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Certification site coding - certified biotechnolo Certified birth certificate translation - Certified Fire trainer - 22/10/2016 01:24 EDT Certified Developer - CERTIFIED Magento Developer Certified Magento Developer - Certified Nutritionist CERTIFIED nutritionist to develop nutrition data for recipes - Certified Translation Certified translation - Certified US based translator for German diploma translation Certified VoIP provider. - Cervical ROM (Range of Motion) Analyzer Cervical Spondylosis Android App Development - Cess Myers Project for PayByDeals Cessna 172 Skyhawk Airplane Illustration - CF Auction Software- Visual Auction Bulk Auction Tool Method CF Auction Software- Visual Auction Bulk Tool & Image Studio Fix - CF tell-a-friend CF to ASP Conversion - CFA Level 1 Question Dev (120) #2 CFA Level 1 Question Development (120) - CFC Portal CFC programming - CFD Analysis 3-Phase Separator CFD analysis for a Heat Pipe - CFD Ansys fluent CFD Ansys fluent - CFD Fluid Dynamic Study CFD for 2 phase system - CFD POS CfD Power point illustration - CFD Simulations CFD Simulations (Diesel engine simulation) using OpenFOAM - CFD_support_abinmathew_02 Cfdi Dynamics Ax 2009 - CFLTAB.COM CFM + Railo site and server - CFMX7 X Read XML URL write returned data to ODBC CFN - White Paper Graphics - CFP Indicator with lines and alert CFP with fibonacci channels. - CG Advertising Help CG animation - analyze this video, how did they make it? - Cg Program Needs Trouble Shooting CG proj 4 with extra features - CGForge studios cgftdydyyd - CGI - Store variables then retrieve from id number CGI - Super Hero FLYING SEQUENCE - CGI animated video - 3 minutes long CGI animation - CGI Building render and animation CGI Building render animation - CGI expert needed Cgi Expert Needed - CGI GENERALIST - Photorealistic image of a city scape made of stacks of paper cgi gunshot - CGI Mail Form CGI Mailer interaction with flash - CGI or Perl Mailer Form CGI or Perl Mailer Form(repost) - CGI Programmer cgi programmer for maintinance and development my website - CGI Rotating banner ad problem CGI Routines in C - CGI Script Error/Bug Fix CGI Script Errors - Cgi Script modification and additional features CGI Script Needed - CGI Scripting for my Advertising Site2 cgi scripts fixed. - CGI ULTRA ULTRA LOW BUDGET FILM - open to bidding CGI Upload Progress Bar Template Change - CGI,DHTML,PERL CGI- HPH for a newbey - CGI/PERL Programming CGI/Perl project - CGIProxy Modding to accept Destination URL via URL-Parameter CgiProxy modification. - cguru-c9 CGV et CGU pour e-commerce / Vente de lunettes correctrices en ligne - cha - ching app for android Cha Cha business plan. - Chafie Oils Chagablog150 - Chain of varied website projects Chain Pendant - chained paypal php to suit opencart e-commerce site chained paypal set up for subscriptions and commissions on dokan wordpress - Chair designer chair from ref image - Chakraelan88. article rewriting work. Chakras and Childhood Developement - ChalkBoard & Demo Animation Chalkboard art - Challenge Application and Service Challenge Application and Service Prototype - Challenge/Response System:Cryptography challenge16 - Challenging Ajax Project Challenging and exciting web app development - Challenging Puzzle Creator Challenging Sales assignment for bright Freelancers - Chamber Contact List Chamber Contact List(repost) - Chameleon Dating Script PHP Edits Chameleon Dating Script PHP Edits - CHAMELEON SOULED - repost Chameleon Submitter ADULT GALLERIES SUBMISSIONS - Champagne Sales Representative Champagne salon web site - Champions league (Soccer) trivia questions: 150 questions X 3 topics needed Champions league trivia questions: 150 questions X 3 topics needed - Chance character set on our privare DNS server to all languages Chance character set on our privare DNS server to all languages. - Chances NZ Remarketing Banners web site using DotNetNuke - Chandongle solution Chandongle+Asterisk+SMS - Chang background colours of 4 Categories & change Hover over category colours chang Design a Logo - Change HTML Landing Page Content change image to full witdth in Wordpress - Change "Part finder" URL structure without using URL rewrites Change "Project" name and then Zip Align APK file - change .php and mysql script ( accesses google maps etc ) change .php and mysql script ( accesses google maps etc )(repost) - Change 10 vector icons from black to white / Transform 4 images to fit into a mockup change 100 pictures format and, copy paste some articles - Change 2 old themes into mobile friendly version Change 2 page design - Change 29 PSD files to Indesign Change 2cubecart sites from PHP4-> 5 and move to new server - Change 4 pages (including backend work) on a website, add a contact box to another page and some other visual stuff on the mobile website. Change 4 pages of flash to html - Change a Logo Change a preliminary design of new construction with new 3d rendering, architectural drawings -- 2 - Change a Bitmap Change a blog (WordPress) design - change a csv file Change a CSV file to an Excel Spreadsheet and sort in custom - Change a face in video to another's face. Change a face in video to another's face. - Change a few things on small FLASH document Change a few things on small FLASH document(repost) - Change a form on my website Change a form submit button to redirect to a thank you page - Change a Joomla Template for our Marketing Site
Change a Joomla Template from 1.5 to 2.5 or higher - Change a Logo Change a Logo - change a logo. Change a look of an eCommerce site - Change a pcb design Change a pcb design - open to bidding - change a php form Change a php script - change a rar file into a zip file or pdf Change a ready form to a jQuery Multi-Step Form - Change a Site Background Image in CSS and font color change a site design php - change a swift calendar library Change a table from a database generated call into an array to redistribute values before rendering output table - change a tumlbr blog template to a regular blogging website Change a turn server IP address - Change a website as per description Change a website design - Change a wordpress plugin so it use file from two servers Change a wordpress site to fit requirements - Change a Wordpress theme on my website Change a wordpress theme to buddypress - Change ad location on Forum Change Ad Network in Android App - Change admin theme to php script Change Admob id and name of app - change ajax slider for joomla CHANGE ALGORITHM CODE IN JAVA - Change an .ai letterhead file into a word document template Change an .ai letterhead file into a word document template -- 2 - Change an existing photo gallery in a way that it can upload complete folders + build a form to order the photo Change an existing photo slider, so that it show on mobile/smart phone. - Change an image, 10 minutes work Change an int 15h value with assembly code - Change and correct the english of 12 short pages of my website Change and create svg files - Change and launch website Change and maintain a Core PHP website - Change android app - already created Change android app name/package name / admob ..etc - change api change API calls to switch meeting platform from clickmeeting to goomeetings - Change apple in app purchase system from paypal to apple in app Change application icon in runtime - Change aspect of facebook / Cambiar el aspecto de facebook Change aspects of an existing logo - change automatically to the URL of the latest real-time referral source and destination access. -- 2 change autorespnder code in graphic - Change background Change background - Change background color and an image in Joomla template Change background color and color of images within a website banner - Change background color on photos to white - 500 photos -- 2 change Background color on Wordpress Theme - Change background from brown to white on 40 product images Change Background from PHP Website - Change background of 100 images to white. Change background of 200 images to white - No 2 - change background of video - open to bidding Change background of wordpress site - Change background to white Change background to white and add reflection to jewelry pictures - Change banner wording on site. Change Banners - Change big commerce template and fix any items that do not display correctly. (example images) Change Bigcommerce eWorld theme - Change booking form on a Joomla Website Change booking section of WordPress Site - Change browser settings on MacOS Change Browser Type For Existing c# Source Code - Change Button Positions and Text Colour - CRE Loaded Website Change button positions in page - change camo logo change camscript FMS to RED5 - change category select box to checkbox type change category select drop box to checkbox type - Change Cisco firewall and NAT rules Change city photo from day to night - Change CMS and Complete Website Change CMS Directory Names - Change Codes for Audio Player from Flash to HTML5 change coding - change color Images Change color images (photoshop, others..) - Change color of a few buttons for a template change color of a image + remove bg - change color of hit counter Change Color of Icons - Change color of sofa in picture. change color of some design features - Change color on template and apply to HTML Change color on ThemeRox theme - Change color theme, some graphic change color to 5 diffrend on 300 product pictures - Change colors in pictures Change colors in pictures -- 2 - Change colors on a design change colors on a logo and make logo more clear - Change colour from black to red Change colour from black to red - Change colour of three icons to match other icon. Change Colour Of Twitter Button - Change Colours Of A Website Change colours of an existing logo - Change Company Logo Change Company logo - Change Contact details in Virtuemart - ongoing work Change contact details on contact page of our website - change content on website Change Content Script of Chrome Extension For Gmail - change covers for a manual Change cpanel and SQL passwords - Change CSS and PHP of SNS framework using synfony. Change css card design - Change css html layout Change CSS in template - Change CSS to match another page look and feel Change CSS to responsive on Wordpress Theme - Change current PDF Viewer scripts; from one-page-view to 2-page-view Change Current site to accomodate Downloadable Media - Change Custom Wordpress Template installed on Zen Cart Site Change custom-coded PHP (with comments) to Laravel Framework - Change Date/Year in Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Indesign Files and store in old file format Change Dates in Scan document: Photoshop - Change default IE document mode (from QUIRKS to IE) Change default layout for Wordpress portfolios - change desigh in my ios application, design have Change Design - change design for php Change design for prestashop from another site - Change design of an existing theme in a CodeIgniter application change design of Android App - Change design of open cart Change Design of Our Checkout Screen on Epos Software - Change Design on an ASP site Change Design on Ecommerce Page - change details Change Details IN PDF Document - change disign - open to bidding change display "view" of a company profile - Change Domain change domain - Change domain names in my web host and install wordpress for my new domain. Change domain of an existing wordpress website - change drop-downs style , change columns style , change radio boxes style , and few other changes , via team viewer change drop-downs style in whole website - Change dropdown menu to metro style menu