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    I'm searching for a talented developer to create an application that caters to a non-profit organization's needs. This application will be downloadable on both IOS Appstore and Google store, seamlessly interacting with both Apple and Samsung devices. The key features should include: - Task/Event Management: The app should provide an avenue for the creation and assignment of tasks or events. It will be fundamentally used for administrative organization and must hence accommodate this featured component efficiently. - Notification System: Having a reminder and update system is crucial for the app’s functionality. Timely notifications about upcoming tasks or events should lead to seamless organization. - RSVP Functionality: Incorporate a system that allows users to RSV...

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    need to change document to look more professional have it save as a pdf and have auto signature on it i will need my logo put on to it. i will need to be able to insert pictures i will be needing to do all of this from a Samsung tablet, so if i take the pic on the tablet i want to be able to insert that pic into the doc all of the information on the original doc will stay the same and i want them to stay as tick boxes the attached doc is an example of that the original doc is

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    I have a simple apk made in gradle, I have the project files but im unable to install that apk on my samsung s23 but yes on older samsung. I need to compile this gradle project again to be able to install it in my samsung s23

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    I'm looking for an experienced Django developer who can help me debug a Django application that's running on Termux on Lineage 16.0 phones. The primary issue I'm facing is related to database interactions. I use 2 types of phones: samsung s4 gt-i9505 and samsung s4 gt-i9515. They should be identical, but the application running on gt-i9505 phones frequently gives this error: ": server closed the connection unexpectedly This probably means the server terminated abnormally before or while processing the request." I need someone to help me debugging this error as the application can't be shared. I appreciate that this isn't a high-urgency task, so you'll have some flexibility with timing. However, it's important to me that the i...

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    I'm looking to develop a Smart TV App for streaming our own produced video content, whic his located on our server. The Smart TV App must be workable for the most popupal Smart TV brands as Sony, LG, Samsung with the operating systems Android, Tizen and WebOS. The application will need to allow users to login in their account and streaming our video content from our Server. The desired features for this application include: - Login on their account - Streaming and play our video content on their Smart TV (simular as Netflix) The ideal freelancer would have experience in developing smart TV applications (as example with Flutter etc), particularly for video streaming with user profile capabilities. Knowledge and experience with user interface design to allow easy profile cu...

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    I will need scrapbook/collage style designs that will be mostly used on phone cases, the designs need to be able to look good on various different sizes phone cases - Iphone 8-15 - Samsung S10-S23 , aka take in mind where the cameras are and no vital elements of the design aka text quotes etc falls in there. I might need many different theme designs but similar in style. For this job i will need summer vibes design with popular summer inspiration words/quotes and images evoking summer feelings.

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    ...provided "Frame Sheet Idea 2." Each icon will be paired with corresponding text as outlined in the provided sheet. Project Objectives: Enhance the provided image (Frame Sheet Idea 1) for optimal display on a Samsung Frame TV. Integrate our company logo seamlessly into the image. Design and incorporate a text logo with a tagline using an aesthetically pleasing font. Create graphical icons in alignment with the provided "Frame Sheet Idea 2," with each icon accompanied by relevant text. Ideallly this will be in a wider format as shown Deliverables: Enhanced image suitable for display on a Samsung Frame TV. Integrated company logo within the image. Text logo with tagline in a visually appealing font. Graphical icons, following the style of "Frame S...

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    I need a designer skilled in creating realistic mockups for a range of mobile devices. These devices include the iPhone X, Samsung Galaxy S10, and Google Pixel 4. The designs should feature bright and bold color schemes to showcase our iPhone skin wraps. Your creative eye for detail and previous experience with generating device mockups will be essential to this project.

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    I need a digital artist to recreate a high resolution American Flag Bison on a black background for use as a Samsung Frame TV background. The resolution must be 3840 x 2160 pixels. The style should mimic the given example photo, with stars remaining white and the color scheme including shades of Red, White, Blue, and Black. Key requirements are: - High resolution (3840x2160 pixels) artwork - Style matching the example photo - American Flag Bison themed with a black background The ideal freelancer has a strong background in digital art and a portfolio that demonstrates their ability to meet this project's specific requirements. Looking forward to perusing applicants with the desired experience.

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    I'm seeking an experienced app developer to create an application that enables two mobiles to connect together, via Bluetooth or any other method. This app should be compatible with both Android and iOS platforms. Key Features: - When a call is received on the primary device (for example a Samsung S10 with a sim card), the app should enable the call to be displayed on a second device (such as a Samsung S24 Ultra). - Essential functionalities include displaying the caller ID, allowing the call to be answered from the second device, and recording call logs. - The app should also have the capability to make outgoing calls from the connected device. Ideal Skills: - Experience in developing cross-platform mobile apps - Proficiency in Bluetooth connectivity - Knowledge in i...

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    I'm looking for an expert app developer to create an application for my Samsung watch. The primary purpose of this application is to connect to smartwatches via Bluetooth and gather data. Specific Task Details: - The app needs to connect to smartwatches using Bluetooth technology. - The app should collect several types of data: health metrics, user-input data, and any other raw data that can be captured from the smartwatch. - The health metrics I'm interested in are: Heart rate, Sleep data, Step count amongst others. If the watch captures more data, the app should be able to collect it as well. Ideal Skills: - Extensive experience in app development, specifically for wearables. - Knowledgeable about Bluetooth connectivity protocols. - Understanding of data collection ...

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    I'm on the hunt for an expert Android system modifier who understands how to change an Android OS thoroughly. Here's what I need for my Samsung Galaxy model: - First, revamping the user interface for a sleeker, more customized experience. - Second, tweaking the system settings to reach optimum performance and functionality. - Lastly, root and install custom roms, essentially changing the whole software of my device. Ideal skills would include a deep understanding of the Android operating system, outstanding UI designing skills and experience with any Android Devices. Familiarity with various custom ROMs would also be beneficial for this project. If you are savvy with creating user-focused, performance-driven Android customizations, I want to hear from you. I will do it f...

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    Hello, We need a nice looking business focused thumbnail for our business. The company logo is attached. We have also attached an image to use for this video. The Video title should read: Samsung Frame Template VS Install Template Co | Timed Installation Last we have included a thumbnail concept we really like for this channel. Thumbnail Ideally has company logo upper left, lower center and bottom left should have text. The right side should be the install image of one of our techs. Be creative but keep in mind business so not to crazy. Ideally the person entering wins both our videos, we have 3 to create - all with the same concept. This is video #2 ITC 2 Thank you, Tyler

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    Hello, We need a nice looking business focused thumbnail for our business. The company logo is attached. We have also attached an image to use for this video. The Video title should read: Samsung Frame TV Template Basic Install Last we have include a thumbnail concept we really like for this channel . Thumbnail Ideally has company logo upper left, lower center and bottom left should have text. The right side should be the install image of one of our techs. Be creative but keep in mind business so not to crazy. Ideally the person entering wins both our videos, we have 3 to create - all with the same concept. This is video #2 ITC 2 Thank you, Tyler

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    We need an engaging Thumbnail for our youtube channel. I have attached our logo and thrumbnail background image. The text will read: Install Samsung "The Frame" like a PRO!! Open to creative designs, text etc, Logo cannot change. Thank you!!!

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    In my haste, I inadvertently removed valuable notes not only from my Samsung S24 Ultra, but also from the Samsung Cloud. Unfortunately, I did not have a backup of these documents. I am seeking talented individuals that specialize in data recovery, particularly, deleted documents recovery from phones and cloud systems, to help me restore them. Key Requirements: - Proven experience in data recovery is essential. - Familiarization with Samsung devices and Samsung Cloud is a must. - Punctual and effective communication is valued. Ultimately, your role is not just about technical skills but also about saving the day! I am looking forward to a successful collaboration.

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    Until recently, I was a VP @ Samsung () leading their Cloud and AI products. I'm in search of a Sales specialist (familiar with SEO Content Marketing) who can help sell my 100% Automated AI based Internal Linking Tool to their clients. You can keep 90% of the revenue that comes from the sale. As you know, Internal linking helps improve SEO ranking and most importantly helps improve conversions and revenues. By just adding 2 lines of JS code in the head html tag (just like Google Analytics), all relevant internal links along with 'related articles blocks' are automatically added to the content. When the content on the site is updated, internal links should be updated. This product updates them automatically as well. To see an example of its usage, check

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    We need slight app test on Samsung smartphone. You need Samsung smartphone with Android 12 or newer.

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    Enable USB debugging mode and authorization by default. Set the device to automatically power on and boot when electricity is connected. Remove the initial setup wizard after the first installation is complete. Enable TCP/IP functionality by default, using port 5555. Delete all unnecessary software applications. Install default APKs (customizable options available). Modify the default boot animation and wallpaper images. Emulate a WiFi signal using an Ethernet connection. Enable root access on the device. Manage guest user accounts through ADB or API methods, including adding, deleting, modifying, and querying (emphasis).

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    I'm looking to import a large number of product attributes related to a variety of mobile brands, including but not limited to Apple, iPhone, Samsung, and other brands. The attributes mainly focus on mobile brand names and respective devices under each brand Magento 2 • Ideal Skills and Experience: The successful freelancer for this project should have significant experience with Magneto 2 and CSV file preparation for product attributes mass import. A deep understanding of mobile devices, their respective brands and attribute categorization will also be crucial. It would be beneficial if the freelancer also has a forward-thinking approach, able to consider potential future additions and categorizations. I anticipate for this task to evolve and potentially require additi...

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    I am looking for an app developer with experience in creating utility apps for Android. App to be downloaded on galaxy S20 currently running android 14. Primary Features: - Regular calculator functionality - Capability to hide and run a specific spyware app. Must resemble the samsung calculator found in play store, in both appeance and functionality. While the calculator will serve as the facade, the central functionality of this application is to cleverly conceal and completely run spyware software in the background. No apps available allow the spyware to function properly. It gets very tricky when attempting to enable the necssary permissions. Skills and Experience: - Advanced understanding of Android system - Proficient in Java or Kotlin - Strong knowledge in creating uti...

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    ...activate the negative mode of the rear camera of the user's smartphone as soon as they access the page.(It has to be compatible with all device apple and android). Key Features: - Auto-activation of the back camera in negative mode. - Consideration for potential device-based variation, needing a manual camera swap button. Compatibility: - Your solution should ensure compatibility across iPhone, Samsung Galaxy, Google Pixel, and Huawei mobile devices. Fallback Mechanism: - If the back camera cannot be accessed on a particular device, the default behavior should be to display a message. Desired Skills & Experience: - Proven experience in HTML and Java - Wordpress proficiency - Demonstrated expertise in mobile-first/responsive web design - Past work in camera-related sc...

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    ...developer with JQuery, JavaScript, HTML5, and CSS knowledge to execute some necessary corrections to my mobile game. The game runs smoothly on several Android models, but it has been observed to have some functionality incorrect. Here's what I need: 1. Android Phone Compatibility: Though I haven't specified the Android models, your responsibility will be to ensure the game runs flawlessly on the Samsung Galaxy S20, Google Pixel 4 and OnePlus 8. Expertise in Android game development is vital. 2. Critical Game Corrections: The nature of these corrections wasn't explicitly defined, but these could range from bug fixes, performance optimizations to UI/UX improvements. This makes experience in QA/testing, optimization, and design very beneficial. No specific delivera...

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    I am seeking dedicated freelancers adept in developing custom ROM for Android, ideally for Samsung S8 phones. While a specific Android version is not specified, the ROM should be contemporary and compatible. Expectations: • Enabling automatic power-on following the default power connection • Default enabling and automatic permissions granting to USB debugging • Removal of setup wizard during default boot-up • Default enabling of TCP/IP and wireless debugging mode • Unnecessary software removal for streamlined and optimized functioning Ideal Skills: • Prior experience in Android ROM development • Comprehensive understanding of Samsung smartphone mechanics • Familiarity with USB debugging procedures and permissions • Proficien...

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    I am looking for someone with exceptional market research skills to find distributors with the best price for major electronics brands such as GoPro, Intel, AMD, Samsung, Google, and Apple in Asia and UAE. The ideal freelancer should have: • Proven experience in market research, especially within the electronics distribution sector in these regions. • An understanding of the regional distribution networks for these brands. • The ability to provide detailed information about identified distributors. Your application should ideally include: • Evidence of your experience in similar tasks. • Any relevant insights you’ve gained from your past work in this area.

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    Hello and thank you for bidding on my project. Requirements: -Simple single page website that is responsive must work on all devices and adapt to devices to look good, I will test it on real devices ex iphone samsung etc. -Must autotranslate based on computer/browser keyboard language for major languages (I will provide the translations) -I will need to generate some information on the website very simple by inserting the information in a text file or config file

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    Requiero el diseño de un reproductor multimedia IPTV para diferentes marcas de tv

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    ...(it could be double-sided) - PCB work as BMS for lithium battery 3.7V, 4A. - Read temperature via thermistor (as example NTCLE100E3471JB0) - Include programmed controller with custom program. - Preset temperature programs: (40, 50, 60 °C), which users can adjust using a physical button. - Has 5 LEDs that indicate battery status and chosen program. - As powerbank support QC 3.0, Apple devices and Samsung devices - Ideal one USB type C port for charging either phones and PCB battery Detailed info for chips and components you can find in attached PDF Ideal Skills: - Experience with temperature regulated gadgets - Comfortable with implementing custom program based on temperature The successful candidate will have a portfolio demonstrating similar projects and will be able ...

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    The aim of this project is to improve the visibility of a video I shot with my Samsung phone. It features what I suspect to be a crocodile, but it could also be a patch of leaf litter on the bottom of the river. But unfortunately, the video quality is quite poor. The issues include blurry footage, poor lighting, and pixelated images. I have done some enhancement but haves some images that look like a crocodile and some like a pile of leaves. I am hoping to find some leaves - not a crocodile. The ideal freelancer for this job would have a strong background in video editing and experience with digital enhancement techniques. Previous experience with wildlife footage would be a bonus, but is not required. The key skills needed would be: - Video editing - Digital image processing - N...

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    I am currently experiencing some difficulties with my Samsung washer and dryer and urgently need someone skilled to fix them. My washer has an issue with water release, while my dryer keeps stopping every three minutes. I'm unsure if there are any error codes showing, but I would appreciate a comprehensive diagnostic and repair service. To succeed in this task, you should ideally: - Have experience repairing washing machines and dryers - Have specific experience with Samsung appliances - Have potential to troubleshoot without clear error codes This is a one-time repair job. $150 to fix them obo

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    $30 - $250
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    I am seeking a skilled freelancer with experience in setting up Samsung smart tv and electrical installations. The task involves unhooking a Savant remote system(no longer needed)and connecting to TV through usual means. Additionally, the successful candidate will also be tasked with installing a light switch to control a lamp. The job requirements are as follow: - Proficient in TV setup especially with LCD Televisions - Background in electrical work, particularly light switch installation - Cable management skills I have all the necessary cables and equipment ready for the project. Interested freelancers should submit applications detailing their experience, particularly with jobs akin to this one.

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    ...following OS-s: • Client: a multiplatform one, at least Android, Linux and Windows environments, optionally in iOS if including iOS into in a common multiplatform project is possible without a significant increase in the dev project complexity and cost • Server: Linux only Test HW platforms: • The target Linux environment will be Raspberry Pi Zero 2W • Android: tests are planned to be performed on Samsung Galaxy J3 and/or A32 • Windows: the component should work at least in Windows 10 and 11 The communication will be tested between a client and server component where the server will run on Raspberry Pi Zero Linux (“server”) and the client on different devices on Android/Windows/Linux (“clients”). The sending and receiving code s...

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    I have a fully functioning application with the APK file available. I am searching for an expert developer with experience in Tizen OS to carefully port this application for compatibility with Samsung devices. - Source Code: I do possess the source code for the existing application. - Functionalities: The Tizen OS version should retain all functionalities of the current application. - Programming Language: Unfortunately, I failed to answer the specific programming language used for the original app. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proficiency in Tizen OS - Experience in porting applications between platforms - Strong knowledge in app development (specific language yet to be confirmed) - Keen attention to detail to ensure all functionalities are maintained in the Tizen ...

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    I am in need of an expert to develop a modern watch application on Android mainly on Samsung Galaxy Watch 4. The application should integrate the following features: - Fitness tracking - Ability to set timers or alarms - Capability to receive notifications It's critical for the design approach to be modern yet user-friendly. Ideal candidate should have: - Proven experience in Android application development, specifically for watch apps - Strong understanding and capacity to integrate fitness tracking, timers, alarms, and notification systems - Impressive portfolio of modern app designs for reference. I look forward to receiving your proposals and learning about your relevant skills and experience.

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    For QA from Argentina This test takes about 10-15 minutes As part of our ongoing development process, we need a QA Engineer. Your task will be to perform thorough testing on a specified Android device (Samsung Galaxy S10, Google Pixel 4 or OnePlus 8 Pro) that operates on Android 10 or higher. Our needs include: - A complete screen record from initiation, including launching the link, installing the app from Google Play, and the account registration process. - Evaluating the overall functionality of the app during use, particularly focusing on navigation, app installation, and user registration. The ideal candidate will have a keen eye for detail, outstanding problem-solving skills, and a comprehensive understanding of QA methodologies. Experience with Android-based applications w...

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    I am looking for someone that has Philips, LG, Samsung SOC screen app development experience.

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    We need to control the Samsung S95C TV with the a keyboard (photos attached) as follows: - When it turns on, a logo appears for a few seconds. - Control the monitor with the keyboard (on, off, brightness menu and input channel (HDMI 1,2,3 and 4)). - When you turn on the monitor, no Samsung menu appears, the kind that comes with the commercial product. It goes directly to presenting a logo and then the input received through HDMI. - When you press the "Brightness" key on the keyboard, the brightness menu opens and can be increased and reduced, and once the brightness is adjusted, pressing the ENTER key closes that menu. - With the TV on under any circumstances, pressing the INPUT key on the keyboard opens the menu to choose any of the HDMI inputs (1, 2, 3, 4). Once t...

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    THIS IS NOT AN APP DEVELOPMENT, JUST CREATING AUTOMATION ON AN EXISTING APP. I would like to create an automation procedure on Samsung phone using EXISTING Automation app. I prefer using Automate, but I am open to any other app, whether its free or paid. The automation app should be able to Open an app make a selection lock selection open phone app punch in few numbers take screen shot Open another app wait a number of seconds take screen shot . . . . I will provide exact procedure with more details once a freelancer is selected.

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    Create a Kotlin or Java project using Android Studio 2022 that supports Samsung Galaxy A12 phone using Android OS 12. The app should contain one button, two checkboxes and progress bar. This project will use WIFI to upload images that were previously taken by the phones camera app to an SQL Database after scanning a QR Code. Code should be commented and there should be instructions on how to compile and install to phone. See attached PDF for full details.

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    35 bids

    I need a skilled Android developer to update my Weather Now app. It's a live weather wallpaper application currently compatible with Samsung S22 Ultra. However, I'm encountering an installation error while trying to install it on my Samsung S23 Ultra, even though both phones run Android 14. Key tasks include: - Understanding the source of the installation error - Making requisite adjustments to ensure compatibility with Samsung S23 Ultra Your experience in Android app development, particularly with troubleshooting, is crucial as I'm unsure if the source code is available. Also, familiarity with weather applications would be appreciated. Your assistance is essential to resolve this installation issue on my new device. Your contributions will enhance...

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    ... - The USBIP interface should primarily support the following devices: Samsung phones, iPhones, Arduino (Embedded), Flash drives. - Enable functionalities such as enabling USB device connectivity, sharing USB devices, and connecting Samsung phones, iPhones, and Arduino serial-based connections. - The interface should provide full compatibility between the Windows 11 and Ubuntu OS to ensure a seamless user experience. Ideal Skills and Experience: - In-depth understanding of USB / USBIP technologies. - Solid programming skills in creating interfaces for Windows 11 and Ubuntu. - Experience in connecting and sharing various USB devices, specifically phones, embedded systems, and flash drives. - Familiarity with Samsung phones, iPhones, Arduino connections will be h...

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    I'm seeking a skilled developer to create a cutting-edge Smart TV application for my clients. Here's what I need: - Compatibility: The app must support both Samsung and LG Smart TV platforms. - Content Streaming: It should seamlessly stream Live TV channels, VOD, Series, and TV Catchup. - Design Theme: I am looking for a cloning version of our current Android app, incorporating a user-friendly interface similar to what we already have. Ideal Candidate Skills: - Proficient in developing for Samsung Tizen and LG WebOS - Experience in working with IPTV services and Xtream Codes API - Strong portfolio with similar projects - Ability to replicate an existing app design on a new platform By bringing these requirements to life, you'll help me offer my...

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    ok- project for you : 29 designs for t-shirts following these specs : - 4500px by 5400px - t-shirts, sweatshirts, long sleeve t-shirts and the back of pullover hoodies 4500px by 4050px - front of pullover hoodies and zip hoodies 485px by 485px - PopSockets grips 1800px by 3200px - iPhone and Samsung phone cases 2925px by 2925px - tote bags and throw pillows Artwork should be: PNG format with transparency sRGB color space Less than 25 MB

    $60 - $60
    $60 - $60
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    ...their adresse, city, live location and find all stores near them. Right now we have only one store but we are working on a franchise for many stores around france. Each store will have his own link like , etc… 3. Repair section: We should be able to select a type of product (computer, phone, gaming, scooter…) then a brand (apple, samsung, …) a model (iPhone 14, iPhone 13, samsung S23….customer can search by name to go faster) - and at this stage we can pick a repair (screen, dock, battery, back glass..) we should be able to set prices based on number of repairs. For example if a customer buy the glass and battery repair we can decide to offer 50% on the second repair). Once the customer pick the repair he can add to cart, book an appointment, p...

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    ...control of various devices is a must. Here, I am specifically looking at control functionalities for devices such as: • Thermostats • Lighting systems • Non-smart devices (for basic functionalities like on/off and regulator control) • Smart devices- Advance functionalities like AC temperature control, fan speed, light control, etc. Ability to handle devices from popular brands like LG and Samsung are preferred. • Other city information display, e.g., Air Quality Index The perfect candidate should have a proven track record in developing similar control panels, possess excellent problem-solving skills, and have a keen eye for detail. As this tool has a crucial real-time diagnostic function, demonstrated experience in this area will be highly val...

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    10 bids

    I'm urgently seeking an innovative and experienced developer, I am looking for an Android expert who can build an android app for casting video to Smart TVs. The core functionalities...Uploading: Users should be able to upload their videos with ease. - Video Control: Robust video control features are required, for things like pause, play, rewind, and fast-forward. -Smart TV : All smart TVs (mainly Samsung TV, LGs) Timeliness is key in this project as I need it completed ASAP. If you have a deep understanding of Android app development and capabilities in real-time video processing, this project is fit for you. Consider time, efficiency, user-friendliness, and robustness when placing your bid. Note : The right candidate should have Samsung Tizen TV for test. Type &qu...

    $22 / hr (Avg Bid)
    $22 / hr Avg Bid
    48 bids

    I need freelancers with an extra phone or two laying around who want to make an extra $250-$500 USD PER MONTH!!!! This project is a little different than others on freelancer, as it it is a r...project is a little different than others on freelancer, as it it is a recurring service. Looking for a skilled individual to: - Contact me immediately, will recieve a bonus if you refer me to other candidates who are eventually hired. - Be intelligent, good in English, good at keeping track of logs, and wants to make $250 a month per phone completely passively Please have: - An extra iphone or samsung phone that is in working condition - If we hit our target (will be explained after you apply for job) all will recieve a generous bonus. I am eager to collaborate and work with you. Pleas...

    $459 (Avg Bid)
    $459 Avg Bid
    26 bids

    I'm seeking a skilled specialist to set up live workshops on both Zoom and YouTube. This mission encompasses: - Establishing the optimal settings for live streaming events - Seamlessly integrating features of Zoom and YouTube to enhance audience experience - Facilitating live-chat interaction among audiences during workshops Ideal candidates will have ...of a proven background in hosting interactive digital events. Foremost, understanding user engagement dynamics and turning user interactions into delightful experiences will set you apart. Our rental-equipments; Sony PXW-x70 Sony PXW Z90 Zenheizer EW 112p G4 Sachtler ACE XL Shunttler Ace(MS) Manfrotto Autopole2 432-3-7b Spider Parabolic softbox 90(FS300) Nanlight LED FS-300B Chromatic screen Samsung Flip2 65" board ex...

    $250 (Avg Bid)
    $250 Avg Bid
    1 bids

    I'm seeking a skilled specialist to set up live workshops on both Zoom and YouTube. This mission encompasses: - Establishing the optimal settings for live streaming events - Seamlessly integrating features of Zoom and YouTube to enhance audience experience - Facilitating live-chat interaction among audiences during workshops Ideal candidates will have ...of a proven background in hosting interactive digital events. Foremost, understanding user engagement dynamics and turning user interactions into delightful experiences will set you apart. Our rental-equipments; Sony PXW-x70 Sony PXW Z90 Zenheizer EW 112p G4 Sachtler ACE XL Shunttler Ace(MS) Manfrotto Autopole2 432-3-7b Spider Parabolic softbox 90(FS300) Nanlight LED FS-300B Chromatic screen Samsung Flip2 65" board ex...

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    4 bids

    ...looking for. Once I choose a winner, we will work to turn the chosen design into an actual precise model with correct measurements and all. However, in order to design a good concept, you must follow these guidelines: 1. The device front should be like flagship mobile phone. Meaning, full screen device. Screenshot: ) 2. The size should be about the same size as a Samsung S23. About 6 to 6.5 inches tall. About 2.5 to 3 inches wide. The device will be very thick because it will have all the hardware and large battery in the back. So make it about 1 inch thick! 3. The back of the device will have a credit card swipe, insert and tap. 4. The top of the phone will have a barcode scanner. 5. The phone will also have a camera. 6. The style should be minimal/modern and

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