I purchase more entries after the contest ends.

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    ...up as a full time job. I need you to be able to handle both ends of this spectrum. - Discretion. I will be sharing private information with you so I will need assurances about how you keep this information secure. - Ability to use pivot tables in Excel - Creative skills (e.g graphic design, content creation, video editing) are all a positive

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    ...The skills required are Banner Design, eBay, and Graphic Design. I am happy to pay a fixed priced and my budget is $10-$40 USD. I am opening up an ebay account that sells Yugioh and Pokemon trading cards. I am looking to get an ebay banner that has certain yugioh monsters and pokemon on opposite ends of the banner charging towards each other to where

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    a hypar shade sail has two diagonally opposite ends up high and two diagonally opposite ends down low just like the graphic image supplied. please make the shade sail the Australian flag insted of the beige colour it is at the moment. please ask detailed questions if you dont understand or dont bid.

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    Need just one site (in fact just the wordpress database) copied from one server to another

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    ...MySQL. The idea of the website is to show a list of diffent topics, where you can play a 10 question game on a desired topic (for example Solar Energy). When the game Ends, the player is shown his position at the Ranking. If by the end of the week the player is in the TOP 3, the player will get a free prize (for example, an Online Solar Energy

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