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    基于图片中的破绽分析,判断其中的人脸是否为二次翻拍(举例:如用户A用手机拍摄了一张包含人脸的图片一,用户B翻拍了图片一得到了图片二,并用图片二伪造成用户A去进行识别操作,这种情况普遍发生在金融开户、实名认证等环节。); check whether a image is from twice photographing(living User->image X->image XX), based on the analysis of the flaw in the image, then we can prevent people to do the authentication with image XX for example: the camera photographed a image from user A, we call this image as ...

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    The need is to develop a software project that receive an input of an image and return if one, within a predefined set of symbol, is present in the image itself and the text content of the image. Extra information: .The set of symbols is provided by us and includes 40 items. . The symbols are very simple and unique within the set itself .The text are mainly numbers and single characters .I...

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    opencv face recognition link with netbean(java) freelancer must excel in opencv and netbean coding project:using face to unlock locker need to finish within one day

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    There is my idea : It is a website build for mobile that use the camera of the smartphone to take pictures of things and show related elements like products, images, videos, wiki page, etc... In fact, this is a search engine that use the camera to search ! User case : I am in a Best Buy store and I want to buy an iMac ! Before I buy it, I use app to take picture of the iMac and it will show me pro...

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    I need a mobile app that detects a few facial features and runs analytics on them .

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    Image segmentation 5 days left

    Hi, The project is segmentation with superpixel clustering. By using SLIC Superpixels and boundary focused region margin. The program consists of three phase. First, generating superpixel by SLIC superpixel algorithm. It works by labeling every pixel in CIELAB and make a cluster. The second phase is to make a similarity matrix of these clusters. Each entry of matrix is the similarity between...

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    Hi Travis Y., I noticed your profile and would like to offer you my project. We can discuss any details over chat.

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    a app is currently under development which needs a part of it to be programmed. The part pertains to image detection and analysis. A developer with prior knowledge of image detection and probably opencv detection on mobile would be required

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    I looking for Python and open CV 3 Developer to build Removal background Image , Crop, resize, rotate algorithms in Python as Ninja REST API.

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    Optical Character Recognition for Car Number Plates on image / Video inputs

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    Android app 4 days left

    Read text from photo image and do things with it. we can discuss.

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    You should have good Python skills and patience otherwise you will fail. We will chat about the details. The hourly rate is $2/hr and if it does not work for you, then don't bid and save everybody's time. Start your bid text with spelling this from backwards: SREEHC Then describe for how long have you worked with Python and what libraries have you used.

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    I am a wildlife biologist working on a project to survey birds using cameras. We took thousands of high-quality aerial images of flocks of (large) birds on water. In most images, the birds are VERY easy to detect by eye and, I THINK, would be very easy to isolate and detect by computer program. I mostly use R, and R is not great for this type of project and I don't have time to learn othe...

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    Phyton 2 days left

    Detect face from images automatically crop it and mask it

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    Current situation: We are using Halcon to do image analysis (IDS USB3 camera with telecentric lens). However, the Halcon keys we need to buy for every machines is a burden, so we want to move to OpenCV. What we need to have at the end of the task 1. a simple C++ project (visual studio 2015, 2013 or 2010) which can work standalone (so we can feed it with camera screenshots to see how functions i...

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    Opencv 1 day left

    Who can help us with making module in python / opencv. Details will be given later

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    Hi Travis Y., I noticed your profile and would like to offer you my project. We can discuss any details over chat.

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    I would like you to use Emscripten to convert OpenCV latest version to [url removed, login to view] and [url removed, login to view] along with OpenCV .js and .data files. This should include Calib3d, Feature2d etc. modules.

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    Opencv 17h left

    Write in opencv a code. We will use this code in an other module. We will guide you step by step and appreciate your help

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    I need a software that is able to read and interpret architectural plans and output the dimensions and specifications of the walls, windows, doors, and roofs. Attached please find a pdf copy of the specifications for the project. I will answer any question in messages. Please read pdf before bidding and bid the appropriate amount for the project, bids that change price amount drastically in messag...

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