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    I have the URLs of a few thousand blogs that use 'movable type' blog script from movabletype.org. All these blogs have a form to post comments and that form contains 4 fields: Name, Email address, URL and Comments. All such blogs use same form method "post" and "[login to view URL]" in action. I got a similar software developed a while ago from a programmer who is no...

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    This project is to create a Java chat applet featuring all of the common chat features including: -ability to scroll through and review past messages -ability to send messages via a textbox at the bottom and a ‘send’ button. I will approve the look and feel of your GUI before coding begins. The chat applet will allow multiple people to enter multiple unique chat rooms via the follo...

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    I need to download real-time data into the Microsoft INet control. I'm using VB6 (SP3) on WIN98 SE. The INet control is just a simple control used for http transfers. My problem: I'm not sure how to formulate the url to post to the server so I get back just the data I want. To see the website goto [login to view URL] , on the menu on the left of the screen click on "virtual to...

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    The purpose of this assignment is to write a program similar to ls ??"l command using C programming. It reads the directory name on the command line and displays one line for each file in the directory. Description You will write a program lsfiles, which will accept the directory name as command line argument. e.g. $lsfiles /home/msw/ab The output of the program will be something like this: /...

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    See attached zip file. ## Deliverables • A paragraph justifying where you would add the CountyName attribute and why. • An ER Diagram with relationships. • NOTE: Re-creating this in Access is not necessary. ## Platform No platform needed. Database theory

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    Software that seeks out and disects a randomly selected Randomizer program. It s purpose would be to analyze for the benefit of the intended user the ability to verify the authenticity of the said program, and its ability to deliver as it promises. Ought to be able to do comparisons between Randomizers to enable the peruser the ability to seek out a profitable program. Ought to be able to rate eac...

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    I am after a Visual Basic 6.0 program to work with the following: I will have a file generated with a record where each field is separated by commas (CSV file). An example file is included ([login to view URL]). After the file is generated, a script will be run. It will run a Visual Basic program with the export file name as a parameter. _EXAMPLE: _C:tempinterface[login to view URL] &l...

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    - extremely time sensitive project - required as soon as possible - 3 document files in MS-WORD to combine into 1 main file - change main file page layout and size from letter to: A4 - page layout to include top/bottom/left/right margin = 1 inch - remove all existing headers and footers - put in place blank headers and footers - remove all references to sites - remove all references to original a...

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    Purpose: To log the # of burns & duration (date & time) of each burn (over 1 minute) on a single IDE DVD burner (model may be a Pioneer A04,a05 or a06). OS is Win XP Pro SP1. Operation should be a TSR, which should allow for viewing, printing and clearing (no editing) of the logfile. The TSR should allow these functions based on a key combination like CTRL-M and then request a password, be...

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    Hello Coders, Here is a competition for you... _Bottom Line _**Come up with the most creative use for this software Demonstrate this in action Any resulting source code must be open source ** Premise Home Control is a pretty flexible platform for doing all kinds of event processing / scheduling for devices around the home. The software is designed to be a central controlle...

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    This project involves both design and research. When making your Bid request you may bid for one or the other part or all parts of this project. e website will be an informative resource for UKbusiness users wanting to learn more about VPN and high speed data lines. It needs to be clear and to the point. **Part 1 ??" Website Content** 1) Explain DSL, high speed leased lines and IP VPN + Vo...

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    Very simple ASP module written in XML. Purpose of the module would be to: * Receive an email address in the background when a user tabs out of a required email address field on a standard Web form * Quickly check the deliverability of the email by opening a connection with the MX Server and 'pretend' it is sending a test email without actually sending it. * Return a valid ...

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    Hello There, I purchased a security certificate in order for my clients to submit their private information securely online. Initially I had thought to have the information sent to me via email but that defeats kind of the purpose of the security certificate. I would like to be able to retrieve the information from the secure server. Also I would like to be notified when a client has submitted the...

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    Assignment Description: The purpose of this assignment to implement a Binary Search Tree (BST) class (**using C++**) and utilize that in a simple application “Removing Duplicate Keys??. For a given sent of keys with duplicate values, the BST acts as a filter. The program reads input set of values from a vector (or file), builds a BST, and then applies Inorder traversal and saves the tree co...

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    This project involves developing a Windows application utilizing the Windows Messenger API to customize the voice chat feature of Microsoft Windows Messenger. The application includes features like programmatically accept voice request, initiate a voice request, terminate the voice session, detect the termination of a voice session, etc… The application also includes UI which allow the use...

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    I'm looking for someone to write **20 articles** based on a list of different keywords on the subject of **"stock investing"**. **Article Requirements **These articles are used in creating content-rich pages to place on a website for the purpose of improving search engine rankings. I prefer the articles to adopt a **conversational** style. The content needs to be **100% O...

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    I need a quicktime codec which works in windowsxp on quicktime pro 6. That will allow quicktime pro to import an image sequence of Cineon file format. You can get the cineon file format specifications on Kodaks web site. The code must be written in C# or Visual basic .NET. All code and the finished codec working with quicktime must be delivered. I will arrainge to send the winning coder a cd with ...

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    **Purpose:** We Have equipment that must be certified on a periodic basis. We want a web based system that displays the important details of each piece of equipment and has a link to an image of an associated certificate. The site also needs to generate a monthly notification of expired or soon expire certificates. **Scope of work:** Create a web site and SQL Database with administration site/are...

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    I have just had a dialer developed for my custom requirements. the developer seems to have a great job, though I am still testing. I will be using this dialer with calling cards etc. At the moment I have to hang up and dial the whole calling card sequence again which is a time consuming practice. Some cards allow "##" to be dialed at the end of a call, instead of hanging up to ...

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    The purpose of the utility is for domain maintenance. I need a C++/C# written command line utility that can accept as arguments the following parameters: 1) DHCP SERVER IP ADDRESS 2) DOMAIN NAME 3) USERNAME 4) PASSWORD 5) DHCP SCOPE 6) DHCP IP ADDRESS 7) MAC ADDRESS The utility should then: 1) Use the information to authenticate itself on the dhcp server 2) Loc...

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    Its a Socket Programming Assignment that must work in UNIX and be programmed in C. The main purpose of the assignemnt is to transfer file between two terminals. ## Deliverables This assignment needs to be fully commented. Must work in UNIX and GCC compiler for C. ## Platform UNIX and C. Must compile in GCC compiler in C.

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    We need a plugin or ActiveX control (possibly java?) that we can provide to our clients as a utility via our website. The code will take a document identifier (a ten digit string) from the user, fetch a sequence of PDF pages from a free government file server using that identifier, then assemble the PDF pages into a single PDF document, which will be printed or saved. The goal is to permit the use...

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    I need a program for the following purpose: When I fill a web form(could be login form), and press "submit", the program gives me a small window to save this form info with a name(it does NOT suggest a name, that's to make it easier for developer) and password(optional). When I get back to the same form(site), the program gives me a small window telling me that this form(s...

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    Two part Visual Basic 6.0 application uses several ActiveX components in the first client to receive files, upload them, download to second client allow modification, re-upload them, and then have then re-downloaded by the first client. Purpose is to allow branch offices to submit information to be processed by the home office and then returned to the branch. Application is complete except fo...

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    The purpose of the project is to create a financial aid calculator for a web site. These are commonly known as "EFC calculators". (EFC = Expected Family Contribution.) The web site visitor will input data, submit it, and receive a calculation result. Complete data collection needs and calculation methodology for 2004/2005 can be found at: [login to view URL] There are numerous existing...

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    Need a coder/system analyst to create the following from the document/picture attached in ZIP file: 1. Level 1&2 DFDs - Following on from attached context diagram. 2. An entity-relationship diagram after identifying entities, key attribute(s) and three or four other attributes. (If the diagram you construct contains any many-to-many relationships, construct a second diagram in which ...

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    We are seeking a developer who has knowledge in the Vcard and Vcalendar format. What we need is 2 vc++ command line modules, each module will have its own purpose, one will be for Vcard and one will be for Vcalendar. Basically what we are seeking to do is create these types of files so that a user can load them into outlook and other Vcal and Vcard / CSV formats. We have a customer wh...

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    I'm have a client that wants to put "slide shows" on his website. The slide show would be for between 4 and 20 pictures and each would have an associated caption. He would need a web interface for uploading the images and writing captions for each image. He also wants to have the option to show the pictures in sequence automatically or to have them be navigated manually by clicki...

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    *Introduction* [login to view URL] is in the business of providing Consultancy services to pump and pumping system users. The purpose of the site is to advertise the business through presenting educational and problem solving articles about pumps and systems. For a solution to complex problems the expectation is that users will enlist the consultancy services of PumpDomain.com. The Website must h...

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    Description: I am looking for someone to compile / write articles related to a list of different keywords relating to bags and backpack products. I will provide the keyword sets and key word density ranges. These articles are for creating content-rich pages to place on a bag and backpack related website for the purpose of improving search engine rankings for the entire site. I am interested in...

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    The purpose of this project is to develop a software application, which would allow tutors to design multiple choice tests online, and would enable the students to answer the tests and get immediate results. for more detial please ready the attach zip file ## Deliverables 1) Complete and fully-functional working program(s) in executable form as well as complete source code of all work done. ...

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    Objective: Write a program capable of performing some elementary text analysis according to the following specifications. DESCRIPTION This program reads an ASCII text from file textin, performs one analysis operation as specified by one of the options s, f, r, c then writes the result onto file textout. ## Deliverables This program reads an ASCII text from file textin, performs one analysis ope...

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    I need a multi-purpose website. My client is a flooring distributor and has quite a bit of content on his products to display on a website. I can supply all content in the form of powerpoint presentations, pictures, product descriptions, customer testimonials, etc. I need someone to help organize presentation, and create a dazzling visual website. We also need to visitors by having an info ca...

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    This is for my own learning purposes, and will probably be very basic to Cocoa hands. This app will open with 2 windows. In the left window will be a field where I can type in a name, like Mary or John. In the right window, their address will be spit out after I've typed in their name and hit enter in the left window: Mary, 123 Maple Lane, Big City, OH 11111, or John, 456 Cedar St., New City,...

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    Develop site specification Background information We are a travel agent company located in New York. We need three separate web sites that would attract viewers for a) Golf holidays b) Spa vacations c) Group travel We ought to have about 1000 genuine and interested viewers per day to each of the sites with in three months of hosting them. The purpose of the sites is to engage the viewer to scan av...

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    The approach is to knock down walls randomly. If too many walls are removed, the maze will be too easy to solve. Our goal is to remove just enough walls so each room can be reached from any other in exactly one way. The rst step is to select (at random) a wall to remove. From this point on, the wall selection (still randomly done) is more intricate. We must insure that the neighboring rooms of the...

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    Bus simulation in c++, This is the description h**p://[login to view URL]~faynberg/lectures/Lecture%2002_files/[login to view URL] (replace ** with tt) please go through the slides, and let me know if someone can help me. The purpose of the simulation is to observe the behavior of the system, and answer the following questions: [login to view URL] the distance between the buses keep uniform? If no...

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    I have just had a dialer developed for my custom requirements. the developer seems to have a great job, though I am still testing. I will be using this dialer with calling cards etc. At the moment I have to hang up and dial the whole calling card sequence again which is a time consuming practice. Some cards allow "##" to be dialed at the end of a call, instead of hanging up to ...

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    1. Cost-oriented design goals. · From the CWK1 select network design which is the cheapest. Document in the Report which designs are selected and comment on differences with others of the same size. · With the help of NAM Editor create network topology for this design. Try to place nodes as precise as possible in order to match the designs obtained in CWK1. · Set Links paramet...

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    I need a complete website design of a job portal for English Teachers around the world. It needs to serve the same purpose as the site [login to view URL] but has to be way more attractive and less busy looking if possible. The banner layouts should be similar as well. Please have a look at the site before bidding. Please have a look at the job listings under (search database) especially, because ...

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    **Type**: VCL Component, Delphi 7 **Third part components**: Can be based on the free Open Query Builder from Fast Reports. **Copywrite** All the copywrite and right belongs to ObjectFactory **Source Code** Delivered with source code exclusive rights. Abstract The purpose of this build a new component to enable the user (technical and end-user) to build sophisticated SQL queries in an easy...

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    Create UML diagram and create PL/SQL queries and tables ## Deliverables [login to view URL] UML notation, draw a class diagram for the Santas Toy Factory case study. diagram should identify all classes association classes association roles generalizations method names etc [login to view URL] the class diagram, produce an Object Relational Schema of design, and then implement this in Oracle 9i. ...

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    I need a server-side program that will provide online delivery and participant tracking of multimedia presentations that our company has created and placed on the server. All I'm looking for is a front end; the actual course creation is taken care of. I need a way for users to log in to a web page with a username and password and then be directed to a site containing the presentation of their...

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    This bid request is for the creation of a HOWTO document explaining how to set up an OpenLDAP server on Red Hat Linux 9, for the express purpose of providing two services to a Windows network: 1. Shared address books, viewable in Microsoft Outlook 97/2000/XP/2003 2. Authentication services for a Samba-powered Primary Domain Controller Success is measured by whether I can follow the HOWTO and s...

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    I need a PostNuke module developed. Only programmer well-versed in the functions of PostNuke need bid. This module will be my property once completed, and I may distribute as I see fit. None of the code will remain the property of the programmer. The purpose of the module is to provide a standard PostNuke plug-in module employing the PN API functionality to convert an existing PN site to an Affi...

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    23 43 21 14 25 36 -> 23 43 21 14 25 36 A Microsoft Office like column management. A column mixed with B column. On C column the mixed numbers. A column can have up to 7 numbers. B column can also have 8 numbers. C column can also have up to 15 numbers. A column should be stable; B column should match the whole list to A. Results saved to a different column perhaps also saved to a different file...

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    I need 10 SEO articles of approximately 1000 words each, based around dating themes and topics . Each article will be split up into 10 different paragraphs, each of 100 words. Each paragraph will have it’s own heading, which will provide a clear and distinct plan for each article. Each keyword should be mentioned 3 times per paragraph. Each paragraph must also read well, be without spell...

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    We currently move transcripts and exhibits online using ASP pages. These scripts run on both our LAN and on our webserver. Each serves a different purpose. Simply put, it works like this. The two pages running at Alderson search through the network looking for transcripts and exhibits that belong online. When they find one, they copy that file into SQL which in turn moves it up to the website. The...

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    There Are 15 Numbers of Web Sites to be Designed for our valuable Clients This Document Contains Neccessory Description of the Same 1. E-Commerce Site Similar to [login to view URL] * 3 2. Web Site For Real Estate Management on Net *4 3. Web Site For Search Purpose Similar to [login to view URL] * 2 4. Web Site For Message Martimony * 1 5. Web Site for Insurance Management Company * 1 6. HTML/Flas...

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    What I am looking for is a program to simplify the creation of the html/asp pages. It should also support VBScript as well. What needs to happen is these things: 1. If someone hits tab, enters code and hits enter, it would use the same tab for the next line (if there was 2 tabs, then it would automatically tab 2 times If then someone hits the back space, then it would delete one of the tabs. T...

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