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    As the title states, I need to pass the information from a URL, parse it and then transverse from one point to the other. I don't think it should be too difficult, but you will need to use some specific dependencies as opposed to using something on your own. However, there are docs provided for that.

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    I have an export single output folder. Let’s just go with a 8 digit ID with no leading zeros. The other thing we need is an output log that shows the ID and image name and the path that it was originally in Original Path | new file name | ID For extensions we will use this list but it should be managed in an external config file so we can adjust as needed and rerun Jpg Jpeg Png Mp4 Mp3 Docx Doc Xlsx Xls Pptx Ppt Gif Webp Next I’ll need details on how to run your script write with screenshot so a non technical person can handle it. A warning on size. The system for has about 50k folders so this will need to be stable for that sort of size. When you bid on this please make sure to answer 5+6 = so I know it’s not a robot bid. I need timeline a...

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    PhP script that parsing data into Mysql. "getting error" need a fix Errors: "POST /ph/ HTTP/1.0" 500 215 "-" "-" PHP Parse error: syntax error, unexpected '='

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    ...wiring as the instructions are skimpy (German). The devices are a motor, a temp controller, a Alicat mass flow meter and pH Electrodes. This is for a 6 bioreactor process control, monitoring and display application. In addition ideally I would like to add features such as a webcam and notification via email and a display on an iPad using the LabView iPad App. Data is to be stored in a text/csv/xls file. I have some samples and older versions (15 years old though) and have done similar work before. I am looking for a simple, easy to understand and elegant solutions with all the features that are necessary, yet not all what is possible. External devices include a motor, a temp controller, a Alicat mass flow meter and pH Electrodes. This is a project that has been lingering for a ...

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    ...Within 272 zipcodes, pull information for 2 specific type of businesses (to be discussed at the proposal stage). The variables to be pulled are listed below. I expect to have 6,000 rows in this data set, but it can be substantially lower. I want to keep the costs low. I can reduce the number of zipcodes as needed. We can also break it down into a few groups / days. No rush. Output to be a csv or xls file with the following columns. Zipcode to be one of the 272 in the list Business Type to be one of the 2 categories in the list (each category has 2-3 keywords) Get Business Name Get active business flag for the business Get formatted address for the business Get latitude longitude for the business Get average rating for google reviews for the business Get number of google reviews ...

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    Build a api 3 days left

    ...requirements: Requirements: The code should be written as if you intended to put it into production in a critical environment. Please use all tooling and process you would in day-to-day work. The program should download a list of all commonly used time zones in JSON format from: By default the program should parse information from the above JSON and return all time zones in a user-friendly format The program should also accept two optional arguments --match: If specified, display only information about time zones whose values match the string supplied to this argument --offset: If specified, the program will only display time zones matching this offset. Note that this should work for time zones ahead of and

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    Hi, I am looking for a Python-Selenium developer to automate the uploading of hundreds of Excel files on our website. Requirements are as follows: * Log in to the website * Select and input information * Upload files (.xls) * Repeat the same process to upload hundreds of files Can someone please help me? Best,

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    Singular project 15k *2 links needed. From forums. I provide text to parse it from google. The blast includes: Creation of profiles. Addition of three posts. It will based on Q & A. So three users account are needed. First post = Question Second = Answer questions from another user account. Third =Answer the question from another user account. It must be split in time into periods of 60days. Please bid if you have access to XRUMER/XEVIL. The job to do is just publish links on forums with associaded content not all of database.

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    Pawn Loan Payment Portal 3 days left

    Would like to make a program that my customers can access their loan due dates and amount owed. My POS software allows for XLS or CSV export. After the customer brings up their loan information be able to pay the monthly fee and sign a disclaimer. Afterwards they will get a email showing their new due date and a confirmation number. On our side, we would like a email notification also showing how much they paid and confirmation number. I would like this portal to be added to my existing WordPress website.

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    Hello, We have large amount of document and we need an program which will read the documents, analyse it and parse it to statements. following the specified rules. The main idea is to not getting manually through the documents so AI or ML program will do it on the long run. The main text is on Russian language, as a PDF files, some are scanned documents and some are saved as a text. Thanks!

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    We need to copy 2 existing EXCEL VBA macros, and merge them with existing functionality from another vba macro. These functions parse data that is pasted into a cell, and separate and format in various ways. Also need a fix to allow up to 6 decimal places for these macros.

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    Converter CSV to XML SF 1 day left

    Hi! im looking for a program (web, python, c#, or even without delivered program) to convert from CSV to XML for salesforce ecommerce. i will deliver the database with columns names and i need to parse it to the xml format for SF. the xml for SF contains around 40-50 tags. like the ones included in the image

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    I have access to an MQTT feed for multiple sets of second-by-second data for power consumption. I need to translate this into a csv or excel format for subsequent manipulation. The software would need to pick up & parse the MQTT messages (which are sent out every second) and store the data in a suitable file or database. This would be for short bursts of time, or to isolate specific periods of high power usage

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    Getting xls list of reference customers from a website + get metadata in place Needs reliable person that does their fact checking themselves

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    I have a text file with multiple page that i need to convert to CSV

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    Hi there. I have 130 documents like this (the data is formatted identically) I have a google slides template seen here I also need a little randomisation adding in how the parsed data is copied over. Looking for somebody to start immediately and a reasonable price. Hoping to get it done and in the bag today. Let me know

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    Here is what we are looking for as the next step for our site : Today: We have 70 variable products, in each one has between 3 to 12 variations, or almost 350 total SKU. Shop page use a simple way to search and not intelligent filters. Product page design: I would like to keep all, but way to select...(Check page 2) Product page itself, will be exactly what Razer does today (page 3). Only item that I didn't include it a design now, it's Checkout page and Search page, that must be setup in a similar layout as this new project. Developer must create the templates for each one, and a way to import current content from Excel & our website. Keep a way to update new website (prices and SKUs) via XLS. Final payment after we tested all these functions working in a stage we...

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    Hello I need a data extraction from a website , directory of companies: there are approx 830 companies, all data is on the website except the email address that needs to be extracted by clicking on "send email to" button ("contacter par email") I need to extract to .xls file please quote me asap

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    take 5 or 6 declarative sentences as input , parse them into part of speech like verb , auxillary verb ,adjective etc , use simple rules to convert them into negative and interrogative sentences. example: i am a boy : i am a girl(opposite) or i m not a boy(simply adding 'not' after the auxillary verb ) am i a boy?(shifting the position of ' am ' we get the interrogative version of it ) he goes to school: he does not go to school. does he go to school?

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    We are working on developing an MVP for simple treatment clinics, which needs to parse client previews. We are looking for help on an hourly basis as long as is needed, by someone who is self-reliant and with a high self-standard of code quality. Communication will be on slack, and we use Azure DevOps for tasks and code repo's Right now tasks are not completly described, so it requires someone who is not afraid to dig in.

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    This is pretty straightforward.. 34 pages ..attach is most of one of the pages

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    I am seeking an expert in JSON parsing, JSON to CSV conversion, and CSV data manipulation. The project involves creating a bash or Python script to automatically download JSON, parse it into a CSV, and perform a data merge across 2 CSVs into one master CSV. This is an urgent project that I need completed in the next 6 hours. Thanks

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    We need: 1 - Fast report runing on Linux 2 - Compiled whith Lazarus 3 - Accesing various Mysql schemas in differents servers 4 - Getting report xml, input parameters and storage folder from pdf/xls/csv/txt generated files from a db 5 - Includind development environment image

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    txt to xls migration Ending left

    Hi Md Rashed K., I noticed your profile and would like to offer you my project. I would need a script that migrates text to an xls on specific fields such as First NAme, last name, email etc

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    See this XLS I need this to be populated from info from all the receipts in this folder you will need ti update the filenames in the dropbox folder as you go

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    TODO complete this part of the code here elif nextword == "if": # if EXPRESSION : COMMANDLIST else COMMANDLIST end basically adding if-else to the parser and complotting the rest of the code

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    Parse server setup and install web script their

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    I need some help in adding some features to my chat app. The chat app is in react native using parse server along with mongoDB

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    Project is about transcribing the content from a patient autopsy pdf data to Xls sheet. Expertise required: immunology, microbiology.

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    We need a full stack developer who has experience with the following frameworks, libraries and tasks for a medical journal project. Frameworks: NUXT Vue Laravel Libraries: EditorJS AnyStyle Tasks: Parse AMA references/citations using AnyStyle or any other library. Modify EditorJS footnote plugin so that only reviewer can add and remove footnotes. Emails for new/approved articles, suggestions. Stripe payment UI integration

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    The project is; Windows application to Scrap data every 5s from a page, get specific data filter such as "name and price product" and parse to WhatsApp using a Bot. Requirements: minimum of 30 spiders running. Languages, accepted Python, C++, nodej.s, javascript, "i accept suggestions".

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    I'm looking for a blockchain advisor who has previously worked hand...a blockchain advisor who has previously worked handling web3-like deposits (native and ERC-20 tokens) in a centralized wallet. I'm specifically looking for an integration with ETH and BSC. Options I've considered so far: - Third-party webhooks services that notify my server when a deposit arrives. Problem: They are either too expensive () or do not have BSC, just ETH (Alchemy). - Parse every block and detect addresses involving one of our users. Problem: this looks considerably resource intensive. - Using smart contracts. Problem: Compatibility issues from services vs. bare addresses, more complex integration. As a clarification, I'm not looking for any actual implementation, just advice on a...

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    ...remotely lock and unlock our indoor golf simulator units from Trackman using the email from our venue booking system, Cojilio. Cojilio sends an email when a customer creates a new booking or cancels an existing book. The email contains the following: 1) Customer Name 2) Customer email 3)Customer mobile 4) Booking date 5) Start time 6) End time 7) Room name For Trackman - We want the APIs to parse the above information from the booking email and POST it to Trackman to unlock and lock the specific unit based on date, start time, end time and room name, when the email is received. The Trackman API documentation is available here: For OPENPATH - We want to generate a temporary guest access using the above information from the email. Once

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    I use ruby on my project and I need to parse a google play page. I tried it but could not create the right regex. Need someone who is a regex HERO. If you are a regex expert you can do it in 1 hour.

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    We're working with a few large XML files (1GB each) that need to be translated to into a user-friendly format. Please create us a process that parses out the variables and data elements, and update them into the csv or .xls format. There are duplicate nodes that you'll have to solve for. Please test the file is getting parsed and data is getting uploaded correctly. We'll help to confirm.

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    We need a full stack developer who has experience with the following frameworks, libraries and tasks for a medical journal project. Frameworks: NUXT Vue Laravel Libraries: EditorJS AnyStyle Tasks: Parse AMA references/citations using AnyStyle or any other library. Modify EditorJS footnote plugin so that only reviewer can add and remove footnotes. Emails for new/approved articles, suggestions. Stripe payment UI integration

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    I have some clients that need a way to import, edit, and export data. I’d like to offer them a User Web interface to Import csv, iif, xml, and xls files into a database, (really easy to decipher each). Edit records with rule matching and inline, then export csv. User authentication and export limits. I have a detailed outline to keep the guesswork to a minimum, which will save on time/cost

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    Hi, I have a source code that scrape a website content. The website has changed some structure of web so now it doesn't scrape 1 page. If you are good at C# , please message me . I will send you source code and we will make a contract . website you parse data sample of content

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    Payment up to $100 1. I need to be able to parse large xml files in my api. My current process bombs if the file is over 40 meg. 2. The incoming field layout of the file changes so I need the program to read through the xml then pull out the list of fields asked for in the drop down (sometimes a field will not exist but still need a null value of it). I've attached 3 very small files for you to test on the following link with the program. I need them to pull the layout from the fields that are chosen if possible. Parsing Large files - I see references to DOM object and simplexml in the code - I can't manually split files before running conversions. Need to do it at a button press. Below is a portion of the code. The code works fine for

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    I need help on props and transform to parse the logs in splunk

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    I have an existing app that (among many other things), imports emails from customers, decodes them if necessary, strips any embedded formatting, maintains them in a database linked to other customer/order info, and allows me to read, reply, and reply quote. The trouble is that the importing regularly fails to properly strip the HTML formatting, decode or parse the incoming email so that they are incomplete or read like this: "SGkgQm9iLE9oIG15IGdvb2RuZXNzISHCoCBQbGVhc2UgdGFrZSBjYXJlIG9mIHlvdXJzZWxmIcKg wqBUaGFuayB5b3UgZm9yIHNlbmRpbmcgdGhlIHNlcnZpY2UgZmlsZS7CoCBNeSBzb24gd2lsbCBi..." The developer (who is available for consultation) has failed to resolve these issues. I'm looking for someone who has experience parsing incoming emails.

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    I need a flow created to parse data from 5 to 10 different email sources and compile into a database.

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    its a web clothing store. we have products, photos made with phone and we need to create a data base (xls file) with 3-5 photos and detail description. Basic we start from the article and we want to put it on web store and look good. we provide initial photos and xls file to fill in the details (english or roumanian language). need back exl file completed and archive with new photos. Step 1_ 250 pcs.

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    For a small console application, we need to parse a XML response that is send back via http. I'm able to get the raw XML back but need to map the results to an object. The goal is for myself to learn from this, so preferably we would be working on this together via teams.

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    I need a parse hub or scrape storm configuration for the following link. I need the following Name including city and state

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    I want a project on java file handling the Project is: 1. Read a file using JAVA API a. Master File i. SName, DOJ,Dept b. Detail file i. SName , Subjects 2. The subject column will hold the name of the subjects comma separated. There might be duplicate subject names as entries 3. There might be du...use DateTime/LocalDatetime/ZoneDateTime for Date manipulation 6. Create a separate file with list of Students against each Subject. Students name can be Comma separated. . The input will be the new file created in #4 a. Subject, Students 7. Convert the output file from #4 into JSON. You can define your JSON template 8. Convert the output file from #4 into XML. You can define your XML template 9. Parse the XML File using both DOM & SAX parsers 10. Print the filesize of each of the...

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    Need a simple Request URL that Postman will push a POST request in the format of application/json to the Request URL in this example format: // Request received { "challenge": "ajl...application/json to the Request URL in this example format: // Request received { "challenge": "ajls384kdjx98XX", // Value to be returned as is for the App "token": "123456", // For Token use, refer to the document “Verify event source by Token” "type": "url_verification" // Indicating this is a verification request } After receiving POST verification request, you need to parse the challenge value and return such value as is within 1s as the response. // You need to respond ...

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    Hi, I want to build and test 2 different models "AS IS" vs "TO BE" using the Market Simulation version of AnyLogic. I will provide you with a xls of the simulation parameters required to run the model (eg.: No of sales managers, pre-sales managers, technicians, consultants, project managers, after sales support, etc..) along with the full business model of the system integrator that is provided to generate sales. In nut shell the "TO BE" model is summarized with the following: 1. Sales Managers, 12 of them, each has dedicated accounts 2. Each Sales Manager can sell the whole portfolio of the company (different products and services, including B2B WIFI, VOICE, DATA, ICT, SSLV, ICT, IoT, etc...) 3. They can tap to a projectized centralized PMO and SMO ...

    $750 - $1500
    Sealed NDA
    $750 - $1500
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    Hello. I have a simple CSV transaction report and I need some data to be filtered, converted and then a new CSV file generated. I prepared a document explaining in detail everything that must be done. The script can be done in Python, PHP or Javascript.

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