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Create Public Yahoo Pipes RSS feeds Create Publication Module Create publication-ready book cover Create publicity for a new and unique Painting technique Create publicity for a novel unique Painting technique Create PubMed export plugin for OJS (open journal systems) create pubsub component using Tinder and Whack XMPP lib Create pull-up banner Create pullout web form Create puppet config for simple website w/ nginx, php, ssl and centos6 create puppet for adobe character animater create puppet for adobe character animater Create purchase module for Unicenta Create Purchase order form using google forms Create purchase page, Create Refresh Button, Create Settings page Create Purchase Portal with Drop-down Options Populated by MySQL, imported data by .CSV Create pure (hardcode) HTML5 banner (html, css, js) base on storyboard PSD Create Pure And Complete White Background For 4 Images
Create pure co2 environment Create pure html5 page with password store ( file based) Create push api Create push backend for Parse with Google Maps API Create push notification Create push notification server Create push notification UI like inshorts for my app Create push notifications for the helpdesk create push server like pusher, pubnub Create Puzzle game for Android and iOS (cocos2d-x, Unity3d developer needed) Create puzzle generator for mobile game Create Puzzle Piece Photoshop Template Create puzzle pieces Create Puzzle pieces - Simple task. Create puzzle/flow-handling train mobile game (unity) Create Puzzles for a website Create PV Accounts for Craigslist