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a sample sales letter - A save the date card for my wedding which has a caricature of me and the bride. A save the date card illustrated - a scholarly paper on Nursing A Scholary Article/Essay on - A school website A school website - A Scientist copywriter A scipt or soft that generates likes on Facebook - A screenplay consultant A screenplay writer - a script email extractor from linkedin A script err - a script for twitter rsvp A script for viewing opponent cards in an online poker game -- -- - a script or a dts package to FTP a text file on daily basis to a remote unix server. a script or bot for wordpress auto multiple domains post sender - a script that posts a message to the wall of a group on facebook a script that puts in username and password to a site - a script to generate KML/GPX of points at regular intervals in a Google maps route a script to generate quiz with certification - a script to search through facebook groups A script to set a custom field to be featured image in Wordpress site - A scuba diving and travel website A Scuba Diving, web researcher with excellent written and spoken English wanted. You are able to find information on the web You can find and collect the right information You can re-write content in great English You are passionate about Scuba Diving Yo - A search engine A search engine base website that finds attorney\'s based on court records - A search portal that will keep info of specific institutions a search project.... - a second serious indian provider for web projects A second simple template alteration - A security Breach A security Breach - ongoing work - a self employed part time book keeper A Self Help Interview Transcription Project - A sellingbook - open to bidding a sellsheet - A SEO Expert and a creative writer needed for writing content A seo expert with good communication skill to work for my business as PRo - A series of "fail" cartoon figures and speech bubbles A Series Of 10 Lifestyle Articles. - A series of badges for my website A series of beautiful illustrated / typographic quotes. - A series of illustrations for a book on Aboriginal history a series of illustrations for a children's book - A series of small digital drawings/sketches depicting a (mad) scientist character doing various things A series of small illustrations for website - A server Banner A server client system through browser - A service site. A Service to monitor files - A Set of Articles- 1 A set of banner - A set of kid attractive icons for mobile app - repost A set of logo's for use on websites and buisness cards. - A set of text translated A set of three Prezis each of which when zoomed out become a hand-out - A shadow sculpture A shadow sculpture - repost - A SHIRT TAILORING WEBSITE A SHIRT TAILORING WEBSITE -- 2 - A Shopify store which sells digital music. A shopify template developed - A Shopping Cart to PayPal A Shopping cart to sell a book - A Shopping Hall/mall picture - open to bidding a shopping mall's multi floor plan - a short 1-2 mins worth of advertisement for our product a short 1-2 mins worth of advertisement for our product - open to bidding - A short 90 sec animated welcome video for a service A short 90 second animated info graphic - A short animation A short animation - A short article about Royal Mail A short article for a activity on our web site. - a short comic strip (10 or so panes in all) A short comic, 6 pages. If successful, a much longer story. - A short erotic story and a quick check up an Amazon's sales page A short essay - a short film for youtube non profit - open to bidding a short film for youtube non profit project - A short hand typist for mins of a meeting a short image - A short movie 'Chingari' based on a child works as garbage collector. A short paper on Andy Warhol - A short research A Short Research Project Specific to the United Kingdom - A Short Story About My Niece's! A Short Story About My Niece's! -- 2 - a short text translation ENG to GERMAN 2 a short time - A Short Video for a Charity a short video for personal purpose - A short youtube NEW AGE promo video editing 2:30 minutes A short YouTube video, we can discuss the quality - a side job A side ways walking animation - a silent pdf exploit a silhouette picture i designed but i need it redone symetrically - A similar site to Ebay a similar site to - A similar wordpress site or create a similar one using wp! A Similar WordPress Theme - A simple "Costum Report" Needed (Visit/Total Exit) A simple ''design view'' for creating & modifying tables in SQL SERVER (WPF C#) - a simple 2 dimension part need to be transformed into a solid A simple 2 page report - A simple 3 page website with Gallery / About / Contact a Simple 3 pagers website - A simple 5-10pages coaching website A simple 6 page website (2 pages with a CMS system) - A simple adsense site a simple adserver for popunders - A Simple and Cost-Effective EPON-Based 4G Mobile Backhaul RAN Architecture -- 2 A Simple and Easy way to Earn for Typists - A simple Android app A simple android app - A simple Android app that read information from a Rest Service every 1 hour and notify changes A simple Android App to track movement using GPS - A Simple android game to be ported to iOS platform A simple Android integration with a function - A simple animation of a cat - I have vector artwork for you to work with A simple animation of a cat - I have vector artwork for you to work with - open to bidding - A simple app using SDK for android A simple app where you record video with a song in the background - a simple application on mongoDb a simple application on MongoDb or sqlite - A Simple Assignment For Artificial Inteligence Subject A Simple Assignment in SalesForce - A Simple Backlink Script for OpenCart A simple banner design - A simple blog A simple blog - A simple business software for personal usage A Simple business website - A simple C function A simple C language code using Visual Studio - a simple C++ problem A simple C++ Program - A simple calculator in Excel that needs to look good. A simple calculator in Excel that needs to look good. - A Simple Chat website using Hot Towel Template with minimal Styling A simple chatter bot with php or javascript - A simple CMS site A simple CMS site - A simple content management system for online freight booking services A simple Content Management System using the Django Web Framework. - A simple CRUD app that makes RESTful calls
A simple Cryptography Engine - A simple data entrY A simple Data Entry in excel which is required only one day - A Simple Dating App similar to Tinder for all mobile platforms A Simple Dating App similar to Tinder mobile based (urgent) - a simple desktop application a simple desktop application required (for personal use) - A simple drawing - open to bidding a simple drawing program. - a simple ea creation with indicators a simple ea in mt4 5 digit broker - A simple email template for marketing our product A simple engineering software with Visual Basic Express 2010 - A simple Facebook App A simple facebook app - a simple file conversion - from pdf to excel A simple file manager - A simple fix of ruby program A Simple flash animation - a simple flash/java game A Simple Flip Flop Counter in Flash Using Action Script 3 - A simple GAE Data store and RESTFul api needed A Simple Game - A simple game in java A simple game in unity - A Simple GIS Desktop Application a simple google app engine based dinamic site for school - A simple homepage design a simple homework for my E-commerce class - A simple HTML5 animation game A simple HTML5/Bootstrap website (mockups attached for 6 pages) - only modern browsers - A simple intrusion detection system a simple inventory system for laboratory - a simple iphone app a simple iphone app - repost - A simple Jabber client A simple java Application - A simple java program a simple java program implements distributed system concept - A simple jigsaw game function for iphone/ipad and android a simple job - A Simple Jquery Project A Simple JSON API Script - A simple List View Task A simple List View Task - A simple logo A simple logo - A simple logo - repost 2 A simple logo animation . - A simple logo for my website. a simple logo i have in mind - A simple matching game app a simple math assignment should be done.... - A Simple Metatrader EA (939290) A simple method for estimating the fractal dimension from digital images: The compression dimension - a simple modification to a logo A simple modify to an existing app - A simple native Android location tracking app a simple network simulator - A Simple One-Page (Kickstarter-like) Fundraising Campaign Website A simple one-page website (wireframe provided) and the conversion of a python script (or an excel model) into javascript - a simple p2p project with java A simple P2P VoIP voice chat software - A simple personal website a simple personal website - a simple php job to convert a line to some other format A simple PHP mail form - A Simple PHP Site A Simple PHP Site development - A simple picture changed with two characters replaced A simple piece of code - A simple Procmail recipe A simple product drawing - A simple program for MacOS A simple program for nokia N95 cell phone (symbian v3) - A simple project a simple project (repost) - a simple project on computer graphics using openGL in C/C++ A Simple Project on Dashing Framework - A simple python project for univ assignment A Simple Python Script for Replacing Text - A simple re-creation of the old Track Attack atari game in Unity3d A simple reading from serial interface - A Simple Restaurant site A simple restaurant website with an order form. Design already decided. - A Simple script needed with form A Simple script needed with form - repost - A simple search website / Search Launcher / Crear una página web para lanzar búsquedas A simple Second Life debate room - A simple site for sharing lecture notes A simple site for sharing lecture notes in core PHP - A simple Socket Class in C++ A simple sockets application using C and Java - a simple static website A simple static wordpress website is required for a hospital - A simple task that needs to be done. Deleting images and adding some images. A simple task to design net shaping process - a simple text conversion tool(repost) A simple text recognizer - need Delphi code - A simple translation from English to Spanish A simple translation spanish to english - A simple UI/UX App for students A simple unity 3D project ( run video playlist ) - a simple vb project A simple VB routine doing data movement - A simple video player in html A simple video to make - A simple web app A simple web app for converting a google scholar search to an RSS feed - A Simple web based Script for domain sales a simple web based videogame - a simple web radio page A simple Web Scraping - A simple web-based business administration system - open to bidding A simple webbased payroll - A simple website A simple website - a simple website a simple website - A simple Website Design For a Plumbing & Heating Business A simple Website Design For Reseller Web Traffics Online - A simple website for school homework A simple website for the care industry - A Simple Website to Sell eBooks A simple website to shop only one sort of product - a simple white paper A Simple Whiteboard in Flash - A simple Wordpress food blog installed A simple wordpress forum site - A simple wordpress website A simple WordPress website [detail included] - A simple writing task A simple Xcode, Cocoa, Mac OS X app/utility to draw rectangles on a 2D XY canvas, like a scatter plot. - A simple: Android application (apk) a simpler box fo an electronic device - A simpple application with push message function a simulation and proof of concept of the app and its core functions - A Simulation project1 A Simulation Project2 - A Singer Website, Preferably Admin Panel Or WP A singer website, preferably WordPress - A single frame picture A single full screen illustration - a single logo A single Lotus to Excel macro conversion - A single one sided A5 flyer