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Projects starting with characters 2.0 work (e) - 2.0/C# and SQL database ASP.NET 2.0/C# project - ASP.NET 3.5 (VB) ASP.NET 3.5 (VB) and WCF Service project - 3.5 LINQ developer 3.5 LINQ Developer required - ASP.NET 3.5 Website ASP.NET 3.5 website design University Assignment - 4.0 - Two new pages on our website ASP.NET 4.0 / JAVASCRIPTING - ASP.NET 5, angular.js logbook software - usage of new/latest web technolgies to test technical concepts ASP.NET 50$/page - abgularJS full time onsite Ablecommerce 2 Small Tweaks; Quantity dropdown + Add Agree checkbox - ASP.NET Add+Edit+Delete Records (.MDB) ASP.NET Addon for Web CRM System - ajax ASP.NET AJAX - ASP.NET Ajax Error Urgent Help ajax expert for a sample code - ajax sql/mysql database web application ASP.NET AJAX Status Bar - and AJAX Coding for Rankings/Social Network site ASP.NET and AJAX Design - and C# Social Network and C# website - and Javascript Alummni Web Portal (CMS, Event Management, Facebook intergration) and javascript site updates - and Mysql and mysql expert - and SQL Express Project and SQL login in form and order form - and errors.(repost) ASP.Net and VB.Net Online & Offline - ASP.NET Apllication with MYSQL Database ASP.NET App - HR Document Upload & Browsing - open to bidding - applicaiton ASP.NET APPLICATION - application ASP.NET application & Design - ASP.Net Application Enhancements - Calendar Control Fixes & Drag And Drop Features application few new functionality required.. - ASP.NET Application Rewrite - Architecture, Project management & Development ASP.NET Application Theme/Skin - application with angular.js for converting Access database ASP.NET Application with Ext.Net and LINQ - assignment assignment - azure website azure website -- 2 - ASP.NET based Service Application based site changes - ASP.NET basics -- 2 be-bug - ASP.NET Boilerplate customization Book Worktimes - built report using reportviewer ASP.NET Bulk Email Application - ASP.NET c# ASP.Net C# - ASP.NET C# - open to bidding - Repost ASP.NET C# - open to bidding - Repost - open to bidding - ASP.NET C# Admin Panel and Customer Management - repost c# AJAX - ASP.NET C# Code and Image Website Edits/Enhancements ASP.NET C# code to PHP - ASP.NET C# developer needed ASP.NET C# developer required - c# expert for program analysis C# File upload store file data in SQL - ASP.NET C# mail component ASP.NET C# MapPoint + Virtual Earth - ASP.NET C# online Hotel Reservation System ASP.NET C# online Hotel Reservation System - ASP.NET C# Project ASP.NET C# Project - ASP.NET C# Project - Repost ASP.NET C# Project - Repost - ASP.NET C# Request Keywords From Google Adwords Keyword Tool ASP.NET C# Request Keywords From Google Adwords Keyword Tool - c# sql web project C# SQL mostly email support with some phone support - c# to retrieve all activated process on ios and android same as Process class done on windows os ASP.NET C# Trouble Ticket System - C# web developer required C# web developer required full time - ASP.NET C#, AJAX, HTML 5, Jquery expert developer ASP.NET C#, AJAX, HTML 5, Jquery expert developer - calendar integrated with google calendar ASP.NET Calendar Scheduler - ASP.NET Chart C# User-Control Chart Control - Chess Online for 2 players Asp.NET Class library Globalización Base de datos - ASP.NET CMS Application ASP.NET CMS integration to html website - ASP.NET code not writing to database code repair - coder needed ASAP coder required - coding of job matching website ASP.NET collaborator - Conent Management using Sitefinity ASP.NET Configuration - ASP.NET Contact Manager contact us form - control based on BING-Maps control bug fixing - Convert 7 PDF Forms to Online HTML - repost convert to php - ASP.NET Cricket Web Portal ASP.NET Cricket Website portal - ASP.NET Custom Component Needed ASP.Net Custom Control (dll) - ASP.NET Custom User Theme ASP.Net Custom/User Control for Drag-Drop-Reorder - ASP.NET Dashboard ASP.NET Dashboard - database connection error database driven forms - ASP.NET database viewer/admin ASP.NET Database Website (~10 pages) - Dating Site dating site - deployment instructions URGENT! deployment of new design - ASP.NET DEVELOPER ASP.NET Developer - ASP.NET developer ASP.NET developer - developer developer - ASP.NET developer -- 2 ASP.NET developer $/hr - ASP.Net Developer - permanent ASP.Net Developer - Technology Consulting Company in Mumbai - developer for long term engagement Developer for my small work - ASP.NET Developer Needed ASP.NET Developer needed - ASP.NET DEVELOPER needed at LOW rate ASP.NET Developer needed Average 30 MINUTE - developer needed to setup local development for a TFS project developer needed to Start work ASAP! - ASP.NET Developer Required ASP.NET Developer Required - ASP.NET developer required for a project
ASP.NET developer required for permanent work 14-20 hours per week - ASP.NET developer to integrate a white lable Developer to work on an API - Web application - ASP.Net Developer, MVC3, nopCommerce developer/graphic designer required - developers,API Integration ASP.NET Development - ASP.NET Development - PDF Printing using iTextSharp ASP.Net development / JQuery - discussion board ASP.NET display additional fields if login = admin . . NOW! - DotNetNuke Modules Development ASP.NET DotNetNuke Scheduling Module - ASP.NET Dynamic Forms Application dynamic menu - ASP.NET e-commerce projects ASP.NET e-commerce projects (repost) - ASP.NET E-Mail Contact Form e-mail sending form swf - Ecommerce Site eCommerce site for college project - email form ASP.NET email form part 2 - ASP.NET ERP Application Source Code Asp.Net ERP C# expert needed - ASP.NET Example ASP.NET examples of pdf/modal pop-up/etc. help system - ASP.NET expert ASP.NET expert - ASP.NET Expert developer for ASP.NET expert developer require for Cloud Project - ASP.NET expert needed + C# ASP.NET expert needed + C# - Repost - ASP.NET EXPERT NEEDED TODAY ASP.Net Expert Needed Urgent - expert to make a simple CHAT site ASP.NET Expert Urgent Work Needed Today - ASP.NET Family Tree ASP.NET family website - ASP.NET File Upload With Progress Information ASP.NET File Upload/Download to Azure Blob Storage with Encryption - ASP.NET Fix Managed Memory Leak issue - Pages not disposing objects after page has already loaded ASP.NET Fix Several Forms - ASP.NET for TCP Client with listening ASP.NET for TCP Client with listening - repost - form show weather info plus few other items ASP.NET Form To Email and PSD site slice - Forums Asp.Net Framework must be 4.0 - ASP.NET Full Website Database Mine ASP.NET Function Addition - ASP.NET Generator ASP.NET Get and Post : sending url and obtaining POSTed info - ASP.Net Grid ASP.NET grid control - ASP.Net GUI & Windoes service to reads AD and processes on PC's ASP.NET GUI Re-Design - help help - ASP.NET Homework ASP.NET homework - ASP.NET HR Application HR Tool - ASP.NET Identity AJAX MODALPOPUP CONTROL IIS Authentication Password Expiring Notification Page - ASP.Net Image Resize ASP.Net Image Resize Code - Insert Template pages Instagram API - ASP.NET Intranet Portal Intranet Portal - Javascript javascript - Json to datatable ASP.NET JvZoo IPN - linqtotwitter examples - repost ASP.NET List View Control Design - Login Creation ASP.Net Login Page - ASP.NET mailing list - existing project to be completed. ASP.NET MAIN MENU - masterpage layout masterpage layout + logo - ASP.NET Membership PRovider ASP.NET Membership PRovider2 - minor code fix ASP.NET minor code modifications - modification needed modification project - MS sql Website ms-SQL driven website - mvc mvc - ASP.NET MVC , MSSQL, C# server side expert - repost ASP.NET MVC - Looking for source codes for CRM/Marketing/Growth hacking - ASP.NET MVC 3 ASP.NET MVC 3 Application Modification - ASP.NET MVC 4 + WEB API + FACEBOOK(optional) ASP.Net MVC 4 - Conversion from Access - ASP.NET MVC 4 Project ASP.NET MVC 4 Project - Build a prototype to create subdomains on-the-fly - ASP.NET MVC 5 - Devloping University Portal - Easy Assignment ASP.NET MVC 5 - Registration and User management - MVC >> Intergrate website shopping cart With Paypal Sandbox Payment. ASP.NET MVC accounting website needed - mvc application few new features and new screens are required MVC application Fixing required. - ASP.NET MVC C# ASP.NET MVC C# - ApplicationUser Updates in Onion Architecture - ASP.NET MVC Client side - Responsive Design (HTML, CSS, Maybe script) ASP.NET MVC Client side - Responsive Design (HTML, CSS, Maybe script) - repost - MVC Design integration and implimentation - open to bidding ASP.NET MVC dev needed for long term contract - mvc developer needed ASP.NET MVC DEVELOPER NEEDED FOR DEVELOPING WEBSITE - ASP.NET MVC expert urgent needed ASP.NET MVC expert urgent needed - mvc gym membership app working with/teaching junior coder via shared desktop Asp.Net MVC half complete website - ASP.NET MVC Ninject Removal of spam and improvement of captcha asp.NET mvc ninject website has SQL server malfunction - MVC Project MVC Project - MVC requirement ASP.Net MVC Role Management Solution - ASP.NET MVC Training ASP.NET MVC Twitter - mvc web application ASP.NET MVC Web Application - mvc website mvc website - ASP.Net MVC with JQuery with C# and LINQ to SQL Project mvc with entity framework developer to help us completing a project - ASP.NET MVC/WCF/WPF MVC/WebAPI - ASP.NET MVC3 Modular Framework MVC3 Penny Auction Site - ASP.NET MVC4 tutorial needed ASP.NET MVC4 tutorial needed - repost - navigation control with timeline. ASP.NET Need help with some coding - Nulify a script (in the.dll) - reverse engineering ASP.NET Nursing internship management tool - ASP.NET online training ASP.NET Online Travel Agency website - only serious bidders