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A test job for amrtarek08 - a testimony necessary for a marriage annulment A testing ,practice and performance tool for school students preparing for their exams - A Text-Mode Monopoly Game - Repost A Text-Mode Monopoly Game - Repost - open to bidding - A Theme for XenForo A theme installed and minor changes on theme - A ThinkorSwim Algorithm A third fantasy fiction writer needed - A Ticket Selling website a ticketbot programme(s) for ticket selling companies - A timer question A timesheet / project logging application - A TinyOS project with FlockLab testing and Paper writing a tip for you - A to Z tabs in collection pages & restructure how search results are presented A to Z Vegetables For Health - A tool to automatically generate a historical report from bugzilla A tool to change shape of 2d object's image and measure them - A toolbar for IE and FF A top 10 website - A topology control protocol based on eligibility and efficiency metrics on Matlab A Torque PRO like app - A Tough Road A TOUR COMPANY NAME - A toy -- 2 A tracking app - a trailer about abyss A Trailer Billboard design - A training in Sphinx documentation system A Training Log - A Transfer logo design A Transfer Module Using Obex Push for Bluetooth Project - A translation from English to Azerbaijani A translation from English to Catalan - A translation project of electric generator instruction from English to German A translator - a translator for a business trip of 2 days - open to bidding A Translator for a Chinese Manga - A translator needed for the Russian to English translation work A translator needed for the Russian to English translation work - A translator who can speak fluent Mandarin Chinese in LA a translator who can translate oral & written material - A Travel Agency looking for Associates - Long Term A travel agency website - A Travel website to be created A Travel website to be designed - A tri-fold Brochure Design a tri-fold business brochure - A true, genuine expert on PHPBB3 forums is needed A truly memorable meal - a tshirt designer A tshirt ecomerce with mobile solution - A tutor who can teach me how to use Wix A tutor/help required for "HTML Help Workshop" software to create a chm file on hourly base - A twitter managment site A twitter Tool like - A two part race called the Amathon, consisting of 10 miles ran to 1 mile swam. A two way data bridge from code driven by Twine2, to CSV (possibly via MYSQL & PHPMyAdmin) - A Typical Windows Installer A typical women life in a blog - A typist A typist - a typist in the Los Angeles area A typist to retype a thesis - A UI & UX designer -- 2 A UI Designer - A UNFINISHED PYRAMID BEING BUILT BY A TEAM -- 2 A Uni-level MLM System - A unique congratulations service (video messages from around the world) - $7 each task. A unique congratulations service (video messages from around the world) - $7 each task. -- 2 - A Unique Social Marketing Website Required A unique social media app on android. - A Unity 3d project A unity designer to reskin projects - A US English speaker needed to record 11 poems in English A US English written article about the joy of renting textbooks online - A Usenet Image Scanner and Downloader A user allowed listing system like Buzzfeed - A USRP-based Testbed for OFDM-based Radar A ussd application - A VA who can provide telephone answering & diary management in English & Portuguese a vacation classified web - A variety of graphics - private for Sunidy A variety of graphics tasks - a VB6 List management application A VB6 picture manipulating function - A Vector logo that should be color neutral and a little creative symbolising working for a good cause A vector picture - a ventura cd label - ongoing work A ventures and Advisory firm needs to a responsive based Word Press website - A very basic accounting question need help. A very basic and simple t-shirt design - A very creative rubber-band loom jewelry maker. A very creative website - A very easy data entry work a very easy data entry work - A Very Easy Typing Job A Very Easy Typing Job - A Very Easy Typing Job A Very Easy Typing Job - A Very Easy Typing Job A Very Easy Typing Job - A Very Easy Typing Job A Very Easy Typing Job - A Very Easy Typing Job A Very Easy Typing Job - A Very Easy Typing Job A Very Easy Typing Job - A Very Easy Typing Work A very easy web page (only two pages) english and spainsh - A very good phone voice A very good PHP Programmer - A very minor modification in existing logo, business card & Flyer A very Muddy website template for off road sales Website. CSS - A very realistic 3D model A very realistic model of a kinetic art piece inserted onto a photographic background setting. - A very simple 1 line code change to a .net website A Very Simple 1 Page Redesign - A very Simple app need to design it in a day a very simple app. I just need to convert a pdf book into an app with search feature - A very simple e-commerce website a very simple EA - A very simple image-editing work A very simple iOS app - number only input, POST to HTTPS API - A very simple Library Management System A very simple login project - A very simple online form for a website. a very simple online fruits store . simple order form with sms notification . an affiliate program by percentage to vendors . mobile friendly . done in 5 days - a very simple project a very simple project - a very simple site A very simple static 'Under-construction' site for - A Very Simple Typing Job A Very Simple Typing Job - A Very Simple Typing Job A Very Simple Typing Job - A Very Simple Typing Job A Very Simple Typing Job - A VERY SIMPLE WEB PAGES READ INPUT TEXT FILES INTO A STRING A very simple webpage design(Urgent) - A very simple Xamarin app. A very simple, may be 20 minute job, to add watermark on 54 images of same dimension - a very small database project A very small Designing work - A very small odoo android app and module
A very small one-trick PHP script - A very small web application on Java Struts & MySQL A very small website - A very technical change in site A very unique custom made hoodie - just 1 - A video A video - a video animation project a video application - A video creative team needed - long term project plans , huge scope of earning A video cut into 1,000's of very short segments - A Video Editor who is able to edit and render 4 videos a day a video file created from 2 images - A video game project A video game project -- 2 - A video mash up of key leadership quotes and points for a presentation A Video Model for a concept Product - A video product review a video promoting my website - A video that make people say Wow :) A video that make people say Wow :) - open to bidding - a video/photo sharing app A video/squeeze page build WP plugin - A Videographer A videographer - a videographer to film a one hour event then make a short 5 min promo movie a videographer to film in Sidney,OH - a videoshoot A videotaped greeting from Famous places around the world - A violin Player a viop redialing software - 18/10/2016 19:19 EDT - A virtual assistant A virtual assistant - A Virtual Assistant Is Needed Right Now A Virtual Assistant Job - A Virtual Assistant! A virtual assistant, customer service, excels, customer support, data entry, email handling, and anything else I forgot. - A virtual, remote-controlled clone game show A Virtual-Reality based Street-Crossing Software - A Visual Model-Based Perceptual Image Hash for Content Authentication A Visual Novel Engine - A voice recording for 45-60 seconds of video A Voice Talent - a vpn app based openvpn A VPN app for iOS iPhone and iPad - A Wall Run Script a wallet system - a water damage website & logo a water damage website & logo - A way to simplify a technical floor plan in PDF a way to work on the radio device - A Web App for creating, consuming, sharing and rating annotated song content, with minimal social features A web app for data management - A Web Application + Associated Mobile Apps in Andriod and IOS A web application - open to bidding - A Web Application to Manage competions Revised A web application to manage data for colleges - A web based appointment management system A web based billing and certificate issue system for an training company. - A Web based protractor training A web based question and answer app - A web chat module, programmed from scratch no opensource. A web commerce - A web design project A web design with CMS - A web developer a web developer - A web developer to create me a webpage - open to bidding A Web Developer to Help Make Our Design Ideas Come to Life - A web form to be filled in automatically for an online automated ad creation -- 2 - ongoing work A Web Gallery for Artists - A web page design A web page design - open to bidding - A Web plugin written in Flash (C++ prefered) A Web poll - A web printing store with Instagram integrated. - open to bidding A web programmer - a web scraping work A web scrapper is urgently needed - A Web Service for sending emails a web service like - a web site a web site - A web site design. A web site design. - open to bidding - a web site for industry specific training business a web site for music - A web site were I will be reviewing music making apps/hardware. Setting up affiliate links and selling my own music production downloads A web site which enables people to purchase club merchandise such as cycling shirts, hats and lapel badges. - A Web UI (pref. React) for an Ad system -- 2 a web UI design - A web-based education package on JavaScript a web-based fault report/tracking system for a college - A web-site for a translation agency a web.config file needs updating - A webdeveloper and an server admin searched for long term cooperation in a unique project! A Webdeveloper/designer needed - 3 to 4 simple pages - a webpage for my domain name a webpage form to receive answer from each partner - a webportal for a primary and nursery school A webportal in php - A website A website - A website A website - A website A website - a website a website - a website a website - A Website !!! - open to bidding A website & App for a Construction project - A website about investments A website about maths. - A website and back end portal A website and back link program developed and maintained for my business - a website app billding a golf club from 40 custom designs. a website app needed - A website better than and similar to ... A website better than Facebook - A website built A website built - a website built a website built - A website built for our start up business for Organic herbs, oils and other things like that A Website Built from wordpress - A website can sell stuffs - open to bidding A website change - wording - A Website Complete Project A to Z work A website Connected to Social Media Acounts - A website created for a startup project of mine. A website created for my Taxi Car Service - A website design A website design - a website design for an outsourcing small buisiness A website design for my IT Consultancy Company - A website designed and a logo contest a website designed and built - A website designer with Volusion experience A Website Designer, Graphic Designer - A website developement A Website Developer - A website earning atleast 10$ a day.