Projects Directory: A photographer to photograps a few small events the weekend of Aug 15th for a group of friends. 8/14 at 6:30 am for about half an hour with 6-10 people. 8/16 at about 6:30 pm for about an hour with about 15 people. 8/17 at about 7:30 for an hour for about - A react.js frontend panel

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A photographer to photograps a few small events the weekend of Aug 15th for a group of friends. 8/14 at 6:30 am for about half an hour with 6-10 people. 8/16 at about 6:30 pm for about an hour with about 15 people. 8/17 at about 7:30 for an hour for about - A Photographers A Photographers - A photography tutorial app A photography website - A photoshop editor a photoshop expert - A Photoshop script to generate text based on user input, and to reformat images. A photoshoped picture - a PHP based site A php based software which needs customisations - a PHP data grabber A PHP database - A PHP Developer to build the "Client" Area of my webiste A php developer with an open-mind - A php forum a php ftp site needs modification - A PHP or Python developer is needed. A php osc programmer needed for a month - a php project A php Script - A PHP Script To Connect To Mysql Database Remotely A PHP script to create a PDF invoice. - A PHP script/API to take screenshot of a given div of a given url - repost A PHP server based app for hotel&resort management - a php website a php website - A PHP/MySQL page that holds videos a PHP/MySQL project: creating a "working hours" pages - a physics assignment a physics essay - A Picture Created (Not wed to anyone style, e.g. paint, oil, spay paint) A PICTURE DESIGN FOR HEALTH AND BEAUTY DONE HERE - A picture of a dragon A picture of a dragon - A PICTURE OF THE BEAUTIFUL ISLANDS OF SAMOA A picture or graphic for a report - A picture you created in my contest. A picture-book illustration - A Pin-code selling website A PIN-Entry Method Resilient Against Shoulder Surfin - A pivot animation -- using Pivot Animatior - open to bidding A pivot animation --- using Pivot Animatior - A plan with cross sections of existing terrain and final working surface and 100m berm 3-4 m high. a plane fare - a platform for apps+App A platform for college students - A platfrom for parent to be able to look for day care A Play area for Children with Coloring Book Pages & Puzzles - A plug-in for a video game currently on the Steam marketplace A plug-in for Cpanel automatic install script cms webspell - A plugin for The Bat! e-mail client to support fortune (Unix) cookies. (for Thomas Gatliff) A plugin for The Bat! e-mail client to switch keyboard language - A POC using MongoDB A pocket menu designed for my restaurant - A Point Of Sale Solution - open to bidding A Point-Of-Sale (POS) Program - A polo shirt design for a diving club A Poltical Science Journal - A popsicle bridge made using 100 popsicle sticks and normal school glue A Popular Global News Tweet Hub - A portal for student help by Team Gyan Pratibha - open to bidding A portal for student help by TeamGyanPratibha - A portrait A portrait - a possible software development A possible writing project for Rakheegupta only - A poster A poster - A poster for election A poster for Muslim Disability awareness - A power point expert to help IT illiterate A power point on nutrition cardiac apps - a powerpoint deck for a start-up A powerpoint designed - a powerpoint presentation A Powerpoint presentation about 50 slides of photos - a powerpoint viewer A powerpoint with sparkles to showcase a Ragdoll kitten - a practical approach to secure web services A practical assignment - Reading, displaying,adding & subtracting binary numbers - A preload script for arcade gamesite A preloader for a soundfile - A presentation develop done on Prezi A presentation for my company - A press realese for a new product being sold on Amazon A press Release - A prestashop module A prestashop module - A prezi presentation for Costing Methodology for Electric Distribution System Planning [attachment] A prezi presentation made for a Trump project - a print add, full page A print advert designed - A private for Saif A private job - A private project for 3D animation A private project for Alisha1, DO NOT BID IF NOT ALISHA1 - A private project for msd007 A private project for Nadim, as agreed. - A Private project-- Consuelo Pilac A private project. - A pro to access my ASPX based website's database and import from one specific table all the content into an excel sheet A pro to raise 200,000in startup capital. - A process book requiring: wireframes, mock up, mood board, rationale, Sitemap A Processing library that queries MySQL databases - A Product comparison table A product comparison website - A Product Key Marketplace Like a product mark that evokes emotion and connection - A products to web pages and database a Profeesional writer is needed , preferably Native English writer with unique style! - A professional and very formal Arabic letter A professional animator. - A PROFESSIONAL DATING WEBSITE WORDPRESS A professional design logo banner for my facebook cover. - A professional facebook user & a programmer - repost A professional female cleaner - A professional logo (simple and timeless) A PROFESSIONAL LOGO - repost - A professional looking brochure/report which I present to a client. The report is for a client who I am consulting for a uni project. A professional looking powerpoint presentation to be used in print form - A professional photographer. A professional power point presentation - A professional telephone sales person. a professional to do an assignment of 1500 words in marketing and economics (in 2 days Max - A professional web designer A Professional Web Page Design - A professional website to act as a portfolio for my creations and accomplishments A professional website, which is able to sell things and the web site has to include an efficient search box. - A Professional Writer - FR12116 A professional writer is here - a proffesional writer to go over my book and co-write to improve A Proffetional PowerPoint Presentation - A profitable EA is needed A profitable Scalping EA is needed - A program checking on pop-up/ invalid web on an input list A program code for Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS) - a program for school teachers to use to track student progress in subjects which will produce a report a program for the police - A program or App that will bypass Windows credentials and act like a firewall to website login a program problem - A program that can collect numbers A program that can collect numbers (770618) - a program that evaluate a postfix expression(assume it's valid)such as 62+5*84/- A program that gives me the list of websites with certain characteristics - a program that simulates two branch prediction schemes
A program that throttles inbound/outbound connection - A program that will help me with web design(more simple then before the repost)(repost) A program that will help me with web design(more simple then before the repost)(repost)(repost) - A Program To Allow Multiple Instances Of Full Tilt Poker A Program to automatically upload my image! - A program to download open-source projects A program to edit text labels over images - A program to manipulate Image files. A Program to memorize the Qur'an Insha Allah (God Willing). - A program to send out messages and order things via twitter. a program to solve linear equations with complex numbers - A program written - basic calculator a program written based off 1 simple Excel spreadsheet - A programme for customer to preview their customisable products. a programme in C++ - a programmer A programmer (Visual Basic) - A programmer needed part time a programmer on perl or c - A programmer to work on our product development team for a custom remote monitoring product. We are looking at using the arduino platform. a programmer to write a program for heath data - a Programming project . a Programming project . - A Project 10000words A Project 10000words - open to bidding - A project for alenius only A Project for Dennis8719:only - A project for AleksanderJ88 A PROJECT FOR ALL FREELANCERS WHO ARE INTERESTED - a project for beepig A project for BenjeeBenjee only - A project for Danv A project for dartex - A project for douglaslumley only A Project for Dragon ONLY! - A project for Flora A project for forconiepilac! - A project for herlinanovianty only A project for HQwork only - A project for Java class A project for Jay Baker - a project for kun01 A PROJECT FOR LALITA ONLY - A project for marian007 only A project for Marshall only! - A Project for Mutnganga! A project for mutsa only - A project for PascaleN only A project for php4world - A project for Rajeev (alaxdam82) A project for Rc verma - a project for sheak A project for shellywagar - a project for smiljanic97 only A project for someone i know - a project for the 'loss of control' in the criminal law. A project for the establishment of a global web site - A project for Visrta A project for Vitalisierend only - A project for xerlynlanaza9291---2870 words for $ 6 a project for yoou - A project for zaiha A project for Zdenga only!!!!! - A project in MS Access 2010 using VBA code a project in SolidWorks Program - A project manager a Project Manager - A Project on Cloud Storage a project on combination of c++ language and electronic - a project on netlogo A project on Numerical Analysis - a project proposal presented in power point A project regarding Mathematics,Matlab and Algorithm - A project than can detect Human behavior before crime A project that can automatically login amazon account and place orders - A project to connect someone who need a service at his house and someone who wants to help A project to design parts/product/system with specification that required CAD software skills to be done. - A project with process book and minimum 8 final pictures a project write up - a promo video for a book A promo video for a company I'm starting - A Promotional Artefact to promote the Olympic games in London. A promotional copywriting analysis - A Proofreader A proofreader and editor - A proposal a proposal - A Proposal to become Facebook Manager A proposal to introduce a athletic wear brand - A prospectus a proto type athletic shoe - A prototype of a website. A prototype of a website. - A Proxy Server A proxy server using linux squid/iptables - A PSD Photoshop to eBay Listing Template A Psd to HTML - A publishable journal article to be made from a study A publishable research paper in English Literature or American Literature - A Puzzle Application A pyramid shape logo with my company name "Pyramid productionsInc." somewher by it - A python program a python program - A Python Script that moves folders to a location based on folder colour a python script to parse html based on highlighted text color - A qualified web designer needed. A qualified written text for a site is needed - A quality report writer with experience in development of KA01 & KA02 A quality report writer with experience in development of KA01 & KA02 -- 2 - a quest A Quest For Your Intuitive Side - A question and answer site for veterinarians A question and answer type site - A quick 10cents! A quick 2 hour job of adding few product on my woo-commerce site - A quick and very urgent Java Deployment Question A quick animation of a photo booth - A quick check on documents that have proofread before by a writer A quick clustering analysis on SAS / equivalent - A QUICK FIX A Quick Fix - A Quick HTML Edit A quick illustration of a basketball player juxtaposed over a basketball arena - A quick logo - open to bidding A Quick Logo design - a quick question lending conditions for a SMSF A quick question. - A quick Small Talk Project (Urgent) A quick sort - A quick wordpress installation to my domain. a quick wordpress project (not a Blog) - A quiz for a website A quiz for a website -- 2 - A quote for a bespoke app for both ios and andriod A quote for a website and application for a mobile (multy platforms) - a radio that has a wake up alarm and it alerts you daily of what you need to do ad can be programmed to speak - respond A radio transmitter and a receiver - A Range Of High Quality Articles Needed A range of illustrations needed to be used for various products - a or copy i want A rar client for mac like Winrar - A Re-entry Guide for Ex-Offenders A Re-Posting...I need a five minute-ish power point presentation done in the next day or two. I would like to include a minute or two of video. I have or will be creating the material quickly. I will need to put the show onto a thumb drive and plug int - A react.js frontend panel
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