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    My Company is refining a non fictive content, so we're employing Arabic native speakers to help work on it, coalition context/text with high English Expressions(both spoken and written words) with outline figures of speech, sounds, clipped, dipthongs, audio text and both written appointment, we need a quality work, most basically we need 100% human replace. So no third party software is allowed to perform the Job only native speakers are allowed to place bids. Thank you.

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    Duplicate our website to a location where the information can be edited for another business Replace the other businesses website with the edited cloned website.

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    The goal of this project is to edit the attached image to add a custom logo on the arm, change the "no room for racism" text, "SAKA" text and add an effect to look like a painting.

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    Hi! Please modify the text label on this hover button: I will send you my CSS file. Please modify to show the new text label, then send modified CSS file back to me. I will insert the html on my website page in the correct place. Hopefully I will be able to insert the HTML myself without your help. But if I do have difficulty inserting it in the right place, I would like you to help a little bit if necessary as part of this project. Probably not necessary, however. Thank you! Here is the page where the hover button will go: CLICK HERE for my short VIDEO project description: Here is the new text label (as shown in the video): CLICK HERE to choose your Resume TIME

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    Dear video content creation expert, I need to develop an explainer video with Text Effects, simple Motion Graphics, voice-over syncing, etc. The relevant images, voiceovers, and the script will be provided. The duration of the video is 10 minutes. The software to use is Adobe After Effects. We need to prepare videos for posting on youtube and TikTok. The deliveries need to include all editable files. If you have good experience with After Effects, please bid along with your previous work. I will share further requirements in the message. Thanks

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    Trophy icon The Bullied Pulpit-LEVEL 2 6 days left

    We received many excellent contributions for our first contest! You all are very talented and I am grateful for your expertise! In this contest, The Bullied Pulpit Level 2 we have some new requirements: 1.) Use the microphone creatively to replace the letter "U" in "Bullied" and in "Pulpit" 2.) The outer frame of the logo should be a "stop sign" outline (octagon) 3.) ADD the text "Taking the U out of bullying" We are also still interested in your creative ideas that connect to these new requirements.

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    Excel VBA export 6 days left

    Please create an Excel VBA to automate do the following work. Document references

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    My man Amine, how are you??! Hey, I have another server Windows Server 2022 going into a client location to replace a Server 2012. This server is the only current server and acts as Domain Controller and File Server. Wanted to check your availability next week to help with this migration?

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    Hello, Please read to the end. I have an image of a painting. I need it to start with blank and have an artist's paintbrush stroke "Acr...image of a painting. I need it to start with blank and have an artist's paintbrush stroke "Across Each Part of the Painting with its Respective Color" to create the illusion of the painting being painted from scratch. Like a reveal with each stroke, revealing the painting as it goes along until the painting is finished. I need it in to be an after effects or PS animation template so that I can replace image with another. "This is not just a big brush reveling it like a logo. I uploaded just a sample video "I don't no what I'm doing in AE lol" of how i want it to be each peace of the painting being...

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    Get text from html 6 days left

    I have html. There are many sub element like span tag in each P tag, and they are reversed. They are arranged in flex. I want a complete paragraph from html and make it not inverted

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    Please create an Excel VBA to automate do the following work. Enter date data in excel cell A1.(ex:20220722,the year should be 2022-1911=111) Go to an url() and choose the Year and Month and select the bottom option.(See image 1.)(image B2 should be A1) Download the specified date csv file which is entered before at step 1.(cell A1).(See image 2.)NOTEļ¼šIf cell A1 is empty, download the newest csv file in the url. Copy and paste the specified range data to excel cell B2.(See the specified range at image 3. and image 4.) There's no need to save the downloaded csv file after passing the data.(Do not create any new tab to scrape the data)

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    I have a simple html script, I want to replace some variables in it and upload to ftp automatically. So now what I want you to do is create a simple website. On first screen ask for one time payment using razor pay then on second screen d1, d2 and to upload icons in 2 sizes 512x512 and 192x192. Then take those variables and change them in that existing script and replace the icons in that script folder Then I want a option for users to choose the folder name and then ask for their ftp credentials then upload it and give them the url theirwebsiteaddress/foldername Then give them an option to create a fully customisable html download button which opens the link which we just created so that they can add it to their website.

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    Hello. I need a professional to translate the document below from Portuguese to Spanish. I need this done ASAP, ok? Please put the final price for the project execution,

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    This plugin is needed to make it easier for users to replace pdf files. pdf on this page using the pdf viewer plugin. [pdf-embedder url="" title="Cook Islands Niue sailing schedule"] users are expected to just upload a pdf file through this plugin, without opening another menu

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    Project Excel Vba as discussed

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    Trophy icon Postcard Design Help 2 days left

    Hello! I'm looking for someone talented to help put together a 4 x 6 card. Please use and resize the image () with the grapes and the wine bottles but replace the old text with the new text (in the same general location) indicated in the "Side 1 text" attachment. When I say "resize" please resize so it fits the dimensions of 4 inches x 6 inches. Thank you very much! Please share the final file in PDF.

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    ...main is not to totally remove human intervention but more so shift it to more important tasks like upgrading the platform and adding features.. not tediously doing data entry that can easily be handled since the same thing is changed on each app 1. logo, intro logo, name video. 2.5 liquid slider screens represented by 5 iframe links that are in the app as long as the title is the same it will replace it from the old file 2. Firebase api for push notifications 3. phone number for the chat call and txr, link all copy pasting it currently. wasting time. Process References: ive been told by a few other people that it will take a week.. ive already done alot of research and watched many videos in real time so i see

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    We have the android project files. Please generate a signed app bundle in Android Studio and release it on the Google PlayStore. Also please replace the default image with some images which I will send to to you later. thx

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    I am making an app that you can see on I want to make a cleaner version of the icon and a logo of a longtail boat. I also want to improve the icons and replace the ant with another animal that is typical for Thai. The current icons are too detailed and do not look so good in small size. Files provided

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    replace all images in website 6 days left

    i need to replace all picture and images in website. low budget.

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    I want to replace my dog (the one in the green bandana) in the first photo onto the second photo

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    I have an old cover design that was made for an old project that I had. I would like to redo the same design but with different colors, icons and text. THE TASK NEEDS TO BE DONE IN 8 HOURS FROM NOW This a cover for a Breast Cancer Awareness session. We're going to use the pink color and the pink ribbon in the design. Instructions: >> Checkout `old `. This is the old design that I need to re-do / edit. >> Checkout ``. This is a social media post that we have that contains the new details and colors that I need to add in the new design. 1. Replace the logo at the top left " Clinical Community" with logo1 + remove the word "Presents". 2. Add logo2 at the top right corner opposite to the Docspert Health (logo1) logo. 3. Change the title t...

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    Looking for a professional writer to make better a about us company text for a logistics and transportation business.

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    these are my suggestions you can use one of these API for implementation Microsoft Computer Vision API, google vision API, AWS Image Recognition Services. OCR In a Laravel website a feature need to be added where when the user uploaded an image, the text from that image need to be extracted and should be filled in the suitable fields in the form before submit action. For example : In Aadhar card, the name from the Aadhar card need to be filled in full name field. Skills Required Laravel Image Processing Data Scraping API Google APIs

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    Hello, looking to make the following updates to our assisting app: 1. Replace current MLkit with Google MLKit for computer vision and barcode reading 2. Add ‘save’ function to save the extracted words from the image 3. Add share function to share singles or multiples in a number of ways 4. Add registration and login to OCR app 5. Reskin app with existing figma based screen designs To be considered: Must be a verified freelancer, preferred and verified is even better. Must have at least 3 Flutter projects in review/feedback area. Must have a previous OCR project in reviews. Please answer the following test in first sentence of your response proposal 50x2.2. Must deliver sourcecode as well as APK for both android and iOS for review. Depending on talent, price is negotiable...

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    I am looking for a PHP function to translate a pdf file to text. Search for: php pdf to text. There are lots. Ideally you can test more than one on the attached file and I/we will see what's best. Please don't just say "Install xyz". I am a great programmer but dealing with someone else's procedure or software is invariably a disaster. Your job is to prevent that. I am a Geek but don't assume that I know more than "$a=0 ; for ($x=1;$x<=$n;++$x) $a+=$x ; echo $a ;" and that that is the same as "echo $n*($n+1)/2 ;" and that you know that also.

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    I have an AI file and I want to have some of the text changed and converted to new web standards like svg, webp. Important is that in every resolution or zoom the image is without pixels

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    Need a regex pattern created. Currently I have this: function urlEdit(url: string) { if (('.')) { return url .replace('.', '') .replace('https://', '') } else if (('')) { return ('', '') } return url } I've managed to do this for the first part: function urlEdit(url: string) { const regex = new RegExp("(https://)([a-z0-9]*)(.|.)(.*)", 'g') const subst = `$$2$4`; return url .replace(regex, subst) } But it doesn't include the second part of the first code. What this regex needs to do in a combine one line RegExp would be:

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    $24 Avg Bid
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    I have a text that was written by a non-native person and it turned out quite bad. The topic of the text is health and effective supplements and is about 11,900 words. I need someone to reword the unnatural phrases into a clear, natural and appealing text (and of course correct the grammar) Please bid only if you fulfill all the following conditions: - Your native language is English - You are good at proofreading and also have high writing skills - You have done such work before and have much experience with that.

    $100 - $120
    $100 - $120
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    change the text in the attached PDF change Aletheia to captial letter ====> ALETHEIA change Wil SG to ===> Luzern change the color of the entire tile to drak green (same color as the qr code)

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    I just need to rewrite the text from 10 image pages. Language is Hindi language.

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    $2 / hr Avg Bid
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    I am using a VBA script and running a rule through Microsoft outlook to save email attachments to a folder locally on my PC. I need a new VBA script to do as follows. When the attachment is saved to the target folder the file name need's to be changed and increment by 1 each time. e.g Email attachment is named "file" and when saves to target folder is incremented by 1. E.g "file1" "file2" "file3"

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    We are looking for a senior photoshop designer to make editable fixed text in PSD files. I will pay $100 for this job. Thanks, David

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    I have two pictures in which has a father and son together. One shows the father looking forward with son in his lap looking away and another picture has father leaning in to son with son leaning into father. I need to take son pic in which he is leaning in and replace the son pic that has him looking away. See doc attached to get a better idea. I will supply original photos to work on.

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    28 bids and I am stuck in the "p" tag because I don't want "p" tags from the start of the article and from the end of the article as I don't want "p" Share the article"p" and "p" last updated "p" and some "p" tag from the bottom text that is not included in the article. Articletext = (class_="article") for items in soup.find_all(class_="article"): Gather = 'n'.join([ for item in items.find_all(["h6","h5","h4","h3","h2","h1","p","li"])]) filtered = ("↓ Join the community ↓") Content = filtered[0].split("Email") while True : try: ...

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    Hi there, Looking for blog post writer for my website. It will be around 1,000 words. No images required, only text. The topic is: Beadlock rims Min point to cover: - what are beadlock rims - how do beadlock rims work - are beadlock rims illegal in Australia - fake vs authentic beadlock wheels - do you need special tires for beadlock rims No spinbot work, I will be reading it all and it must make sense and be easy to read. I will not accept spinbot work.

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    I have a business card that i would like to have a picture changed, Remove the end picture that says marshalls and replace with new picture

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    We have an existing coffee cart in a shopping center and have proposed building a smaller version of that cart for a city sidewalk location. We need an illustration of what our smaller cart version would look like when located at our proposed new sidewalk location, so the city has a size...dimensions of the sidewalk space and actual photos. The drawing is a concept piece, so the dimensions don't have to be architecturally exact. Just roughly accurate and attractive so we can show how our new, proposed cart and aesthetics would look when situated in the sidewalk site. Finally, we will be using a different name for this coffee cart operation so the illustrator/artist would need to replace the existing cart graphics with our new logo, and we can provide that new logo in any fo...

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    It is necessary to correct grammar, spelling, stylistic errors and sometimes to rephrase whole sentences that was written incorrectly or using poor English, in an article on construction topics (I have more than 200 articles). I am looking for a professional proofreader/text corrector in English language, to correct spelling, as well as grammar and stylistic mistakes, in English texts.

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    $20 Avg Bid
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    Hello guys!, im looking for someone who can transcribe a 35 min audio to text.

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    $23 Avg Bid
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    ...found, modifies two values that are part of a multi-value attribute. My LDAP directory entries have an attribute, radiusReplyItem, with multiple values. I need to modify all entries matching the filter and replace some of these values having a specific pattern with different ones, the other values must not be changed. I'm expecting a script that, provided two search values, search_value1 and search_value2, connects to an LDAP server and modifies the matching entries in the LDAP directory with replace_value1 and replace_value2, respectively. For example, I want the script to replace the values for all entries matching the filter '(&(radiusReplyItem=X-OldPlan-Out+="old-25")(radiusReplyItem=X-OldPlan-In+="old-30"))' with two new val...

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    $197 Avg Bid
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    There are 3 files that currently work together to filter data and produce results. "v3Updated current " - Initial filter file. Results are produced in cells "EN195:FA2658" "" - Indicates which filters from the "v3Updated current " to filter "aapl " - Results from cells "EN195:FA2658" of the "v3Updated current " file are pasted to this file. Instead of pasting all of the results from "EN95:FA2658", I would like to be able to filter the results based on a secondary filter found in cells "EN4" ("TYPE"), "EO4" ("COND"), and "EP4" ("OCCUR") - total of 3 filters to be added. These 3 filters correspond to the same columns in the "EN195:FA2658"...

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    Trophy icon Congratulations Postcard 14 hours left

    I would like a template for a postcard to send clients when they close on a new home. The template would have a picture frame where I can paste their picture from closing day. It should say "Congratulations on your new home!" I also want it to include one of the VanderMorgan Realty logos attached. I included some samples of what I'm looking for. Just need to be able to replace the picture each time.

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    73 entries

    We want to convert our Adult video paysite to Kernel Video Sharing (KVS). For this ...paysite to Kernel Video Sharing (KVS). For this we need to implement our payment processor Verotel. Some minor design adjustments have to be made as well, e.g. font colors, logo exchange etc.: - Main font change color - Change logo (we have) - Change color of all graphics - adding credit card logos to footer - adding address to footer - maybe replace t&c - maybe replace privacy statement - implement Verotel payment processing - remove upload links - Add SEO text We need someone who really has experience with KVS and can do it without any problems. Maybe you can show us paysites that you have successfully managed. If everything works out well we can imagine a long term cooperat...

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    $411 Avg Bid
    33 bids

    ...It consists of a main landing page and 6 sub-pages. I'm looking for an expert in Elementor to update the website and better match the graphic design that I developed separately. Currently the match is I’d say 60%-70%. I assume someone who is really fluent with Elementor would push it to 90%-100% match. What specifically needs to be done (at minimum): - replace all icons and logo (I have target files in pdf, png and svg formats) - replace photos to get the desired effect (with an overlay that adds dims the picture and adds gradient - adjust font sizes, breaks, spaces – to get overall look&feel that matched the graphic design. I assume this is the most difficult part because Elementor probably limits what’s possible vs. purely native design. But ...

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    Excel VBA Expert 4 days left

    I have a VBA app with issue. Hope to fix issue. I will send more via chat.

    $14 / hr (Avg Bid)
    $14 / hr Avg Bid
    42 bids and I am stuck in the "p" tag because I don't want "p" tags from the start of the article and from the end of the article as I don't want "p" Share the article"p" and "p" last updated "p" and some "p" tag from the bottom text that is not included in the article. Articletext = (class_="article") for items in soup.find_all(class_="article"): Gather = 'n'.join([ for item in items.find_all(["h6","h5","h4","h3","h2","h1","p","li"])]) filtered = ("↓ Join the community ↓") Content = filtered[0].split("Email") while True : try: ...

    $3 / hr (Avg Bid)
    $3 / hr Avg Bid
    10 bids

    -View the institutional support and resistance on every time frame with alerts with -on and off buttons for instant chart decluttering. -Monthly, Weekly, Daily, 4hour, 1hr, 30 min, 15min,5min ect.. Last down candle before significant up move Last up candle before significant down move Consolidation , expanding retracment Reversals Ability to change colors , Filene’s non filled Updates often BoS, liquidity voids and FVg , OTE Swing shift swing low On off buttons defined risk What Is The Goal of Savvy Enterprise? o Guidance on making sound financial, trading and investment choices without wasting time and resources By providing the necessary tools and resources to be more successful in the markets. o Empower new and experienced traders/investors...

    $25 (Avg Bid)
    $25 Avg Bid
    22 bids

    I just need to rewrite the text from 10 image pages. Language is Czech language.

    $18 (Avg Bid)
    $18 Avg Bid
    168 bids