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Add transition animation to my HTML file - Add translation tags to Shopify Template Add translation to Django site - Add Trigger MSSQL Add triggers to SQL Manager App - add turning number to form Add turnkey sites to server - Add Twitter and Facebook Share to Wordpress and add disquss Add twitter and facebook to laveral existing site and link with the current user profile and our current system - Add twitter follower add twitter follower - Add Twitter Login to Django Site Profile Picture Add Twitter logo to website home page - add two background images to i Add two badges to website & fix two things on another website - add two drop down boxes to zencart form Add two dropdown menus ASP.NET MVC 5 - Add two fields to existing application Add two fields to input texts - Add two Magento extensions Add two Matrices of any size - add two pics to a website add two plugins to my opencart installation - Add two social media icons to top of Shopify store Add two table columns to existing html table - Add txt and picture to backlinks Add TXT Functionality to - Add UI Elements to Web Page Based on Metronic Bootstap Theme Add UI Elements to Website - Add undo function to php site Add unicode currency symbol into ASCII code - Add unit value to specified iframe height, using Jquery or javascript. add unity ads in my cocos2d andorid game - Add up/down voting and comment count to a Wordpress site Add UPC code to ebay for 900 ebay listings - Add Upload column to table Add Upload Document to WHMCS Order Form - add upload id field add upload image feature to a form - Add uploads to a Contact Form Add UPS & Free Shipping Module to osCommerce - Add URL link to SWF files Add URL link to website - Add url´s to excelspreadsheet for 16.500 companies add urls into website below - Add user and password login to my app Add user and password login screen to my app - Add user interface for Users Add user interface to a code using Window Builder-repost - Add user parameter to Excel ODBC query Add User Photo And Wall Post On User Profile - CodeIgniter - Add User Sign-in, Log out, Avatar, in the menu (widget) not sidebar Add User Submission Video Section To Website - Add Users to EJabberd XMPP Server via Remote PHP Server Add users to Joomla site - Add Validation in Existing Multistep Form.. Project for Only Experienced Developers Designers Add validation messages to a login form - Add value to Wikipedia Add values on radio selection - Add variations in woocommerce of 1 product Add Variations to an Existing Amazon Listing - Add vehicle models to database Add vehicle models to database - Repost - add Verified Merchant Seal and a “Secure Shopping” page Add vertical menu to website - Add video and favicon Add video and flash thumbnail preview - add video chat and web cam to website Add video chat functionality into a website for arranging of online-lessons - Add Video controls to player, remove title, add animation when open video Add video coversion abilities to my Flash Video Downlaod Software for Ipod, PSP, and Pocket PC - Add Video Functionality to WordPress Website Main Slider add video gallery bullets - Add Video Overlay capabilities to existing Video Sharing Web App Add video overlay to site template and create tracking - add video script x4 to Word Press website Add Video Section to my Classifieds Website - Add Video Titles: Video 4 Add Video Titles: Video 5 - add video to Linkedin page - open to bidding Add video to my - Add Video to PHP/MYSQL Site Profiles Add video to product - Magento website - Add video to Website Header Add video to woocommerce gallery image - Add video/chat + paypal payment system to my website Add Video/Revise Titles - Add videos 40 ebooks 70 to my website in 30 days Add Videos and Information To Our Forum - Add VidStab to FFMpeg linux add Vietnamese in user panel and admin panel - Add Virool Video Widget and Integrate to My HTML website add virtual character to my site - add visitor counter to my page Add visitor rating to my WordPress recipe plugin - Add Voice Bank Section To Wordpress Website -- 2 Add Voice call features in android app - add voice to ppts add voice to ppts - repost - Add Votes for online voting Contest add votes to uservoice - Add wake lock into an android app Add walkthrough overlay to existing Android project - Add watercolour to my pencil sketches in Photoshop Add watermark and start and end graphics to 50 videos - Add Watermark to all the images Inside a folder, using PHP on Joomla Site // grup0k4 Add Watermark to Image and Display on click - Add WC Vendors Plugin to my site and remove WooCommerce Product Vendors Plugin Add WCF service to PHP script (for forrestwang) - Add web forms to existing website Add Web Page - Add Web-based Functionality to Add webcam capture in existing C# aplication - Add webrtc function to cloud call center software add webRTC multiconference to text chat script - Add Website design to Php website Add website extensions and new link for New Home sales - Add Website Search Capability Add Website Services Content with image - Add websites to Excel spreadsheet list of companies Add websites to existing software and upgrade cron jon functions - Add whaleclub to Gekko Add whaleclub to Gekko -- 2 - add whiteboard audio/video/text chat tool/plugin from the 3rd party to an existing website in PHP ADD WHMCS INTO WORDPRESS THEME - Add Widget Functionality to a Site Add widget or box to main page of site - Add widgets to footer menu & Get video working Add widgets to footer. - Add Wimpy mp3 radio station Add wind thermal and "grad" to vulture sketch - Add Wix Paypal subscription payments app to my site add wizard form for yii app - Add WooCommerce Extra Product Options on my shop Add woocommerce featured slider to website - Add WooCommerce to a WordPress Website Add WooCommerce to existing Divi site - Add word-animated introduction to existing video add wording in product page - Add wordpress blog to existing web site ADD WORDPRESS BLOG TO HTML WEBSITE - add wordpress custom google search plugin Add Wordpress Dashboard plugin - add wordpress page/feature add wordpress plugin - Add Wordpress to html site for blog Add wordpress to my exisiting website - Add words to pick list (multi-select) to accounts from several excel spreadsheets Add words to pick list (multi-select) to accounts from several excel spreadsheets -- 2 - Add Worldpay support to existing PHP website
Add WOW factor to my website - Add wowza logo Add Wp Blog - Add WPML to Site Menu Bar Add WPS functionality - Add WYSIWYG editor the website. Add WYSIWYG Editor to CMS - Add XML / SOAP Decoding to Existing HTTP Decode Program Add XML code - add xml image field to swf file Add XML integration to my website - Add Xtube mods to video sharing site Add yahoo APi stock field to Excel sheet and 3 graphs using API data - Add Your Facebook Friends to The ShopO Group of India - open to bidding Add Your Facebook Friends to The ShopO Group of India - v3 - add youtube functions. Add Youtube ID and Flickr URL to each neighborhood form (<100) - Add youtube video widget to siderbar of Wordpress Add Youtube Videos to Flash Map - Add zetaprint w2p code to Magento theme Add Zetaprints to big commerce plateform - Add zoom functionality to existing program Add Zoom functionality to Scrollview in Ipad App - Add'l website work add'l work - Add-in Excel currency converter Add-in features for e-commerce website - Add-in for Solidworks Add-In for Tracking Changes on Microsoft PowerPoint - Add-on board for MSP432 Launchpad Add-On Button Clone - Add-On features Add-on features to phpmaker 9+ - Add-On for Keyboard App Add-on for Microsoft PowerPoint for Tracking Changes Funcionality - Add-on Module for OSCommerce 2.3.1 Add-on module for PHP-nuke - Add-on project add-on Project - Add-On to Group Buying Website - Smarty PHP Add-On To Group Coupon Website - Add-ons / Changes to Asterisk PBX Add-ons / Changes to Asterisk PBX - Add-Ons to a Group Buying Website Add-ons to an existing meme script - Add/ connect directory submission form/script to my website Add/ connect directory submission form/script to my website (1949122) - Add/Delete Column, Rows, and Combine from other sheet Add/Delete Google Calendar Event via Excel Macro - Add/Edit Browser History Add/Edit Coding for Website Template - Add/Edit Simple Moving Average Forex EA with SL, Trailing, Slippage & Stealth Mode settings & MT5/Ctrader compatibility also Add/Edit some Javascript to our WP Theme to Make Animated Gifs Play in WooCommerce - Add/fix/change some things in already made template/make some graphics Add/implement SLIDEBARS to my wordpress website (has Genesis Framework) - Add/Invite 40K contact list to my Telegram Channel Add/Invite 40K contact list to my Telegram Channel - Add/Modify Content to Websites Using CMS Add/Modify current .NET website. - Add/Remove Data & Column from a SQL Table Add/Remove Data and Column from a SQL Table, then replace column. - Add/teach me how to build proxy support to my python code based on the unofficial snapchat API. Add/transfer data from website to new template - adda logo into a wordpress title adda a blog page and a newletter plugin - Addd some features to Wordpress adddad - added feature module on the product page for opencart 1.5 Added Features - Added Functionaility to Clipshare video sharing script Added Functionality - Added information on car audio for different company cars this is the sample websiteI worked on . Added mp3 in clipbuket - added wav functions Added work to website template - Addes zip file, make 2 images like the finished one Addes zip file, make 4 images like the finished one - Addiction & Recovery Industry Copywriters and Editors Addiction and Recovery - Addiction Rehabs addiction relapse prevention strategies - Addictive Site Addictive Traffic Ebook - addin new features to my site addin-plugin that displays live web pages in powerpoint - Adding SQL application (?) to a working website Adding validation to php form - Adding &amp; updating HTML pages based on a template Adding &lt;a href links to some texts - Adding / Resizing of photos to a wordpress website Adding 1 page to existing php website asap - Adding 143 Products into Magento Adding 150 products in Magento ecommerce website - Adding 2 forms to a Website Adding 2 Jscript menus into osDate 2.5.3 - adding 2000 products to ecommerce site need. adding 2000 products to ecommerce site need. - Adding 3 regions and links to Script adding 3 small clickable boxes on homepage - Adding 5,000 selected Facebook Likes/fans Adding 50, companies, 5 products for each comapny, 2 to 5 photos for each product - Adding 60 products to Magento Go -- 2 Adding 60 products to Magento Go -- 3 - Adding a .FLV to Flash action script Adding a 3d model into a game we currently use - Adding a blank audio track to a WMV movie file Adding a blog and bio slots - Adding a buy & collect function Adding a buy & collect function - repost - Adding a competition onto homepage Adding a compiler option into gcc - Adding a CSS menu to an existing site Adding a currency module into CMS - adding a designing touchies with the index page with ajax adding a dialer - Adding a Feature to Classifieds Site Adding a feature to existing HTML website - adding a filter to our data base Adding A Flip Book and Download PDF to Wordpress Site - Adding a function to a NV9USB bill reader[Japanese programmers needed] Adding a function to exciting CLICK PLC program - repost - Adding a javascript code to the AJAX-based infinite scroll pagination. Adding a javascript code to the AJAX-based infinite scroll pagination. - open to bidding - Adding a little features to my existing IOS app! Adding a little PHP code to existing PHP page - Adding a minimum value of 0 to a javascript formula to avoid displaying if equation is negative value then we will add + 5 to the 0 after determining if the value is negetive Adding a minor modification for an existing script - Adding a New Payment Gateway Option to Paid Memberships Pro Adding a New Payment Gateway Option to Paid Memberships Pro - adding a page to existing website Adding a page to my shopify website - Adding a photo gallery into my bigcommerce store Adding a Photo Gallery to my Website - Adding a professional looking template to Joomla 2.5 website Adding a Promo code box to Modenacam script - Adding a search bar to an existing website Adding a search field - adding a simple CSS adding a simple feature in android app - Adding a small function for insernting iframes to a custom ASP CMS Adding a small Java-Feature to existing website - Adding a third widget column to theme Adding a tos box to a wordpress plugin - Adding a voucher feed to a Site Adding a War Ties Bet to game and a Commission Free Baccarat game demo - adding adcodes in wordpress blogs - URGENT Adding addional field like search, sidebar having regions - Adding additional fields to Wordpress User account Adding additional fields to Wordpress User account and registration - Adding additional galleries to existing website