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An artificial neural network is an interconnected group of nodes, akin to the vast network of neurons in a brain. Hire Neural Network Engineers


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    Should be proficient in optical networks, wavelength routing, SONET/SDH, MPLS

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    i want someone to write research paper in any field of computer science to publish it in ISI

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    Tensorflow + Nativescript 2 days left

    Mobile application for image recognition

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    Make handwritten recognition software using neural network. Low budget.

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    the project is to do face verification using pair picture of my image . the picture i include is in 2 folder . first folder 1 is to train the alexnet and get 100 accuracy . the image already in pair . and i has separate the image for non match picture and match picture . and test the network using folder 2 image that include pair image also . the folder has match and non match also . i want the t...

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    HI, We need to create a neural network that will sort job titles. Eg. Director>Manager>Assistant Manager>Senior Associate>Associate>Deputy Associate The idea being that we input a list of designations and the output is a sorted list. We can create a training dataset as per our own understanding of the hierarchies of companies. Please let me know how you would proceed wit...

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    Hello all, I need to build a simple convolutional neural network in tensorflow, python to predict notMNIST data. The code must be with detailed comments. Looking forward to work with you.

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    Hello, I have a csv files which contains product names (in Arabic), img url. I want a way to automatically classify and categorize products based on predefined categories. Then create new csv files for the new categories.

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    Windows 10, MS Visual Studio 2015, Nvidia Cuda 9.1, Caffe neural networks library The objective is to build an empty (Hello World) DLL project in MSVS (C++) with an include of Caffe library. The DLL project should compile without errors. It should be possible to call DLL from 3-rd applications, i.e. no unresolved dependencies. As a result I will need source code of the project and/or list of...

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    LBP and LTP recognition proposal new ideas

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    Implementation of Asynchronous Advantage Actor-Critic on a GPU using Python programming language.

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    The project just a simple project . the project is to compare 2 image that is match or non match only . The image i already provide contain image just in black white . my method i think is One thing we can do is to put two images side by side . and train the network as matched Vs unmatched. hope can get more 90% accuracy in test mode . the image pair is with same name but ending not same . exampl...

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    The project just a simple project . the project is to compare 2 image that is match or non match only . The image i already provide contain image just in black white . my method i think is One thing we can do is to put two images side by side . and train the network as matched Vs unmatched. hope can get more 90% accuracy in test mode . the image pair is with same name but ending not same . exampl...

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    I am looking for a high quality researcher in computer science and vision who has scientific knowledge in deep neural networks and machine learning ..I am looking for an expert in deep learning neural network, machine learning and python, who is knowledgeable in triplets network, alexnet, ResNet architecture and python libaries, training the network and extracting key features and who also has sol...

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    Hi.I had some code for ocr using neural networks.I need someone to make me understand that code via *Removed by Admin*.there may be some minor changes to be made.

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    I need a custom made naural network in javascript using this consept: [login to view URL] ( front page ) I want to add more rules to it, and also add a graphical layer to it.

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    neural network Ended

    I need somebody with experience in building a neural network, to set up a program that learns to match text with audio

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    Looking for a qualified data scientist/developer who could prepare a DL model that would be able to split video sequence of an uncut tennis match into small subsequences that would correspond to the individual rallies (i.e. when ball is in play) and "garbage" (when ball is not in play). All the videos will be from the same sport. I have the corresponding background so I know exactly w...

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    Training of dataset for Kinect. RGB and Depth together combining

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    Broadcast application, save their, processing part of saved broadcast through filter(Neural filter). Possibility Payment.

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    I need to create a software in neural network technology to connect casino roulette system to bid automatically as like uxsoftware'S xtreme roulette system

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    I need private software that needs to be developed

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    I have a matrix with size(64*16) and I want to find the best (8*8) sub-matrix that maximize the objective function. I want to implement the best algorithm that can do that efficiently and fast.

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    the goal is for the training of the convolutional neural network in multiple GPUs in tensorflow

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    Hello! I have historical data in the format: Date | Hour (0-23) | min (0 / 30) | liters (int) Basically it shows the consumptions through the time. I intend to predict when the next water consumptions will be, and the liters expected. I'm .Net developer and I intend to have something to integrate in my code

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    Create a neuroevolution project in UNITY 2018 that takes in data points from an excel 2003 spreadsheet to compare with output datapoints from another spreadsheet. Basically you give it data sets from 2 spreadsheets. The number sets in sheet A will have a strong correlative link to the result number in sheet B. I'm going to be running thousands of data sets to train it to get very go...

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    Please understand the requirements: [login to view URL] should have knowledge of NLP. 2. You should be proficient in Python. 3. It will be helpful if you are familiar with Gensim, keras, tensorflow, RNN, Neural networks etc. 4. Can promise regular work for next two weeks but not too high pays. 5. Every night IST 8:00 pm, I will give you 1-3 codes to run and you will have to help me understan...

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    Neural Network Task Ended

    Details will be provided on further contact.

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    I have a simple neural network project to be done in Java.I will explain more details later.

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    Implement Kohonen-Grossberg network in Java. More details to be provided.

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    In deep neural network architecture: Calculating how many bits are required to represent a fully connected neural network. Reducing the length of network by half, that is cutting half of the branches and optimizing the choice of the connected branches with SA Algorithm. Then the neutral network will be allowed to find the branch weights using stochastic gradient descent. * Setting the number...

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    I need specialist coder can create jobs Scheduler algorithms with math equations between one client to many servers. Plz only specialist who is familer with algorithms

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    Looking for a highly experienced individual, that has extensive knowledge of human swarming with the UNU platform (Dr. Rosenberg), and of multiagent systems. Must also have extensive knowledge of symbolic and subsymbolic AI and of neural networks. I need assistance in thorough explanation of these subject areas, and to do research of these areas from various sources.

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    I want to create Sinhala OCR. Essential parts are feature vector, training algorithm, text extraction and store in list or array. This is the requirement in brief. One or more Images are input to the system. Each image contain one letter or SINHALA language. Ultimate objective is to extract the text from those images and store in list or array. In that process , feature vector, and ANN or ...

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    I have a matrix with dimension 64*25, I want to find the best 8 rows and 8 columns that maximize an objective function. I am looking for low complexity, fast, and efficient algorithm. I have already done some algorithms, but the results is not as I expected. Please, do not waste my time if you do not have any idea about the problem.

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    Make Character Recognition System Artificial Intelligence using Neural Network

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    I want a simple application to extract text from natural/ scene images. I don't worry about the UI. I just want the functionality only. If I upload the image the text in the image should be extracted.

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    Freelancers with experience in Neural Networks. You can use public repositories for the task, or create from scratch. I want the following. A Neural Network With Image Recognition that draws boxes over target (body part specific), and then the ability to follow/lock-onto that drawn target with mouse cursor. It should be hotkey specific the tracking/lock feature. The Neural Network can be ...

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    I need only specialist in computer science to write in deep understand from some papers. Important thing not writing is explaination and descrption. The topic is technical topic in mobile cloud computing

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    Hello, I want a neural network ready for deployment for predicting the future Prices EUR/USD (M1 Chart). I prefer this to be done in matlab because i understand a little bit if you explain or Tensorflow/Keras. I have done some research online and seen LSTM Works best. again it is your choice. I will give past 10 min,20 min or 30 min Data and it will Predict Where the EUR/USD price will be ...

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    We are looking for someone who can can do a literature research on following topics: 1. Predicting health disease using artificial neural network 2. Predicting health disease using deep neural network 3. Challenges of using deep neural network 4. How to overcome the challenge? We need literature review (journal paper link) along with the topic number. Around 7-8 journals are expected for ...

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    I need you to do a project for me. I would like this project to be done in MATLAB on Windows . I want project done in matlab using CNN and auto encoder on DEAP dataset. for the classification of emotions

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    We need matlab simulation of a simple electronics and electrical model (neural fuzzy controller based) and it's research article writing. Further details will be discussed in chat. Only serious freelancers are invited.

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    We need someone who has developed AI solutions for quadcopter control to design a specific solution for us related to image capture and recognition as well as all the other things that such Unmanner Ariel Vehicles (UAVs) already do (vis return to base and evade obstacles). If you have worked on such controllers and algorithms then please get in touch and send some information as to what you have d...

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    Very simple script that does training and testing of dataset Must be an expert in pytorch Most Importantly, Make Sure That Pytorch Using GPU To Compute

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    build a real time system to detect infant cry in unique way (mentioned in unique way)using deep learning model. or ANN that should be done in raspberry pi programming python

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    i need someone who specialises in machine learning and who knows java very well.

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    I need specialist in socket java and rmi to create an application from scratch that send class of code from client side to server side under " prediction algorithm for network status and bandwidth fluctuation". Need to flow, monitor and watch the data packet during sending/recieving in the network.

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