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jQuery / Prototype is an open source, Javascript library that is designed to help simplify the process of writing and managing code. It is a popular library that enables developers to use pre-coded components, such as adding animations, interactivity, and even AJAX through plugins. With jQuery / Prototype, a dedicated jQuery Developer can easily create powerful web applications that can be tailored to suit the needs of the client without having to write much extra code.

Here's some projects that our expert jQuery Developer made real:

  • Provide interactive features such as smooth scrolling, interactive menus with popups, and sliders
  • Automate processes with AJAX calls, allowing the user to refresh certain portions of their web page without having to navigate back or forward in the browser
  • Implement animation effects and effects flow while user is interacting with the application
  • Develop applications that work responsively across various devices, ensuring that your projects look as good on mobile devices as they do on desktop computers
  • Create complex forms with multiple plugin integrations, offering users a seamless experience when filling out those forms.

Our expert jQuery Developers have been able to make all sorts of projects come alive in our clients’ websites. Whether it's customization of components like sliders or creating complex web applications with tailored AJAX requests - a good jQuery Developer can help make your website come to life. If you've got a project for us to tackle, we'd love to hear it. Post your project on Freelancer.com today and hire a dedicated and talented jQuery Developer from our community.

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    FiveM LUA Script UI Enhancement 17 hours left

    I'm in need of a skilled LUA programmer who can modify the user interface of my two scripts for FiveM. This primarily includes layout modifications and adapting the HUD design to align it with a specified template. Further UI customization and expansion of certain features may also be required. Although the specific features for expansion were left undecided in the initial project discussion, potential areas could involve player inventory, vehicle customization, or weapon selection, and can be further discussed as we advance in the project. As the modifications are required urgently, I’d appreciate a swift response and commitment to meet tight deadlines. With your expertise in LUA, FiveM, and UI Design, I'm confident we can enhance the usability and visual appeal of these s...

    $144 (Avg Bid)
    $144 Avg Bid
    21 bids

    I have three websites, all are implemented with pure PHP, pure CSS and jQuery. I need you to design and implement a simple purchase feature that allows user to click a Buy button, after which user's details are asked and then he can pay the product using the Paddle payment system. This task is only for implementation of this payment integration to one of these websites, but if you do the job well, you get the second two website projects, too. The payment migration is only for one product, and it's one time payment. That is, no subscriptions, and no cart systems, since it's only one product. The system must support discounted prices that can be implemented simply by a hard-coded PHP variable. For example, let's say we have $price_normal = 20; (i.e. normal price is 20 ...

    $158 (Avg Bid)
    $158 Avg Bid
    81 bids

    I have a website with a live chat button. I want to open the live chat without opening the website, using a direct link if it can be obtained directly from the website. I believe it involves JavaScript.

    $114 (Avg Bid)
    $114 Avg Bid
    114 bids

    I'm in search of a proficient Chrome Extension Developer to help create a highly functional tool to streamline my daily browser tasks. This project will be a great fit for someone looking to engage in a long-term partnership and has the necessary experience with browser extensions. **Key Requirements:** - **Feature Integration:** The core functionality will encompass browser toolbar integration to facilitate quick access and seamless interaction with the web elements I frequently use. - **Primary Purpose:** While the main focus wasn't specified, the ideal applicant should be versatile, capable of enhancing productivity or managing content effectively through the extension. - **Compatibility:** Specific sites or applications for compatibility were not mentioned. However, adapt...

    $25 (Avg Bid)
    $25 Avg Bid
    11 bids
    Web animation d3.js 5 days left

    I am seeking a skilled developer with proficiency in d3.js to create captivating animations for my website, which is focused on metrics. The primary goal is to enhance user engagement through the integration of dynamic transitions between elements on the page. ### Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proficiency in d3.js and JavaScript - Experience in animated visualizations - Knowledge in handling and visualizing social media metrics - Strong understanding of user engagement principles - Ability to create interactive hover effects ### Specific Requirements: - **Transitions Between Elements**: Implement smooth and visually appealing transitions to guide users through social media metrics. - **User Engagement**: The main objective is to improve user engagement. Therefore, animations should be...

    $125 (Avg Bid)
    $125 Avg Bid
    11 bids
    Google Maps API Rescue 5 days left

    I'm seeking a proficient Google Cloud Console expert to rectify problems with the Google Maps API on my WordPress-based food ordering site. Specifically, the auto-locate feature and the area-defining circle have both ceased to function correctly. For a successful collaboration, I anticipate the freelancer to have the following skills and experience: - Profound knowledge of the Google Cloud Platform and Google Maps API integration - Strong background in WordPress development, especially in modifying and fixing plugins or custom functionalities related to location services - Experience in JavaScript and PHP for implementing and correcting API-related features - Ability to troubleshoot and provide effective solutions for auto location detection and dynamic circle drawing based on the us...

    $32 (Avg Bid)
    $32 Avg Bid
    8 bids

    My landing page's GSAP ScrollTrigger is having issues. Currently the animation is refusing to trigger and is not syncing properly with scrolling. Here are the desired fixes: 1. Animation Triggering: The animation should trigger at a specific scroll point which will be elaborated upon once we commence the project. 2. Smooth Scrolling: Once triggered, the animation should play seamlessly whilst scrolling. 3. Syncing with Scrolling: The animation also needs to be perfectly synced with the scroll. This task requires immediate attention, so I'm ideally looking for somebody who can start straight away. Having prior experience in handling and rectifying GSAP ScrollTrigger issues will be highly beneficial. You also should be able to troubleshoot issues and recommend solutions quickly a...

    $143 (Avg Bid)
    $143 Avg Bid
    30 bids

    I'm on the lookout for a skilled freelancer equipped to elevate my project, focusing on the integration of PLC and HMI with Lantronix technologies. The core of this project revolves around creating a system adept in: - Automated data logging to ensure all pertinent information is carefully tracked and stored. - Real-time monitoring and control to facilitate instant feedback and adjustments as necessary. - Crafting an efficient alarm notification system to alert users about potential issues promptly. **Ideal Skills & Experience:** - Profound understanding of Lantronix devices and their application in PLC/HMI environments. - Experienced in setting up and programming PLCs for automated data logging. - Expertise in developing user-friendly HMI screens for real-time monitoring and co...

    $144 (Avg Bid)
    $144 Avg Bid
    19 bids
    Edit existing D3JS script 5 days left

    I need to edit D3JS script from following in order to accept following json data. The existing utilizes similar JSON data but without the added "actions", we require to add to it 3 icons outside each node, to its right (in case the data contains the required action. They will moved as attached to the initial node as it moves but they will be distant by few pixels (there is similar functionality in existing code that shows images, so it can help). Depending on actions, an event will be fired. Let me know if this in not clear, deliverable will be showing me a working solution, up to requirements, then solution will be accepted and code can be shared. This must be done utilizing the same demo shown in original repository but for this json data.

    $144 (Avg Bid)
    $144 Avg Bid
    29 bids

    I'm encountering a frustrating issue where the `setTimeout` function is freezing in Google Chrome. This script is a core component of my data processing activities and is moderately affecting the overall functionality of my project. **Requirements:** - Resolve `setTimeout` freezing on Google Chrome - Ensure smooth data processing without compromising performance - Test the script to guarantee it functions without issues in Chrome **Ideal Skills and Experience:** - Expert in JavaScript with a deep understanding of web browser environments, specifically Google Chrome - Experience in debugging and fixing `setTimeout` issues - Proficient in creating efficient and scalable data processing scripts - Familiarity with Chrome DevTools for comprehensive testing and debugging **What I Expect:...

    $34 (Avg Bid)
    $34 Avg Bid
    19 bids

    I am in immediate need of a highly skilled React.js developer with proficiency in the kendo-react-pdf module. When I create PDF file, PDF doesn't have font-family that I define(ex: Times-Roman or Arial). Don't hesitate and let me know if you can solve this problem. Thank you.

    $27 (Avg Bid)
    $27 Avg Bid
    26 bids

    I need the services of a developer with knowledge in PHP CODEIGNITER that must be available to work now as in immediatly on my server to build a front end form that i require to capture data

    $12 / hr (Avg Bid)
    $12 / hr Avg Bid
    24 bids

    I'm looking for an experienced developer or team to enhance the functionality of our WooCommerce cart page. **Key Features Required:** - Product Image Display: Integrate small thumbnail images beside each product listing in the cart. These thumbnails should be optimized for quick loading without compromising on quality. - Quantity Selector: Implement a feature allowing customers to input a specific quantity for the products they intend to purchase. This module must be intuitive and user-friendly, seamlessly updating the total price as quantities change. - Total Price Calculation: Develop a dynamic total price calculator that automatically updates when quantities are adjusted or products are added/removed from the cart. - Remove product icon - some custom css will ask you to do - m...

    $73 (Avg Bid)
    $73 Avg Bid
    9 bids

    I am seeking a proficient JavaScript freelancer who can assist in identifying specific buttons and input field elements on a specific web page which should respond to a button click on the sideloaded extension. E.g. clicking on button ID="xyz" will interact with a button on the website. The website source code rarely gets updated. I will provide you login details to the website. I have been developing my own microsoft edge extension and have been successful to date finding other buttons and input fields and clicking on them or inputting values. However, there are a few more than I have been unable to target. From my basic research, it looks like these remaining items are being affected by require.js. Traditional methods have not worked interacting with these final elements ...

    $22 (Avg Bid)
    $22 Avg Bid
    16 bids

    I am having a difficulty with my web application. The problem is related to the scroll function on a horizontal scroll website, which is not working properly. This is causing significant functionality issues that need to be addressed promptly. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Expert proficiency with PHP, Laravel, and JavaScript - Demonstrated experience with troubleshooting and resolving functionality issues - Prior experience with resolving issues related to the scroll features on websites or apps Responsibilities: - Identify the root cause of the scroll function issue - Implement a solution to rectify the issue and ensure optimal functionality - Verify that the solution works effectively without causing other issues or slowing down performance.

    $14 (Avg Bid)
    $14 Avg Bid
    18 bids

    I need the services of a developer with knowledge in PHP CODEIGNITER that must be available to work now as in immediatly on my server to build a front end form that i require to capture data

    $7 / hr (Avg Bid)
    $7 / hr Avg Bid
    95 bids

    My landing page's GSAP ScrollTrigger is having issues. Currently the animation is refusing to trigger and is not syncing properly with scrolling. Here are the desired fixes: 1. Animation Triggering: The animation should trigger at a specific scroll point which will be elaborated upon once we commence the project. 2. Smooth Scrolling: Once triggered, the animation should play seamlessly whilst scrolling. 3. Syncing with Scrolling: The animation also needs to be perfectly synced with the scroll. This task requires immediate attention, so I'm ideally looking for somebody who can start straight away. Having prior experience in handling and rectifying GSAP ScrollTrigger issues will be highly beneficial. You also should be able to troubleshoot issues and recommend solutions quickly a...

    $151 (Avg Bid)
    $151 Avg Bid
    51 bids

    I am looking for a javascript expert who can assist me to develop an online PDF editor. Currently, I have a basic project based on a pdfjs web viewer where you can add forms and add annotations. The ideal candidate will need experience in pdf libraries such as pdfjs, jspdf, pdf-lib and so on, and the result should be almost similar to pspdfkit. The software must have the following features: - Text editing capability: Freelancers should have a firm grasp of developing text editing options in PDF files. - Annotation Adding: Also integral to this project is an annotation feature. This will allow for note-taking and comments directly within the PDF documents. - Form Fields Addition: For data collection purposes, the ability to add form fields is required. If you have similar recent project,...

    $609 (Avg Bid)
    $609 Avg Bid
    79 bids

    I am currently seeking a skilled and experienced CakePHP developer who can assist in upgrading my project to the latest CakePHP framework version 4.2 while integrating specific improvements. **Core Requirements:** - Upgrade to CakePHP version 4.2 with an emphasis on: - **Improved Performance**: My project needs to be optimized for speed and efficiency. - **Enhanced Security Features**: Implementing the latest security protocols to safeguard data. - **Updated Documentation**: To ensure maintainability and future updates are seamless. - **AJAX Integration**: - Utilizing **jQuery**, the project requires AJAX post requests to be sent to the controller. - The data format for the AJAX request will be **JSON**, specifically focusing on **selected option values** from the webpage. ...

    $17 (Avg Bid)
    $17 Avg Bid
    6 bids

    I'm looking for an experienced JavaScript developer to resolve an issue with a script that causes screen freezing. This issue needs urgent attention and I'm looking for someone with a deep understanding of browser compatibility and JavaScript optimization to ensure smooth functionality across all platforms. **Main requirements:** - **Experience**: Proven track record of successfully debugging and optimizing JavaScript, especially for dynamic and interactive web applications. Include examples of previous work where you solved similar problems. - **Browser Compatibility**: Although I have not specified the browsers in use, an ideal candidate should be versatile in making web applications run smoothly on Chrome, Firefox, Safari and other mainstream browsers. - **Troubleshooting**:...

    $26 (Avg Bid)
    $26 Avg Bid
    20 bids

    It is an online clothing store. We have variable products configured with color and size attributes, for example a product can have 2 variations; Green/Any size and Black/Any size. There is an image of the product in the corresponding color for each variation, but at the moment the image does not change unless a color AND size is selected (I know this is how Woo works out of the box). We would like to make it so that the image changes when ONLY one color is selected. I have code that allows the variation image of a product to change when only the main attribute (e.g. color) is selected, rather than having to select all the variation attributes (e.g. color and size) for the image change. I would like to adjust this code to my woocommerce *My Budget is $30 fully*

    $34 (Avg Bid)
    $34 Avg Bid
    49 bids
    Product image editing 1 day left

    I need a web developer with high knowledge of Jquery. We need to edit a selected image on a page of my site. - The first is to overwrite the selected image and edit it dynamically. - The second is to choose a ready-made design and edit it. - The third is to upload a custom photo and edit it. More details are shown in the drawing. This part of the site is designed in figma. I will send the figma design of the site and a sample site to the developer I agree with. I need this work within 1 week at the latest. This design should be written in html, scss and will be made with experienced software developers who trust themselves.

    $85 (Avg Bid)
    $85 Avg Bid
    63 bids

    Hello I need someone who is good with bootstrap 5, JSX, And react js. The Project has already started so the sidebar andtop bar is already done. I know how to code but im just trying to save time. I need someone who is very good with bootstrap and can build this using mainly classes and very little css as possible. I also need someone who can add comments to code blocks to make it easy to edit. I know how to code but im doing this to save time. I already have a popup window that is already done that you can use to help build the popup window in the screenshot. Let me know how soon can start and finish this project. LONG TERM WORK FOR THE RIGHT CANDIDATE WHO DOES A GOOD JOB.

    $55 (Avg Bid)
    $55 Avg Bid
    46 bids

    I'm in urgent need of a tool - either a Python bot or a Chrome extension, ideally both - to streamline record entry in Quickbooks Online. The specific kinds of records it should be able to manage weren't specified; therefore, we'll assume the tool needs to handle various record types. Key Features Needed: - Quickbooks compatibility: The tool must seamlessly integrate with Quickbooks Online and work flawlessly within its operational framework. - Multiple record type handling: While it's not clear what types of entries are required, flexibility is necessary. The tool should be developed with the potential to manage sales, supplier, and employee records. - User-friendly interface: The tool must feature an intuitive interface that's easy to navigate, even for users...

    $84 (Avg Bid)
    $84 Avg Bid
    8 bids

    I'm looking for an experienced developer who can create a gamified cyber awareness platform. The platform should cater to both individual users and organizations. The indispensable features include: - A leaderboard for tracking user progress - Interactive quizzes and challenges related to cyber awareness - A system of virtual rewards and achievements to encourage continued use and learning. The user interface should be as compelling as it is instructive, incorporating: - A modern, sleek design that appeals to a wide range of users - A design layout that is simultaneously user-friendly and intuitive to navigate - Interactive and engaging elements that enhance the user experience and promote continued use. Skills and experience in game mechanics, reward system design, and UI/UX desi...

    $747 (Avg Bid)
    $747 Avg Bid
    48 bids

    I am in need of a unique, neatly structured HTML table that mimics the functionality of Excel. The table should consist of both rows and columns, with particular attention to two columns that will feature dropdown lists. Here are the specifics: - Dropdown Lists: Two columns should consist of dynamic dropdown lists, filled with data from a MySQL table. As this question wasn't elaborated further, I assume the functionality should include: expanding on click and selecting an option from the list. - Additional Columns: The other column fields should showcase an auto-increment number and a date field. - AJAX/ jQuery/ JSON: Ensure the select option within the table operates effectively using AJAX, jQuery, and JSON in PHP and MySQL. - Total Calculations: I require the table to automatically...

    $98 (Avg Bid)
    $98 Avg Bid
    35 bids

    I'm in urgent need of a talented .Net Developer to join our existing project on a part-time and/or hourly basis. Our project demands someone who can hit the ground running and contribute immediately to our development efforts. Here is what I'm looking for in a candidate: **Key Skills and Experience:** - Proficiency in **C# programming** is a must. - Extensive experience with **.Net Core** and **Entity Framework** to efficiently manage our project needs. - Strong knowledge of both **MySQL and SQL** for effective database management. - Fluent in **Bootstrap**, **HTML5/CSS3** to ensure our applications are responsive and visually appealing. - Capable of utilizing **Jquery** and **Angular** for front-end development. - Experience with **SSIS** and **SSRS** for SQL server integration...

    $15 / hr (Avg Bid)
    $15 / hr Avg Bid
    51 bids

    I'm seeking a tutorial to use the basic of Reality Composer Pro, to make a button to rotate an object, and maybe make the same like this video:

    $183 (Avg Bid)
    $183 Avg Bid
    6 bids

    Merhabalar! Müşteri hizmetleri alanında online bahis sitemizde anadil seviyesinde canlı destek verebilecek çalışma arkadaşları arıyorum. Mevcut bir platformumuz var ve bu platform üzerinden hizmetlerimizi sunmayı planlıyoruz. İşin doğası gereği, başvuracak kişilerin aşağıdaki özelliklere sahip olmalarını bekliyorum: ### İdeal Beceriler ve Deneyim: - Müşteri hizmetleri konusunda tecrübeli veya yetiştirilmeye açık - Anadil seviyesinde iletişim becerisi - Problem çözme yeteneği yüksek - Empatik ve sabırlı - Mevcut platformumuzu kullanmada hızlı adaptasyon - Teknolojiye ve öğrenmeye açık Bu pozisyonda, müşterilerimizin sorunlarına çözümler üretecek, onlarla etkili bir şekilde iletişim kuracak ve o...

    $10 (Avg Bid)
    4 entries

    La idea es hacer una aplicación Android similar a BlaBla Car en el sentido de cobrar un X de comisión al vendedor, todos los usuarios podrán comprar/vender, pudiendo así calificar con un voto positivo/negativo al usuario, esta aplicación será solamente para una categoría, quiero decir, no se usará para todo tipo de productos, todo lo contrario, para uno especifico.  Es necesario que como Wallapop haya disponible un chat para que pueda hablar el comprador y el vendedor, este tendrá una revisión para que no hagan negocios fuera de la aplicación, el cliente al pagar por el producto los administradores retendrán el dinero hasta que el cliente de el visto bueno de la entrega, si todo ha ido bien el dinero ...

    $8612 (Avg Bid)
    $8612 Avg Bid
    15 bids

    Hace veinte años trabaje en la Riviera Maya mexicana, como gerente general de un grupo corporativo, ahí me di cuenta que el mercado vacacional de playa es muy basto, tenía bajo mi gestión nueve empresas de comercio al menudeo, en las cuales se tenían ventas promedio de casi diez mil dolares diarios, en las ciudades turísticas de Cancún, Playa del Carmén y Cozumel, en esos establecimientos comerciales se disponía para los turístas una gran variedad y diversidad de productos artesanales, semiartesanales, de origen semi industrial e industrial. En aquel momento uno de los principales problemas era la imposibilidad de estar fácil y constantemente en contacto con los proveedores, que estaban diseminados por todo el ter...

    $556 (Avg Bid)
    $556 Avg Bid
    41 bids

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