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    Looking for someone who has expertise in machine learning development using python, sci-kit-learn, and perhaps FB prophet. Experience with building forecasting models centered around personal finance data and budgeting.

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    Project for Imola N. 9 days left

    Hi Imola N., I noticed your profile and would like to offer you my project. We can discuss any details over chat.

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    Development of the scale to assess prejudice towards Muslims in Australia, about attitudes/tolerance using SPSS.

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    Project for Himanshu A. 9 days left

    Hi himanshu9us, I noticed your profile and would like to offer you my project. We can discuss any details over chat.

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    RWe ran a billing analysis where we looked at gas utility customers' monthly usage data. We need to match it to weather data, normalize for weather, calcualte a baseline usage (based on summer months July and August), subtract baseline usage from winter month usage to end with a weather-normalized heating usage. The last step is to run a regression on usage and the efficiency of the heating e...

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    A quick job on some statistics questions. Should only take an hour, thanks a mil.

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    solving statistics problems with clearly explaining

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    I need it in 30 minutes. ASAP its supposed to be done in R program

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    Analyze business statistical data and make recommendations as noticeable trends. Additional details will be provided once the project has been assigned. Thansks.

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    Mixed Modelling in R 5 days left

    I need a analysis mixed model and statistical testing in R. Completed in about 1-2 days. Data is all ready in long format csv file.

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    Hello I am looking for someone who is knowledgeable and experienced in systematic review and meta analysis to help with a project on a very specific subject. If you are able to help it would be greatly appreciated and any past work you have done in this field should be mentioned when applying for this project. Thank you

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    We are looking for someone with proficiency in R programming and statistics expert.

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    Economics project 5 days left

    Have to do a project regarding labour economics, discuss detail via chat

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    Hi, This is an urgent project. I need someone who has experience of using Nvivo before. I have nine interviews (transcripts are attached) that need to be analyzed using Nvivo. You will be asked to show evidence that you have worked on similar projects before. I will also need you to GUIDE me for writing the findings. I don't want you to write them for me, but you will have to explain how and ...

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    I have research questionnaire , questions was built for interviews , so the answers must be clear , there are 111 questions , sample needed is 100 respondents , the research methodology is qualitative , please understand my project before do any offer

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    Statistical and Optimization Methods Project using RMarkdown. I'll provide the rest details

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    To be done using software forecast Pro. Use Exponential Smoothing models or Box-Jenkins ARIMA models to provide good within-sample and out-of-the-sample forecasts based on BIC and MAPE.

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    Simulation project 4 days left

    I am looking for someone with experience with "Arena Simulation" tool: [url removed, login to view] In the scope of this project I need to create a basic simple model with 5 components. In follow up projects (or milestones) I will wish to extend the basic model.

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    research writer 4 days left

    # 1 is a research assignment. Big Data has solved many data processing problems. Different large scale organizations are using social media data to do sentiment analysis through big data analytics. Likewise popular websites are using big data to analyze clickstream data. You are supposed to do online research and find out one case study where big data analytics was used to solve a particula...

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    R Studio Help 4 days left

    Consider a game where you roll a single die, and if it comes up 1, you score 100 points, if it comes up 5, you score 50 points, and if it comes up any other number, you score 0 points. Create a dataframe to represent this as a random variable, with a column prob representing the probability of rolling each number from 1 through 6, and a column score representing the score you get for rolling each ...

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