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Add A link to A Flash Movie/Banner - add a list to wp-posts Add a listing category - Add a location field (pointing on map) to a form Add a location on existing banner - Add a login function Add A Login Function To A Kodi Addon - add a logo and text to a box Add a logo in 5 small video - Add a logo to a white T-SHIRT on an image Add a logo to a wordpress blog and. - Add a Magento Extension Add a Magento store front to existing store. - Add a media upload to Wordpress plugin - repost Add a member to an LLC for Deleware corp - add a message box to contact us on my site Add a messaging feature to preexisting app. - Add a Mobile Template to my site Add a mobile theme to drupal 7 site - Add a module to C app and fix small bugs Add a module to game. - Add a music and voice effect in a video add a music file to site - Add a new animation to current website Add a new api to existing software - add a new drop down menu to navbar Add a new element to the Gravity Forms Wordpress Plugin for a three month calendar - Add a new feature to website - PHP Add a new feature/function to my facebook app - Add a new function in my website Add a new function in my website: PET FINDER - Add a new logo to responsive site Add a new Magento Attribute - Add a new page to existing WIX website Add a New Page to my Android Mobile App - Add a new payment gateway WordPress add a new payment way on online esrore Integration with OneCard - add a new Search Word game to a mysql database Add a new section : Top earner of the week - Add a new web page Add a new web page and integrate GMAP API to locate location - add a notification system to my website add a notification type system to my dashboard and some others - Add a OSC contributions today Add a OSCOM contribution - Add a page in our website and Redesign our Logo Add a page in wordpress website. - Add a page to an existing website. Add a page to an existing Wordpress website - Add a page to my website Add a page to my website - Add a page utilizaing API from, and utilizee that info throuout website. Add a page utilizaing API from, and utilizee that info throuout website. -- 2 - Add a password. Add a Pattern to a Jacket - Add a payment gateway with WooCommerce Add a payment integration to my site which is under development. - add a PayPal button and edit text on Celebrity Bodyguard Services page / form - open to bidding Add a PayPal Form on a Wordpress site - Add a phone cart to website Add a Phone Number to php contact form - Add a PHP Captcha to 7 web forms Add A PHP Code - Add a PHP/MySQL login script a website template. Add a phrase to Google Auto search - Add a plugin for SEO for OSC site Add a plugin on my wordpress website - Add a Pop Up window to our product pages Add a pop up window to the shipping page in shopify website - Add a Post to Facebook option a website -- 2 ADD A POST URL TO MY WEBSITE FOR SUBMITTING FORMS TO 3RD PARTY APPLICATIONS - Add a private app from git to shopify. Test it after Add a private section to existing Wordpress site - Add a Products area to .asp CMS system add a professional "book now" option to my website. it needs to calculate different services and cost. eg. size of bathrrom/type of job/material. to get an accurate sum - add a public calendar to an already existing website Add a public event calendar to my wordpress website - Add a Quote system to website Add a Radius on some edges - Add a Registered Symbol to existing Logo Add a registration and sign in form to wordpress site - Add a responsive navigation to my website Add a responsive theme to existing wordpress site. - Add a rotating Wrapper of 4 pictures on my website main page add a rotation for an ABAQUS model - Add a scheduling / booking system to my website Lowest bid and best reputation wins . Add a screen to existing iPhone application (Simple Roulette Game) - Add a scrolling text wall or widget to webpage with user input. add a seal for website info and security - add a search filter.( INTERESTED IN - Male / Female) on search activity page Add a search function to a website - Add a second store to my magento backend (multiple magento stores) Add a second store to our Open Cart - Add a send email function to a .php add a sent box to a members online inbox - Add a shipping rate on product page add a shop - Add a shopping cart to existing wordpress website add a shopping cart to my joomla website - Add a simple 'Sign In' feature . . NOW Add a simple .txt file highscore feature to a memory game project - Add a simple credit card form to my website Add a Simple Data Entry Form to an already made site - Add a Simple Function to an iPhone/iPad App (quickly!) Add a simple function to software - Add a simple php script Add a simple plug-in for Amazon 2 Magento - Add a single web page and link it to a Database Add a single web-page . . NOW! - Add a Slider to the homepage of a Wordpress Blog Add a Slider to the website - Add a small feature to an existing free CMS script. Add a small feature to an existing php web development application - Add a SMTP Server plugin to wordpress site Add A Social Button to Volusion Website - Add a speed control x1 to x3 to JW player 6 using JavaScript Add a Sponsor ''Banner'' to a vBulletin Message Board - Add a Store Locator to website Add a Store Switcher to our Shopify Theme - Add a subscription monthly billing system to our website Add a subtotal field to my PHP page - Add a tab and page to my website -- 2 Add a tab and text to website - Add a tag line to my logo Add a tag to RSS feed - add a text field in my flash xml gallery Add a text field to an existing based website - Add a thread process to an existing Delphi 64bit project Add a thumbnail gallery to my Wordpress theme - Add a topic tag to my OpenX ads... - repost Add a topic tag to my OpenX ads... - repost 2 - Add a tweak/feature to Wordpress - repost Add a tweet and get Money page on our site. - Add a upload mod to our ClipShare site Add a Upload Report plugin on WordPress website - Add a value to the search function of a zend framework/dojo/mysql application Add a varnish UV spot on our logo - Add a video profile to my WP Website member profiles Add a video recorded of my friend into my video so you can see two of same person - add a video up load to my wordpress website Add a video upload page in Yii2 Dashboard (images and dropbox links - add notification for admin when new video added) - Add a Web Page and Scrolling Bar Add a web page linked to SQL 2008 to project based on the Beer Store - add a website to directories and social bookmarks Add a website to me server domain - Add a widget - WP eMember login Add a widget area to my Avada Themes Header area (images included) - Add a wishlist login to header on Wordpress Site using Thesis Theme add a woo comerce shopping cart - Add a wordpress blog to an existing website
Add a Wordpress Blog to Existing Website - Add a working stripe form on a basic HTML website add a world to a logo - Add Ability for users to Post content on my wordpress website Add ability for users to upload articles to existing website - Add ability to take credit cards (via Stripe) to my existing website Add ability to upload .pdf files to my website - Add abs to picture Add accent marks to a font - Add account functionality to website Add Account Modul - Add Acoustic Echo Cancelation to Flex/Flash Application(repost) Add acript to import XML data to a LAMP site - Add Active Directory Authentication to existing CodeIgniter Project add Active facebook fans for my official page - add ad-sense to my website Add AdBlock Plus plugin for safari to a cache cleaner app - Add Additional Checkout Step - Magento Add additional code to Wordpress site - add additional feature to squarespace template Add additional features - Add additional features to my estore add additional features to my existing site - Add additional function [shortcode] to current plugin - ongoing work add additional function on portfolio plugin - Add additional functionality to wordpress website Add additional functions in existing back-end - Add additional modules to an existing PERL code Add additional One Textbox and One DropDown Menu in HTML Form - Add additional photos to a simple photo gallery Add additional Plesk 12 interface port (https port) - Add additional table to OsCommerce 2.3 Add additional time filter and ffcal news to existing indicator - add adense to my vanilla forum add adense to my vanilla forum - repost - Add admin option in aMember to hide promo code in sign up link add admin panel in node js site - Add Admob ads directly to various apk Add Admob ads in Android app (No source code available ) - Add Admob Banners and Advertising to Unity 3D Android App Add admob code + iap remove ads on swift app - Add Admob SDK (Banner & Interstitial) Add admob sdk to eclipse project - repost - Add Ads Admob With Add Ads and AI into our game - Add ads to my small android game add ads to my unity 3d game and fb share - Add Adsense Code to Blog Add Adsense code to my HTML/PHP Website (1st of 9) - Add Adsense to WP website add adsenses code to existing wordpress website and a blog - Add advanced search tool to Drupal 7 website Add Advert Banner and Link to XML PHP Auto Email - Add advertising slot on bottom of existing webviewer based app add advertising space for joomla template - Add AFC Form to Frontend add afew share point site - Add affiliate links to HTML template in iDevAffiliate Add affiliate links to website - Add Affilinet traking to prestashop Add Affix and Scrollspy Functionality to Multiple Navigation Elements - Add airfare and concert tickets to my website. Add Airline Frequent Flyer number - Add AJAX Clear Cart button + AJAX feature to "remove item" icon + "click to scroll animation on WordPress Website Add AJAX Contact Form to Website - Add Ajax on dynamic site Add Ajax on HTML statci site - Add AJAX to Update 2 Existing PHP Pages Add AJAX to WordPress recent posts widget - Add album categories or photo tagging to Jomsocial add album to biz profiles - Add Alert to my forex indicator add alert to my indicator - Add Alipay payment gateways to my Agriya site. Add Alipay to my Wordpress - Add all trafic source in CpvLab Add All-in-One SEO Plugin and Blog - add amazon affiliate links to my blog Add amazon affiliate products to my current site - Add Amazon Payments to BigCommerce Platform & Update Shopping Cart Appearance Add Amazon Payments to BigCommerce Platform & Update Shopping Cart Appearance - Add AMD Catalyst driver to Ubuntu Mini Remix image Add aMember Login Form to a Popup - Add an additional field to an existing iOS iPad application add an additional field to the feedback page of an existing website - Add an AIM Application - Very Simple and Very Urgent - Start Now !!! Add an Ajax 'Load More' button to my custom loop - add an archive section to existing wordpress blog page Add an array of info from a plugin to a custom template that is already made 3 Hour Timeframe - Add an easy photo contest on my facebook businesspage Add an eBook for sale on our WP site - Add an Embed Video Source Code to my user accounts Add an embed youtube video to email made on InDesign - Add an extra attribute to display a number in each row/ products column in Magento Add an Extra Cell, properly aligned, to WPF DataGrid - Add an icon onto Wordpress Menu and Drop Down Menu Add an icon to a Wordpress homepage - add an image slide show to an HTML landing page add an image to 55 wordpress words - Add an interface to let user select images for their profile Add an interstitial ad to - Add an online chat support to an existing website Add an Online Database - Add an Option in Wordpress Add an Option in Wordpress - Add an seccond image to Magento PDF-Invoice (Abstract.php) Add an slider to this page - Add an Upload Picture option to my website Add an upload progress meter to existing script - Add anche change the font title of the website Add anchor link to existing java function (urgent complete in the hour) - Add and convert html pages with new background add and correct website - Add and Edit html content Add and edit my site - Add and integrate credit card support in a Codeignitor and little modification related to it. Add and Maintain content on discounts and deals related site - Add and Remove Objects From A Existing Hompage For A Video Website Add and Remove Photos from an Existing PHP Built Website - Add and Subtract Sheet 3 Way Add and synchcronize sound and video - Add angle tool to JHotDraw7 Add angles to js application - Add Animation & improvements to existing design. Add Animation & improvements to existing design. -- 2 - Add animation to title screen Add Animation to Video - Add Annotations to 570 Vimeo videos (on same Vimeo account) Add Annotations, Measurements and Layers to PDF & TIFF File - Construction Drawings, C# Winforms - Using pdfium.patagames - Add another intersitial and small banner (admob) to app Add another language to my Wordpress website - Add another SDK Ad Add another SEARCH FIELD to my website - Add API call to API Middleware Web App Add API call to external site - Add API or Elastic Search to UI Add API OVH SMS in our Html form - Add APIs in three tabs and minor bug fixing. Add APN to existing iOS application. - Add applications on to Huawei E586 mifi add appnext to android app - Add approx. 1000 Products to E-commerce Website - Woocommerce Add Approximately 1400 Hi Res Photos to Existing Products on Volusion Platform, Add Approximately 200 new products. - Add Arabic option to my existing online shop add arabic support to a php based webiste - Add around 100 products to my oscommerce store DATA ENTRY Add around 1000 woocommerce grocery products - Add around 150 configurable products on Magento Store