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Add Input Fields if Client doesn't select from drop down to enter their own address - ADD INSIDE PAGES TO A WEBSITE Add insiders tips for cheap parking cars in your area to my forum(repost) - Add Instant Messaging Functionality to a C#/.NET Peer-to-Peer Windows Application add instant messenger program to membership website - Add interactive image pinboard page to website add interactive infografic (java script) to my web site - Add international countries to website Add international countries to website -- 2 - Add into an existing upload script an video option Add Into and Otro to my video - Add Inventory Tracking Component to Existing HTML/PHP Website Add Inventory WooCommerce (Wordpress) - Add Invoicing Functionality to PHP Website Backend add invoicing system to kayako fusion - Add IP env_report function to Perl Order Form Suite Add IP filtering to PHP login Script - Add iPad TouchScreen swipe function to prettyPhoto image gallery Add iPad Universal to existing iOS iPhone (4/5) app - Add IPtables for my Dedicated Server Add IPTC info from database - Add italian fans to Facebook fan page. Add ITBMS (taxes) calculation - Add items on website Add items Theme - Add items to my online store - Joomla based with virtue mart Add items to my oscommerce store - Add Items to Soft Menu and Make Header Picture Show Right Below Search Menu Add items to store - Add Japanese translations of place names to Excel file. Add jar to coldfusion classpath and execute from code - Add javascript ad code to my joomla site add javascript and css - Add javascript form with custom styling to home page of three websites add javascript functionality to webview apk - add javascript to auto submit FORM by clicking button Add Javascript to Block - Drupal 6.2 - Add javascript Validation to Web page Add JCal module to website with XML files for auto event add - Add job template feature to site Add Jobs Board To Existing CMS - Add Joomla Extensions Add Joomla Image Overlay Module - Add jpg picture to phpbb forum and remove widget Add jpg signature to a pdf - Add jQuery date picker to form Add jquery effect to Joomla K2 component - Add jquery paging on a list Add jQuery plugin to website - add jquery swip event to wordpress plugin Add jQuery to a BuddyPress Widget - add jquery/javascript and css functions to html page Add JS and CSS effects to Drupal Site - Add Jstore to a Joomla website Add judges directory to my site - Add keyboard up/down/enter support to search field Add Keyword & Notify Post Titles - Add Keywords to Meta Data on News Articles -- 2 add keywords to my website - Add Label Printing capability to C# software Add Label to Site Origin Page Builder - Add language drop-down and other changes to my site Add Language Field to WordPress Registration (User Meta) - Add language to Software add language to wordpress website - Add Large Product Range to Prestashop Add Large Product Range to Prestashop commerce - Add Layer backend, and Atlas UI to template to create finished Chat app Add layer image to video - Add Lead form and a login button to a site add leadbolt ads to html5 game with phonegap or Intel XDK - add left sidebar in blogspot template. Add left sidebar to my woocommerce product page - Add licensing code to WordPress Plugin(repost) add licensing info into db for already completed project - add lightbox effect to homestead e-commerce site Add Lightbox form to Joomla webpage - add lightbox2 to my website Add lighting and texture effects to a 3d model using python scripti - Add Likes in FB Add Likes in FB (1555651) - Add lines of code for 600 html slides. Add lines of code to php.ini - Add link to a SWF Object Add link to backround image in CSS in Wordpress - Add Link to pdf from image on WordPress. Add Link to SIte - Add LinkedIn Connections Add LinkedIn contacts - add links html edit Add links into c++ web directory(easy job) - Add links to HTML5 drawing Add links to java website (Job for begineer)(repost) - add links to page - repost add links to page - repost 2 - add links to wikipedia - wikipedia links project Add links to word press and shopping cart - Add Listing Custom Fields Option to oxyclassifieds Add listing import and mobile app API (PHP) - Add listings to a local town discount site - repost 2 Add listings to directory - Add little function to my php file it is very easy Add Little modification (Gif Maker) To my script - Add live inventory functionality to my existing website. Add Live Multiplayer To My Flappy Bird Like Game on iOS/Xcode - Add live webcam feature Add LiveBackup to servers - Add local account management to iPhone app Add Local Businesses to new Directory - add location list as like category in my opencart Add location list on classifed web site - Add logging code Add logging to existing code - Add logic to scraping script Add logic to scraping script -- 2 - Add Login Form Add Login Form to Module position. - add login to actionscript Add Login to Bot - Add login with Facebook, login with PayPal to an existing Java/Struts website Add login with Facebook, login with PayPal to an existing Java/Struts website - Add Logo and content to a purchased template Add logo and facebook like button to an existing site - Add logo in Video Player Add Logo In Video Template Intro - Add logo to existing video Add Logo To Existing Website Design - Add logo to MailChip header add logo to main menu - Add logo to three product images Add logo to top header of website - Add logo's to the site + change to another server Add Logo, Change Color Scheme, and Teach Me How You Did It in Wordpress - Add Los Angeles Schools to System Add Lossless Audio file format to getID3 lib - Add magazine content to a website using a CMS Add magazine title on magazine cover - Add Magento security Patches add magento stock inventory control feature to websites - Add Mailchimp Form To Website Add mailchimp integration to a custom plugin - Add Main Navigation Menu to Vb Forum Header, NEED ASAP Add maintenance page. AngularJS/JSP/Struts/MSSqlServer (Job Card Categories) - Add manufacturer table to homepage of Magento site Add manufacturer table to homepage of Magento site(repost) - add maps to wordpress site
Add Mapsolute-Map to our Google-Map-WEB-Application - Add Martingale System into my EA Add Martingale System into my EA (HELP) - ADD MATERIALS TO AN EXISTING RESPONSIVE TEMPLATE TO MODIFY THE CONTENTS Add Math based security question to two generic sites - Add me 300 facebook fans (from UK) every day for 10 days! Add me 450 facebook fans every day for 2 weeks - ADD ME add me as contact for more info - add me on skype for your request - open to bidding add me on skype jaysspeedy - Add ads to magento site Add Medical Disclaimer at end of videos to very Short .MP4 files - Add members to Facebook group Add members to fb group - Add membership level plugin into my site -- 2 Add membership level plugin into my site -- 3 - Add memo to appt grid Add menu + search to wordpress theme - add menu fuction "Add Text" in my code app (Eclipse) add menu fuction "Add Text" in my photo editor app - Add menu to existing program - Delphi - repost Add menu to existing website - Layered PSD will be provided. PSD -> HTML - Add messaging feature to existing android app Add meta data (order id and copy right info) in epub file cover images in woocommerce download - Add Meta Tags to my PHP site and make sure all links are working fine Add meta tags to osCMax site - Add method of payment for Magento Add method payment to existing shopping cart system - Add microPDF417 to quaggaJS Add microsoft tranlator to website 6 languages - Add missing alt tags and replace inline CSS on my site Add missing database into php application - Add MLM code to existing website Add MLS (RETS) to website - Add Mobile Landing Page Image to Our Website Add Mobile Menu and Fix two box website no mobile responsive, simple and fast - Add mobile responsive website to existing website Add Mobile Site compatiblity to existing wordpress site - Add Mod_Rewrite to foum Add modal box into my gallery on AngularJS - Add Modifications to android and ios app add modifications to chat room script - Add module on joomla 3.x template Add module position in opencart - Add module to the linux kernel Add module to website - add modules to Marketplace Add Modules to OSCMAX - Add Moneybookers to my eCommerce site Add moneybookers to the site - Add more basic charts to simple JavaScript that already creates charts using CanvasJS parsed from a CSV using Papaparse Add More Blocks to a php Script - Add more content on the videos on my website with my keywords! . Add more content on the videos on my website with my keywords!! - add more feature to current task Add more feature to my GPS server software - Add more features to an Android App Add More Features to an Existing iPhone Social App - Add more fields to my contacts database - Wordpress Add more fields to my page - add more functionality to our chatting system Add more functionality to reader app - add more items Add more language features to my Monologue for ''Mice and Men'' - Add more payment options for Buy/Sell php script Add more photos to site - add more storage to aws website Add More Stuff To My Exam - Add More Unique Content to Published Webpages Add more user roles with permissions on visichat platform - Add Mouse Over Effect On SVG Image Add mouse wheel support to a VB6 UserControl - Add Mp3 Audio Playlist + Simple Shopping Cart to Wordpress Website. add mp3 button and player on flashtemplate - add msn contact add msn contacts - Add multi language support for Node.js Applications page views. Add multi language support for Node.js Applications page views. - Add Multi-Buy to my OpenCart website Add Multi-Currency to Gravity Forms for WordPress - Add multilanguage to a flash website Add multilanguage to a flash website 2 - Add multiplayer functionality to existing iOS app Add multiplayer functionality, change design, and add some new features to my game. - Add multiple currency select option to search box Add multiple currency select option to search box -- 2 - Add multiple items to cart (wordpress page, not using WooCommerce) Add multiple items to cart page - Add multiple small Angular.js components to existing project Add multiple social network to on site - Add Music and Video Features Add Music and Video Features to Website - Add music to an audio track. Add music to animation - Add music to typing text in synchronized way in start of page. Add Music to Video - Add My Agent Code To order Form Automatically Add my app to symantec exclusion list - Add my content (text and images only) to an HTML template in 6 hours Add My Content to Website Template - Add my Google Absence code to my blog add my header to my shopping cart - Add my mom to 10 scenary photos add my Mother In Law's email address to offensive email lists - Add My PSD to Modena script CodeIngniter Framework Add my Rss Feed to Google Base - Add my Slider to homepage UI (React.js) Add my social bookmarking website to ADDTHIS social bookmarking list - add my wordpress to web master and verify it urgent now Add mybloglog to personal blog site - ADD MYSPACE FRIENDS TO MY ACCOUNT!(repost) Add MySQL capabilities to existing Delphi Win32 application. - Add name to registry for .mdb for registration/unregistration add name under slide on Homepage - Add Nav Menu To Wordpress Theme(repost) Add navagation menu to existing ASP scripts - no coding - Add network VM Add new application for my web site. - Add new Amazon ASINS Qty 20 Add new animations - add new category add new Category with add new category option in admin area - Add new content to pdf document Add new content to website - Add new design from psd to php/html dating site Add new design PSD for pop-up window - Add new elements and make a couple of style changes to an iframe (cross-domain) Add new elements in header - Landingpage Geschä - Add new feature in existing website add new feature in musicbox - add new feature to classified script - easy job add new feature to classified script PHP/MYSQL - Add new feature to my vb6 app add new feature to my website - Add New Features and Change UI to existing App Add new features and corrections to MVC Application - add new features in opencart Add new features in software (C#/sql server/crystal reports) - Add new features to an existing android app Add New features to an existing audio Flash application - Add new features to CRELoaded 6.1 (derivation of OS Commerce) based e-commerce website Add new features to CRELoaded 6.1 (derivation of OS Commerce) based e-commerce website (287597) - Add new features to existing Android APP
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