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    Produce a Discord integration extension for an unreleased software product - The software consists of a Mac app with an extension API - The extension is run in tight conjunction with the Mac app and will require an Apple Silicon (M1 or M2) based Mac for development and testing. - The extension consists of two components - A foreground UI, written in HTML and JavaScript, used for configuration - A background data processing program, written in Typescript and running in Deno, used to service requests from the Mac App for data via the Discord API. Estimated effort: - We expect the project to be a few days of actual work including bug fixing, but we’d recommend you interleave this with other work, since you might need to pause work and wait as we ...

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    This server suffered HDD failure or HDD COntroller failure. Dell support has been less than useless in helping with this. The server had 8 VMs running, using VMWare. Will need someone local to our Area, Windsor - London - Sarnia, Ontario, Canada I'm looking to restore my existing server using VMware virtualization software. The business I am representing has been established for a while now, and is in need of a reliable server to store and manage our data. We require a knowledgeable individual who has experience working with Dell servers as well as VMWare for restoring our current system. If you think you are the right person to complete this task, please contact me so that we can discuss the details further. Thanks for your time.

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    ...task to find the right partner for onging work on this topic. Expected solution time: in a few weeks, we focus on quality-delivery & honest-estimation more than "quick & dirty" or "overseller" Your task is to help us to build the evil side ;-) windows (we provide linux) Ideally you have also mac experiences too In the case you have to build a dll of pjsip for windows, which detects incoming SIP/VoIP calls and take over tasks managed in a issue tracker for the java, c++ side and for linux, windows and mac Examples: ) So the app has to work on a desktop (windows, linux, macOS)

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    objective c in ios 6 days left

    i need ios developer who knows objective c. need to work on my mac book through remote access

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    I am looking for someone to configure VMWare VSAN and Fault Tollerance. The type of system to be used is VMware ESXi. The configuration will require knowledge and expertise in server hardware, SAN storage, and networking infrastructure. The main goal is to implement fault tolerance. Experience with VMware ESX, VMware ESXi and VMWare vSAN are necessary. Depending upon the type and complexity of the project, the total time of completion will differ. If you feel you possess the knowledge and experience required to complete this project, please contact me.

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    ...these fire and explosion accidents. Given these challenges, it is difficult to see an effective solution for charging EV batteries safely and in minutes. A considerable budget is being allocated to constructing an ineffective grid of slow charging stations (SCSs) with the false belief that throwing good money at the problem will resolve these issues. SCS infrastructure is not an effective way of addressing these problems. While the issue of fires is somewhat addressed, the issue of extended charging times is still without a solution. Our proposed technology allows you to be part of this revolutionized thinking about EV charging and lead the way toward sustainable clean, green futuristic transportation. ...

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    I am looking for a skilled Remote Support Engineer to provide support for hardware and software related issues. Specifically, I need assistance with Windows,Mac, software and printers hardware. The scope of work requires the support of 1-3 engineers, depending on the complexity or number of tasks that require assistance. The Remote Support Engineer needs to have a wide range of technical knowledge and experience, ranging from troubleshooting network, WiFi problems, internet connection issues and printer setup to programming and system configuration/administration. The ideal candidate must have exceptional communication skills and the ability to work independently, as well as in a team dynamic. The role of the Remote Support Engineer is to be the first point of contact between ou...

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    Produce a Discord integration extension for an unreleased software product - The software consists of a Mac app with an extension API - The extension is run in tight conjunction with the Mac app and will require an Apple Silicon (M1 or M2) based Mac for development and testing. - The extension consists of two components - A foreground UI, written in HTML and JavaScript, used for configuration - A background data processing program, written in Typescript and running in Deno, used to service requests from the Mac App for data via the Discord API. Estimated effort: - We expect the project to be a few days of actual work including bug fixing, but we’d recommend you interleave this with other work, since you might need to pause work and wait as we ...

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    Winchester - Site Plan Update 5 days left

    I am in need of a professional to update the existing site plan for my Winchester project by placing a structure on an existing survey and making adjustments to proper scale. I will have the structure in AutoCAD so will need to transpose it to the survey. This does not involve creating a new plan or surv...structure in AutoCAD so will need to transpose it to the survey. This does not involve creating a new plan or surveying existing conditions. I do not need a hard copy of the end product, and the site plan does not need to be certified by an engineer. I need someone who is knowledgeable in the field of AutoCAD and can provide expertise to complete this project. Also, I have AutoCAD 2021 on my Mac but once file is updated, I will need directions on how to print to PDF the upda...

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    I have a working Xamarin Forms application. It runs on the IOS Simulator without problem but wen i try to run it on the device or build a release version i have this error unable to build chain to self signed... I need someone with experience publishing IOS Apps from Visual Studio for Mac. The task is to connect remotely to my machine and do the required tasks. The final results are 1. The app running on a local device and 2. The App published to the store. Please only apply if you have the experience.

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    I would like a MAC-compatible python script that works as follows: 1- I would like to upload a csv list of multiple vehicle Identification numbers or VIN# (see sample ) 2- I would like to enter each VIN in the list on this website 3- I would like to extract all vehicle information fields for each VIN (see attached ) 4- Export a csv file including all extracted fields for each VIN on separate lines and columns See attached file **Script must be MAC compatible**

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    ***** Only Reply if you have read this and have direct Google geolocation experieince *** **** Do not private message me ***** We are using google api for geolocation, specifically we are using Googles storage of wifi mac addresses to get location. The input is a mas address or series of mac addresses with signal level and the output should be location. Our developer is struggling and needs a little direction. If you have experince and can help him for a few hours we will award a very short project. Please reply with 'I have direct Google geolocation api for wifi mac address' Thank you

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    Create an Apple Mail Extension application that uses OpenAIs API to help auto-suggest text while writing or replying to an email. The tools should work like the following: Can be the following: Can be triggered manually using a shortcut (say command+space) The prompt sent to the model includes the email thread you're responding to. If the email chain is too long it needs to be truncated. Can complete entire emails ACCEPTANCE CRITERIA: Self contained Xcode Project, that runs after configuring OpenAI API Key. Bounty hunter must have experience working with Xcode and Mac projects. Ideally with Mail. UX should me minimalistic. Can be a simple menu or system buttons. Code is not publish, should be shared. Bounty Hunter must be professional, meet deadlines and respo...

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    Mac and Electron Developer 4 days left

    I am looking for an experienced Mac and Electron developer to join my team. Specifically, I need an intermediate-level programmer who is skilled in both Mac OS and the Electron Platform. I am looking for someone to do some UI update in an existing program. The project requires knowledge of the different operating systems, as well as familiarity with coding and design principles. This is an opportunity to gain valuable experience working on a unique project, and to join an innovative team of developers. If you have the right skill set, please submit your proposal. I look forward to hearing from you!

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    I am in need of a macOS Finder plugin that scans the content of pdfs and suggests a name to save them as when I select the file in Mac Finder. For example, if a document is about climate change, the software could classify it as a "climate change" document and suggest a name such as "". It should use an NLP model to scan the document. I hope to use a pre-trained model from libraries such as spaCy, NLTK or AllenNLP to classify the documents. I do not need a custom model. NLTK provides several pre-trained models for classifying text into categories or topics, such as the NaiveBayesClassifier and the DecisionTreeClassifier, which could be used for naming documents based on their content. It does not need to track any additional data or use any encryption for the f...

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    we are looking for an expert on RPA who is able to solve common tasks via RPA. But you are also a tutor and trainer for the users to show them how to modify or how to use the RPA for their special use cases. We will start with a CRM import of contact details from websitses. mandatory requirements: - you are exp...solve common tasks via RPA. But you are also a tutor and trainer for the users to show them how to modify or how to use the RPA for their special use cases. We will start with a CRM import of contact details from websitses. mandatory requirements: - you are expert on RPA - you can well explain - you can help to setup the environment on all machines using RPA - your solution works under windows, mac (and ideally also linux) - you can proof your expertise by demoing the...

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    I want to create a python script that scrapes the following product information on any e-commerce website - Product Page URL - Brand Name - Description - Price - Image URL To do so, I would like the script to prompt me to: 1. Enter the URL of a typical product page on a website. 2. Enter the brand name on the product page. 3. Enter the product description on the product page. 4. Enter 3. Enter the product description on the product page. 4. Enter the price on the product page 5. Enter the main image URL Once I enter the following information, I want the script to determine a location for each of this information Once the locations are determined, the script should scrape the same information for all other products on the same website. **Note the script should work on ...

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    Mobile App 7 days left

    I have already an Mobile App with Net Maui. I just need to publish the app to App Store from Visual Studio 2022 on Windows. I have my Apple Developer Account and I have a Mac just for validation and certificate creation

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    Topic: Building a sentiment classifier for Twitter Semeval competitions involve addressing different challenges pertaining to the extraction of meaning from text (semantics). The organisers of those competitions provide a dataset and a task, so that different participants can develop their system. In this exercise, we will focus on the Task 4 of Semeval 2017 (). We will focus particularly on Subtask A, i.e. classifying the overall sentiment of a tweet as positive, negative or neutral. As part of the classification task, you will need to preprocess the tweets. You may want to tweak your preprocessing code to deal with particularities of tweets, e.g. #hashtags or @user mentions. Exercise guidelines • Data: The training, development

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    ...ensure products are developed to meet customer needs, safety standards, and regulatory requirements Conduct stability testing and product performance evaluations to ensure product efficacy and safety Document formulations and processes, including ingredient sourcing, batch sizes, and manufacturing procedures Continuously improve existing products by incorporating customer feedback and addressing any quality issues Participate in the development of marketing materials, product training, and presentations to support product launches and promotions Qualifications: Bachelor's degree in Chemistry, Biology, or related field Minimum of 3 years of experience in product formulation for bath, body, and wellness products Experience with natural and organic...

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    ...Website Maintenance (Freelance) Job Description: We are seeking a skilled Shopify Expert to maintain our Shopify and WordPress websites. The ideal candidate will have experience in managing e-commerce websites and will be responsible for ensuring the smooth running of our online store and WordPress blog. The role will involve performing regular updates, backups, and security checks, as well as addressing any issues that may arise. Responsibilities: Perform regular updates to Shopify and WordPress platforms, plugins, and themes Monitor website security and perform regular backups Troubleshoot and fix any technical issues that may arise Optimize website speed and performance Implement website enhancements and new features as needed Collaborate with the marketing team to implemen...

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    I have a project that involves creating an automated wiring diagram publishing system in ReactJS, and I'm looking for reliable freelancers to help me bring it to completion. The wiring diagrams will be completion. The wiring diagrams will be available from relational database tables in the form of a JSON with information about the connectors and the individual connections between each pin of one connector with the other. This wiring diagram system will be used by technicians to look at illustration related to the connectivity of various connectors, thereby improving their efficiency when addressing customer issues. I'm looking for freelancers with experience in ReactJS and backend database technologies who can help me create a reliable system for automated wiring...

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    ...that offers a variety of government and unordinary burger combinations. Along with the classic burger, Puzzle's menu features burgers with unusual toppings such as creamy or crunchy peanut butter, apples, celery, capicola, salami, giardiniera, and even an Impossible Burger patty for vegans. Puzzle's also serves a variety of sides including chili, fried mac & cheese, onion rings, and fries with toppings such as cheese, jalapeños, and even mac & cheese. If you're feeling adventurous with your burger choice, Puzzle's is the perfect spot to try something new and exciting. I would like the website to look very clean and professional. I'm looking for a website to showcase the menu options, show off the photos, be easy to navigate and all...

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    Project Details - 1. Job location -Remote 2. Key qualifications - Need a Mac Book & Knowledge of uploading Application in Apple Store, Flutter. 3. IOS Application is ready to be uploaded in the Store. I have my own Id and account for the same. Just need to upload it according to guidlines and get it live. I have a paid account already so you don't have to pay anything. 4. My budget is approx 2000 INR. If you have concerns talk to me. 5. Time - Need to be done in approximately a day. Mostly work is done. So shouldn't take much time. Thanks

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    I have an external Time Machine backup drive but I no longer have a Macintosh desktop computer. I would like to have someone recover the photos on the backup and convert them to jpg files so I can view them on my PC.

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    I have an android device and the SDK. I need by pressing a specific button of the device to start scanning for Wi-fi networks and Bluetooth devices and list their names / mac address and the signal strength indicator . No further actions required, like connecting and communication with those networks. Just scan and list them. Attached are some pictures just as reference

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    I need to replace my simple single page website with something similar, but updated with cleaner modern code and optimized for multiple devices. The page should: 1. Look like the current one with the logo centered in the middle and information/links running across the bottom, no matter the device or resolution or orientation (PC, Mac, iPhone, iPad, Android etc., retina and non-retina, horizontal and vertical) 2. The text at the bottom of the current page will be replaced with 8 icons linking to various social media sites, similar to the ‘Verve’ website picture attached 3. All of the icons and logos will preferably use the SVG format to maintain perfect clarity, no matter the device, resolution or orientation 4. All metadata for keywords, titles, img alt descriptions...

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    ...address per row). 2) Then go to a certain email marketing platform, search for that email, open the subscriber's profile, update one field to a specific value, and save. 3) Return to the google spreadsheet and give a yellow background color to the row with that email. 4) Move on to the next email in the google spreadsheet, until all emails are done. My browser is Chrome and my operating system is Mac. The delivery should be in the form of a simple script I can run easily without installing additional things. For example: a Javascript file with an explanation of how to run it. Comments: You can make your own google spreadsheet for testing, or I can provide it to you. I will also give the name of the email marketing platform, but I cannot give my user access. You can open yo...

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    I am seeking consulting help setting up my home lab for running VMware Tanzu TKG. I have an Intel NUC with 64GB Intel Core i7-1260P 12 Core. I have ESXi and VSphere loaded on it. I would like to initially purchase 1-2 hours of your time to join a Microsoft Teams meeting so you can help be better understand Tanzu and I can share a screen for you to help me get Tanzu working. Depending on how that goes, I may also be interested in purchasing some of your time to help create a script to set everything up from scratch. We could possibly start with the script from William Lam () Please let me know if this is something you might be interested in. Thanks.

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    ...I have faced, I have attempted to create the MSIX package using three different tools: MSIX Packaging Tool, MSIX Hero, and Visual Studio using UWP. When using Visual Studio, I encountered difficulties launching the program even with FullTrust, and the installer failed to install the .exe file. On the other hand, MSIX Hero allowed me to open the program after installation, but I struggled with addressing the certificate issue and Microsoft Store credentials. I managed to edit the manifest using MSIX Packaging Tool, but the result was not satisfactory. Ideally, I would like to achieve the desired outcome using Visual Studio. Using Desktop-bridge might be a solution, but i have not gotten it right yet. Please

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    We are looking for an experienc...Barosys software to make it responsive and adaptable to different screen sizes. Barosys is a Java Desktop software built using JavaFX. Se the app here: The work involves: Adapting the user interface to make it responsive and adjust to different screen sizes. Implementing responsive layouts to ensure that the application remains usable on all devices. Identifying and addressing any existing issues or bugs related to the user interface. Ensuring that the redesign is consistent with the existing functionality of the application. If you are an experienced JavaFX developer and have design skills, please submit your proposal with examples of past work and your availability for the project. We are looking forward to your application!

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    ...for background operations of pjsip until some event is happening (icoming or outgoing call) MS4: package pjsip app in a custom installer which asks the user on first starting in a very simplistic UI, about the required SIP account details What are our requirements? - your code passes checkstyle, pmd and spotbugs (we will share you a git repo with eclipse settings) - JDK17 - maven - runs on win, mac m1/intel, linux (later on android + ios) - create a model class representing the input of your function - create a service class implementing the logic - create a unit test, which tests the service class - we do NOT need a UI, we only need the model + service method to access the logic via JUnit - if you need libs selenium or apache commons are fine. Other libs NEED prior clearance -...

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    Business Development Manager 22 hours left

    ...effective sales strategy. The goal is to drive sustainable financial growth through boosting sales and forging strong relationships with clients. Responsibilities Develop a growth strategy focused both on financial gain and customer satisfaction Conduct research to identify new markets and customer needs Arrange business meetings with prospective clients Promote the company’s products/services addressing or predicting clients’ objectives Prepare sales contracts ensuring adherence to law-established rules and guidelines Keep records of sales, revenue, invoices etc. Provide trustworthy feedback and after-sales support Build long-term relationships with new and existing customers Develop entry level staff into valuable salespeople Requirements and skills Proven workin...

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    ...solution for this. I am web developer. I have food ordering website. which is just pure html/css/angular/php. there is no wordpress or other framework. I need to print order information for kitchen team from this website. I have purchased 2 Printer for testing purpose. 1. Rongta POS Printer, 80mm Direct Thermal Receipt Printer with Auto Cutter, USB Serial Ethernet Interface, Support Windows/Mac/Linux Cash Drawer, Restaurant Kitchen Printer for ESC/POS (

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    I'm looking for a software developer to create a desktop projection mapping application for Windows and Mac. Projection mapping is the process of using software to manipulate the output of a projector or other extended display. The closest precedent for the software concept is MapMap (), which allows users to pull around corner handles in order to warp and manipulate a projector's output. MadMapper () is another good point of reference. Upon opening the software, the user would be met with a prompt to confirm that their projector is correctly set up as an external extended display, with some links to instructional videos on how to do this. Then, the user would be presented with a canvas automatically sized to the resolution of the connected

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    ...process, including matching au pairs with host families, arranging travel logistics, and providing pre-departure orientation and support. · Ensure that all necessary documentation and legal requirements are met, both for the au pairs and the host families. · Provide ongoing support to both the au pairs and the host families throughout the placement period, including monitoring their well-being, addressing any issues or concerns, and facilitating communication and conflict resolution. · Maintain accurate and up-to-date records and documentation, including applicant files, placement agreements, and program evaluations. · Represent the organization in a professional and positive manner at all times, building and maintaining relationships with partner orga...

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    I am involved in a project where I need to run a free non-paid software in a vmware guest with Windows 10 that actually does run only on physical machines. The Virtual Guest can in fact be configured in such a way that the software runs, except that I am not an expert in it. If this is a field in which you are good please bid. My budget is 100€. Thanks!

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    Hello! I'm looking for help turning my ideas into reality. I'm looking for someone to create a web-based software prototype that features moderate complexity. This prototype must be compatible with Windows and Mac, across different web browsers and should be as smart, intuitive, and user-friendly as possible. It's my hope that, with the help of an experienced and talented freelancer, I can design an amazing prototype with the potential to blaze the trail to a great start-up. If you think that you're the right person for the job, please reach out!

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    I need a simple black and white logo treatment. Should be a fierce leaping salmon inside a circle/donut with the name Blackwater Group Ireland around the edge (in the donut ring) or outside -- somewhere. Up to the the designer. Logo should be all black with with a reverse option for all cut out or black and white text. Logo should be editable so I can change the color in Mac Keynote when necessary. Important: The design should be clean and easy to work with so the less complex the better. For example, if the text is a cut through font then the copy/color behind where it is placed should be visible with no editing to the logo necessary etc.

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    Need to upload pdf file to android device using adbkit in angularjs.

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    need mac os to build a python project using pyinstaller start your reply with "mac"

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    A MAC app which is replica of our windows desktop app. Details to be provided to the hired candidate.

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    Need help on setting up eveng on a vmware workstation machine For viptela SDWAN setup .

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    ...hosts in a table style list, showing the name, the hostname/ip detail view of one host - on click on the host, show 2 buttons: ... - open sesame, which fires in the given order with the given max timeout the port connections ... - close sesame, which fires in the reverse order the given max timeout the port connections your flutter app needs to run under iOS, android and desktop (windows, linux, mac) What are our requirements? - latest stable flutter version - use best practices of flutter - well documented code, means inline, function/methods are documented by means of flutter best practices, evtl. classes too - create a model class representing the input of your function - create a service class implementing the logic - create a unit test, which tests the service class - de...

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    Hi Muhammed, We are currently using Sonicwall firewall and are having issues with VPN reliability. We are looking for someone to help us trouble shoot and identify what or where the issues may be. We have a remote user using a mac accessing both Mac and PC issue on our end and she either randomly can't connect or gets booted out randomly. Is this something you can help us with?

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    ...for customer issues. • Work with vendors to remediate complex AV issues as needed. • Provide timely communication on issue status and resolution. • Maintain ticket updates for all reported incidents. • Install, upgrade, support and troubleshoot XP, Windows 7, Windows 8.1, Windows 10 and Microsoft Office 2010, Cisco Jabber, another authorized desktop application. • Should have basic knowledge of Mac operating system, to support Apple pc users. • Install, upgrade, support and troubleshoot for printers, computer hardware. • Performs general preventative maintenance tasks on computers, laptops, printers. • Performs remedial repairs on Desktops, laptops, printers and any other authorized peripheral equipment. • Use diagnostic tools to tro...

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    ... Ensure the booking system can handle combined bookings of airfares and travel packages. Perform thorough testing to ensure the integrated system works flawlessly across various devices and browsers. Collaborate with our web development team to address any front-end design changes necessary to accommodate the new integration. Provide ongoing support and maintenance for the integrated system, addressing any issues or updates as needed, during the contract period. Requirements: Proven experience with API integration, preferably in the travel industry. Strong knowledge of the Duffel flight API and its capabilities. Proficiency in programming languages such as JavaScript, PHP, or Python. Experience with booking systems and payment gateways. Excellent problem-solving and critical th...

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    79 bids