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    Hello, Looking for a Flask and Jinja2 expert. I need some minor fixes to my website and would like an expert to help me out. Thanks,

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    ...that uses maria db 10.3 I have GCP acount and could grant permissions to certain project due to complete configuration. I have been also considering launching wordpress as AppEngine connect it to Cloud SQL but they have only newest version of MySQL that does not work with my mariadb desktop application Hopefully someone who is not newbie - as I am -

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    just a small website using python flask and jinja2, frontend using vue.js. you need to deploy and maintain the server as well

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    ...be found in "[login to view URL]" The attached file "[login to view URL]" the html template where the BootstrapVue html should be added. The template rendering is done by jinja2 (python flask framework). It uses double curly brackets and so the [login to view URL] delimiter has to be redefined. Remark that the vuejs packages are downloaded in this template. The

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    I have a database generated by a survey app. What I want is a python script that takes the information from that da...DB and then renders it in a HTML template. the technology used for this must be: * Python * Sql (for get the final data from the DB) * Pandas (For manipulate the data) * Jinja2 (For templatting) * css (for give style to the template)

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    ...user can check < Trips , Events , Sports , .. and for each we have a list in mailchimp that we can integrate . 7- the coder used those languages SQL, CSS, HTML, Flask, Jinja2 , but if you can switch it to something better will be good , bec now the site goes offline for now reason , it is prob the way he coded it ....

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    .... It’s currently in HTML format. I need to migrate everything to python using Flask not Django. You need to use the following: - Flask - Python 3.6 (Anaconda preferably) - Jinja2 for templates. - CSS 5 - Bootstrap - Javascript. - MySQL database for content management. The implementation has to support both mobile view and desktop view. An easy switch

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    Looking for a front-end designer. I need a pelican theme for a blog, Skills required HTML, CSS, Jinja2, Adobe Photoshop. 1. Home Page: - should have the recent post list with pagination - a short author profile section - I also want to add a categories section where I can click on a category and it shows only the post in that category 2. Article Page:

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    I have set up a virtual machine on Google cloud running a wordpress site and would like ...set up a virtual machine on Google cloud running a wordpress site and would like to install ssl on the machine and point the domain to it. (as per [login to view URL]) Should be quick and easy!

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    The goal of...have a "project template" based on [login to view URL] (use the idea) use at least Spring 4 with all Annotation @Autowired use plugin gradle-appengine-plugin no more - [login to view URL] - [login to view URL] all @Annotation @Autowired in [login to view URL] remove "contextConfigLocation"

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    We are looking for some very technical writing. The opportunity ...a developer about how they solved a detailed AWS/GCP/Azure issue, then writing an article like this: [login to view URL] Can you or your team do it and can you quote me? Please send two sample articles.

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    I want a Shopify module able to sync procuts and orders betwen shopify and amazon. Must be publishable in the Shopify marketplac...procuts and orders betwen shopify and amazon. Must be publishable in the Shopify marketplace Must be scalable to be sell to other users Must be developed in python (Google Appengine as backend) Sorry for my english

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    looking for someone who can show/convert standard to flexible environment [login to view URL]

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    Our application has namespaces for each client. We need to offer the ...so they can review and edit their data. Also, the clients' sysadmins can upload the same Excel file with modifications and new rows and data have to be committed to the AppEngine database. This would be a separate project from the main backend/frontend, Java is preferred.

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    I need a Marketplace similar to this site: [login to view URL] - The site will be hosted on google appengine, so it MUST be done with python or NodeJS. - Source code must be provided - Features: - ability to add new categories - ability to add new items to each category - ability to add pdf datasheet to each

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    ...generate formatted documents from templates using multiple data sources (json, tsv, google sheets) . The current mechanism uses docxtpl to fill docx templates that contain jinja2 tags. For this project, the developer would work with our clinical team to update the letter template, implement new logic for use in templates, and adapt to new data sources

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    Project specifications: -Must use Pyramid 1.9 -Must use Python version 3.6 -Must use SQL Alchemy for database operations (use a SQLite3 database) -Must use Jinja2 for templates -I would prefer to use only URL dispatch for routing if possible, otherwise use a hybrid URL Dispatch / traversal approach -Include all necessary pre-processing operations

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    hello i have api script running on [login to view URL] i want create new file to kill all my active calls and create anther fire to start calls

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    Ne...and has to work on Appengine Standard. All authentication for the printing to the Cloud Printer has to be included. Should use the Service Account of the AppEngine to print to the Google Cloud Printer. Function has to be documented and also the correct authentication process to be done, to get the function working on Appengine Standard Python.

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    hello i have script to do ivr call throw [login to view URL] i got this error <pre>{"error":{"msg":"The 'list_id' parameter is invalid.","code":255}} also i need put data throw text files instead excel sheet hope someone fix it

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    Meeting system will invite users via phone number, email address or uniqueUserID Google AppEngine Standard (or AWS) with Java8 and MySQL Use Firebase for authentication Build Endpoints API that can be tested via curl commands (for use via iOS and Android phones) Project is broken up into 7 stages. See attached PDF. Technical design is included

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    Skill required: Python (Flask) , Heroku, GitHub, Bootstrap, Javascript, jQuery, SQLAlchemy, MySQL, Jinja2 Deadline: 30 days I'm needing to hire a developer/team to help finalizing a web application.  The application is written in Flask and it is deployed on the Heroku.  Three developers will be working in this Project: Me, a back end developer

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    ...provide documentation on environment setup or automate that process as well. Key Objectives: =============== * Install lighttpd * Configure a lighttpd named vhost via a jinja2 template * S3 artifact deployment into virtual host document root /srv/bogusapp/ * Full automation ("vagrant up" to working site with no manual intervention) * Idempotency

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    I have an apache maven project (written in Java) with html and etc... . I want to configure that on App Engine on the Google Cloud Platform ([login to view URL]). Anyone who can help? This is a small project.

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    ...working with: * React Native * Jest for testing Server/Backend: * Spring Boot/Java * Assert4J or Spock framework for testing * PostgreSQL as RDBMS * Hosted in Google AppEngine * Admin site/dashboard in Angular4 for internal members (managing myAux users, inspecting users' conversations, blocking abusive users, analysin user behaviours etc...)

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    We’re looking for someone with the following skills with availability ~2 days a week till february: Essentials: -experience/awareness of Flask based web apps and jinja2 (web-templating with python) -Knowledge of Python server deployment -responsive HTML5/CSS3 -Bootstrap -reusable interfaces with ReactJS -core javaScript -jQuery -npm

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    ...Essentials: -responsive HTML5/CSS3 -Bootstrap -reusable interfaces with ReactJS -core javaScript -jQuery -npm Desirable: -experience/awareness of Flask based web apps and jinja2 (web-templating with python) -Knowledge of Python server deployment -d3 -willingness to share knowledge Experience: -computer science degree -at least one project

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    ...Freelancer should be well versed with below technologies 1. Need to decide workflow engine tools? 2. Spring boot, Spring security () 3. MySQL, Maven 4. Google cloud and appengine -deployment We have lot of projects, if this is succesfull,we want to have a longterm associationship Please apply the job with your recommendation of your workflow

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    ...Host-Provider. I would like the job to be done in real time, remotely from my pc. Please write down in the description field if you own a STATIC page hosted in google appengine which you have managed to point and redirect it to your custom domain (Please provide me the url) This is crucial for the project!!! Please do not apply for this job if

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    web application is based on webpack bundled with nodejs framework. Currently facing issue during deploying to google cloud from bitbucket pipelines. if the issue is fixed, we are going to give long term work on this

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    I need someone who is familiar with [login to view URL] and either Jinja2 or Mustache template system... to write me an example code to generate a dynamic response based on POST/GET headers. Example. URL: /login Headers: - username - password Response (JSON) - status - message Using either one of the template system, the mock API will check the

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    ...preferences. - Need a local database that is to replicate any stats to the back-end on the app first open each time. - We are using Google Cloud Platform for back-end services (AppEngine, Datastore, BigQuery) -Design to allow ability to upload new meditations, titles and background images to back-end Future requirements -Mechanism for apis in the

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    ...messy codebase. ----Project Languages---- CoffeeScript Less HTML5 PHP MySQL The base application layer that the current version is built on top of is Python 2.7/Jinja2 (ported from an old Google App Engine version). Currently rewriting the base layer is not in the project scope. The application itself runs on AWS. ----Project Workflow

    $34 / hr (Avg Bid)
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    I have a blog framework written in flask and python with google app engine as the base. I have data in evernote (whi...evernote (which can be accessed through their API )and integrated into this blog framework. Essentially, this project is about putting together data from evernote into a google appengine data base and rendering in a flask template.

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    ...candidate should have at least 2 years of experience in all or most of the languages and tools listed below: The Python programming language HTML CSS JavaScript Jinja2 templates Bootstrap jQuery CKAN Before you apply: The documentation for CKAN theme creation can be found here: [login to view URL]

    $172 (Avg Bid)
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    ...candidate should have at least 2 years of experience in all or most of the languages and tools listed below: The Python programming language HTML CSS JavaScript Jinja2 templates Bootstrap jQuery CKAN Before you apply: The documentation for CKAN theme creation can be found here: [login to view URL]

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    Make smarty template work on App Engine Flexible Environment. Need to write the smarty cache files for storage buckets smarty template, https:...Environment. Need to write the smarty cache files for storage buckets smarty template, [login to view URL] App Engine Flexible Environment, [login to view URL]

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    Hi there! I've a script written on .NET and I need translation to Python. So there is no need to think what to do, or anything else... only translation to Python! The code is written and has 500 lines. The script will be running on a Google App Engine instance, so I need to automatically run once a day. It uses G Suite Admin SDK API, Calendar API and Gmail API. It needs to be authentica...

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    Linux Python Fetch data from an existing database using SQLAlchemy and present it using HTML, CSS, Javascript, and/or Jinja2. Flask is used as the web framework. This statistics must be incorporated into an existing codebase.

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    ...with three input screens. The inputs are currently collected via [login to view URL] and stored into a session dict that is sent between flask and the html pages. The html pages use jinja2, e.g. to build the right number of input fields. Further, the sessions can be saved into an sqlite db and loaded later on. I need the following three tasks: - Include a

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    i have a google app engine project that has jinja templates and a html file with style sheets and js . i am not able to successfully configure them and deploy with css...able to successfully configure them and deploy with css effects. Can you please go through my directory settings and [login to view URL] files and help deploy them both locally and in appengine

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    ...goal of the project is to put together a small website to display the contents of a Sqlite database. Requirements: The server needs to be written in python using flask, jinja2 and bootstrap. The data is stored in a Sqlite database as protocol buffers (see [login to view URL]) in string format. I’ll provide code to

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    I need a new website. I need you to design and build it. I need you to integrate [login to view URL] with [login to view URL] I should get a code hostable on app engine. People should be able to login using their google ID's and Leave comments in QuillJS rich text editor. There must

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    Making an existing prototype into a fully functional site. Requires you to have knowledge of Jinja2 templates, python and the flask framework. You will be tasked with integrating the front end JS heavy booking into a new style. So you will need to be amazing a JS. You will work to a specification of what is required. You will modify the existing JS

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    ...dirty LESS files (remove unused styles and re-order) -Cleaning dirty JS -Correct minor JS bugs Our websites are built on Google App Engine using the webapp2 framework and jinja2 template. We use simple Bootstrap 3 and jquery in most parts. There is a "customer area" built with Angular. Basic python knowledge might be helpful to understand what the

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    ...Currently we are sending all of our e-mails using the Google App Engine Mail Python Api: [login to view URL] We want to start sending some important e-mails using Sendgrid instead: [login to view URL] There are currently 4 webapp2 RequestHandler classes that we want to change to

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    Looking for a developer with AppEngine experience to help with an eCommerce project.

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    I have an opensource node.js app that is loading data from a wrong source. I need to update it to pick data from...it. I tried updating the base URL but the app still seems to load data from a different source. The app is hosted on appengine and needs to work correctly there. Should be an easy task for someone with experience in Node + appengine.

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    Take the existing project which is live and re-design the front end to work with Material. It will need to also work with the existing templates jinja2 and the templates should be ported over. You will provide a woking copy of the updated site, with all the existing features, everything you see in the templates. You will make best use of the Material

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