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Add Affilinet traking to prestashop - Add airfare and concert tickets to my website. Add Airline Frequent Flyer number - Add AJAX Clear Cart button + AJAX feature to "remove item" icon + "click to scroll animation on WordPress Website Add AJAX Contact Form to Website - Add Ajax on HTML statci site Add ajax or jquery functionality to existing photo gallery - Add Ajax to WordPress template Add Ajax Updater/Poller to an existing site - add album to my wordpress with sidebar with text Add Alert and Confirm to webview of Android App - add alertpay and google checkout payment options Add AlertPay Payment Processor to vBulletin 4.x - Add all bidders of project to Personal Worker List on Vworker; scraping Add all data in from the website into my website one by one - Add Alphabetical index to e107 content plugin Add Already Done Php Code to Live Site - Add Amazon Associates Program to Wordpress Theme. add amazon auto plugin to WP websites - Add amazon product to wish list and gift idea add amazon reserve payment function to website - add an piece of script to my site that publish the latest articles on the frontpage Add an "About" Popup in LaunchRock page - Add an Additional Theme and Features to an Existing Joomla Slideshow Module Add an additional Wordpress Menu - Add an alternate download method to my site. (Script already made.) Add An Alternative Beginning To A Video Trailer - Add an Auto Part Filter Plugin to WooCommerce Add an Auto Part Filter Plugin to WooCommerce 2 - Add an element to the desktop version of my website Add an email address to bcc a copy of order confirmations on zencart - Add an existing video player to wordpress site Add an Exit Popup to my Landing Page and Make Minor Revisions - Add an extra navigation screen for the existing iPhone application (Car Detail) Add an extra page and some functionality to our existing service - Add an IM in my community Add an IM in my community( - Add an import and export routine to existing PHP LDAP website Add an In-App Purchase menu in an existing app in Xcode, and help me arrange it in iTunes. - add an item to my websites menu - 26/09/2016 05:29 EDT Add an itemization column to an ASP.NET page . . NOW! - Add an Online Store to Existing Website & Some Modifications Add An Online Store To My Website - add an Oracle data connector to Spotfire managed data connections Add an order option to magento - add an Text input attribute to Prestashop add an Text input attribute to Prestashop - add analytics event tracking to Contact form 7 submitted successfully. Add analytics feature to Admin Panel for customers of Classified Ads website - ADD AND CONFIG. SHOPPING CART Add and configure a plugin - Add and Delete Form Submissions for Array add and delete images and video in magento home page - Add and Fix features in Silverlight Program(repost) Add and Fix features in Silverlight Program(repost) (1687764) - Add and re-arrange client logos on my website AND in a Pages document Add and refine search functions to an existing page that searches in our documents table - Add and Set Default Search Engine in Chrome add and set up shopping cart - Add and update task on admin panel Add and verify a site on google webmaster tools. - Add animated falling snow to a picture Add animated gif support to OpenSource PHP Project: ResourceSpace - Add animation to a product explainer built with after effects Add animation to a site - live draw technology - Add animations to simple rigged 3D model in FBX format Add animations, computer ai and tutorial to mobile unity game - Add another domain to deluxe hosting plan add another drop down to section bootstrap - Add another page to our existing website -- 2 Add another paid affiliate script/links to my existing website - Add ANZ payment gateway at woocommerce Add apache components to Linux (CentOS) box (running Plesk) - Add API Integration on a website Add API Integration to PHP Script - add API to WordPress Add API to Wordpress template and create post on different server - Add application to App Store/iTunes Add application to App Store/iTunes - repost - Add approx 30 areas to shapefile Add Approx 450 Images to Our Zencart - Add Arabic Language to WordPress site (RTL) Add Arabic option to my existing online shop - Add around 100 pictures into existing wordpress blog posts Add around 100 products to my oscommerce store DATA ENTRY - Add art to my 3D CAT file Add article system and CKeditor to website - Add articles to Wordpress site. Add Artist Friends at profile Full Time Job - Add Asset Data To Beta Product (Smartphone with data plan required) Add Assignment Overlay Function - Add attachment field to PHP form code Add attachment field to PHP form code(repost) - ADD ATTRIBUTE TO MAGENTO Add Attribute to Magento API - Add Auction Script To Website Add auction to my website - Add Audio function to my Book App Add Audio Icon To Image And Fix Autoplay Issue for Ipad - Add audio to a video Add audio to a Video - Add Australia Post Shipping Calculator to my site Add australia post shipping table to magento installation - Add authentication to RSS template add authentication to web site - Add payment gateway to my platform Add payment to membership site - Add auto instant auto delivery to my website Add Auto Live Price Update to Open Cart. - Add auto-refresh to a specific tree view (Odoo 9) Add Auto-Resume to Cocoa FTP App - Add automaitic email response to wordpress eshop direct bank checkout Add automated process to a contact or account in Microsoft Business Contact Manager - Add automation function to MT4 Indicators. Add automation script to a PDF document, then repeat the process for all documents in same folder - Add aviary photo editor to my app Add AVReloaded playlist feature to 2.5 component - Add awesome text to my front cover image and make it look cool Add AWStats to website - Add backdrop and shapes support to scatter plot Add backdrop and shapes support to scatter plot - ongoing work - Add Background color to submenus in wordpress Geotheme add background decoration to existing package design - ongoing work - Add Background Images for Site Add background images to 300 pages - Add Background to my Wordpress Web Site Add background to my WP - Add Badge on Facebook Profile Image add badges_functionality in wordpress - Add banner ad area to WordPress header Add Banner Ad feature to my website - Add banner script to 404 page. Add banner slide shows to pages of a Shopify template theme called Brooklyn - Add Banner, Content To Pages & Social Media Links To Website Add banner/menu to website - PSD to HTML - Add banners to PHP file Add banners to random content - Add Barcode Scanning to project add barcode to existing applications - Add Basic Functionality to WordPress Theme so users can customize it Add basic HTML editor tools to app Interface - Add BBCode hardcode to phpBB 3.1.x forum Add BBCode Text format to Drupal 7 - Add better notification system into my mobile app Add bible version api - Add Birthday Add-on to Sharepoint Online
Add birthday field on Register page - add bitcoin to our payment website add bitcoin to our payment website - repost - Add bleeds and Trims to Flyer for print Add Blending to the stitched images in GPU - Add blog articles & make some blog setup tasks Add blog articles & make some blog setup tasks(repost) - Add Blog Functionality to Wordpress Theme Add blog headlines and links to website - Add blog rss feed to site Add Blog section to existing Wordpress Website - Add blog to home page Add blog to joomla web site - Add blog to video website Add Blog to web site (Sinisa) - Add blue background and lego image to bottom header Add blue filter to video so it matches an image. - Add Bluetrackmedia to PPD Script Add Bluetrackmedia to PPD Script - Add Booking Magenot Extension add booking phone number to business cards - Add Bootstrap Blocks To Landing Page Builder Add Bootstrap button on existing webpage - Add bots to my game!! Add bought products to the Prestashop Order list in the back office - Add bricks to drawing in illustrator Add brightness and contrast control to exisiting C#/DirectShow image capture program - Add BudyPress to an Existing WordPress Install and Cusomize it (PHP probably needed) Add buildings and textures to already existing OpenFlight models - Add Business cards into an excel sheet on a weekly bases ( 6 Month) Add Business Contacts to Existing Database - Add businesses to new directory Add Businesses to Online Directory, Write Summary of Each Business - add button in cakephp website add button in flash menu - add button to change video mode, a player Add button to control box - Add button to Wordpress Website Add button, modify event - Add buttons with links to our products Add buttons, links and information to WP site. - Add cab data to db Add cache control to spring project - add calculators and a sales area to website Add calculus program to pyqt gui based on various filters - Add calender date from website to palm and to outlook Add calender to hotel products - Joomla - Add Canada tax to my project Add Canadian Postal Code Search to Website - Add Captcha Add Captcha - Add Captcha code on form Add captcha code to insightly web to contact form - Add Captcha in Contact Form Add captcha in joomla - Add CAPTCHA to an existing form on a website Add CAPTCHA to ASP form - Add Captcha to Existing Form Add captcha to existing form - Add Captcha to Form, Drupal 6.x Add Captcha to Form, php and cold fusion form - Add captcha to matukio component Joomla Add CAPTCHA to my online contact form - Add captcha to signup perl form Add Captcha to simple contest site - Add CAPTCHA to wordpress website form Add captcha to Wordpress, menu fixes, etc. - Add captions to video(s) using simple online system ! Add captions to WP Revolution slider - Add cars from csv into my site Add cars from one site into my site - add cashU to my website add catagories and attributes on my magento webshop - Add categories to CMS for Newsletter Add Categories to existing shopify shop - add category for site Add category images and small description of each category of lingerie prestashop - Add Catergories to my Wordpress template add causes via admin and editable cause text and hyperlink - Add Certificate Breakout to SSL Parser Add certificate to Fiddlercore for injecting JS on HTTPS sites. - Add changes to existing PHP site add changes to my site - Add Character to poster. Add name titles underneath all characters. Add characteristics to my website - Add charts and crud functionality to a dashboard Add charts to ASPX page - add chat setting and chat add chat site to my forum -- 2 - Add Check Box and Fields to a Shopify Web Page, and send data to email. add check domain functions to web site page - Add checkbox to website add checkbox with text ( user must check this before send message) and pop up with info after user has send message - add chicken picture in an advertisement Add ChildBrowser Plugin to existing Phonegap/Cordova project - Add Chrome Default Search C++ Add chrome key directshow filter to existing working project - Add City & Staes to my website Add City and State Field - Add Classes to a Worksheet from Search results Add Classic Scrabble style game to Wordbattle game against AI - add click job add click job - open to bidding - add clicking add clicking - open to bidding - Add Client Quotes to Website Add Client section to website - Add clothing to my shop Add clothing to my shop - Add CMS Infusion to a web site Add CMS navigation to WordPress themes - Add cms to site Add CMS to static pages. - add code in my app by teamviewer Add code in orders.php and super_orders.php of Zen cart 1.3.9h - Add Code to Enable Site to Pass Google Mobile-Friendly Test Add code to existing project and finish for me. kids colouring book & user manager with online database - Add code to my Job manager plugin 1 Add code to my Job manager plugin--2 - Add code to the following workbook to import price and description categories from Quickbooks Add code to website - Add codes price updates - repost - Rehire Add Codes To Turn A One-Page-Desktop Stite Into A Site With Responsive Web Design - 04/04/2017 04:34 EDT - Add Color / background to House sketch Elevations / Floorplans Add color and design work to PDF documents - Repost - Add color swatches to products in shopify Add Color to 12 Small Black and White Cards - Add Color Wheel to my Admin area to populate a css div tag background color Add color,pictures and design work to PDF documents - Add colour picker to gravity forms Add colour swatches to shop page - Add column to magento report add column to oscommerce site - Add command code to 3 existing PHP files in order to add a campaign name on 3 squeeze page creators Add command code to 3 existing PHP files in order to add a campaign name on 3 squeeze page creators -- 2 - add comment, star rating, and download counter to file directory listing script Add commenting section below articles on my website - add comments meta below post title in home and single in 2017 theme Add Comments Section - ADD Communication Platform (Quickblox etc) To Existing PHONEGAP app ADD Communication Platform (Quickblox etc) To Existing PHONEGAP app - Add Company Logo to High Resolution Apparel Images add company logo to project - Add complex Woocommerce functionality to a Wordpress page template Add component and enhance existing iOS app - add component to iPad app