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    ...Direct drop in Replacement main PCBA with new versions plus updated infrared circuit peripheral to now include RGB LED and LED strip circuit to include RGB with TSOP receiver. 2) Integration with iBeacon 3) New Head IR Sensor design which will add BLE direct communication 4) Hardware and Firmware design on a new eWand product For bidding only quote on project 1. However I'm looking for a long term developer to work with to complete all 4 projects. Key skills: * Hardware and Firmware working with Microchip dsPIC's * Experience working with nRF52 modules for BLE * BLE 5, ideally with some iBeacon experience. * Sourcing components. Our company will pay for any components required including sample PCBA production from our supplier Sunlight in China. We will...

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    ...that the service is running. - The service should start upon successful login and stop upon logout. - It should run indefinitely. If the phone is restarted with the service running, the service should restart after the boot. Foreground Service Tasks ------------------------------------------ The Foreground service should perform the following tasks continuously: - Scan for Bluetooth beacons (iBeacon and Eddystone types). - Track the user's GPS position. - Each time a beacon message is detected, if there is connectivity, send a JSON message to a registration API (which I will provide) containing: detected beacon UUID, major, minor, RSSI, GPS latitude/longitude, and detection timestamp. - If there is no connectivity, the message should be saved locally (in SQLite). - If the...

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    I am looking for an experienced Flutter developer to create a minimal example that can effectively scan iBeacons for Android. This should be a simple, text-based UI that can display the UUID, major & minor values, as well as signal strength of iBeacons. Furthermore, it's important that the scanner remains functional in the background via a foreground service, providing a simple text notification when interacted with. The detection process must be constant (ranging). Key requirements for the project: - Develop a minimal Flutter app for Android - Ability to scan iBeacons and display UUID, major and minor values, and signal strength - The app should continue to work in the background - Use a foreground service for background function - Provide a simple text notification from the fo...

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    I'm in need of a highly-skilled developer who can successfully build an indoor navigation system using ibeacon. This system will utilize three Bluetooth ibeacon gateways or an nRF mobile app to precisely track movement. Key Features: - Platform: Android. - Primary Function: Route Guidance. Empowering users to navigate effortlessly within a building is an indispensable part of the project. - Precision: 1 Metre. The navigation system must offer an accuracy of within 1 metre, providing highly precise tracking. Ideal skills for this job include: - Proficiency in working with ibeacon and nRF mobile app. - Demonstrated experience in building navigation systems specifically for Android platform. - Deep understanding of GPS and navigation software. - Strong skill...

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    Project Title: iOS Test App Development with BT Beacon Integration Project Overview: We are seeking an experienced iOS iPhone developer to create a unique test app featuring a Bluetooth (BT) Beacon for ultra short bi-directional communications. The goal of this project is twofold: first, to discuss the feasibility and requirements of the app through a paid chat session, and second, to develop a tiny, well-documented demo app for iPhone that integrates with BT Beacon technology. Key Content: - Integration of BT Beacon to facilitate sending messages and receiving responses. - Implementation of asynchronous bi-directional communications using BT Beacon protocol. - Development of a test app allowing users to type text, send messages, and receive responses on-screen. Prerequisite Experience ...

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    ...seeking a React Native developer who has depth understanding and proficiency in integrating iBeacon technology for the development of my mobile application. Key responsibilities: - Implement iBeacon technology to enable proximity-based push notifications on the app. - Ensure iBeacon compatibility with both iOS and Android devices, without any platform-specific requirements. The ideal candidate will have: - Strong proficiency in Javascript and React Native. - Demonstrable experience integrating iBeacon BLE technology. - An understanding of push notifications mechanisms on both iOS and Android platforms. - Ability to adopt seamless cross-platform compatibility for the application functionalities. - iBeacon Monitoring must work in the background mode...

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    I'm seeking an experienced developer who can build an all-encompassing iBeacon application for both Android and iOS platforms. The key functionalities required include: - Indoor Navigation: Users should be able to navigate seamlessly within indoor environments. - Analytics and Reporting: The app should be integrated with a system that provides relevant analytics and reporting. I've already secured the iBeacon hardware solution for this project, so expertise in integrating with existing hardware systems would be an advantage. I anticipate that a developer with a solid background in Android & iOS app development, specifically with geolocation and analytics integration, would be best suited for this project. I appreciate your interest and look forward to hearing ...

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    This project requires the development of an Android application that leverages an iBeacon-based patrolling system. The primary focus of the system is to provide security alerts. Ideal skills for this job: - Comprehensive Android application development - Knowledge of iBeacon technology - Experience in integrating alert systems with mobile applications The alert system should consist of: - Push Notifications - Email Alerts - SMS Alerts This application should be user-friendly and intuitive, providing reliable and real-time security alerts leveraging iBeacon's capabilities. Prior experience developing similar security alert systems or apps would be highly beneficial. Owner will use Ibeacons and will Allocate duty to security guard , and will prompy guards to visit all ...

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    As a client, I'm looking for an experienced flutter developer who specializes in efficiently creating beacon scanner apps. The app will be for Android and will have distinct features including: - Scanning for nearby beacons - Monitoring specific regions of these ibeacons - Obtaining RSSI, uuid, minor, major, distance, values - The ability to connect to three beacons at a time Knowledge of common beacon concepts, programming best practices, and Android development in general are important skills for this project.

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    ...required to be developed .The service must stay alive and keep user update of all progress related to discovery/ failure / success and uploading. Beacon logs needs to be uploaded to central cloud server and needs to be done using the best practices as iot devices usually nrf beacons performs one task at a time. You will be provided nrf template and adv data file which you can use to emulate the ibeacon The working principle is automatic and need to assert the following conditions before attempting Bluetooth connection 1. Device is following the mobile app 2. Is in close proximity 3. If the connection is a first time discovery then attempt connection and retrieve logs If the connection has been made earlier and last connection time is >15min then perform log retrieva...

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    I am looking for someone to help me with a project involving coding for an Arduino to make an HM-10 BLE module function as an iBeacon. The specific functionality that I need the HM-10 BLE module to have is transmitting UUID and major/minor values. For some reason the AT commands are not working properly for me. Very few of them work and give a response of ok, while many dont give a response. I already have all the necessary hardware components for this project. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Strong knowledge of Arduino programming and experience with coding for BLE modules - Familiarity with iBeacon technology and the HM-10 BLE module - Experience with transmitting UUID and major/minor values using an HM-10 BLE module

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    1. Required Qualifications - Android Developer - Experience developing a function to obtain the location of a mobile app using beacons 2. Proj...down repeatedly like a wave, and even if it is the same location, the value jumps every moment. In other words, if you create logic, when specifying the location with the received value, you must set the boundary of the RSSI value and directly test the range of the area to adjust the error range. 4. Beacon device description reference - Beacon specifications: 비콘-ibeacon-블루투스-beacon-i3/54/category/116/display/1/ => You can recommend other beacon model if there's a better one when it comes to locating an app - Beacon Settings App:

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    ...upon nearing a merchant equipped with iBeacon, automatically spend energy to obtain $KCN token rewards. ****iBeacon Explanation iBeacon employs BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) technology, broadcasting its unique identifier to nearby mobile devices, which facilitates precise identification of merchant locations and detection of user proximity. 2. Design Requirements 2.1 Energy Display Visually and numerically display the current energy level (max of 5 bars). 2.2 Reward in Non-iBeacon Zones Users moving in areas without detected iBeacons accumulate a small pre-reward in $KCN. These pre-rewards must be claimed and actualized by approaching and connecting to an iBeacon within 30 minutes. 2.3 iBeacon Proximity Rewards Upon approaching and connecting t...

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    ...signal. In addition, the nearest iBeacon is required to stay within a predetermined RSSI range for at least 1 minute before the device will send an upstream message, which will include the iBeacon's UUID. Tasks to perform: 1. Existing firmware analysis: The developer will need to analyze the current trackerD firmware to understand its structure and how existing functionalities are managed, especially those related to obtaining GPS location and searching for iBeacons via BLE . 2. Design of the architecture: Based on the analysis of the existing firmware, the developer must design the architecture necessary to integrate the new feature. This will include defining the sequence of events to first obtain the GPS location and then search for the nearest iBeacon, as well ...

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    Create a plug-in to use ibeacon's features in Unity *ibeacon distance must be used in Unity - There is MinewBeacon SDK & BLE ScanDemo Project ** OutpuFiles & Project files & Instructions for use

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    Thank you for your time to read in entirety & understanding before responding. You must be very adept with embedded systems HW/FW/iBeacons, multi Degree of Freedom 3D position determination. A reasonably accurate 3D position (x,y,z) calculation & reporting is desirable. Please submit your questions with initial response or start your response with “No Questions” to confirm your compliance. We have 3 TI Sensortag CC2650STK with onboard inertial sensors units in office. CC2650STK Development kit | TI may have upgraded it now. If so, please inform us & we shall review the use of it. This is a dev kit, (the MCU is CC2560) so the final solution will run on the runtime version, which you also need to help identify and use. If you know better mousetrap for this need, pl...

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    You are given a task to convert the raw data available in EddyStone TLM , iBeacon format and extract MAC , Temperature and Humidity along with Battery The code is to be written in Python , Java, PHP ,Go any language will suite our purpose The Stream link is {"msg_id":3004,"device_info":{"device_id":"moko001","mac":"58bf25314cce"},"data":[{"type":8,"value":{"timestamp":"2022-11-17T20:25:35+05:00","type":"Unknown","mac":"bc57290093f3","rssi":-82,"name":"AC Probe","raw":"0201060303aafe1216aafe21010f0e5b1e0fff000119fff1fca509168020750100000000090941432050726f6265"}},{"type":...

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    ...18.0.1 IOS Dependencies IOS 12+
 react-native Dependencies react-native version : 0.68.1 Notifee/react-native version : 5.3.0 What we want: To have an event (i.e. NativeEventEmitter,EventEmitter or any other proposed way) in react-native when a device enters the area of a registered iBeacon To have an event(i.e. NativeEventEmitter or any other proposed way) in react-native when a device exits from a region of a registered iBeacon The device (Android, iOS) should receive iBeacon data when the app is in the following states: The app is not running (terminated) The app is in use (foreground) The app is running but not in foreground (background) The iBeacons will be registered in react-native level with the library that you will build with ...

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    Need A Raspberry Pi Web Server which can upload BLUETOOTH BLE Beacons EddyStone and iBeacon to MQTT server or HTTP Server

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    Freelancer has to develop a 24x7 working application which can detect if a airtag or a Bluetooth beacon is following a user or not . The application will detect kbeacon and ibeacon and upload the beacon information to a central server and also notify the application user of potential threat following the user. A skeleton Application in Android will be provided so that the freelancer don't need to start from scratch . Payment terms Amount will be only paid if the feature has been demonstrated to us proving that the application is working 24x7 for a period of 7 days .

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    The app needs to run on XiaoMi Watch, autostart, auto connect known wifi, search for iBeacon signals and post to server API.

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    ibeacon android app as a demo to send notification on detecting beacon send advertisement on users mobile android app (image,video,text,text with image) need android mobile app to detect beacons and send notification from VPS(cloud) very small project You can use any project from github edit ,compile and generate apk and give me to test

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    Android Developers who have experience with working with ◆Apple iBeacon ◆Eddystone URL ◆Eddystone UID ◆Eddystone TLM ◆Ksensor For developing Android Application for Realtime Streaming of Data to and from server to devices . People who have experience with this kind of work may approach for the project . The Backend Scope will also be shared with you since all features which we are developing in the web is also required so , necessary API will be required to be developed for webservices and devices by collaborating with other freelancers hired from this portal. Dashboard Scope is Mentioned here

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    We need a Android application which will receive Ibeacon ,kbeacon ,nbeacon data . Data may contain temperature and humidity And needs to be shared in realtime. The first Application is just a tool to passively listen to ble beacon and this it doing in the background .The Application must start at boot .And use the mobile resources gracefully . The System must record and uoad the data realtime and update central server Our website development scope is mentioned in this link Similarly we will require for admin dashboard

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    I want to build a app which can detect the nearby BLE or IBeacon….Further also tell the distance of IBeacon

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    We need to make a new blank project inside Unity and make a iBeacon connection to scan iBeacons and read accelerometer data (X/Y/Z) and show that data from accelerometer on display. We're using this sensors: There is native iOS/Android SDK for help: (we can not use native SDK's because this part needs to be inside Unity and not seperated for each platform)

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    I need your support. I have developed a sensor that wakes up, measures, sends the values and then goes to sleep again. The sending over Bluetooth does not work reliably. Only in 3 out of 5 cases is the message received by the Test software. I would like you to take a look at the class and run it on your hardware. Then you will see that an error message is thrown. You will then see that not all messages arrive. I want the messages to arrive completely. I outsource the complete Logic to my own lib, which then contains BLEDevice.h and BLEBeacon.h as external libs. The problem lies in the application of the external libs in my own lib (you could also call it a class). Unfortunately, it only sends the beacons unreliably. In addition, there are always warning messages. I would like the lib ...

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    An android application working with eddystone and ibeacon bluetooth beacon

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    Hi Oscar Efren, Set equal name attributes to create a group; <form> <fieldset id...extensive experience in both front-end and back-end development and have delivered over 200 mobile apps and 50+ web application projects. I have expertise in the following: - iOS, Android, (Object-C, Swift, C/C++, Java, Cocos2D-x) - Python/Django/Flask/Angular4/HTML/CSS/JavaScript/Node - XML/JSON, REST/SOAP, PHP, HTML5, ASP, JSP - Parse, Amazon, Firebase, Twilio, Google Maps - XMPP, Quickblox - iBeacon/BLE - Augmented Reality - Google App Engine, GPS, OCR, In-App Purchase - Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Dropbox, Bluetooth, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest - JIRA, GitHub, Bitbucket - Photo Sharing, Editor, Filter, Flexible UI App Design - Stripe/Braintree Integration Hope to get a positive respo...

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    Assets Tracking System- the system will be used to track machines underground

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    ...receive a confirmation via REST api, and then give out x amount of pulses to fake a coin signal in machines and alike, we have access to the sandbox by mobilepay, and are fully ready. Mobilepay documentation is on the link below: What you need to look at is the Mobilepay (Point of sale) API, this is what your firmware must be communicating with here. A bt iBeacon might be needed in order to complete this. But in short, we need a working pcs of firmware, before anything milestone is paid out, and what you bid is what you get so dont ask for more then you bid. ALSO read the above dokumentation, might be some things i left out. For the right freelancer, this job should be pretty easy, but dont bid if you did not atleast skim the dokumentation Please!

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    I need iOS developer to help us extend our current application with iBeacon capability service.

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    Trophy icon Create SVG Illustration Ended

    Create SVG animation of iBeacon technology in a mobile billboard car passing on the road which detects nearby cell phone ids and broadcast the mobile billboard ads as display advertising to the cell phones. There should be an element of animation with the car driving up to the people and stopping. The image is copy righted and so should bot be copied. The color scheme is shown in the 2nd attached image. The color scheme of the website is: Primary: #213d65 Secondary: #ffc107 Teal: #E0F2F1 Grey: #CFD8DC

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    i need to build a ewallet with below features.. IOS , Android with Web UI >NFC»(Near Field Communication) >QR Codes >Bluetooth or iBeacon >Payment Apps >Blockchain >Registration >Connect Bank Account >Add Money >Transfer Funds >Accept Payments >Mobile Recharge or Pay Bills >Transaction History >Bill Payments & Recharge >Booking Tickets >Push Notifications >Paying for Taxes or Insurance Fund >Online Shopping for Grocery & Other Products >Exciting Offers >Multi-Language Support >Invite Friends >Dashboard >Offers and Discount >Manage Users and Contacts >Real-Time Analytics >Block Users >QR Code Reader >Virtual Cards >In-App Camera >Wearable Integration >Digital Receipts >Bank&rsqu...

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    ...essential for any UK train user. The app automates train delay claims by detecting train journeys in real-time, and reached ~1,500 users prior to Covid-19. Work with Modal’s team, including CEO, CTO, backend engineer and data scientist, to: - Improve the app’s real-time detection of train journeys -- ‘On device’ models using sensor data (e.g. motion) to detect boarding/alighting -- Collect and send iBeacon data to provide additional data points - Add new app features -- Subscription and ‘pay per claim’ payment options -- Advance tickets claims (currently we only accept season ticket claims) -- Appeal of claims (currently users appeal via the train operator’s website or email) - Improve the interface between the app and our AWS-hosted s...

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    Only need native English speaker from the US, UK, Canada, and Singapore with rich writing experience, the topic is about iBeacon, you also need to do research based on the keywords and outlines we drafted for you. If you're the one we're looking for, then contact us!

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    ...whether the users are within the proximity of the device or not. Note: given the signal variations depending on multiple factors, we can display the raw signals (instead of distance) on the app. The app should be able to scan multiple devices at the same time (e.g. connecting to a laptop and at the same time reading BLE beacon signals like this one: The app should be able to do a background scanning. Should work on ios and android. To test the app against BLE beacons, you might need to program the beacon device to send advertisement. We’ll of course cover the cost of the beacon (such as the one lin...

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    DEVELOP a complete iBeacon & Eddystone proximity platform that enables users to create proximity campaigns and deliver them with ready-to-use mobile app. It consists of CMS, Mobile App, Analytics Dashboard and SDK. The Google Proximity Beacon API can be used to register any beacon that supports one of the following specifications: • Eddystone • iBeacon • AltBeacon For more infor: FEATURES • White Label Ready (Manager accounts can upload logo to admin) • Geofence Campaigns • Push Notification Campaigns • Loyalty Campaigns • Eddystone Platform • Campaign Templates • Collect Customer Data • Social Sharing • Customer Analytics • Schedule Campaigns & Target Users • Manage Beacons, WiFi and Geofence &b...

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    Good day. Our office requires a specific Bluetooth beacon solution for a large project. We have patented a concept which will be in great demand in our country. We however need a technology partner who will be able to design, manufacture and supply a Bluetooth Gateway/Scanner which will be tailormade for our specific application and project. Our requirements: • Bluetooth scanner which will function off-line • This scanner should be able to pair with Accelerometer Beacon • This scanner should “pulse” a relay output for 3 seconds every time when any E8S Accelerometer Beacon are moved. • This scanner would not need to have Wifi functionality (Off-line) • Should be powered from DC input • Have firmware which are applicable on th...

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    We have a flutter application which scans for nearby beacons in background. This is already done in android. We need you to develop iOS background service which would report all iBeacons seen by the phone while application is not running.

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    ...❖Understanding of Remote monitoring by creating solution to IOT :❖Considering the time interval for periodic scanning of all Bluetooth Low Energy devices.❖Considering the time interval to act on presence/absence to avoid frequent on/off due to temporary❖Inaccurate actions on presence/absence of device. For my project I'm using smart watch. Because smart watch will act as a Ibeacon. In my smart watch I will download and install arduino voice controlled application from Google play store so from that application I will control the home appliances. I need some expert to understand and write my project. When ever I enter my flat this device should on and open the door and switch on the lights and fan and some other appliances. And I should have control of controlling those ap...

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    I have an app that is built using Swift, and communicating any device with BLE module, or iBeacon. The right candidate will work on the following things Auto Connecting Make finding all BLE devices around you stable. (If you can’t find any devices in limited time, scanning should be stopped.)

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    - We have a small app that is used to scan BLE to do some actions whenever the user enters of exists an iBeacon region, and the app supports only iOS 13 . We want someone to adapt the app to make sure the used APIs support lower iOS versions 11 and 12 - add unique device_id in the app to help the server identify the app

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    Hi! I’m looking to clone a Chinese BLE iBeacon PCB and make it smaller for a prototype I’m working on. I have the schematic and the physical module, I will attach pictures. I can handle all code/flashing and soldering/sourcing, but I’m looking to have the PCB redesigned by a professional as yourself. Please let me know if you are able to re-make this PCB design as small as possible, (maybe using 2xLR batteries?) And what your estimated cost for this service would be/how many hours it would take roughly. Thanks -August Kimacovich I will attach picture below, it is a iBeacon that sends barometer data. The LED and button aren’t necessary in the new design.

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    We have some issues making BLE working in some Android 10 phones. Therefore, we want someone to implement a basic app that does only detect the beacon in background mode. For example, whenever a Entering/Exiting the iBeacon region is detected, while app is running in background, a notification is triggered. Notes: - Important that the app works in Android 10. - Important that the app works in background - Estimote SDK seems to be not a good option

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    Phase 1 Able to detect a configurable pattern from BLE advertising message. Be remarked a BLE advertising packet may contain multiple advertising message. The message is not limited to iBeacon. The scanner shall scan for BLE advertising packet in the background for a long period (e.g. >8 hours) When desirable message is detected, the logic shall invoke a callback function. The argument shall include the message in Byte Array ( Data?) and also the RSSI. The background service shall fetch a JSON config file from a given URL at the beginning and periodically, say 6 hr (e.g. ). This JSON object will be referenced by Requirement 1 in the next phase.

    $30 - $250
    $30 - $250
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    We have an app that does scan BLE to detect iBeacon and send the information to the backend. The app is working well in Android 7.0 but not in Android 10 (could be the same issue in Android 8 and 9). We would like someone to fix the issue and make the app able to scan in the background (including when the phone is idle) and detect whenever the iBeacon device is moved away from the phone. The user must Have phone with higher Android versions to be able to test.

    $30 - $110
    $30 - $110
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    We have an app that does scan BLE to detect iBeacon and send the information to the backend. The app is working well in Android 7.0 but not in Android 10 (could be the same issue in Android 8 and 9). If you can do this only then bid We would like someone to fix the issue and make the app able to scan in the background (including when the phone is idle) and detect whenever the iBeacon device is moved away from the phone. The user must Have phone with higher Android versions to be able to test.

    $30 - $250
    $30 - $250
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    We have an app that does scan BLE to detect iBeacon and send the information to the backend. The app is working well in Android 7.0 but not in Android 10 (could be the same issue in Android 8 and 9). If you can do this only then bid We would like someone to fix the issue and make the app able to scan in the background (including when the phone is idle) and detect whenever the iBeacon device is moved away from the phone. The user must Have phone with higher Android versions to be able to test.

    $30 - $250
    $30 - $250
    3 bids