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    We are looking for a person who can achieve channel bonding- Like (speedify- google it), we want to combine all available WiFi, 3G/4G, and wired Internet connections to create a single, faster and secure Internet connection on any iOS, Android, macOS, and Windows device. Furthermore, we would like to achieve various other features for users. One of them is the boost on internet reliability and speed through the combination of every available VPN, 3G, 4G, and Wi-Fi and using state-of-art encryption standards. We are ready to give you this project immediately once you understand and explain this project, technology overview end to end how it works- This is very important to make any further discussions. Thanks in advance

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    Looking for developer to help us build Bluetooth plugin for Arduino RN4678 for multiple Windows, Mac OS, Android & iOS. The bluetooth plugin should have a way to send & receive data to & from the bluetooth device and should be able to work for Bluetooth Classic & Bluetooth LE. Thanks for reading and looking forward working with the best candidate for the job.

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    Despite following the steps on this page, I keep getting errors, the latest being: /Library/Java/JavaVirtualMachines/ --module-path /path/to/JavaFX/lib --add-modules= -Djava.library.path=/Users/edmiidz/Downloads/openjfx/javafx-sdk-18.0.1/lib -javaagent:/Applications/IntelliJ -Dfile.encoding=UTF-8 -classpath /Volumes/8TB/Code Samples/Ex_Files_JavaFX_GUI_Dev/Ch01/01_03/01_03_complete/out/production/01_03_complete:/Users/edmiidz/Downloads/openjfx/javafx-sdk-18.0.1/lib/:/Users/edmiidz/Downloads/openjfx/javafx-sdk-18.0.1/lib/:/Users/edmiidz/Downloads/openjfx/javafx-sdk-18.0.1/lib/:/Users/edmiidz/Downloads/openjfx/javafx-sdk-18.0.1/lib/:/Users/edmiidz/Downloads/openjfx/javafx-sdk-18.0.1/lib/:/Users/edmiidz/Downloads/openjfx/javafx...

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    I would like to have a custom software developed that does the following job: 1) I provide a certain website (a set of URLs, to be specific) 2) That particular website shows availability of tickets to different matches and is refreshed every few minutes 3) In the custom software there is an interface where the user can c... a notification should be sent -- this needs to be Whatsapp, Email and/or text Variables the user can choose set: 1) Which matches / events should be checked --> ideally by checkboxes 2) For which category the notification should be sent (e.g. Category 1, or 2 or 3) (not must have, nice to have) 3) The email and phone number where notifications should be sent Ideally this would run on MacOS, or cloud-based. Serious bids only, please. Timeline: 1-2 ...

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    1. Environment: MacOS latest 2. Use case: 1) I drop html files into a folder regularly; 2) I need a converter to convert the html files to pdf files (file name unchanged) whenever the html file is detected. 3) I can make simple configuration of pdf, such as pagiated or just a single full page. 3. Possible solutions: 1) I have Automator (from MacOS system) and Hazel (automation tool); 2) Applescript with wkhtmltopdf or pandoc, but I don't know how to make it work in batches;

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    This is a design job. You have to invent headlines, chose photos, colours, fonts and in the end the design is a 1800px by 600px 300dpi PSD advert delivered in JPEG ready to upload to web. Because of database, fonts management, and AppleScripting workflow automation we are MacOS only.

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    Hi, we need to modify the gui of an existing software for a cnc machine written in QT. also we need to make some improvements like support 4th axis and probing cycles. so we need a person who know something about CNC machines! Or if not know CNC machine is open to explore this world.

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    ...requirements range to make the job even easier for you so I will only require “the app we seek to develop” to work on Mac OS operating systems starting from Mojave to Monterey instead of Yosemite to Monterey 1- I will give you a fixed list of 15 MacOs apps (patched + free) So you can embed this application list and configure their installation steps in “the app we seek to develop” ---------- 2- I will need you to insure this fixed application list will work smoothly and going to be installed automatically one after another “Auto-Run” in MacOs operating systems starting from Mojave to Monterey selecting the correct versions that works with M1 processors or a specific operating systems autonomously. ---------- 3- To ensure if any Mac...

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    Create a standalone OCR application with a always on single button to launch, capture the screenshot, ocr the text and parse it with anchor keywords. Present a text box and drop down to add some notes with heading and email it using coded smtp details to a central mail box. The drop down values should be from a webservice Application coul dbe run on macos and windows. Needs to lightweight with a single installer.

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    Experienced MacOS / Swift Support Programmer Needed I have designed and programmed the initial cut at a Generative Art graphics program intended as an MacOS desktop application. All the programming at this point has been done in Swift 5.1 using Storyboards and the PocketSVG package for displaying and manipulating SVG images. I would like to hire an experienced programmer to help me whip the app into shape and get it ready to submit to the Apple App Store, hopefully by this October. I am an artist and hobby-level programmer, and am looking to hire a professional MacOS developer for task-specific jobs, preferably someone who has experience developing and debugging Mac desktop apps, and preferably someone with some graphics experience. Having worked on an app curr...

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    ...platforms. For macOS, we plan to provide a CryptoTokenKit provider that can be used by Xcode, Xcodebuild and codesign, and that talks to our backend service for actual signing operations. We also need an installer that does not require user interaction. We already provide a cross-platform C++ library that connects to the backend, which does the actual crypto operations. A few modifications might be necessary on our side. You will need basic applied cryptography knowledge. You must understand the concepts of code signing, certificate management, and smart card key access in macOS (although no physical smart cards will actually be used). You will contribute platform-specifc knowledge to a team of experienced software developers. Proposals must show required skills ...

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    I need someone to implement a simple Flutter App in plain DART that can run on iOS, Android, macOS & windows. It should be a simple Image Gallery app with the following features: - load images (thumbnails) from sqlite database based on SQL query (using the moor/drift library for database IO) - pinch to zoom gesture (on iOS/Android) to scale the gallery element size (+/- keys on desktop) - infinit scrolling ListView as base (using pagination) <- core work package - very simple search field on the top to start a query on a 'year' column - all images shall be cropped to a square format It is very important and will be of highest priority that the resulting code is: - efficient and low memory footprint - well structured into classes and files - documented in code - mini...

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    I am looking for swift developer for macOS project. Just need 4~5 screens and some api integration.. If you are an expert, it would not take so much times.. Bid only if you are available just now.. Thanks.

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    I am new to Swift and face a compilation issue "Expected module declaration" (etc). The project is a macOS command line app. It used to compile fine. I am looking for some help via remote access (Anydesk or Teamviewer). To avoid spam bids, please mention "Teamviewer" in your bid and mention when you would be available for screen sharing (day and time). From my side, the project can start today.

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    I have a set of screens ready in sketch, I need to add some 8 more screens using the same look and colour scheme. Whover bids must have acess to the Sketch, a graphic design program available primarily for macOS and must have worked on sketch before.

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    This project is to build a pilot application to test an idea, that is, an automated testing tool to ensure that a computer (MacOS or Ubuntu) are going to meet minimum requirements or prerequisites. - Source code: Python version 3.x - Code must be richly commented, explaining what each part of the code does. Code steps: 1. Execute Python code from command line (either on MacOS or Ubuntu) 2. Code reads the json file containing a list of applications to test and their command-line instructions, or a list of websites to test by opening browser. Command-line example: java --version Web example: 3. Code completes the list of applications as listed in json file. 4. Code also dumps the results of all the command-line content into a text file. Done. Full program detai...

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    ...we would like to implement these macOS-only features to the app (without breaking any existing features for windows or the web) ● allow users to buy in-app purchases ○ customers will buy X number of lookups for some amount ○ implement the flow for triggering the apple in-app purchases in the main process ○ on successful completion of the purchase, save the number of purchased lookups in the application storage in the main process ○ make sure that customers cannot update the purchased lookups, like saving the data in an encrypted form so users can't update it ○ allow the browser window (react application) to get the purchased lookups from the main process () ● Show macOS incoming call's phone number on our app ○ intercept a call coming on the macOS using ...

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    Our IOS application needs the framework and related dependencies upgraded so that the code can support at least MacOs version 12.

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    We would like to use Privileges app to elevate MacOS standard users’ access (to admin) just for 5 minutes (App homepage added at the end). The way the app has been designed from its developers works in a different way. You can click it from the OSX doc and that would enable indefinite admin access for the user, until the icon is clicked again. You can also right click it from the doc and select “Toggle privileges”, and that would give just a temp admin access, which is what we want (Note the number “5” in the second screenshot below, which means “5 minutes”). So ideally we would like to remove the indefinite access and make the app working just as from the “Toggle” option. In this case the user would only be able to get admin a...

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    I need a proposal for the best setup of how to work on Org Mode files on both the iPad and the Mac. Based on the proposal I want to be able to implement this setup on my devices. Context: - Currently I use Spacemacs, see - My Org files (see ) are in one folder and version controlled via Git - Currently I am not yet using any subfolders What I would like to have is the best setup, so that I can work on the iPad and the Mac with the same files. - The files should be automatically synchronized between the devices. - I'd like to also be able to access the files on my iPhone. - I want to keep version controlling the files with Git on my Mac. There is no need that the version controlling can be triggered from the iPad or iPhone. Org mode features which I use: - Regular outline with not...

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    Hello, I need an expert to help me figure some things out on Mac OS. We have our own Soft-Phone that is VoIP/SIP and would like to use it to answer calls on a Mac. Is this even possible? See the image, now when a call comes in I get the Accept / Decline pop up to answer the call on my Mac but I want to use our Soft-Phone instead of Apples. Please let me know if this is possible and if so your bid to complete this project, our app is not in React.js and compiled in Electron. Thank you!

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    Develop a framework in Swift (for use in iOS, macOS and iPadOS) that is capable of calculating the astrological position of the following planets/stars: Sun, Moon, True Node of Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto and Chiron. Input: UTC Timestamp, Planet/Star - Output: Position in degrees in the chart (value in degrees only, no graphical representation) I used to use SwissEph for this, but due to licensing restrictions I have to avoid it. If you have specific questions please let me know.

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    I have just liked to become now APPLE MAC´s selling easily, since I know an importer of that goods ..... I just had liked to even make it possible that we create a webpage... selling Apple´s iMAC computers... using a HACKINTOSH auto-installer... OK!?!?!?!?!??! IMPORTANT!!!!!!! I REALLY MUST HAVE IT ALL PREPARED !!!!!

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    Make the Moshier AA algorithm (see ) accessible as a Swift framework. Goal is to make the Moshier AA algorithm a Swift Framework that is accessible from iOS, iPadOS and macOS apps, which are developed using Swift (not Objective-C). Provide reasonable methods, classes, structs, enums and everything needed to call the functions and features of the framework from outside. Goal is to calculate ephemeris for a given location (longitude, latitude, altitude) for a given date (Gregorian date and UTC time) for a given planet (like Sun, Moon, Mercury, ...). If you find it easier to migrate the code completely to Swift, that's fine as well. However, I think interfacing with the C code may be less workload.

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    We have a python script that does an Over-The-Air update to our custom hardware from a linux machine. There are some libraries that give it a hard time installing and running on MacOS. Would like someone to modify this script to get it to work on MacOS. I have the devices and can help debug/run the script to see how it's working. Can not send you a device. Below is error Traceback (most recent call last): File "/Users/michael/Code/intake/BLE_OTA/", line 1, in <module> import bluetooth ModuleNotFoundError: No module named 'bluetooth'

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    We have a python script that does an Over-The-Air update to our custom hardware from a linux machine. There are some libraries that give it a hard time installing and running on MacOS. Would like someone to modify this script to get it to work on MacOS. I have the devices and can help debug/run the script to see how it's working. Can not send you a device. Below is error Traceback (most recent call last): File "/Users/michael/Code/intake/BLE_OTA/", line 1, in <module> import bluetooth ModuleNotFoundError: No module named 'bluetooth'

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    We have a python script that does an Over-The-Air update to our custom hardware from a linux machine. There are some libraries that give it a hard time installing and running on MacOS. Would like someone to modify this script to get it to work on MacOS. I have the devices and can help debug/run the script to see how it's working. Can not send you a device. Below is error Traceback (most recent call last): File "/Users/michael/Code/intake/BLE_OTA/", line 1, in <module> import bluetooth ModuleNotFoundError: No module named 'bluetooth'

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    We have a python script that does an Over-The-Air update to our custom hardware from a linux machine. There are some libraries that give it a hard time installing and running on MacOS. Would like someone to modify this script to get it to work on MacOS. I have the devices and can help debug/run the script to see how it's working. Can not send you a device. Below is error Traceback (most recent call last): File "/Users/michael/Code/intake/BLE_OTA/", line 1, in <module> import bluetooth ModuleNotFoundError: No module named 'bluetooth'

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    ...which will be released under an MIT licence. The program will: 1) Passively listen for BLE advertisements (endless loop) 2) Call a callback function with the Bluetooth address, the RSSI, and the advertising data payload 3) For development purposes, the callback function will simply print the address, RSSI, and advertising data payload in hex. The Go program must work on Linux (Windows and MacOS support is not required). I have tested the existing GPL library on AMD64 and a Raspberry Pi 4b and it functions correctly. I will provide the GitHub link to the GPL software I tested, but to be clear, no GPL code may be incorporated into this product, and no copyright violations will be tolerated. While not required, if you happen to be familiar with ESP32 programming using the Ar...

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    I have an app designed using Ktolin for android and ios. I wish to convert same for macos and windows

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    7 bids for transport On site installation and testing of Install hardware and software Remote and on-site maintenance of TFP events Hosting capture experiences and directing the public   KEY SKILLS Relevant work experience in a technical environment is a must Experience in basic electrical repairs and soldering Knowledge of networking Excellent troubleshooting and fault finding skills Knowledge of MacOS, Linux a bonus Excellent verbal communication skills, patiently explains complex technical issues in an easy to understand manner Knowledge of photography, film making or lighting a bonus Comfortable interacting with the public and liaising directly with clients   APPLY In the first instance candidates should email with a copy of their CV and cover letter. We regret t...

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    You able to recompile my old software quick basic 4.5 language file .pas (16 bit) into (32 and 64 bit)? QB64 is a free modern extended BASIC programming language that retains QuickBASIC 4.5 compatibility and compiles native binaries for Windows, Linux, and macOS.

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    In this role, you’ll be doing industry research and creating compelling how-tos content for our millions of fans across the globe. We are looking for: Native English speakers. Ability to research and take screenshots for the article. Have great technical experience and knowledge in any of the following OS - Windows, macOS, Android, iOS. Able to self-edit grammatical errors after writing. Knows how to cite sources to give proper attribution. Understands what a great article looks like. Please include: Nationality All Your Devices(Windows/Mac/iOS/Android) Samples you've written relating to how-tos articles. How to Apply? Send your resume and writing samples to me

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    Hey, I have a low budget for that small task: 10$ however it's a good start for a new freelancers to have a good feedback review and it's urgent, need it to be done today The task is very simple, I have a ready NodeJS project and would like to bundle it I'm facing issues in bundling it, will send the repo and the error to the applicants

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    Hi freelancers! I’m looking to create an automation to run on Mac OS version 12.4 and above. I need to videocall a WhatsApp number which is very hard to get the videocall answered. There are many people videocalling and I can get 3 outcomes for each videocall: 1. Busy line (BUSY) 2. Videocalling and no answer until automatic hang up (NO-ANSWER) (like this: ) 3. Videocalling and ANSWERED videocall (SUCCESS-ANSWER) (like this: ) I want to automatize the process so I don’t have to be manually trying to videocall them many times. Here’s what I want: - App to automate: Whatsapp for Mac - OS: Mac OS 12.4 and above - You can use Automate; Python, or whatever you manage the best - Source file(s) (all in full) - Settings file where I can change some parameters: - NUMBER ...

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    Requirements for the job: you work alone (so no recruitment for teams), you have proven experience with Expo and preferably developing on MacOS. I have a WORKING project build with Expo. This is working on iOS. So iPhone is supported. I cannot run it on Android, building fails. So that is part one: make it work on Android. Other task: Add Animation to opening the Sidebar. Animation: open from the left, slide in effect. Click on the overlay on the right, close the Sidebar. After clicking on link on Sidebar, the sidebar should slide back to the left. The Hamburger icon should be the button to open the Menu. This is not working very good now, so that should be fixed too. Download project and video of working example in iOS simulator:

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    Hi I am looking to code sign my macOS application built using zoomSDK and there are some intermediate steps causing problem to sign my application. I am using frameworks like Electron-forge Electron-packager Expert in this domain can bid Thanks in advance.

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    Work according to the linked project along with the associated discussion:

    $30 (Avg Bid)
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    ...Playstore. Our initial Attempt failed as limited knowledge on React-Native Update. It seems the best approach is to upgrade the react-native version to min 0.59.10, where it can have 64 bits. The requirements/skills are as follows: 1- Very good Experience in Android JAVA 2- Very good Experienced React Native developer 3- Experienced Yarn/npm 4- Experienced Android Studio on MAC 5- Experienced MacOS 6- Experienced Google Playstore App upload/submissions NOTES: Work/Project is done on a Remote MacBook Pro Android Studio and will be done online with the Supervisor Manager attending to support the Freelancer developer. TeamViewer access will be given to the Freelance to work on the Remote Macbook. Remote Macbook is located at Melbourne/Australia (AEST time zone) Preferred Hours ...

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    Convert UIKit to for macOS This project requires the use of Swift5 and UIKit; with a run target for iOS (14, iPad) and macOS (optimize interface for Mac) This project: * 17 swift files total * Resolve UIKit layout bugs; and update for mac (large window) -> rewrite! * create one target for macOS which is also a target for iOS * the data (rooms, devices) must be saved using Core Data Data Model * 3 Swift files * The Data Model files import UIKit) -> create correct Swift classes and use CoreData (not UIKit) * create 3 custom cells for the room ListView (use interface builder!) UI * 1 Storyboard, with 10 scenes * 14 Swift files, including: * UITableViewController * UITableViewCell * UIViewController * UIButton * UISegmentedControl * Preference Panel...

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    MAC Screen capture control project. Support O/S: macOS 10, 11, 12, 13 (From Sierra..) Support install / uninstall application ** The following features should be provided: 1. When the user tries to capture, the black screen is captured. (i.e. prevent capture) 2. When the user tries to capture, only the program designated by the admin is captured with a black screen, and other screens should be captured normally. ** If the user does not know the password, the user should not be able to close(terminate) or uninstall the program. ** The program should run automatically when booting.

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    Hello, I have IOS app that is almost outdated and would like to update the app source code available. the app are VPN app that work on IKEv2. the app currently support IOS and would like to add MACOS & iPadOS apple TV support. to check the current app from the link

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    19 bids

    ...Wordpress Security and malware removal for hacked website - Shopify store design for dropshipping with custom theme and app development - REST API design and development - Leveraging Micro-service architecture for system design and development - Monitoring, log aggregation Skills & Technologies: - PHP (Laravel) - Javascript (VueJS/ReactJS), jQuery - HTML, CSS, Adobe XD - MySQL, Redis - Linux, macOS - Nginx, Apache - WHM, Cpanel, Flywheel/WPengine, Docker We need a superior programmer - Website Designing and Development with experience in writing applications/projects from scratch, maintaining existing projects, and maintenance issues. You need to have experience with themes including Avada, beTheme, Divi, Flatsome, Newspaper X, and page builders like Elementor, Bea...

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    $38 / hr Avg Bid
    94 bids

    We want a desktop app for windows and macos this app work with some rest api calling Upload some images from computer to server Image compression Copy file to one directory to another directory with beautiful ui Best UX

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    $719 Avg Bid
    1 bids

    ...e. Stripe transaction ID Milestones: 1- Setup development environment, run build successfully 2- stripe implementation 3- Earned amount UI and backend 4- System to receive payout details 5- Testing, review, validation Conditions: - Freelancer must write clean/commented code. And must refactor code upon instructions - Freelancer must deliver on deadline, without delays. - Freelancer must have MacOS. Must verify that he is able to build and free of errors before starting implementation - Freelancer must commit code to the highest of standards - Freelancer must adequately test before each commit - Freelancer must self-start and not require handholding...

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    50 bids

    I need an ios app which can receive max 4 NDI streams (audio/video) at the same time. - Who have knowledge about NDI technology needs to sign up for this app. - Code needs to be light because stream latency is high prority. - Need to be written in Swift5 and Swift...SwiftUI. - For Newtek NDI SDK you may find it from this link folder : () - There is a NDI sender example for ios in this folder and from this github link : (). - UI preview is attached as jpg in this project. - App should work on iphones, ipads(mostly M1 chips) and Macos(has M1 chip). - NDI streams needs to be discovered on settings by pressing refresh. - NDI streams needs to be Full NDI, not NDI HX.

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    It is necessary to develop a mobile mobile app on iOS Unity - "Higher Volleybal". The application must be made on MacOS. The developer must have an iPhone, Macbook, or iPad, because the application will be tested on these devices. Description of task here:

    $79 (Avg Bid)
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