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    ...has already been done: - interface with distance sensor VL6180X = Not required - interface with weight sensor HX711 = Not required - interface with A4498 Stepper motor driver = Not required - programming control algorithm = Not required My questions: - are you familiar with visual studio 6 or 7 and Atmel ARM

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    ... 3. HS-USB (PB14-DM, PB15-DP), FS-USB(PA11-DM, PA12-DP) 4. IS42S16400J-7TLI - RAM (FMC) 5. AD5110BCPZ10-RL7 - I2C, Potentiometer to control the regulated voltage. 6. Stepper motor Driving output output signal - nENBL, STEP, DIR, we will be using Leadshine. 7. 4 SPI MOSI and CLK Group. Part 1 Job to Complete 1. Build a medium to transfer a

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    I want a Simulink model for speed and position control of bipolar stepper motor (Nema 17) using matlab Simulink I want a PID controller to control the speed of the motor. The position of the motor should be controlled and motor must stop at a desired angle each time as it rotates. The position should be controlled without PID since it is discrete.

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    Goc35, I need to connect and edit existing program. 1 axis servo , 1 stepper. Banded pata, pune. You need to have pic, software and cable. Call on 9822376961. Urgent

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    I have 3 unipolar stepper motor. NEMA 23. MX3660 stepper driver. Arduino UNO to control the speed of the motor 2 Halogen bulbs 1kW each and are also 120V each so basically the project flows from computer to the Arduino to MX3660 to motors so i want help on what power supply to use. calculation of voltage , current. same for the Halogen bulbs

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    ...(up/down/left/right/enter) - output Data* via 4x SPI - 1x stepper motor (DIR/STEP/EN) - digital potentiometer IC AD5110 via I2C *data & sequence will be provided OLED will display simple parameters adjustable by user. Parameters are related to Output Data (eg. pulse width, ON time, Hi/Lo etc), Stepper Motor and digital potentiometer. Joystick is used

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    embedded C , C++ communication (UART , SPI , I2C , CAN , LIN) RTOS (free RTOS). applications (Key pad, relays , switches, servo motor, stepper motor, DC motor ,LCD) testing (integration testing , unit testing ,system testing , water fall system , V-cycle , Agile) .

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    We want to add a long registration form to our site, Material vertical Stepper desing. This registration form is coneceted to Sashido which is a Parse Server. The site is in Spanish, and we have templates, we only need to create de registration form san save it to Sashido.

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    Hello I would like to be able to control a high toque stepper motor (needs to bend 2mm copper wire) using a cheap Arduino and push buttons. to rotate the stepper motor in fixed steps 45 90 180 clock wise and anti clockwise then return to 0. I need the Arduino to be programmed and the hardware fully supplied and delivered to the UK or Send programme

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    ...Design should be thoughtful, intuitive and cost effective to manufacture in some plastic at scale. – Design should use off-the-shelf components, when possible. – Selection of stepper motor is included with this project but electrical control for motor is excluded from this project. Related Model for Peristaltic Infusion Pump (reference only): https://www

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    program update Arduino program to drive 4 stepper motors. #Photo sensors instead of hall sensors #Switches instead of hall sensors

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    the main of this project is to design a stepper motor driver that is capable of doing micro-stepping and current morphing using arduino, Mosfets and, ACs712 stepper current sensors

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    The objecti...project is to design a stepper motor drive that is capable of doing micro-stepping and current morphing, successfully completion of this project is to used for independently controlled half- bridge and current sensors to measure the current in each coil. Microstepping is basically the control of current in the coil of the stepper motor

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    The main objective of this project is to design a high power stepper motor controller that is capable of doing micro-stepping and current morphing, Micrositeping is basically the control of the current in both coils of the motor, I have to use arduino and H-bridge (Mosfet).

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    The main aim of the project is to design a stepper motor controller that is capable of doing micro-stepping, Microstepping is basically controlling the stepper motor in such a way that it moves smoothly. It can be achieved by controlling the current in both coils, in a way that it follows a sin wave.

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    proyecto de simulador de vuelo con placas arduino y software de prepard 3d , para mover stepper , servos , entradas y salidas del simulador ( indicadores )

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    Need a code to control a set of 6 stepper motors using the feedback from 6 encoders simultaniously and sequentially. Arudino is preferred. Hardware needed to be sugested. Source code should be provided.

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    Code should control following components Relay Stepper motor 12v with ULN2003 driver DC motor with 30A Mini VNH2SP30 DC Monster Motor Driver limit switches Digital scale with HX711 driver

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    My son sings and I want to surprise him by creating a video to go with his latest song. I want to have a short cartoon/animation character dancing to the beat. I hav...african character. Make the dancer short but super cool in every way. He should have moves. Think of Bruno Mars, how cool he is and how smooth his moves are. A real hot stepper.

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    Hi there, I would like to control 5 stepper motors with an arduino to work in a specific sequence. I have no experience, and have never coded, but have a fun little project to do and have been told that it is an easy job for someone who knows what they are doing. The motors and drivers I have can be found in the below link. I do not know if the

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