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Android app for startup -- 2 - Android App for Tablets Android App for Taking photo and upload - Android App for Search Android app for track - Android App for Unlocking Your Smartphone Android App for updating data on website - Android app for video streaming application - repost 2 Android app for video,flash,pdf,html content - Android app for web application Android app for web based social content aggregation and sharing platform - Android app for website android app for website - Android app for wordpress blog Android app for wordpress blog, native - Android App For Android App for - Android app from ASP.NET C# code Android app from ASP.NET C# code - open to bidding - Android App Front-End Interface Android app frontend - Android app game Android App Game - Fixing Bugs - Android App GPS ILS Android app gps mapping - Android app GUI (graphics work) Android App GUI Design - Android app HTTP req. change Statusline - repost Android App Icon - Android app icon design for an app for indian market Android app icon design in L Style - Android App improvement for Tablet support android app improvement work - Android App in HTML5 - Find the closest installer Android App in HTML5 - repost - Android App Installation and Minor Reskin Android app installations. - Android App integrated with GMaps Android app integrated with web - android app just as we discussed Android app just like picframe - Android app like ! Laddoo, mCent, Earntalktime, CashitBack Android app like ! Laddoo, mCent, Earntalktime, CashitBack - Android app like justdial android app like justdial - Android App like ROW-DT (available on play store) Android App Like Samsung S Bike Mode - Android App Likes in Play Store Android app link and open native applications like google maps, skype, viper.. - Android App Logo Android App Logo - Android app make Android app make changes - Android App Marketing Android App Marketing - Android App Marketing & Downloads Android App Marketing "Remote Phone Access" - Android App minor changes Android app minor changes - Android App Modificar diseño / Android Studio Android APP modification - Android app modification android app modification - Android app modifications android app modifications - Android App Music and Sounds Android App Music Learning Game - Android App Need with Ionic framework Android APP Needed - Android app needed Android app needed - Android app needed for my existing live iOS app Android app needed for social network site - Android app needs layout remake and some minor code adjustments Android App needs made for a website - Android app NFC programming app Android app non-profit organisation to locate companies closest to set location - Android app of ticket publishing functinality Android app of Wordpress site - Android App or iPad/iPhone App android app or library - Android app parsing web-page and notifying user about changes - repost Android app part 2 - Android app picking out needed functions to create my own GUI in .net Android app playing Youtube video and downloading too also admob ads. - Android app programmer NEEDED Android App programmer required to duplicate an iOS App - Android App Project Android App Project - Android app project - open to bidding Android App Project 1 - Android App promo Graphics required Android App promo Graphics required Now - Android App Promotion (FREE Japanese comics reader) Android App Promotion - - Android app prototype - open to bidding Android app prototype design - Android App Purchasing Android app putting together from .PSD files - Android App Re-development android app re-skin - Android App redevelopment Android App Redo - Android App Required Android App Required - Android APP required to track location. Android APP required urgently! - Android App Restaurant Menu Tablet DESIGN ONLY Android App Reverse engineer Bluetooth Hardware communications - Android app RTMP stream Android app RTMP stream - repost - Android App Screenshots & Test Android App Screenshots & Test 2.10.14 - Android App Shell - Buttons and touch - Phase I Android App Shop with give back option - Android app similar to iOS app Android app similar to jelly splash - Android App Similar to Whatsup Android app similar to Zomata (website is ready) - android app slicing Android App small fix - Android app social networking!! WEB SERVICE ONLY Android app some fixes - Android app Splash Page Android App Splash Screen Logo - Android App Streaming mp3 change to AAC+ (Eclipse) Android App Streaming Radio Station - android app task done android app task2 - Android app tester (potential ongoing opportunity) Android app tester at greece - Android app testing Android App Testing & Crash Fixing - ANDROID APP THAT CAN MONITOR ALL ALL INTERNET TRAFFIC ON THAT DEVICE Android app that can monitor and bid on auction web service (using API) - Android app that counts how many times I visit a grocery store, and ranks them by frequency of visits. - open to bidding Android app that detect Epileptic seizures - Android App that interacts with a web service. Android App that is always On even after reboot - Android app that plays live streamings which is in flash from my website and 1 custom player for Streaming with RTMP,MMS etc urls Android app that plays this 360 video with link in description - android app that show mysite online and offline and updates Android app that shows data from external sensor - Android App that will receive pop3 email and send SMS Android app that will switch a relay based on gps location - Android App to be completed URGENT!!!!! Android App to be converted into iOS App - Android App to capture photographs
Android App to capture photographs - ongoing work - Android app to connect to a WiFi and share internet via hotspot tethering- for other devices to connect with it Android App to Connect to Courier Drivers - Android app to create online quiz Android app to create SWAP on SD-card smartphone or tablet - Android App To Download Files From My Server Android app to download music - Android app to get and display some data from a MySQL DB Android App to get heartbeats - Android app to ionic Android App to IOS - Android app to list of banks Android App to List other Apps - App review/Directory app - Android app to open PDF and play embeded video Android App to open Webpage with embedded video player - Android App to playback movies from networked PC android app to post captured sms messaging to website. - Android App to read and store data in MS SQL server Android App to Read Data from Blue Tooth Device - Android app to run ussd and post response Android app to scan and process images through OCR - Android app to send GPS data to the web server real time(interval 10s) Android App to send location beacons with device info - Android app to show graphs Android app to show live events from sql database and find route through gps and google maps - Android App to take over Phone / Calls Android app to take picture and automatically send to specific email address - Android App to view IP Camera Stream ANDROID APP TO VISIT WEB SITES - Android app translation. From English to Vietnamese Android app trigged by an incoming call - Android App UI Clean Up Android App UI Design - Android App UI design (for sports related app) Android App UI design - Repost - Android app umänderung gamesalad Android app umänderung gamesalad - open to bidding - Android app update android app update - Android App Updates Android App Updates - Android App Upgrade Android App Upgrade - Android app uploading issue Android app urgent - Android App using GCM and Maps API Android app using Google Map - Android App using RDP protocol Android app using Tesseract OCR - Android App Version of Happiness Boost Android App version of MyBin iPhone App - Android App w/mysql project needs completion Android app w/sqlite on Phonegap (working example/no design) - Android App which can clone Iphones email Android App which can communicate with website database using JSON - Android app which takes a pic, OCR it and posts the words found to a website Android App which turns on Reverse tethering - Android app with 5 activities - repost Android App With 5 Tabs - android app with backend Android App with backend -- - Android App With CMS (Content Management System) To schedule Media(Video/Images/etc) Android app with complete social media integration - Android app with facebook integration Android App with Facebook integration Proof of Concept - Android app with good looking UI android app with google map for creating marker and storing data and photos on server. Replica of my website. - Android App With Info and Test hardware device Android app with interface to output JAVA Reflection - Android App with maps Android App with material Design - Android app with offline maps. Calibrated raster maps. GPS to show own posn Android App with ontology - Android app with QR code , database connectivity and scheduling Android app with REST service - Android App with Speech recognition Android app with speech recognition - Android App with very custom capabilities Android app with very PROFISSIONAL interface - android app with wifi/gprs+bluetooth Android app with wireless connection to Arduino Yun - android app work done android app work need done - ANDROID APP!!! Android App!!! - Android App(to teach a concept) Android app+ IOS app+ web site - Android App, full CMS for app, management hosting and Launch the app. Android app, Geolocation and read out loud - Android App, Sine of the Time (already on iOS) Android App, Sine of the Time (already on iOS) - repost - Android app- For android experts Android app- For android experts -- 2 - Android App-Puzzle Game Android App-Running Tracker &Pedometer - android app. android app. - Android App. Display Products + Form Android app. Event calendar with registered users who can put their events in.( logo, description, gps information) - Android App. Videocall face filter. Android App.. - android app..musical game Android App..Simple one. - Android app/widget to count days passed and calculate and than do simple math with the number Android app/widget which opens joomla back end wth component - Android app: Barcode scan, amazon price lookup Android App: Book Page Curl and Flip Animation - Android App: Fun Yet Serious, Bowel Movement Tracker Android App: GPS: Form: Database: Website - Android App: Native Quiz App Android app: notification on AC power plug in/out - android app: tap to count up in 10 categories. Android app: Tourist guide of a small city.(repost) - Android appl - repost Android Applciation Required - Android Applicaion for video streaming Android applicaion that can track dead people dream - Android Application Android Application - Android Application Android Application - Android Application Android Application - Android Application Android Application - Android Application Android Application - Android Application Android Application - Android Application Android Application - Android Application Android Application - Android Application Android Application - Android Application Android Application - Android Application Android Application - Android Application Android Application - Android Application Android Application - Android Application Android Application - Android Application Android Application - Android Application