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Create restaurant menus in Excel - Create resume Create Resume - 14/10/2016 10:43 EDT - Create Review Video (Screencast) for Online Game Create review website - Create Rightmove RTDF using create ringtone - Create rotating banner Create Rotating Banner for Homepage--Need a PHP,HTML Coder-(read points) - Create RPM from a Java war file create RPM installation package - Create RSS feed from page content to external classified ad sites Create rss feed from PHP/Mysql - Create RSS/XML Feed from mySQL DB Create RSVP Form - create russian subtitles to english videos Create rutorrent admin panel - Create Sales Corporate Presentation Create Sales Dashboard in Excel -- Update - Create sales pages that convert to new members. Create sales pitch (listing) to sell websites on Flippa - Create samba installer for os x Create same as site - Create sample code from tutorial Create Sample Code in PHP, Perl, JSP, Cold Fusion, MIVA script - Create Samsung TV app to play multicast stream Create Samsung TV app to play multicast stream - CREATE SCHOOL PROJECT FOR ME Create School Website Graphics - create scrapper script Create scrapper software that uses proxyservers and saves data into mysql database - Create screenshot/Imagemap from HTML create screenshots and game video intro for android game - Create Script for a 1 to 5 minute Biotechnolgy Sales Animated Presentation Create script for a contact form - Create Script for Outlook 2007 Rule create script for page generation - create script php link checker - repost Create Script PHP Nulled - Create script to crawl a site and create Wordpress posts with images and descriptions Create script to detect a specific keyword in a MySQL table, delete the row - Create script to pull data from optimization results tab in metatrader 4 software and paste it on Excel Create script to pull data from remote MySQL server. - create script to work in facebook Create Script using PHP-MySQL - Create ScubaFiend logo Create SDK + advertising page - Create Search By Location For Classipress Create Search Directory for Wordpress Project 1 - Create Search Form, Search SQLite, Paginate Results create search frame using bootstrap and implement it on website - Create searching software that can find every site that that has certain html code in it.. just check it out so i can explain.. Create Seasons Greetings Card 960x640 - Create secure user registration and integrate create secure website - CREATE SELLER ACCOUNTS WITH EBAY,AMAZON AND OTHER POPULAR ONLINE TRADE COMPANIES Create Seller Area on Amazon -- 2 - Create SEO Friendly Business Forum Create SEO friendly conte nt for personal development coaching website - Create SEO targeted blog. - open to bidding Create SEO template for Wordpress - Create sepia image in ImageMagik Create sepia image in ImageMagik or GD (PHP/Apache/FreeBSD) - Create Service on Django or RoR. Create Service Pages for Website - create Setup file for mouse tracking tool Create setup for application for users without administrator rights - create several MS Excel email lists from lists now in MS Word 2004 files Create several name options for a new project; design logo and tag line/phrase for same project - create shadows and lights on a logo Create shape - Create shareable content Create shareable content - Create Sharepoint Site with auto user login links Create Sharepoint Template 2013 - Create shipping labels via Fedex API. Create shipping method URGET! - Create Shopify App for Australia Post API & FastWay API Create Shopify App that connects to 2 x existing carrier APIs - Create shopify website Create shoping-site - Create short Sexy and Humurous Tube Video Clip Create short & simple HTML Tutorial Videos (Notes & Details Provided) - Create Short Copy of Wine Descriptions for Boutique Wine Website Create Short Courses on WordPress - Numerous projects - Create short policy proposals for youth and education Create Short Product Comparason Videos - Create short video for website Create short video for youtube – Medical Supply company - Create Shortcut Create shortcut - Create sign graphics in vector format for a vinyl cutter Create sign language app iphone+android - Create Silent Installer for Mac OS X Create Silent Installer Package (Exe) - Create similar existing webpage functionalities -- 2 Create similar Facebook Fan Page to this one - Create similar plugin for customizing mobile cover Create Similar Printing Website - Create similar to Create Similar to GarageBand in AS3 - Create Similar Website to existing Create similar website to - Create simple $70 Wordpress plugin: See revision changes EXCERPT of all updated articles - repost Create simple ''IP address send'' button - Create simple 1D image/ eBook Cover Create Simple 1D Image/eBook Cover - Create Simple 1D Images / eBook Covers Create Simple 1D Images / eBook Covers - Create Simple 1D Images / eBook Covers Create Simple 1D Images / eBook Covers - Create Simple 1D Images / eBook Covers Create Simple 1D Images / eBook Covers - Create Simple 1D Images / eBook Covers Mesothelioma Create Simple 1D Images / eBook Covers MMO - Create Simple 1D Images/3 eBook Covers Create Simple 1D Images/7 eBook Covers for Recipes - Create Simple 3 D Images / eBook Covers Create Simple 3 Step Program - Create simple ADesklet Create simple ADesklet(repost) - create simple android application. Create Simple Android Applications For Our Company - Create simple app for towing company for Android, IOS and windows mobile Create simple app mobile for android. - Create Simple Banner / Header for My Website Create Simple Banner Ad - create simple building in sketchup create simple business card - create simple chromne extensuion (send command to consol) Create simple CKEditor (or similar) editor for simple pages - Create simple custom PCB design that is to be mass manufactured Create Simple Custom Vine Bot - Create simple email parser that gets tracking #s from emails Create simple endless runner game. - create simple flash audio player Create simple flash banner - Create simple Game Development Create Simple Game Development 2 - Create Simple Home Page HTML Template Create simple home search with Google Maps API result screen - Create Simple HTML Template Create simple html template from sample provided - Create simple interface for RSS feeds and apps Create simple intro and outro and edit existing cuts together for web explainer video - Create simple javascript redirect script Create simple Javascript softwares to test the Antivirus my company is developing - Create simple login/register authentication using latest version of CakePHP Create Simple Logo - Create Simple Mini Site & Mini Site Graphics Design.
Create simple mobile (Android/iOS) chat app utilizing G-sensor - Create Simple off-line marketing flyer in photoshop Create simple old man cute caricature from initial sketch - Create simple password protected page Create Simple Password Script for Website - Create simple plain-html check in link with FourSquare using the FourSqure API Create Simple Plesk Tutorials in Flash - create simple query in sql and write some data in xls Create simple question answer script - Create simple SaaS admin for my single user login web application Create simple sales total and sort sale by date - create simple site (se) Create Simple Site Creation CMS with Auto FTP - Create simple Table Script PHP / MySQL Create simple table site with video - Create simple variation of ZXing qr scanner app - apk Create Simple VB Web Browser with Great User Interface - Create simple web database application Create simple web form on Drupal website - Create simple website Create simple website - create simple website to promote my Iphone Game Create simple Website using Dreamweaver (HTML & CSS) -Student Project - Create Simple Wordpress Plugin Create Simple Wordpress Plugin - Create simple Wrapper of Google Image Search Create Simple XML Class - create simulations for me using opnet Create Simulator Mouse Event application on Android - create single page for my existing website create single page for new project - Create single WP responsive landing page Create single WP responsive landing page -- 2 - Create site based on weather feed Create site cms - Create Site from Template 2 create site grossistes - Create SITE MAP to help search engines find all my pages Create site map with purchased Magento template theme - Create site using jaiku open source script Create Site using WordPress. - Create sitemap and provide SEO tips\ techniques for the site Create sitemap and submit to Google and other SEs - Create skeleton project specifications Create skeleton project specifications - open to bidding - Create Slide jQuery Create Slide Show - Create Slideshow Create slideshow & embed to an existing website - CREATE SMALL 2-4 PAGE WEBSITE IN PHP/JAVASCRIPT Create small 3D model in sketchup from PDF - Create Small Brochure For Companie Products & Services Create Small Brochure For Companie Products & Services - repost - Create Small Exe for Full Screen -- 2 Create small facebook banners for facebook posts - Create Small Mobile App Create small modular system for work in progress [NDA required] - Create Small Test Website Create Small Upload Script - Create Smaller Horizontal Logo To Match My Big Logo -- 2 Create smalll video for website - Create Smiley Packages for me create smilie textarea component for Flash - Create Snapchat Geofilter Create snapchat geofilter - Create Social Bookmarking Imacros Create Social Bookmarking site Account - Create social media accounts for 7 websites. Create social media accounts for 9 websites. - Create social media page for FB, twitter, google + and create FB adds page. Create Social Media Pages and Blog - create social media/group messaging app Create Social membership feature on Arcade site - Create Social Networking SITE Create Social Networking site - Create Payment Plugin for Gravity Forms Create Payment Plugin for Gravity Forms - Create software / GUI for a idea of mine. Create Software 1 - create software for online shop management Create software for outdoor small architecture using 3d files - Create Software Program - Windows based - Fix Error Code 646 create software program and accompanying mobile web based app - Create software to gather information from other sites for mine. Create Software to Generate Custom cCmments on Social Media - Create Software, Site, Apps and System - Same other Create software/add-on for website - create solution case studies, white papers, blogs Create solution for booking guided tours - Create some 3D product renders from simple 2D DXFs Create some 3D renders - create some backlinks for my websites Create Some Banner - Create some cartoon characters for a book Create some catchy images - Create some dashboard graphs in Power BI service Create some dashboard using tableau - Create some flash-banners based existing JPEG-banner Create some flash-banners based existing JPEG-banner - repost - Create some High Quality Backlinks - URGENT Create some High Quality Backlinks - URGENT -- 2 - CREATE SOME IMAGES FOR A SLIDESHOW HEADER Create some images for a website - Create some Listings create some listings for me - Create some oxwall plugins Create some page layout for adsense and customize some features - Create some product descriptions/Edit others Create some Product Images - create some sentences and indicate subject ,object and predicate. Create some shapes(really basic) - create some special amazon xml feed create some specialty spreadsheets - create some web template Create some Website banners based on the corporate ID - create sophisticated websites for adsense create sort / search algorithm - Create sound track Create sound track -- 2 - Create Speach Recognition Software Create Speaker Oone Sheet Content and Sppech Topic Descriptions - Create SPF Records Create Spiders to Scrape Websites - Create Sponsorship Letter in InDesign Create Sport community site - create spreadsheet for components in circuit board--2 Create Spreadsheet for equipment repair - Create Spreadsheet Of Price Daily Create spreadsheet of products - Create Spry menu using XML data Create SPSS template - Create SQL script that creates 1 new table from 2 existing tables, including all PK, FK, constraints, indexes, etc. Create SQL Script: Database version history - Create Squeeze/Landing Page with autoresponder integration create squeezepage / sales page - Create SSRS Report Create SSRS report from provided SQL queries. Ongoing opportunity - Create standardized fillable forms in PD and a Form Library Create standings page and fix coding - Create Static HTML Pages from MS-SQL database Create static HTML/CSS page from screenshot - Create statistics - URGENT! Create statistics - URGENT! - repost - Create still image from the flash video create stl file for 3D printing - Create store front web site - open to bidding Create Store Invitation (Private Project for Whizzdesign) - Create storyboard