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    I am searching for a Linux proficient SLAX expert to perform advanced system integration tasks. Key Services Required: - System configuration on Linux OS using SLAX (DEBIAN) - OPENVPN & NETWORKMANAGER MODULES. Ideal freelancers should display: - Proven expertise in SLAX and Linux. - MUST BE ABLE TO CREATE CUSTOM MODULES - Extensive background in system configuration. - Up-to-date knowledge of advanced integration methods. Take note: This project requires more than basic or intermediate configurations and solutions. Only advanced SLAX SKILS are acceptable for the unique complexity of this task.

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    I'm looking for a skilled VPN and Android system programmer who can reliably connect my existing OpenVPN server to devices running Android 9 and above. After successful configuration, these Android devices should gain unhindered access to my private networks. Ideal Skills: - In-depth knowledge of Android system development - Expertise in setting up and configuring OpenVPN servers - Strong understanding of network security and VPN protocols Objectives: - Configure OpenVPN server to work with Android 9 and above - Enable secure access to private networks through the VPN connection - Test and provide documentation explaining how to connect future devices to the VPN server.

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    Using OpenVPN with Samba 4 AD-DC. Am running into a problem where file shares open just fine when using an IP Address to the server however when using a domain name (A Record) it fails. In the end I am hoping to access the server using the domain and be able to open files and folders inside shares as normal. It is important that we resolve this via a screen share. I can do a zoom screen share and record the solution. This is a LIVE client server I have created a video to assist with your understanding of the problem. Please confirm you have seen it. * Thank you!

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    I need a proficient .Net MAUI developer to build an application for both Android and iOS. The app should have: - A button to connect to my OPENVPN server using a .ovpn certificate, username, and password. - Same button should also be able to disconnect the connection. - A button to handle subscriptions through the App Store Connect API. Design-wise,(basic design no need to do any designing) the aesthetics should lean towards a minimalist style. Experience with VPN connection setup and app store subscription handling is a must. Additionally, knowledge of .Net MAUI will be necessary for successful completion of this project.

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    Mikrotik VPN Setup for macOS 2 days left

    I am seeking for an experienced network engineer capable of setting up a Client-to-Site VPN on a Mikrotik router. The successful configuration needs to comply with the following: - Security protocol: The VPN should be secured using the OpenVPN protocol. - Client Devices: The VPN configuration should allow connection from macOS devices. The ideal candidate should have demonstrated experience in: - OpenVPN and Mikrotik router configurations. - Familiarity with macOS operating systems. - Network security and VPN configuration. Looking forward for a professional who can deliver an effective and secure solution making remote work safer and more efficient.

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    I am seeking a proficient and experienced individual to assist me in setting up and configuring an OpenVPN server and client profiles for Windows devices. The key functionalities that need to be incorporated are remote access to network resources and the ability to handle multiple client connections. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proficiency in OpenVPN server configuration - Extensive experience in setting up VPN connections on Windows systems - Ability to generate necessary certificates and client files - Strong understanding of network security and data encryption - Previous experience in managing a server with multiple client connections - Strong problem-solving skills and ability to troubleshoot any potential issues - Excellent communication skills and ability to explai...

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    I'm looking for a skilled developer to create a mobile app that works on both iOS and Android. The app must contain the following features: - User authentication - OpenVPN integration - User activity reporting Ideal candidates should be proficient in Linux and scripting languages such as Bash Scripting. A background in mobile app development is essential. The design should be clean and minimalist. Please provide samples of your previous work and a detailed breakdown of your intended approach to this project.

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    I am in need of an expert proficient in Linux to set up an openVPN server. My critical requirement is the automation of the addition of users from the Mongo database and traffic routing for each user based on entries in the database. Key Tasks & Features: - Establish a fully functional openVPN server on a Linux operating system. - Implement real-time synchronization mechanism that adds new users from the Mongo database to the VPN server automatically. - Create specific traffic routing for each user according to entries in the database. - I do not require the VPN traffic for each user to be logged for analysis. Required Skills and Experience: - Proficiency in Linux, - Networking and security expertise, - Strong experience setting up VPN servers, - Good knowledge of...

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    I require the setup of an OpenVPN server on an AWS EC2 instance, fully integrated with a web-based user interface. The system should support an unlimited number of connected devices without the need of licensing or paying subscription. Key Requirements: - Cross-Platform Compatibility: The VPN server should support devices running Windows, macOS, Linux, and mobile operating systems. - Web-based UI: I prefer the user interface to be accessible via a web platform for seamless use across numerous devices. You will have access through remote desktop to make the necessary configurations and setup on AWS.

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    I'm currently experiencing difficulty in setting up my OpenVPN software on my Windows-based system. More specifically, I am encountering an SSL error when attempting to connect to my respective server. For this project, you would be required to: - Install and configure OpenVPN software on my Windows system. As of present I've not set up any VPN software on this machine. - Correct the current SSL error connection issue that is persisting on OpenVPN v 2.6. - Ensure secure and stable connection once configured and operational. Skills and Experience Required: - Demonstrable experience in resolving similar issues with OpenVPN (preferably v 2.6), especially on Windows systems. - Strong understanding of SSL Error corrections. - Proficient in Windows op...

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    Extensive experience with OpnSense, OSPF, and OpenVPN - Proficiency in identifying and fixing routing stability issues and network congestion problems - A strong understanding of network configurations and their impact on routing behavior The main tasks would be: 1. Identify the root cause of the routing anomalies 2. Implement a fix to stabilize the routing 3. Make adjustments (if necessary) to improve network connectivity 4. Provide explanation and guidance on maintaining stable routing post-fix.

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    A personal existing instance MISP virtual machine running on TrueNAS Core at home. To be configured remotely via SHH over an OpenVPN connection, over via screen sharing. You must possess extensive knowledge in both MISP and Virus Total API and ideally have previous experience with similar integrations. The successful freelancer should be capable enough to carry out this integration seamlessly using an existing API key. Please ensure you fully understand the specified requirements prior to bidding for the project. Demonstrated experience in threat intelligence platforms or cybersecurity would be a huge plus.

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    I'm experiencing issues with my OpnSense OSPF over OpenVPN routing. The routing seems off and as a result, I am dealing with inconsistent network connectivity and unpredictable routing paths. Recent changes were made to the network configuration, post which these problems have started surfacing. The freelancer tackling this should have: - Extensive experience with OpnSense, OSPF, and OpenVPN - Proficiency in identifying and fixing routing stability issues and network congestion problems - A strong understanding of network configurations and their impact on routing behavior The main tasks would be: 1. Identify the root cause of the routing anomalies 2. Implement a fix to stabilize the routing 3. Make adjustments (if necessary) to improve network connectivity 4. Prov...

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    I'm currently experiencing unexpected routing issues on an OpenVPN site-to-site connection between two locations, managed by two OpnSense routers. I need an experienced network engineer to provide remote assistance and resolve these issues. Key details to consider: - The problem arose after changes to ISP WAN IP addresses on the second router. - The difficulty lies in maintaining a consistent OSPF route. - All routers involved run the same OSPF version, same OpnSense and same FRR. Relevant Skills and Experience: - OSPF routing knowledge - Familiarity with OpenVPN and OpnSense routers, OpnSense. - Ability to diagnose and resolve VPN routing problems - Proficency in remote assistance tools and techniques.

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    I'm in need of a security expert to properly configure Fail2ban on my Ubuntu server that is dedicated to filter and protect my OpenVPN setup. Your task will be to ensure that Fail2ban effectively mitigates the threat of: - Brute force attacks - DDoS attacks - Unauthorized login attempts Ideal Skills Include: - Strong knowledge of Ubuntu - Experience setting up and configuring Fail2ban - Understanding of NGINX Note: I am running a NGINX service with free openvpn for a local and private tunnel between The Server and many clients from a script.

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    I'm searching for a competent programmer to help rebrand and alter the user interface of an OpenVPN Electron GUI JS App. I have two primary goals: 1. Rebranding: Involves customizing the App's colors and overall presentation to align with my brand. 2. User Interface Modification: Involves modifying the layout of the app, specifically redesigning the layout of menus and buttons. Ideal Skillset: - Strong proficiency in JavaScript, specifically Electron JS and experience with OpenVPN - Advanced knowledge of UI/UX design principles - Extensive experience in rebranding apps, including color scheme adjustments - Previous experience with menu and button design/layout - Application development expertise for Android and Windows platforms. A keen eye for aesthetics an...

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    I need an experienced system administrator who can set up Fail2ban for my OpenVPN server running on Ubuntu. The key task is to configure prevention mechanisms for multiple failed login attempts and detecting suspicious system behavior. Your proposal should include: - An outline of your approach to the project. - Any similar projects you have completed, preferably involving OpenVPN and Fail2ban. - I have installed the Fail2ban but I am not able to filter openvpn traffic

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    I need your expertise to configure my HK1 RBOX H8, running on BigdroidOS 2.0.1, to automatically start an OpenVPN connection upon boot. I don't want to use any app excluding the OpenVPN Connection (or other OpenVPN app connection) Key Requirements: - Develop a solution to automatically start the OpenVPN connection on boot. - Ensure the solution is compatible with HK1 RBOX H8 and BigdroidOS 2.0.1. - Provide clear, step-by-step instructions to implement the solution. Ideal Candidate: - Prior experience with HK1 RBOX H8 and/or BigdroidOS. - Demonstrable expertise in OpenVPN configuration. - Familiarity with Android operating systems and TV boxes. With your assistance, I aspire to streamline my device's booting procedure and attain optimal conve...

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    I'm aiming to amplify the security of my Ubuntu-operated, physical server by installing an OpenVPN filter for Fail2Ban. As it is a significant undertaking, I'm seeking an experienced professional who possesses a comprehensive understanding of: - Linux operating systems, especially Ubuntu - OpenVPN and its integration - Fail2Ban utility and its functionalities - Server security enhancement techniques The key responsibilities include: - Installing OpenVPN filter for Fail2Ban in a live server environment - Ensuring the installed filter contributes effectively to security improvement - Anticipating and troubleshooting any possible issues during or after the installation. Mostly I need documentation of the process recorded so that I can perform it on my own...

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    Configurar intranet con pfsense, openvpn y accesos ipsec a aws

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    I'm in need of a skilled Linux developer to assist in multiple areas of Slackware customization. The specific areas where I ... ii. Hermes blue png background No reference to kiosk Allows many unique users to be created with different iso on SD-card(USB adapter) Running from HDD on dedicated laptop Will create a client iso with following options Same branding no reference to Porteus Kiosk Thin Client Ask for user name Ask for user PW Let user select his WIFI only Then automatically connects to an assigned OPENVPN i. Asking for unique PW (not his User PW) Displays the landing page in Firefox with duckduckgo Has exit button Retains no information on EXIT Here is the Proxy info for Firefox Proxy: Port: 3...

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    I'm looking for an expert who can help me with a problem with OpenVPN setup on my DrayTek Vigor 2927 router. I have the VPN connecting but once the client has VPN connection they loose all internet connectivity. I can access devices on the remote network via the VPN but just can't access any websites. This shoud be a really quick fix for someone who knows DrayTek and OpenVPN/OpenVPN Connect. I don't want to use windows dialler only OpenVPN Connect, I want someone to Teamviewer onto my pc and quickly resolve the issue. I'd like someone to do this Saturday morning uk time.

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    I am seeking a professional with expertise in setting up OpenVPN on DrayTek 2927Ax. Currently I have the VPN working and connected but client side users loose all internet access when the VPN is connected.

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    As someone looking for a skilled professional, my project requires the installation and configuration of an OpenVPN server in bridge mode on a Linux-based system. Here's more on what this project involves: - You'll be setting up the OpenVPN server to assign an IP from the server side to a client connected to the VPN client. - The client on the VPN side should possess a public IP from the server side and be able to reach the default gateway via VPN. - The server which you'll work on has a static IP for steady connection. For this task, proficiency in Linux and command-line management would be immensely valuable. A deep understanding of OpenVPN server installation and networking concepts is also required. This project is suitable for those with extensiv...

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    I am seeking a developer experienced with Wisenet Open Platform (WOP) to create a unique app to be loaded to Hanwha cameras. Abstain to apply if have no previous experience with this kind of development. Key Features: - OpenVPN Compatibility - Periodic Notifications The ideal candidate for this task will demonstrate strong experience in developing applications for the WOP and have a thorough understanding of working with Hanwha cameras. Knowledge of OpenVPN and the ability to incorporate alert systems into app design are likewise crucial for this role.

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    I'm in need of creating a customized OpenVPN application compatible with Firestick, Android TV, Android smartphones, and tablets. This application should enhance user experience with a modern and minimalist design. Key Features to include: - Auto-connect on launch functionality. - Ability to pause or disconnect the VPN automatically when the device go in standby mode and automatically connect when the device wakes up. Skills and Experience Required: - Proficiency in Android Development is a must, specifically in managing VPN services. - Previous experience in the UI/UX design, particularly with modern and minimalist styles. - Familiarity with Firestick, Android TV, and other Android-based platforms. - Experience in OpenVPN or similar protocols is highly advantageous.

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    I have router omada er605. I have created openvpn file and i have connection to network. I can not access to device on network by IP adress

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    I'm seeking a skilled network engineer that is capable of implementing a sturdy OpenVPN on my Linux-based virtual server. The ultimate aim for this VPN setup is to facilitate seamless and secure remote working. Key tasks are: - OpenVPN installation and configuration on Linux server - Ensuring VPN is secure, reliable, and optimized for speed - Configure suitable settings for remote working utilization Ideal candidate should possess: - Extensive experience with Linux operating systems and OpenVPN setups - Expert knowledge on secure network configurations - Familiarity with creating supportive environments for remote work

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    I urgently require assistance with DNS leaks. Currently utilizing a Linux Operating System, I am experiencing significant privacy concerns as a result. I am looking for a candidate with the following expertise: - Proficient in addressing and resolving DNS leaks - Extensive knowledge of Linux Operating Systems The ideal candidate should be abl...looking for a candidate with the following expertise: - Proficient in addressing and resolving DNS leaks - Extensive knowledge of Linux Operating Systems The ideal candidate should be able to pinpoint the cause of the leak and implement a robust, long-term solution to protect privacy. Your assistance could make a real difference to our overall system security. When we connect to the server running openvpn and DNS then it should pass the

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    I am seeking an experienced OpenVPN specialist who will set up a hassle-free, secure and reliable OpenVPN connection. This connection is primarily for personal use and configured for Windows-based devices with the main intent of overcoming geographical restrictions. Key skills/requirements: - Proficiency in OpenVPN configuration - Expertise in virtual private networks - Strong knowledge of Windows-based systems - Understanding of geo-blocking principles and circumvention methods. As an OpenVPN expert, you will advise on the best solutions and configure the VPN to offer me unrestricted access to geography-specific content. Please have a portfolio or demonstrable experience in similar projects. Let's build a safe and effective VPN connection together.

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    ...critical for my remote work and ensuring my internet browsing remains secure. - **Operating System**: The VPN server is running on Raspberry Pi OS or a Ubuntu. I have been updating the system regularly, so it's not an issue of outdated software. - **VPN Protocol**: I'm using OpenVPN as my protocol of choice. I opted for OpenVPN because of its strong security features and its widespread support across devices. **Ideal Skills and Experience**: - Proficiency in Linux, specifically Raspberry Pi OS. - Extensive experience with OpenVPN, including setup, troubleshooting, and optimization. - Ability to diagnose connection issues remotely and provide step-by-step solutions. - Excellent communication skills, as I would appreciate a brief explanation of the cause ...

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    I've successfully set up an OpenVPN server using OpenWrt on my Linksys 3200acm router, generating a profile that functions flawlessly on both my mobile device and Windows application. However, when attempting to use another OpenWrt router as a client, I've encountered connectivity issues. Based on my analysis, it appears to be a cipher-related problem. I'm currently seeking the expertise of a freelancer who can address this cipher issue on the client side. The goal is to establish a functional OpenWrt client VPN using the provided profile. If you have the skills to troubleshoot and resolve this matter, please reach out. Your assistance in ensuring a smooth connection between the routers would be greatly appreciated.

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    We are experiencing performance issues connecting to data stored under Storage Account(Azure files) ov...Issue is affecting mainly Autocad and other design software users. The Azure storage account is StorageV2, Standard. Despite having 50MB to 100MB internet connection links, most Autocad and other design software are lagging. When users are in the office using site-to-site VPN to connect to Azure files, there are no issues. Only point-to-site vpn is causing problems. Point-to site- Tunnel Type: OpenVPN(SSL) Perhaps we need an alternate VPN solution or different VPN setup. Skills and Experience Required: * Deep understanding of Azure Storage, VPNs and network optimization * Experience troubleshooting VPN performance issues * Familiarity with file transfer protocols(SMB) and op...

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    11 bids

    ...Linux server is connected successfully to the NordVPN or OpenVPN service. - Configuration Attempts: Various configurations have been made, including the modification of IP tables, testing the NordVPN client and the native OpenVPN client. I've even tried to set up my own openvpn server, but the issue persisted. - Device Connection: The devices in question are correctly connected to the Linux server by using default gatway of the linux server instead of the router. I can ping from devices and anything elase is not working (browsing etc etc) Ideal Candidate: The ideal freelancer for this project will boast advanced experience in server setup and network configuration with a particular focus on Linux-based systems, NordVPN and OpenVPN. They should have a r...

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    ...Linux server is connected successfully to the NordVPN or OpenVPN service. - Configuration Attempts: Various configurations have been made, including the modification of IP tables, testing the NordVPN client and the native OpenVPN client. I've even tried to set up my own openvpn server, but the issue persisted. - Device Connection: The devices in question are correctly connected to the Linux server by using default gatway of the linux server instead of the router. I can ping from devices and anything elase is not working (browsing etc etc) Ideal Candidate: The ideal freelancer for this project will boast advanced experience in server setup and network configuration with a particular focus on Linux-based systems, NordVPN and OpenVPN. They should have a r...

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    I'm facing a persisting issue with my OpenVPN connection which is consistently timing out. To get it resolved as quickly as possible, I am seeking a professional who has: - Comprehensive knowledge of OpenVPN connection protocols - The ability to diagnose the reason behind consistent connection timeouts - Expertise in proposing and implementing effective solutions Experience in dealing with similar OpenVPN connection issues would be a valuable asset. I look forward to receiving your proposals.

    $27 / hr (Avg Bid)
    $27 / hr Avg Bid
    8 bids, server configuration, and access control of our current system in development. The audit involves securing the connection from a web client to a VPS with an OPENVPN server to access NODE-RED dashboard remotely on a external located RPI. Node-red is running in a docker setting. Tasks involved: - Review current configuration of Rpi, VPN and VPS with a reverse proxy - Identify network vulnerabilitis - Analyze server configuration - Review access control - Recommendations for security enhancements Ideal freelancer should have: - Experience with network and system security audits - Extensive knowledge of VPS, OPENVPN and NODE-RED on a RPI, in a docker environment The review's aim is to ensure maximum security and efficiency while allowing 'Limited User...

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    12 bids

    I am looking for an experienced networking professional who understands the subtleties of setting up a remote access VPN. This is essential as the project involves integrating a Timeclock for employees in remote network. Note: Timeclock work with a local network it doesn...other office is located far away from the administration office I will need to set up a VPN in order to download all the information from that clock. Key Requirements : * Expertise in setting up remote access VPNs is a must. * Competency in working on Windows operating systems. * Familiar with OpenVPN protocols. The ideal candidate will have proven experience in setting up VPNs in a professional environment, with a good understanding of networking principles. Proven experience with Windows and OpenVPN is ...

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    I'm looking for a knowledgeable expert in setting up NGINX servers specifically on Ubuntu versions 22.04 or 23.10. You will be required to: - FIX my current proxy server that implements the OpenVPN protocol. - Understand how to configure NGINX servers using a command-line interface. Required skills & experience: - Proficiency in Linux, specifically Ubuntu - Extensive knowledge about NGINX servers and OpenVPN protocol - Proficiency in conducting server configurations via command-line interface Understanding of server security protocols is a vital component to ensure a safe and secure setup. Experienced individuals or teams are welcome to bid.

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    Hello mates, I am Sourav. I Need a Simple VPN App Development for Only Android at Budget Price. VPN App Requirements: 1. VPN App Development Only for Android 2. Only OpenVPN Protocol Support 3. Admin Panel for Only Manage Server 4. In App Purchase & Admob Ads Implementation 5. Native(Java/Kotlin) or Cross Platform like Flutter Accepted 6. My Budget for this App is, 50$ Note: UI design will be simple/minimal & similar like this app: I am looking for a developer for multiple/different VPN app development work at regular basic. So, I always need most affordable pricing. Regards

    $129 (Avg Bid)
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    17 bids

    I'm seeking a professional to assist in setting up an OpenVPN PiVPN on my Linux operating system. This is for personal use, hence your expertise should enable a basic level of security featuring standard encryption and authentication. Key skills and experience needed for this job includes: - Proficiency in Linux systems - Specialization in OpenVPN PiVPN setups - Knowledge on standard encryption and authentication Your role will be to ensure a secure, functional and user-friendly setup. Knowledge on software and network troubleshooting is also desired. Let's make this personal VPN a reality with your expertise.

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    1 bids

    ...profound knowledge in Linux servers, considerable experience in Android programming, and specific expertise in using BusyBox. The objective is to establish an ICMP (or Ping) Tunnel, focusing on both server-side and Android device implementations, likely utilizing BusyBox for the Android part to avoid the need for device rooting. Project Specifications and Requirements: • Develop an ICMP tunnel for OpenVPN connections on Android devices, leveraging BusyBox to avoid the necessity for device rooting. • Ensure that the tunnel implementation is lightweight and seamlessly integrable into our existing Android application. • Emphasize on security and high-efficiency connections. • Proficiency in identifying and resolving technical challenges associated with Linu...

    $4457 (Avg Bid)
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    14 bids

    I need a technical specialist with VPN setup experience to establish OpenVPN specifically on my Asus RT-56U router with Padavan firmware. This VPN will aid in building a secure private network. - Expertise Required: Extensive VPN installation experience, preferably with OpenVPN and a solid understanding of network security practices. - Authentication Method: Although the preferred authentication method was not specified, your insights and recommendations for potent authentication methods—i.e., certificate-based, username/password, or two-factor authentication—would be appreciated. - Extras: Please clearly outline your previous experience with OpenVPN setups in your bid, especially those involving Asus routers or Padavan firmware. This will factor significa...

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    15 bids

    Implement following features: License key activation (api available) Subscription Timer (api available) OPENVPN implementation with 1 profile Change messaging backend For iOS and Android this task is for Android, if freelancer does good job and has expertise in Swift he gets the project as well.

    $191 (Avg Bid)
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    46 bids with deep knowledge of Linux systems, OpenVPN, and preferably DigitalOcean server environments. Your task should you choose to accept it will be to guide us and provide us the code in connecting our DigitalOcean server to a VPN, and then guide us in using it for web scraping purposes. To successfully execute this project, you will need to posses the following skills and experience: - Strong proficiency in Linux command line interface. - Extensive experience setting up and managing OpenVPN connections. - Knowledge of DigitalOcean server management. - Clear, concise communication skills. The successful completion of this project will require you to: - Establish a stable, secure connection between our DigitalOcean server and a VPN using OpenVPN. - Create a ...

    $378 (Avg Bid)
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    37 bids

    Hello mates, I am Sourav. I Need a Ready Made VPN App for Android with Admin Panel & OpenVPN Protocol. Actually, I need this ready app, not need to start from scratch. It will save the cost & timing. Please send the demo vpn apk with demo admin panel. Regards

    $158 (Avg Bid)
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    13 bids

    I am looking for a freelancer who can help me set up an OpenVPN between two Teltonika RT651 routers. The main objective of this project is to establish secure communication between the two sites. Specific requirements for this project include: - Implementing standard security measures to ensure the confidentiality and integrity of the communication. - Configuring the routers to allow two-way traffic between the sites. - Providing remote access to network resources for authorized users. Ideal skills and experience for this job include: - Proficiency in configuring and troubleshooting Teltonika RT651 routers. - In-depth knowledge of OpenVPN and its security protocols. - Experience in setting up secure communication networks between remote sites. - Familiarity with remote a...

    $200 (Avg Bid)
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    34 bids