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add reports to my small access application - Add Reskin, Test, Upload iOS Game App -- 2 add Resort - Add Responsive Feature to Website written in Typo3 CMS Add responsive features into a moodle 2.4 site. - Add Responsiveness & Various CSS Tasks for Existing HTML Template Add responsiveness to a website - Add restaurant menu templates Add restaurant menu templates - repost - Add Resume and Coverletter attachment to app Add resume for woocoomerce downloadbe product - Add review and rating system to my woocommerce Add review box - Add Revolution Slider into my website Add Revolution Slider into my website and build a page - Add Rig & Animatons for 3D Sandworm for use in Unity 3D Add Rig to 3D Model (Human) for use with Mecanim in Unity 3D - Add Rollup Functionality to Jquery Table Add Rollup option to jquery table - Add rotating URLs and other features to Twitter site Add rotation, airprint, and open in other Apps to existing Universal iPhone/iPad app - Add RSS Feed and Twitter Feed to Django site Add Rss Feed On My Website - Add RSS Feed to add rss feed to - Add RSS News Feed to ASPX Page Add rss news feed to joomla site - Add RTSP streaming to DirectShowLib (C#) App Add Rubles to osCommerce Site - Add Sales Data from Spreadsheet to Web Application Add Sales items to and existing Website built with Magento GO - Add Save Confirmation to VB Program add save favorites to php website - Add scheduling functionality to web site form. MySQL / PHP database required. Add Scheduling Functionality to Wordpress Plugin - Add Screens & Integrate SDK add screens to android app - ASAP! - add script and check security add script and check security 2 - Add script to button. Add Script to completed website - ADD SCRIPT TO WOOCOMMERCE FOR CONVERSION TRACKING Add Scripts - Add scroll zoom to google map. Add scrollable content - Add SE Friendly URLs to small PHP Script with Rewrite Add Search & shopping cart to ASP site - Add search bar and submit button Add Search bar throughout site, map in location, Testimonial/Comment area. Plus SEO and marketing - Add search button inline with search box for genesis framework based website add search by customers name in page of "Market sales" and in "Invoices " page - Add search feature on a php/mysql web site. Add Search Feature to Joomla Template - add search function to site add search function to website - Add search screen & Add record buttons to existing access database2 Add Search Sheet with Macro to existing Exel-Workbook - add searchterm to existing app Add seasonal effects to company logo - Add second sidebar to wordpress theme Add Second Store to Existing Magento Store - Add secure mp3 player html5 to downloads add secure online ordering to existing retail website - Add security patch for the SUPEE-5344 issue in Mangento Add security patch for the SUPEE-6285/SUPEE-6482)/SUPEE-1533/ XSS , issue in Mangento - Add security to website Add security to website... - Add sellers products categories on theyr shops, on a prestashop marketplace Add selling point adress in Google maps to opencart site - Add seo friendly urls to existing site Add SEO keywords on website CMS back-end - Add Server Side Redirect To Existing PHP Script Setup add server side validation to an existing form processor - Add several pages to my Joomla site Add Several Products To An Online Store (Opencart) - Add Share Buttons On Blog Posts/Fan Box Add share buttons to feedback of form - Add ShareThis to blog posts Add Sharing Buttons Sidebar to Wordpress blog - Add shipping cost per product. Add shipping features to our checkout page - Add Shippings to Shopify Website and integrate an App from the app store. Add shoes to cart before timer expires - Add Shopping Cart Add shopping cart - Add Shopping Cart and Information Pages Add Shopping Cart and Payment Processor. - Add shopping cart software to website Add shopping cart summary to header of joomla website - Add Shopping cart to my website - open to bidding Add shopping cart to my website. - add shortcode Add shortcode country option flag in private market socks5 - Add sidebar to wordpress posts Add sidebar to wordpress posts - Add sign up form to website in 2 places. Add Sign up pop up option, and put the catalog download option, - Add signature to word document and tidy up. Add Signaturepad to a rails app - Add Silverstripe Gallery in Footer Add sim card to the security camera - add simple contribution to oscommerce Add Simple CPA Script To My Tube Sites - Add simple features to existing Ipad application Add simple features to my PHP site - Add Simple JavaScript Features Add simple JS functionality to HTML5 Ionic/Cordova app - very good brief! - Add simple php equation to form add simple php form to html website - Add Simple Spread Rule to EA Add Simple Spread Rule to EA add simple sql queries to php pages and enter results into a table - Add Singapore/Malaysia Females Into My Facebook Group Add single code 2 locations - Add site search engine Add site search to html setup - Add Sitelinks to website add sitelock - Add Size and Color Feature to Shopping Cart Add size and color to my products - Add skin and logo image to Wordpress Blog Add Skin On Video player - Add Skype Credit 5$ ADD SKYPE: khan99271 - Add slider and setup contact page Add slider effect and contact form to SOBI2 template - Add Slider to WordPress Site Add Slider To Wordpress Theme - Add slideshow to site Add slideshow to Tumblr site - Add small banners gallery to my wordpress website homepage Add small change on javascript/php code - Add small features for Joomla Module Add small features for Joomla Module -- 2 - Add small jquery button to display/hide links Add small logo to top of website. - Add smilies to tufat chat application Add smooch-cordova plugin to Ionic2 App - Add SMS to existing iOS/Android Location Finder App Add sms to my website (Easy) - Add snow effect and make animated png files Add snow fall on wind turbine animation. Using an existing .swf file - Add social icons and tweak wordpress menu add social icons on hover of post images - Add social media (button like and tweet) for Ohannah component Add social media / search components to Shopify / Forum Website - ADD SOCIAL MEDIA BUTTONS TO TICTAIL SITE Add social media comments and site update - Add social media icons to magento site template homepage
Add social media icons to my website - Add social media share icons to mobile responsive website. Add Social Media Share Plugin and Fix Form - Add Social Network Features to Existing Website Add Social Network Feeds into HTML5 based site. - Add social share feature to audio player plugin - repost add social share icon code to website - Add software functions ADD SOFTWARE ON A SERVER - Add some additional sections and tables to existing script Add some additional sections and tables to existing script -- 2 - Add some basic GUI features in a Python software Add some basic wordpress code - Add some code and functions to an already created Shopify Store Add some code in a php page - add some code to website add some codeline to a website - Add some content to a wordpress site Add Some Content to an Existing Website - add some custom code to a tumblr theme (provenance) Add Some Custom Fields in doken Wordpress Seller - Add some design elements to an existing Genesis site + modify mobile menu (revised) Add some design elements to existing website (shoes website) - Add some extensions to an OpenCart based e-commerce page Add Some Extra Code To Responsive Wordpress Design - Add some Feature in Wordpress Website add some feature like color cart - Add some features and fix website - open to bidding Add some features and fix website Classified website2 - Add some features on a2biling Add Some Features On Exe Appliaction - Add some features to a Rails Website add some features to a user area - Add some features to an existing Android App Add some features to an existing Android App - Add some features to existing POP Mail Script Add some features to existing Windows Desktop Application - add some features to my joomla website like facebook Add some features to my Joomla website....................01 - Add some features to our web app Add some features to our webesite - Add some features to Wordpress theme (2) Add some features/changes to my app - Add Some Form Fields - Smart Job Board Software Add Some Form Fields - Smart Job Board Software - Reposted - add some function to my script add some function to my site on Weebly's platforme - Add some functionality of AJAX and JSON + php and sql DB to a web application. Add some functionality on an existing Magento store. - Add some functionality to me website Add some functionality to MiSmoTu app - Add some functions to already existing website Add some functions to existing Iptv panel - add some funtion to script in php Add some futures to objective c program - Add Some Info Line and Info Box to home page of site add some info to a html page - Add some Jquery + JS to a Wordpress Site Add some Jquery and Ajax to our site - Add some little options to my Video-Software add some login rights in my website for access data base - Add some more - Repost - open to bidding Add some more additional Functions to our existing Augmented Reality (AR) app created using Unity 3D and Vuforia - Add some new functionality (like Ads & Leaderboard) to an existing IOS game Add some new functionality to existing Access based application - Add some options in my theme on redux Add some options to a website - add some payment method to our website Add some pdf data to an existing Excel Database - Add some plugins to VPS via ssh Add some points on website - Add some script to my page on "Header" with one button add some scripts and make minor adjustments to site - Add some simple search code to Wordpress Page and return xml results to another page Add some sites to an existing website WITH BOOTSTRAP (the content you will get from the actual (old) homepage) - Add Some Style to our Mobile Site Add some styling to a link - Add some text to an existing file to run it into a 10cm x 27cm Magazine Advertisement Add some text to given images - Add Some Validation and Custom Fields to OpenDocMan Add some validation to a wordpress form with a pop up when a field is missed - Add some WOW to our Website Add some XML code to my Shopping cart - Add something to my magneto website Add Something to my Navigation bar. - Add Soomla IAP to Unity project Add Soomla IAP to Unity project -- 2 - Add sorting en search fields to existing PHP table - repost 2 Add sorting features to existing code - Add sound project Add sound recorder function in flash swf movie - Add sounds to flash application Add sounds to itadmin-c-l-group site - Add sparkle to the Add sparkle to the - repost - Add Specific Fields To Drupal Search Result Listings add specific functionality to my site - Add SPF record for godaddy Add spf record from DNS host - Add spotify and custom artwork for shoutcast Add spotify mini music player to Ruby app - Add SSL capabilites to winsock to be able to download from https:// sites Add SSL Certificate - Add SSL on my NGINX load balancer Add ssl on to 2 websitee - Add SSL Wildcard to Website and Gaming Control Panels Add SSL Wildcard to Website and Gaming Control Panels -- 2 - Add static banner on Magento Website Add static banner on Magento Website - Add status bar to a Windoes GUI Add status bar to a Windows GUI Application - Add stock-Page on u/c site Add stocks to preexisting spreadsheet - Add Store Locator to Joomla website Add Store Locator to Order From Function to Wordpress Site - Add string to HTTP header in Internet Explore (BHO) Add strings & French Horns to a Slow song about 6 Min. - Add Stripe payment portal to the existing web site Add Stripe Payment Proccessor to custom PHP Website - Add studio system to camscripts Add Stuff to New site - Add Sub Menus to HTML Page add sub menus to top navigation - Add subfields to Mosets Tree Joomla Component. Add subject field t0 form and fix 404 page as discussed - Add subscribe popup and buttons on webpage and scheduled emails Add Subscribe functionality to an flipbook - Add Subsections and Amazon Afiliate Store and Jot form into these subsections to an exiting Joomla Site Add SubTab Menu into QuickBooks - Add subtitles to a 30 seconds video Add subtitles to a 30 seconds video movie playing in FLV mode - Add successful mouse wheel scroll to a slider plugin. Add Suffix to website urls - add support for flv for vc++ application Add support for geolocalization and a search box for a store locator map js - Add survey flow to Cratejoy subscription store Add Survey Plugin to an existing Website - Add swipeable photo/video filter and emoji stickers to 100% completed camera app -- 2 Add Switch statement for code - add tab navigation to android app Add Tab on My Website for Blog, make ready for Postings - Add table of contents and page numbers to PDF Ebook Add table or iframe to a .php file - Add Tabs and Forms to 3 Webpages Add tabs feature to android app - Add tabs to our woocommerce product descriptions