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    This is a very small project. Looking for someone to integrate my google play app with facebook business manager(SDK)

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    >Vaga para profissional em marketing digital de desempenho para estar atuando nos projetos de ASSESSORIA de empresas. >Empresa com core em ASSESSORIA de marketing digital de resultados (Foco no ROI) para empresas que precisam estabelecer um PROCESSO de vendas através da internet. >R$4500,00/Quarter (3 meses) --> R$1500,00/Mês + 8% Comissão do valor do ...

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    Need to market a video Facebook Video: [url removed, login to view] Mockup of webpage to be created: [url removed, login to view] NEED SOMEONE WITH STRONG FB ADS EXPERIENCE FOR THIS PROJECT. The FB ads approach we’d take would be: • Campaign 1 – Video views campaign to create an engagement audience (that you own etc) – Video Views typically just 1 pence. To e...

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    Apps Facebook streaming TAB 5 days left

    I need you to make an application to generate TABs on facebook pages which will contain an audio MP3 or ACC PLUS reproduction with a streaming link from Shoutcast or Icecast, equal to this link below [url removed, login to view]

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    Private App (Contact me) 5 days left

    I need an Android app. I would like it designed and built. Signed NDA Required* Need an experienced Android Developer* Facebook API* Database Configuration* Client & Merchant Sign-in* Splash Screen*

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    Hi because of new facebook restrictions , I need to buy an app , just for the tokens , I dont need any specific app by itself .... Your app just need to be used in the last 3 months and transfer it to me. Fb Message : "message": "(#200) Access to this data is temporarily disabled for non-active apps or apps that have not recently accessed this data due to changes we are ma...

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    We have a page with buttons we want the pixel to trigger when someone clicks on button <!--- Here is the button script --> <script src="[url removed, login to view]" id="fa-click-now-launcher"></script> <button type="button" data-fa-click-now="A1003:EP" class="btn btn-lg btn-danger">CLICK NOW!</button> <!--- E...

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    marketing online 3 days left

    Hola, soy Coach especializada en trabajar con personas que hayan pasado o esten atravesando una situación muy difícil. Una enfermedad, una perdida, una mudanza, un cambio laboral, una separación, etc. Recién he lanzado mi web y pagina de fb y busco alguien que me ayude a llegar a mi publico objetivo. No tengo mucho dinero para comenzar porque no tengo muchos clientes au...

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    I need a Unity 3D Multiplayer game using Photon. Register with Facebook login or username and password Login with Facebook or username and password Create character (In Game Name, Age, Male / Female) Turf / Land (only green grass) PvP I need 1 enemy that attacks you only if you shot it. I need 1 enemy that walks around in a circle and attacks you if you shot it. If it kills you th...

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    FACEBOOK MARKETING 2 days left

    Promote website through facebook Digital marketing Graphical designing

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    Build an automated chat app 1 day left

    We want to build our own chat app like chatfuel [url removed, login to view] Chatfuel is really easy automated chat app using text and block to link everything together. Chatfuel is only using Facebook Messenger which we want as well. But we would like to add another alternative like whatsapp or sms incase people do not have messenger. Chatfuel uses zapier to bridge application to integrate...

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    Looking for a chrome extn or script. The script must have 2 function: 1) Setup some keyword, and Send an email alert to person when new post with selected keyword is posted in facebook group. The email must contain: - Text of the post - Link to the post 2) Search inside private Facebook group all the post with some keyword inside the posts (not the comment). Download the post and all the ...

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    Hola nosotros buscábamos un CM para controlar diversos perfiles de redes sociales así como mails y actualización de web.

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    I'm selling products on Facebook page and I want my customers to checkout through my FB page. In proposal field send me few samples if you had done something like this before, and what other 3rd party do we need.

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    I would like to integrate leads from LeadGen form in Facebook Ads into Mautic as contact, so need someone who is expert at API integration, particularly with Mautic API and Facebook Webhook Graph API.

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    Necesito configurar google analytics en conjunto con facebook ads, google adwords y otras fuentes de tráfico para medir el ROI de los anuncios publicados y saber las conversiones de cada una de las páginas de mi sitio web. Todo se tiene que actualizar y funcionar de forma automática, no puedo estar cargando los datos yo. Además, los funnels de mi sitio no son line...

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    Android app which open my Facebook Page Inside APP and instead of Admob Facebook audience network ads

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    Hola a todos, Mi nombre es Jason Boom, instructor top calificado en Udemy, aquí mi perfil y mis redes: Udemy: [url removed, login to view] Youtube: [url removed, login to view] Facebook: [url removed, login to view] Busco a alguien con Nivel Intermedio/Alto de Facebook Ads para que gestione mis campañas, y me asesore en autoaprendizaje. Si eres hispanohablante, mucho m...

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    Hello I would like to do customization for Android wallpaper App (Hdwallpaper) App use web server to mange and browsing images in the App, The customization is :- 1: to use Facebook fan page photo albums to import images into the application instead of server 2 :ٍAllow application user to like , comment and share photos as Facebook users Customization budget 10$ : 35$ Max Rega...

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    Hello, We are trying to connect to Facebook chat API via Webhooks. The Webhooks is listening to the port over HTTP but it is not listening over HTTPS. We are stuck as we need the integration to work over HTTPS. If any body has an experience on the same please bid ASAP. Please ensure you have the required experience as we do not have much time in our hand.

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    Setup my app (itunes and google play) on facebook. So i can advertise/promote my app directly on facebook. I also want to track installs and create effective campaigns that will work best for my app and lead to downloads. I’m Australian and would like to work with someone in AU or at least on AU time. Steps: 1. Setup apps on facebook (through facebook developer so they can be setup as promos...

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    I created a business page on FaceBook for my company "Making Lending Easy", I am able to choose making lending easy for my name but when I try to make it the @username as well it says the name is already taken. I've tried to search facebook for the owner of that user name and cannot find a page affiliated with it. I'm pretty sure I made that user name in the past but cannot tra...

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    Website: [url removed, login to view] We use PHP Script to show events direct from facebook page in our website is all working fine sicne 1 day no event is showing. We need a fix for this issue. Source: [url removed, login to view]

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    Empresa de Entretenimiento y desarrollo de contenido Audiovisual en Cali, se encuentra en la búsqueda de un(a) profesional de Mercadeo, con estudios complementarios en Marketing Digital, para ocupar el cargo de Creador(a) de Contenidos Digitales (Content Mánager), con experiencia en la planeación y desarrollo de contenidos para redes sociales, y a su vez con experiencia como C...

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    It must be used used to post automatic Tweets / DM and all It must be used to evaluate followers / automatic following and unfollowing FB app must be Automatic like and Share any post. Like any Pages etc.

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    I have come up with an idea for a social media app. I require someone that is great!!!

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    Already have a facebook page with 13.000 likes, most of them active likes, need to come up higher to 50.000 or more. In more details i will explain private if price fits me.

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    Hello, I would like to know if it is possible to create an app that would allow any facebook page to add a custom tab on the page itself. Then in the tab we would load an url with one or two variables added by the user. Could you let me know if that is possible ? (including the new restrictions added by facebook : [url removed, login to view]) Thank you

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    i have seen gogoanime using fb as there video source, so i want someone who can stream private videos through fb api

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    Hi , I need a Competent freelancer with Experience in Facebook Developer portal - We need to fix issues related to the facebook API for submission Approval on ourphp - CI Website. Best Reputation, Lower bid wins Looking for a Long term working relationship regards

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    hi there, we are looking for amazing marketing genius specialized in Facebook and Instagram. content is king and we believe that. you will be running campaign for clients and create content for them. you will create social media strategy for clients. we breath, eat n digest social media, so you will be. you will be rewarded well for each clients each month. SEO are great but our focus is social...

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    Hi, I have this PHP page (on a Wordpress website) that does a call to a Facebook Page (which I am admin) with the Graph API, gets data in JSON and then I echo it in PHP in the page. Everything works fine, data displays on PHP page, when I use a short-time Access Token From Facebook Graph API. But when I try to use it with a long-time Access Token it gives me a 400 error and something with &quo...

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    Facebook marketer

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    I have a Wordpress site, and I need to share some dinamically generated content on Facebook and Twitter. This is the page: [url removed, login to view] What´s need to be shared is an image of the table, pretty much like the attached screenshot. The job will be done on DEV site, and after it´s completed, all steps to apply changes to the live site must be documented. This ...

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    I would like to create a web service or cron job on my server that automatically sends data from my Biz Facebook account of applicants for jobs to > my "Google My Business" account using thier APIs. (Google My Business will then mail them a postcard (with pin# on it) to verify their address for me.)

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    Need a freelancer with their own Google and Facebook account to set-up an Opencart Social Login Module on my test server. When freelancer has both login's working, they should send me screenshots of settings pages (from both Google and Facebook) so can I figure out what to enter. Once I have replicated their set-ups (but with my own values), they can then delete these apps from their Google ...

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    Need a freelancer with their own Google and Facebook account to set-up an Opencart Social Login Module on my test server. When freelancer has both login's working, they should send me screenshots of settings pages (from both Google and Facebook) so can I figure out what to enter. Once I have replicated their set-ups (but with my own values), they can then delete these apps from their Google ...

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    I have bought this script - [url removed, login to view], I need someone who can install it on my server. Firstly you need to install the demo script and then you have to install the main script. You can read the complete process here = [url removed, login to view] My complete budget is $40, $10 is for demo script and other $30 for the main script. And you need to do this complete this ...

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    Hi there, I need help setting up Instagram product price tagging. I have setup product catalogue in Facebook and data sources but its not linking to our Instagram account. Thanks Soph

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    We are a startup Influential marketing company named FireDragonNetwork. We are in need of the company's website consisting of roughly 15 pages. All the designs are in jpg format and the project well documented. Above this, we need 3 dashboards using NGX- Admin. Dashboards will require Youtube OAuth 2.0, Youtube Data API v3, Youtube Analytics API, Google URL Shortener API, Google Surveys API...

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    myteamcentre.com1 Ended

    Call center dedicated to the Taxi and limo industry but also serves other industries. check out other call centers including [url removed, login to view], [url removed, login to view], [url removed, login to view], [url removed, login to view], [url removed, login to view] I will need some marketing materials (i.e video, flyers, animation) Website will have multiple pages, easy to navigate, m...

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    Confugurei o XML no WooCommerce para poder adicionar produtos no catálogo o Facebook, porém não está puxando corretamente. Preciso ajustar isso para poder fazer campanhas de DPA.

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    meu xml do Facebook não imprime não plataforma Instagram. Com isso, não consigo habilitar a nova função d e comprar pelos posts do insta

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    Our small nonprofit will be holding a meeting Monday April 30, 2018 and Tuesday May 1, 2018, in White River Junction, Vermont. We require a freelancer to livestream our meeting to Facebook. The freelancer should have at a minimum a suitable mobile phone or tablet with the Facebook app, a charger, a tripod, and a 20-foot extension cord, but preference will be given to a freelancer with professional...

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    Hi i want to find people create Plugin for Appointment Doctor in Clinic Dental when someone making the booking have done to have notification to Facebook and Email .

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    Hello, does someone have build a PHP Ad Management Application? If so, I would be interested to see a demo and buy the source code for a good price. Core capabilities I am looking for are: - Generate Reports - Create Campaigns, Adsets, Ads - Update Campaigns, AdSets, Ads Optionally - Create, update and load Audiences - Upload images & Videos Price would be negotiated depend...

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    Chatbot agency looking for a developer to create chatbots on Chatfuel platform. The complete specifications will be provided to the shortlisted candidates however in its simplest form. 1: Full Facebook Chatbot Implementation 2: Chatbot Designer for End Users 3. Knowledge in APi to apps like twillow and voice drops 4. Expert in DialogFlow integration 5. Marketing automation understand...

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    Hi , i need publish_actions permission approved facebook app. Contact me if you can get this permission or you have an old app with the permissions already.. i am ready to buy it. Thanks

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    my extension for facebook video grabber is by adding some buttons on Facebook videos to get the direct video url the extension is working fine but when still using the script for some times on facebook it change the the direct video download url by adding in the Urls these numbers (u2500) and when i replace it with (%) the video working fine for example : the broken video url : [url removed, ...

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    We need to create Facebook login application

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