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    The Avant Garde Video Design Brief Company Name: The Avant Garde Please review the following in the attachment(s): Company Program Slides: Sponsorship Deck Branding: Tentative Brand Guide Logo: The Avant Garde Logo Colors: Primary #008EAA; Secondary #D9B99B Video to be edited: Hero Video Description: Edit the Hero ...Primary #008EAA; Secondary #D9B99B Video to be edited: Hero Video Description: Edit the Hero Video to include transition shapes in the company brand colors. The transitions should be quick and resemble the inspiration videos (Inspo_Video_1 and Inspo_Video2) as referenced in the bottom of the attached document. The video should be mp4 format and will be featured on the hero of a website. The resolution should remain high. Inspiration Videoes: Inspo_Video_1 Inspo_V...

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    I'm in need of an Android App developer who has a deep understanding of troubleshooting and resolving video playback issues, particularly with MP4 format. Currently, videos within my app are buffering and failing to load fully, which disrupts the overall user experience. - Competencies Required: - Extensive experience with Android App development - Specific experience in handling video-related issues in Android apps - Deep knowledge of MP4 video format in relation to app integration Your task is to diagnose and rectify this issue ensuring smooth and complete video playback. I would appreciate if you include your diagnostic plan in your proposal.

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    ...from 50% confidence level 2. For cameras pointing outside the yard perimeter, to create detection zones, i.e. people walking close to the perimeter fence and ignore cars in the main road 3. Ensure settings for recording, is only clips during AI motion detection, no recording at all when there is no motion detected 4. Set the detection clip video file format to MP4 and ensure all playback functionalities are working 5. Ensure all MP4 video file clips are copied to a Network Attached Storage device (NAS) once a day at midnight and are properly tagged with Client ID, camera ID and Timestamp 6. Create an http request link, that can be used as an external trigger to the camera, as per the idea in this link , the suggested http request link

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    I'm looking for a seasoned Python developer with specific experience in image especially video analysis to create a script that can process a full mp4 video and identify the positions of noise in the video. The idea is to scan the video, locate identify the different type of noises and their value and externalize this findings into a json file Key Requirements: - The script (OOP based) should be able to read a video in mp4, mkv, mov format. - The library used for reading the video is not fixed. You can choose from libraries like (e.g. OpenCV, PyAV, or MoviePy, but the solution should be compatible with both Windows and Linux (and mac) - The output should have details of the signal, the different type noises, the common ratios and finally the values ... - the frame numb...

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    ...professional who is proficient at integrating composite animation videos. You'll need to be able to: - Generate an animation video with a file ported using Unity Unreal Exe. - Export the video as an mp4. - Complete the job ASAP. - Include these: 1 PLM 2 AI report 3 AI Foreman 4 QA 5 Safety 6 Collaboration with each in less than 10 seconds, you should add these 6 features to the video sequence, by creating a foreman, producing an ai report via chatgpt etc. So the total time would be less than 1 minute 30 seconds. Ideal skills and experience: - Proficiency in Unity Unreal Exe. - Familiarity with Windows mp4 format. - Attention to detail and excellent time management skills. The deadline is a high priority for this project, so please only apply if you're conf...

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    For this project, I'm seeking a ...seeking a skilled professional who is proficient at integrating composite animation videos. You'll need to be able to: - Generate an animation video with a file ported using Unity Unreal Exe. - Export the video as an mp4. - Complete the job ASAP. - Include these: 1 PLM 2 AI report 3 AI Foreman 4 QA 5 Safety 6 Collaboration with each in less than 10 seconds, you should add these 6 features to the video sequence, by creating create a foreman, producing an ai report via chatgpt etc Ideal skills and experience: - Proficiency in Unity Unreal Exe. - Familiarity with Windows mp4 format. - Attention to detail and excellent time management skills. The deadline is a high priority for this project, so please only apply if you're co...

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    I've a 1 min 28 sec MP4 video where a logo (a horse) appears on the shirt of a person in only certain scenes. I need this logo removed and replaced with a white area mimicking the shirt color. Ideal skills and experience include: - Proficiency in video editing software - Experience with logo removal and replacement - Attention to detail to ensure a seamless result - Understanding of color matching and video consistency

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    ...required - Adding written text and compelling titles - Incorporating visual effects to enhance the video's appeal - The video that needs to be edited is typically between 40-60 minutes long and contains 10-20 transitions. Therefore, it's crucial for the freelancer to be skilled and patient enough to meticulously handle longer videos. - Ultimately, the final edited video should be delivered in MP4 format. Proficiency in this format is a must. Experience with Wondershare Filmora is required, alongside a well-demonstrated capability in video editing. A keen eye for detail, creativity, and adherence to timelines will be fundamental for this project. If you do well with the first video, I will have more videos for you to work on as this is for a podcast so the...

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    PLEASE READ THIS As part of this application i would like a small reel created and sent to me prior to talking. I would like to see your capabilities. See attached images and dropbox link for video to use for creating the reel. I'm looking for a skilled individual who can transform our existing images, videos, and marketing materials into dynamic Instagram and Facebook reels. The key purpose of these reels is to heighten our brand awareness, so they need to pack a punch, and irresistibly draw viewers in. Understood, you'll be using a minimalistic style to keep the reels clean, straightforward yet eye-catching. I'll take the reins on the textual content

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    I’m in need of someone to add English subtitles to a video spoke in Portuguese which duration is less than 10 minutes. The final output should be an mp4 file. The ideal candidate for this project would be: - Someone with excellent proficiency in English language and Portuguese - Having experience in generating subtitles for videos. - Familiarity with SRT or VTT files is preferred, although not required. - Being able to complete the project in a timely manner. Looking forward to your bids.

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    I need a unique, professional-looking 3D animated autosignature that I can use in my email communications. - Animation Style: The animation should be created in a 3D style, making it dynamic, eye-catching, and memorable. - File Format: The final deliverable must be in MP4 format for easy integration and use. - Intended Use: The primary use of this animated autosignature will be in my email communications, so it should be suitable for embedding in email footers. We want the globe in the attached logo to rotate. I am looking for a skilled animator with experience in 3D animation and creating assets for email use. The ideal candidate should have: - Proficiency in 3D animation software - A portfolio showcasing relevant work in this area - Understanding of email signature design and ...

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    ...whenever the subtitles change. Responsibilities: Develop a Python script that reads a video file and a JSON file (Google Vision API output) as input. Parse the JSON file to extract subtitle information and their corresponding timestamps. Use the subtitle timestamps to segment the video whenever the subtitles change. Save the segmented video clips with a naming convention: segment_[index]_[text].mp4, where [index] is a sequential number and [text] is the corresponding subtitle text. Ensure the script is well-documented, efficient, and handles potential errors gracefully. Provide clear instructions on how to run the script and any dependencies required. Requirements: Strong proficiency in Python programming. Experience with video processing libraries such as OpenCV or MoviePy. ...

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    I'm in need of a seasoned Motion Graphics Freelancer proficient in SketchUp and experienced in completing already-initiated projects. The one in question is already halfway completed. The tasks to be accomplished include: - 3D modeling - Animation Knowledge and excellence in working with several file formats will be crucial for this project, particularly: - .skp (SketchUp) - .mp4 (Motion Graphics video format) Please check the attached file. The 3 floor structure of this layout is ready. All you need to do is to put design elements into it like adding shops inside it and create elements outside like trees and roads. The final video needs to be rendered showing the whole property from all aspects like a showcase video. The potential freelancer should be adept in these skill...

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    I'm looking for a seasoned professional who can generate lifelike 3D mockups for my brand's t-shirts. I need them in JPEG and MP4 format. It is vital that these mockups reflect my brand design. Key Tasks Include: - Designing lifelike 3D T-shirt mockups - Incorporating brand design into created mockups Ideal Skills and Qualifications: - Skilled in 3D modeling and rendering - High proficiency in creating realistic mockups - Strong understanding of t-shirt design - Affinity for brand consistency - Proven track record in similar projects To assist me in making my selection, please include links to or samples of your previous work in your proposal. Be aware that past experience in creating high-quality, realistic t-shirt mockups will be highly advantageous.

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    11 bids shot(s) for every moment of the song. - All videos have been glued from smaller clips, and there are obvious abrupt snaps between those clips. Please hide them by jumping to another angle or musician. - When you combine 2 or 3 vids please use thick white borders (collage style) like this: - No other effects are required. - 4K, MP4, H.264 I'll run the conest in 2 phases: pre-selection and selection. Pre-selection phase: - Produce the first 30 seconds of the video for the first entry so I can get a sense of your approach. I may ask you for a few revisions within those 30 seconds. Don't invest into the full length video yet to save the time in case you don't win. Selection phase: - I'll choose up to 3 finalists and ask them

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    I'm looking for a seasoned Python developer with specific experience in video analysis to create a script that can process a full mp4 video and identify the positions of a Color Checker card ( ). The idea is to scan each frame of the video, locate the Color Checker, and log its position. The final detection shall share the first frame, the intermediate frames and the last frame of ONE color checker card. Key Requirements: - The script should be able to read a video in mp4, mkv, mov format. - The library used for reading the video is not fixed. You can choose from libraries like (e.g. OpenCV, PyAV, or MoviePy, but the solution should be compatible with both Windows and Linux (and mac) - take a look here:

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    I have a short MP4 video that needs clarity enhancement. I'm looking for a freelancer who can enhance the overall image quality and sharpen the blurry details specifically. I need what’s on the phone to show. Key Requirements: - Expertise in video editing, particularly in enhancing image quality and sharpening details - Proficiency with tools or software to accomplish this task - Experience with MP4 format The video is under a minute long, and I'm specifically looking to improve the video clarity. Please share your similar works or strategies for achieving this. I'm open to suggestions on how to best approach this task.

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    I'm in need of a proficient video editor to help with some basic editing tasks. Key Requirements: - The raw footage for this project is less than 1 hour. - The final format should be in MP4. Ideal Candidate: - Proven experience in basic video editing. - Proficiency in using editing software. - Strong attention to detail.

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    I'm seeking an experienced professional to chat or talk with for two hours at some time April 4/13-4/18/2024 - who specializes in digital storage and file/document management, probably involving a database and complimentary software. Knowledge of real time file synchronization, distributed file system, database or related software that can rename, copy, and retrieve PPTx, PDF, MP4, txt, and other files - preferably on native NTFS and onto network drives. I hope to have an extended chat or a live conversation, maybe a couple hours talking about the project scope and the technologies available. The intent is for me to have a clearer picture of what I need to learn in order to create a budget and invite a developer to help create the file management system that will speed up our...

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    Dear Freelancer: DESCRIPTION 10 Different skill moves will be given taken by single camera mobile phone of an mp4 format. They need to be motion captured first (fbx file format or other), than the next step is they need to be transformed into 3d maya or unity anime characters. The appropriate maya 3d characters can be provided later to the awarded freelancer but contest participants can first choose fun free maya rigs online to illustrate their ability. REMARK No environment or specific backgrounds need to be created for now. Voice or sounds can be added according to your own creativity inputs! WARNING! Its important that the body, arms, legs and feet are well animated as well as the soccer ball inside

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    I am looking to add a cache busting feature to a website. I am receptive to paying for milestones or paying hourly if we end up communicating a lot while the work is done. The PHP site consists mostly of 1 mostly HTML page with a long list of links to a directory full of PDF and MP4 files. Sample code is attached. Each can be opened in a Fancybox Modal window. Sometimes the PDF/MP4 files are overwritten with a newer version with the same exact name. Of course browsers often use the cached version instead. The files are big enough where I want the browser to cache them, but only until they change - then the browser needs to grab the new version from the server. The apache and .htaccess expire headers haven't done what I need. I read that some codebases exist that wil...

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    Need a freelancer versed in internet resource retrieval. Specifically, I require the downloading of an entire course from CBT Nugget. The download will need to be achieved through IDM and should be in 1080p quality. Ensure the following: - The file should be downloaded in MP4 format for compatibility. - Displayed acumen in efficient and high-quality digital content downloading. Although not necessary, prior experience in downloading from online learning platforms would be beneficial. A comprehensive project proposal would provide a clear indication you understand the requirements.

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    Seeking an adept freelance developer to help me incorporate a continuously looping MP4 video into a 7'' Raspberry Pi LCD screen. Key requirements: * Proficiency in handling Raspberry Pi projects, especially involving LCD screens. * Good working knowledge of video formats (Specifically MP4) in Raspberry Pi environments. * Ability to include audio output through headphones. * No additional control features are required for this task. Please note, that the goal is a smooth, continuous video loop with seamless transitions. Relevant experience with similar projects would be highly appreciated.

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    I'm looking for a skilled animator to recreate the famous Tiger Woods Masters moment where the Nike ball falls into the cup. I want this to be followed by graphics erupting out of the cup. Key Requirements: - The animation should be in 2D or 3D, not particle effects. - The duration of the video should be 30 seconds. - The final video output should be in MP4 format. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proven experience in 2D/3D animation - Proficiency in video editing software - Attention to detail - Ability to adhere to strict deadlines - Prior experience in sports animation would be advantageous.

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    Hello there! I'm in need of a video editor well-versed in Kinemaste...I'm in need of a video editor well-versed in Kinemaster to help me out with my personal videos. Edit-Level: - It's not just a basic cut-trim type of job, I'm after someone who can provide intermediate level editing, which includes adding smooth transitions and captivating effects that can engage my viewers. Project Deliverables: - For the final output, I'm looking at receiving the project in MP4 format. Skills and Experience: - I appreciate if you have prior experience of processing personal videos with rich storytelling. - Proficiency in using KineMaster is a must. - An eye for detail and ability to enhance visual appeal using transitions and effects is important for me. Looking ...

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    I’m looking for someone to write a 3000 word research project that uses a primary media source - some photos of Palestine (that I will send you) and you have to explore this archival material using collective memory and palimpsestic memory and link it to the media examples of “5 Broken Cameras” and “Waltz with Bashir” (will send you mp4 versions of both these films) to discuss how it would affect both audience interpretation and memory processes at both the individual and social level. I will send you some example projects, the project guide, online articles that are revelant, the key reading (Nakba: Palestine, 1948, and the claims of memory) and recommended reading (The biggest prison on earth) and some notes I have taken. So basically you don’t ...

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    26 bids hit rate, x axis is independent variable. Give units on the independent variable (e.g. bytes) Conclusions How does cache design (direct mapped/set associative/fully associative) affect hit rate? How does hit rate change with the two replacement policies? How does cache size affect hit rate? How does line/block size affect hit rate? You must submit the following: A screen capture (.mov or .mp4) showing a sample run. Your name must appear somewhere in the video. Sound is not necessary. Your analysis paper....

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    I am seeking a video editor with expertise in a variety of tasks, such as trimming and cutting footage, adding editor with expertise in a variety of tasks, such as trimming and cutting footage, adding transitions and effects, and performing color correction and grading. The average duration of the videos and reels to be edited is 1-5 minutes. Once edited, I need the final versions to be provided in MP4 format. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Professional video editing skills - Knowledge of current trends in transitions and effects - Proficiency with color correction and grading - Ability to deliver in MP4 format - Ability to work with 1-5 minute videos. You can have a look on my yoitube channel dr adnan imam medical talks to see my videos and reels that have been...

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    I have a video in MP4 format that needs some editing. It has 4-6 different scenes where I have some Chinese text that I need to remove and replace with Italian text. Key requirements: - Expertise in video editing, especially text overlay - Knowledge of Chinese and Italian (preferred but not mandatory) - Basic animation skills for adding simple effects to the new Italian text Please let me know your experience with similar projects and what you would bring to this job.

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    I have a video, just under five minutes long, in which the voice audio is very faint due to excessive furnace noise in the background. I need an audio enhancement expert who can amplify the voice and eliminate the unwanted noise without ...voice and eliminate the unwanted noise without compromising the quality of the video. - Duration: The raw video that needs work is in the 1-5 minutes range. - Type of Noise: The disturbing background noise is from a furnace which needs to be carefully filtered out. - Video Format: The video that requires enhancement is in MP4 format. The ideal expert for this job would have solid experience in audio enhancement and noise cancellation. Proficiency in working with MP4 format videos and specific expertise in handling furnace noise would be ...

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    24 bids eradicate mental health issues by providing a gamified environment to grow yourself and elevate your self awareness and emotional intelligence. One of our approaches is to use AI to prevent and reverse disease, from your emotional patterns we can tell you what potential diseases may be in the making, we can also tell you the psychological root cause of a symptom/disease. I have attached a .MP4 that shows the style, texture, and approach we will require. I want to work with someone creative, a bonus if you are able to expand outside you comfort zone and create mesmerizing and ground breaking designs. Key Requirements: - Expertise in 3D animation - Experience with product visualization - Ability to create animations that are visually appealing and informative - Proficiency i...

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    24 bids intervention. Presently, the website is experiencing download and upload issues, particularly with PDF and MP4 files. I'm unsure of whether specific plugins are being used to manage these functions. Ideal freelancers for this job are those with: * Extensive experience in working with WordPress and resolving website functionality errors. * Demonstrable knowledge on WordPress plugins management, especially those relevant to file downloads and user submission functionalities. * Proven track record in problem-solving and troubleshooting on WordPress platforms. Your responsibility will include: * Troubleshooting and resolving the issue of being unable to download PDF and MP4 files, and enable visitors to post on the website. * Recommending and installing appropria...

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    I need an expert in ffmpeg & CUDA for fast video encoding. Optimized encoding commands need to generate MP4 files that are similar in size to downloaded videos, but the encoding process must be expedited via GPU usage. Key Requirements: * The result should be in MP4 format. * Video quality and encoding speed are crucial. * The target video resolution is 480p. Ideal Skills: * Extensive knowledge of ffmpeg and CUDA. * Experience in video encoding, particularly fast encoding. * Detailed understanding of optimizing for video quality and speed under specific resolution constraints(i.e, 480p in this case).

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    As the architect of this project, my core requirement is a highly competent video editor with an eye for fine details. Given that this is a promotional project, it’...a highly competent video editor with an eye for fine details. Given that this is a promotional project, it’s important that the final presentation is not just well-trimmed and cut, but also perfected with advanced color correction, and audio mixing. Key requirements: - Comprehensive color correction and audio mixing skills - Expertise in creating compelling promotional videos - Final output in MP4 format Previous experience producing high-quality promotional videos is a significant plus. Ultimately, I’m looking for someone who can bring a promotional video project to life with excellent artistic fla...

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    I need a skilled video editor to transform a picture into an engaging 8-second AVI video to be displayed on a jumbo screen. Key Requirements: - Converting a picture into a captivating, 8-second video. - The purpose of the video is to be displayed on a jumbo screen, so you should have experience in creating content for large displays. - The...integrate animated graphics. - Prior experience with event promotion is a plus. Check here for material to convert: OUTPUT RESOLUTIONS NEEDED (3 videos - 1 for every resolution!): 1. 1152 x 720 px 2. 1056 x 576 px 3. 768 x 432 px You will have to provide with high quality video in .avi format (also .mov, wmv, .mp4 is accepted) in all 3 mentioned dimensions for output.

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    I currently have Flash content on my website that needs to be replaced with either mp4 or animated gif. The primary purpose of this content is to showcase my project on the website. The project needs to be completed within 2 weeks. Key Requirements: - Convert existing Flash content to HTML5 - Create mp4 or animated gif alternative - Implement the new content onto the website Ideal Skills: - Proficiency in HTML5, mp4 and animated gif creation - Experience in replacing Flash content - Ability to meet tight deadlines and deliver high-quality work

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    I have a YouTube clip of less than 10 minutes length that I need it converted to a standard definition (480p) MP4 file. There's no need for any edits or modifications to the video after conversion. here is the link Ideal freelancer for this project should showcase: * Proven experience with video conversion * Deep understanding of video quality levels * Ability to work fast and accuracy No need for any video editing skills for this task as it’s straightforward video conversion. Your top priority should be maintaining the quality of the video during the conversion process.

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    I have attach a picture. 1. refer to 'red' i want to have a video mp4 show at bottom right corner, the video will play without sound. 2. the user can click to zoom in and the surrounding fade out dark grey. refer to 'blue'. the video will play with sound, and the user can click "X" cross to close the pop up lightbox. Your output: 1. provide me a script of css / js for me to integrate into my website. 2. i need elegant and nice css and js effect 3. You will send me a full set code in zip. Warranty: 1. i will implement to website, and if need any assist, you ask you agian.

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    We are seeking a skilled software engineer to assist in the development of educational videos. The ideal candidate will have experience in creating videos in mp4 format from WebGL content, with a focus on ensuring that the sound channel is mixed appropriately and that the visual content transitions smoothly. This role involves both technical development and creative input to produce high-quality educational materials. Responsibilities: * Convert WebGL content into mp4 video format. in front end or in backend (optional) * Ensure high-quality audio mixing and smooth visual transitions between scenes. * upload the result video to Youtube. * Provide creative input on video presentation and educational effectiveness. Ideal Skills and Experience: * Proficiency in JavaScript, with...

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    I am searching for a professional videographer and photographer who can make weekly visits to my gym. Project Deliverables: - Creation of workout videos (10-30 seconds duration each) - Exercise tutorial videos - Gym equipment demonstration videos - Capture photos of training and clients training Key Requirements: - Prior experience in similar projects - Proficiency in capturing good quality MP4 videos and JPEG photos - Ability to work independently whilst producing unique, creative, and engaging content - Excellent editing skills for both video and photography You should ideally have experience in fitness or sport-related videography and photography, understand gym environments, and capable of capturing dynamic actions effectively. Knowledge of gym equipment would be a plus. Yo...

    $23 - $45 / hr
    $23 - $45 / hr
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    Add the circuit diagram (black lines in the screenshots) to existing video(mp4 file). Make sure the lines are straight, in parallel, and High resolution

    $20 (Avg Bid)
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    I'm in need of a video editor who possesses basic skills to effectively edit a video to be under 15 minutes long and in MP4 format. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Strong background in basic video editing techniques - Expertise in producing videos in MP4 format - Proven ability to work within identified time constraints

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    I'm looking for an experienced freelance editor capable of performing basic edits on my 720p MP4 video footage. The final version should be more than 10 minutes long. Tasks will include: - Trimming out the unnecessary parts - Adding appropriate transitions in between various sections Ideal Skills: - Proficiency in video editing software - Keen eye for detail - Ability to work within specific timeframes - Experience in creating content for similar formats and resolutions. I look forward to collaborating with you on this project! Please, make sure your bid includes your rate for the entire project.

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    I'm in need of a skilled animator who is proficient in BLENDER or equivalent software, to finalize my yarn animation project. The specific tasks needed for completion include: - Speed Adjustment: The pace of the animation needs a bit of tweaking to suit the intended speed. - Font & Size Modification: Consult with me on font style options and subsequ...Additional Details: Although not specified earlier, the font style for call outs will be decided amidst project progression. Ideal candidates will have a keen sense of color, speed translation in animation, and typography. Past experience handling similar projects would be highly regarded. Communication is key, as this project requires frequent consultation for precision. Attached is the BLEND file and MP4 for reference t...

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    ...finishes spinning (which we will make from 1s to 4s randomly) it is happy face to show the new number - a number we'll generate and show in the center, again it will be from 0 to 99. You can use the number 33 as a placement for showing it within the ball, but once complete, it will be a blank space which we'll generate the number and put it there ourselves. The animation can be shown to us in mp4 or any other video type file. But delivery, needs to be the frames because that way we can control how the ball is shown and the happy and sad sections of the animation as well. The main colors to use (but not limited to) are gold, blue, orange and white which are our company colors. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Prior experience in creating animated emoticons is highly pr...

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    I'm looking for an expert who can help me extract videos from an Owl security camera and transform them into MP4 format. The extracted video files should then be stored in Cloud Storage. Skills and experience required: - Proven experience with Owl security cameras - Familiarity with video extraction tools and processes - Knowledge on MP4 video file conversion - Proficiency in using Cloud Storage Please note that this task requires both technical know-how and meticulous attention to detail. I look forward to reviewing your proposals.

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    My project is to create three 10-second transparent animated videos intended for website usage: I draw the shapes using adobe illustrator (see attached), I need someon...after effect and 3D Max. Key requirements include: I am trying to recreate the 3 videos already used on this website: 1. Head 2. Speaker 3. Ball (balance) Deliverables: 1. ignore the white shapes in the videos, only need the colored ones. 2. 3x .mp4 files 3. 3x .gif files 4. Aftereffect + 3D complete project file

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    Hi! The tasks are as follows: 1. Use a model of the...all angles: Link: Your task is to generate a 3D model based on these sample pictures and produce a video lasting between 10-12 seconds, mirroring the specifications of the first task: 360-degree rotation, with the doors opening and closing. Specification: 1. Video quality 2160 x 3840 (Vertical 9x16) - 4K high quality 2, MP4 H264 at 35-45 Mbps @ 29.97/30 FPS 3. The video background should be white. 4. Maintain the model proportions as demonstrated in the examples I provided; avoiding cuts in the video preserves. For reference, please access the examples via the following link: Thanks

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    I need an experienced WordPress developer to add a feature to the Directorist plugin that allows users to upload MP4 videos from their local devices. The uploaded video should be displayable directly on the I'm using WordPress and the Directorist theme. I need a freelancer to add the option for users to upload videos to their directory listing. The requirements are as follows: The videos must be no more than 25MB in size each The videos must play in a mobile response slider on the front of the site The feature must be integrated seamlessly with the Directorist plugin, adding an 'upload video' option as a (required) field using the existing system of the plugin (screenshots attached) This should be done preferably as a custom plugin so that updates to the main Direc...

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    I have an 18 minute video clip from a Nest 4K outdoor video camera. It captures a conversation. Unfortunately, there is a water fountain that produces significant noise and obscures the conversation. I have used the python packages librosa, noisereduce, and others to attempt to mask the fountain and enhance the voice bands; however, it's not quite enough. I need the audio to be clear enough for someone to listen carefully and be able to transcribe the conversation.

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